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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Ep2

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Episode 2 is out ... way fast ... cos there's Kaon and Himiko angst!

Let's Go ... Together.Seventh Public Morality Enforement Squard To The Rescue.Goodbye, Letter?

Recapturing from episode 1, Kuu renarrates what happened, the kiss ... her first kiss with Kyoushiro saying it's even a bigger deal compared to her school been destroyed lol [Ungrateful bitch]. Luckily, the students and Kozue suffered only minor injuries, so no worries. Kuu's normal life has ended, something has burrowed into her empty heart to a very deep place and she ...

Kyoushiro Naked.Setsuna ...Eh?
Sorrow Looking Setsuna.Evil Jin.We're Not Lovers.
KAON!Slash!Ano, Eto, Gomenasai!
No Signs Of Badoras.Princess ... No, Queen.Kaon-sama~~~~~!
......Absolute Angel.
Let's See A Clip Of The Powers Of An Absolute Angel.Expressionless....
Eh, You Don't Know?Hush.No Kissing ...
!Aww ...Awww~
We're Not Lovers.Dammit.Don't Kiss Me Or I'll Kill YA!
Must Protect Himiko.Kaon VS Setsuna.Keh!
Himiko, You Alright?Kaon-chan ...It's My Fault, Mika-sama.
Who's Fault Is It?My Fault.Your Fault Huh?
Keh!We Have To Defeat The Absolute Angels.Lend Me Your Power ...

Whoa, they actually had a School of Infirmary in Academia and they were busy treating the students who were hurt in the blast. Kyoushiro was in one of those rooms with his arm bandaged. Setsuna's worried about Kyoushiro, he just shrugged it off saying that his elder brother would not fall down because of this that's why he wouldn't too. Kuu then knew that Kyoushiro had an elder brother. Just then, Jin came in and wanted Kyoushiro to go with them as they had leads on the target which attacked them. Kyoushiro told Kuu to ask Setsuna if she had questions. After that, Kuu and Setsuna were taking their baths together in the same bathroom. Kuu was like relating to her Prince, eh I don't know what happened, but I'm actually taking a bath right now lol. [Why the hell would she report that to her Prince!? Get him on!?] Kuu went on saying how beautiful Setsuna's naked body was ... a Princess with clothes on and still a Princess with clothes off lol. How she felt like it's like a Princess cleaning the back of a servant, Kuu added. When Kuu asked Setsuna why were they bathing. Setsuna merely replied that because Kyoushiro doesn't like dirty LOL. [Spurts water out] Kuu then asked what's the relationship between Kyoushiro and Setsuna and assumed them to be lovers. Setsuna just said no.

Kuu continued that but they had ... kissed. Setsuna answered that because she's not human, she's Zettai Tenshi, Musou no Toki no Setsuna [Absolute Angel, Setsuna, The Time of Dreams]. In this mobile caravan, Jin reported to Kyoushiro that using Kurausoras' [Setsuna's AA] senses, they managed to track down the target, Badoras [Tarurotte's AA]. Kyoushiro stated that Tarurotte's badly injured so it should be enough for just the Seventh Public Morality Enforcement Squad to take her down, with that, he left. Jin was seemed a little pissed but his smirk showed that he had something up his sleeves anyways. Meanwhile, Kuu and Setsuna were in the changing room, Kuu still can't believe that Setsuna's not human ... just because she looks like a cute girl lol and besides that hot dreamy kiss Setsuna had with Kyoushiro ... Setsuna with a deadpan expression replied that the relationship between her and Kyoushiro's not like that, it's just to absorb the energy aka mana. Setsuna explained, it's like humans eating food and cars using petrol lol. Suddenly they were attacked by ... KAON! Setsuna made the first move but Kaon easily dodged that and smacked her back. Setsuna retaliated but Kaon deflected it and summoned her sword to slash Setsuna's left arm. While Setsuna's distracted, Kaon's mecha AA grabbed Kuu and they took off before Kyoushiro and the rest got to the scene.

Kyoushiro suspected it to be that moon fella as Tarurotte was injured. At the Higashi Getsu Fuu Majyo Gakuen [East Moon Seal Witch Academy], Kuu awaken and noticed a blond megane girl, Himiko buttoning her top. Kuu gasped in embarrassment ... so did Himiko who was probably suprised lol. Himiko then turned and looked at Kuu, Kuu too looked back and they said 'SORRY!' in unison lol. Kuu tried to remember what happened to her, who Himiko was and why was she in this school like shrine. When Himiko told Kuu her name, Kuu asked what's Himiko's surname ... Himiko looked sad and replied that it's just Himiko and that's the name her current ... Mika-sama gave it to her. [Ohh does it mean Himiko had other Masters before Mika-sama!?] Himiko was ordered by Mika-sama to bring Kuu to meet Mika's Sword, Murakumo. They arrived at a huge outdoor bath ... Himiko called out to a figure semi-submerged in the water, 'Kaon-chan.' Kaon got up and walked towards Himiko who had her yukata prepared for her to slip on. After Himiko had tied the yukata, Kaon leaned forward to Himiko and thanked her ... Himiko blushed and looked away. Kaon just smiled at the response and went to address Kuu. [Kaon's quite flirty ... wish Chikane's more like her haha]

Kuu was amazed by Kaon's appearance ... comparing her to a Princess [Hime-sama] ... no, more like a Queen [Joou], Her Majesty [Joou-sama!] instead! Meanwhile the members in the Seventh Public Morality Enforcement Squad lost the tracks of their target, Badoras. Seemed like a guy named Soujirou, who had a huge cross scar on his face saved Tarurotte. Back to the shrine, Kuu was faced with the vision of beauty, Kaon in front of her, in her mind, she think-talked that Setsuna was beautiful like an angel however, Kaon gave her a feeling of strictness and tranquility just like as if she's the Moon Queen sent down to protect the earth ... however this person's not human too isn't it? Kaon apologized for 'forcing' Kuu to her place and introduced herself as Zettai Tenshi, Kaon, Murakumo no Tsurugi, Tsuki no Rasen no Kaon[Absolute Angel, Kaon, The Sword of Murakumo, The Kaon of the Moon Spiral]. Kaon went on to ask how much Kuu knew about Absolute Angels, Kuu replied, um, not human, could summon huge limbs and kiss, it's like eating ... As Kyoushiro and Setsuna were riding on the white horse to save Kuu, Kaon showed Kuu a clip starring Kaon on the creation, the powers of destruction of an Absolute Angel. Kaon explained that long ago, humans had been wanting to create a superpower human, who will not age and will forever never be destroyed - in other words, an Angel. After a long series of experiments, they finally created a human with the body of steel, 'Koutetsu Tenshi' [Steel Angel].

With this successful experiment, the project went further, like body of regeneration, 'Zettai Linne' [Absolute Regeneration], energy to destroy any matter, 'Zettai Senmetsu' [Absolute Annihilation], ability to shift/slice great matters, 'Zettai Ten' [Absolute Revolution] and the result was the creation of an indestructible being - 'Zettai Tenshi' [Absolute Angel]. However, to power these abilities/aura, the Absolute Angel have to absorb, 'Zettai Energy' [Eternal Mana]. Eternal Mana is found within the human, mainly 'Inochi no Chikara' [Life Force] and 'Ishi no Chikara' [Will Force] and so the easiest way to absorb Mana is to kiss. Kuu then asked why Kaon had told her about Absolute Angels, as Kaon was about to reply, she suddenly collapsed. It seemed like Kaon had hurted her back and blood had smudged the white yukata. Himiko rushed over to the kneeling Kaon and said that it must be that Kaon had not absorb Eternal Mana. Kaon refused when Himiko wanted to give her her Mana. Himiko protested, saying Kaon's Mika-sama's Sword after all. Kaon's injury got worse, not waiting for Kaon to agree, Himiko kissed Kaon, her Mana flowing into Kaon. At the side, Kuu was shocked when she saw the scene, 'A kiss again, a kiss between a girl and a girl!' [LOL!] From the tower of one of the buildings, Mika-sama too witnessed the mana absorbing scene between Kaon and Himiko and she doesn't look happy at all. Anyways, Kuu went on to describe the kiss between Kaon and Himiko, saying that she saw this kind of scene in one of Kozue's manga. But it's her first time to see this in real-life with her eyes, this forbidden love and profound mystery between girls ... and it's so beautiful.

After giving her Mana to Kaon, Himiko collapsed, breathing hard but smiled at Kaon to show that she's alright. Kaon was grateful to Himiko, thanked and hugged her. Kuu was stunned, it's not a kiss, only just absorbing mana but it could be on par with the sparkling kiss between the Prince and Princess. Kaon asked if it's weird ... Kuu replied no, and that it was beautiful, very beautiful. Kaon thanked Kuu. Kuu assumed that Kaon and Himiko were lovers since they ... Kaon cut in saying 'No, I'm not.' Suddenly, the seals protected the shrine were burnt, meaning there're intruders. Over at the other side, Soujirou kissed the unconscious Tarurotte to give her his mana when Tarurotte realized who's kissing her, she pushed Soujirou away lol. She then scolded him not kissing her without her permission with wiping her mouth lol. When Soujirou tried to touch Tarurotte, she kicked him away again, however, she was still weak and fainted, luckily Soujirou managed to catch her before she fell. Back to the shrine, the intruder was none other than Setsuna who demanded Kaon to return Kuu back to her as Kuu's Kyoushiro's lol. Kaon just told her to leave. Setsuna threatened Kaon by hinting that she'll take Himiko away then. Pissed and knowing she had to fight, Kaon summoned her AA, Murakumo out, Setsuna too summoned her AA, Kurausoras and exchanged blows. Kaon's clearly the stronger opponent but because the still weak Himiko gasped out of pain in her arms, Kaon was distracted. Setsuna took this chance to strike back and called for Kyoushiro.

Kyoushiro entered the scene on his LOL flying white horse ... yelling, 'HUAR!' [God this is killing me LOL]. Kyoushiro found no purpose in fighting anymore, told Setsuna to stop and carried Kuu off on his white horse and flew ... off on the horse. Setsuna's AA turned the white horse to some flying aircraft ... and they left. Kaon, still holding on to Himiko could only see them leave. Himiko awoke for a moment, cuddling closer to Kaon, whispering, 'Kaon-chan.' Kaon could only apologized to Himiko, probably for hurting her and knowing what her failure to keep Kuu had installed for them. In the hall of Mika-sama's mansion perhaps, Mika-sama was sitting on her throne-chair with her harem girls surrounding her as she demanded who was at fault for the failure of Kuu's escape. Kaon, kneeling, said it was her fault. Mika-sama repeated her question, WHO was at fault? Kaon, holding on said it was her fault. Suddenly, Himiko appeared from the back of the room, saying it's her fault. Mika-sama probably had her servants to get Himiko to her. Himiko was still weaken from her state and was panting really hard just by saying some lines. Taking out her whip, Mika-sama beckoned Himiko to walk over to her side. Kaon looked very upset and sorrow-looking. Using her whip to lift the kneeling Himiko's chin, Mika-sama said with this smirking, evil expression that so, it's your fault huh. Himiko confirmed that statement, presented her arms and begged Mika-sama to punish her. [!?] Standing up, Mika-sama told Himiko to follow her ... probably to the punishment room and Kaon protested. Mika-sama merely asked Kaon who sword is she. Kaon lowed her head and kneeled back down saying she's Mika-sama's Loyal Sword, Murakumo no Kaon.

Mika-sama smirked at the response, Himiko just looked 'dead' and Kaon's eyes were grieving. Mika-sama then continued her way, calling Himiko to follow her. The harem girls were like giggling with gee and insulting Himiko while Kaon could only grind her teeth to control her temper. [Himiko was wearing the same uniform as the girls from Mika-sama's harem so it's confirmed that Himiko's one of Mika-sama's property.] Meanwhile, Kuu, Kyoushiro and Setsuna managed to escape safely, stopping over at a lake for the white horse to drink some water. [Hey, flying needs energy too!] Kyoushiro was playing his violin while Kuu recalled what Kyoushiro told her before. Kyoushiro said that he want to stop Kaon and Himiko, those Absolute Angels. He added that Absolute Angel, Murakumo and Badoras had absorbed the mana of the innocent students. With those powers, Academia could be in danger no, rather the whole world could be in danger. Kyoushiro continued saying that the powers of Absolute Angels are Absolute/Unlimited with those powers, they could be God or Devil. Hence, only another Absolute Angel could stop an Absolute Angel, that's why he would stop them, he had to, definitely. Back to present, Kyoushiro stopped playing and asked Kuu to lend him her power. Kyoushiro merely stretched out his hand to Kuu and said, 'Let's go ... together.' Kuu accepted Kyoushiro's hand although she doesn't understand what happened, but she believed that Kyoushiro's the wind ... the strong wind who will blow her away ... that's why ... 'Yes.' - END - [Seriously, I'm sick of the 'Let's go ... together.' line, argh, anymore in Ep3 and I'll smash ... um some paper! [I got a feeling it will happen]

Episode 3 Preview 1.Episode 3 Preview 2.Episode 3 Preview 3.

Episode 3 preview, Setsuna cooks!? She's a Meido type after all! What is a maid who can't cook, do laundry and lets her master do anything to her ...

It's highly possible that Kuu's an Absolute Angel. After thinking, maybe she could be a Key to unlocking the most powerful one AA because her marking was different from the other AAs anyways, it's that or something that will ultimately lead to world destruction haha. Oh yes ... I suspect Kuu might be Kyoushiro's brother aka the Prince from Kuu's dream, Kazuya's Absolute Angel/Key ... and that might explain the wings spurting out of Kuu, Kuu in crucified pose with an unknown AA behind her, the battle/stabbing between Kyoushiro and Kuu in the OP!!! To support the theory, Kaon was about to say something when she suddenly stopped because of her injuries, what was she trying to say? Why did she tell Kuu all these stuff about Absolute Angels? Remember in Episode 1 where Tarurotte was about to suck the mana of Kuu, when she suddenly stopped and demanded who/what Kuu was. Another point was that the AAs had a marking on different parts of their body and they had this symbol which reacted when they summoned the AA mecha out. For example, Setsuna's was the 'Bell' which tinkled each time she summoned out her AA and Kaon's 'Crescent Moon' earring. Similiarly in the OP, Kuu had this horse keychain so I suspect that was the symbol for Kuu however, that might just be Kyoushiro's white horse symbol ... or something Kyoushiro gave her lol. Argh, I'm getting messy lol. Anyways, they were just my predictions ... haha.

Then again, Kyoushiro does have some brother complex ... as in the episode, he said that if his brother could stand it, he could too ... this shows how competitive he was lol. So how will this turn out? I kinda dislike Setsuna's total submission [Although she's a meido type and they were supposed to act that way ...] to Kyoushiro, asking if Kyoushiro would be happy as she did what he requested, argh. I'm also getting tired of Kuu's solo think-talking, 'Dear Prince ... blah blah blah ...' I know usually the main female characters in Kaishaku's works thinks alot and crap but this is crap haha. Thank god KnM was not based on the manga, I would had hated Himeko for think-talking so much. ALSO, Kyoushiro's flying white horse's getting on my nerves LOL. Look what I saw when I was watching episode 2 for the third time here. TOTALLY CREEPY.

Anyways, other than that, manz, episode 2 was great, filled with Kaon x Himiko scenes heh, although a little too dazzling with Kaon's hair sparkling wayyy too much lol but who cares, she looks hot. I'm torn on liking the relationship of Kaon and Himiko in Kyoushiro-Sora ... yes, they are more loving and were apparently obvious to each other feelings ... they kiss and stuff but the angst of them ... not being together, with every kiss, Himiko will be weaken, Kaon not able to do anything to Mika-sama ... AHHHH, noooooo!

Anyways, here's a bonus Kaon in hot yukata image for some loving.

As per RH's request from the tagboard, [hey I read the tagboard too although I seldom comment because I tend to type alot of words lol so try to post on the blogger comment if you can XD] here's the kissu scene of Kaon and Himiko. Enjoy~!

Art: 8.5/10 [KAON~ looks unbelievably HOT.]
Story: 8.5/10 [Up for angst!]
Characters: 8.5/10 [Kaon~.]
Overall: 9/10 [Gotta love the angst.]

[Signing off @ 8:14 PM]


  1. I lost count how many times I squealed like a fangirl with Kaon. Specifically the Kaon/Himiko kiss <33

  2. It was bittersweet, though -
    "No, no, we really aren't lovers although we look like it and longingly look at each other and rather get hurt than see the other hurt. Totally."

    They aren't. Thanks to Mika. ANd, well, I surely hope they'll eventually get to be lovers. ^^ Pessimistic me o.o;

    But still...lots of fangirlmoments ^__^


  3. Omg!!! Kaon and Himiko are all lovie dovie,and they know each other's feeling for one another *cry* The kiss was absolutely AWWWW!!!! Can't wait for the next episode, I wonder if they're gonna kiss again =n_n=

  4. I really love this episode[well...even if there are only two] I think the music is amazing, just like it was in Kannauzki no miko. And I love the fact that they kept Kaon and Himiko's relationship kinda the same as Chikane and Himeko's.
    Thank you for these posts

  5. a little too dazzling with Kaon's hair sparkling wayyy too much lol

    Lol AMEN! XD She IS really hot though. *__*


  6. to wing of light, same here lol ... especially at the close ups and the kiss scene, kyaaah~

    to Zefi, huh where did u get that line? ... from the manga? I don't think the anime had that lines ... hm. Yeah I hope it's a happy ending for them ... if not ... u know the deal *evil grin*

    to rikka, haha, I doubt so, with every kiss Himiko gives Kaon, her lifespan/health weakens ... do u think Kaon will like that? No. So it's like we want them to kiss but know there's angst later and might leave to death ... ahh the agony!

    to momoko, yeaaah the bgm was awesome, so sad, so solemn ... I like the cuddling and hugging parts, so cute XD. Welcome =).

    to purity, lol I was like 'cheesy' when I saw Kuu's prince with those sparkling dazzling stars around him but for Kaon, it's different, she's hot lol. *bias*

  7. the line is paragrases. Kaon basically said they weren't lovers once, and I just added that because it made sense.^^

    Only reason they aren't lovers yet is Mika. That bitch XD

  8. OK Kaon SUPER ROX!!!! All I can say that she is super!! I love her in yukata and loved her new outfits. I love her long hair.

    Erm weird Himiko to me. I don't feel she's himiko, I love megane girls but erm doesn't fit her.

    Also this series was actually set out very romantic between two main lead like horse and so on but you know what, their romantic arrow doesn't do me anything. But it's weird for Koan and himiko, it doesn't romantically set but, it's romantic.

    I'm hoping for that mika-sama would actually fell for Kaon, I wanna see this for sure!

  9. to Zefi, I see ... yeah ... hope Kaon finish Mika-sama off heh.

    to jeff, yeah, watch it, i think the subs out ... =) look forward to ya comments.

  10. @ Zefi
    "They aren't. Thanks to Mika."

    Death to Mika, and I hope soon. She's a real pain in the neck, causing Himiko physical abuse and Kaon psychological agony.

    //Manga Bits
    I wonder if there is a way for Kaon to sever her contract with Mika. Once she did, she can trash Mika's sorry butt.