[Doropanda Tours] Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside by Nanzaki Iku Script

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YEAH! The Mandarin version was out last night and I've been spending my sunday afternoon translating it lol. I was doing something amazing I guess XD.

[Doropanda Tours] Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside by Nanzaki Iku.

Credit: Yamibo
Source Link: [HiME]南崎C75新刊(的草稿Copy本)

Pardon me if there're any mistakes or whatever XD.

'Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside' by Nanzaki Iku Script;


Akayuki’s notes:
Omote – Book Cover. As usual, a play of words here in “Omote” and “Otome”, the cover has ShizNat from Mai HiME but the story’s in the Mai Otome Universe setting.
‘A Chaotic Copy Book’ – I’m not sure about this sentence here.

*Shizu Natsu Only Book*

*Omote Unlabelled . An Otome Inside.*

[Arrow] *Title.*

Shizuru: Doropanda Tours.

Natsuki: Year 2008 . Winter!!

*A Chaotic Copy Book.*

- Page 3 -

Shizuru: Well then, Natsuki and Mai-san.
--- I’ll see you at noon break.

Mai: Yes, see you later, Shizuru-san!!

Natsuki: … Please excuse us, Onee-sama.

Mai: However … as I thought, Shizuru-san is a really charismatic woman huh.
--- @Let’s not talk about what her true character is (laughs).@


Natsuki: Aah …

Mai: A feminine appearance with a touch of elegance and that streamline and mature figure?
--- @How nice~@

Natsuki: But …looks can be deceiving.


Natsuki: Her abdominal muscles are reasonably well proportioned.
--- @And her gripping power is inexplicably strong ……@

*A vision that is saying ‘Oh~ you know quite a lot, don’t you?’ (star).*


Natsuki: Aah,
--- N-no …


Natsuki: Just that …
--- I saw it when I was w-washing her back …

*After all, you’re in charge of cleaning her room hm~ (heart).*

*An atmosphere that is saying ‘Stop trying to change the subject and tell me the truth (star)’.*

- Page 4 -

Akayuki’s notes:
Somersault Cloud – ’筋斗雲’ [Kintoun] is a skill which enables Sun Wukong in the novel ‘Journey to the West’ to travel vast distance in a single leap.


Shizuru: @What is this?@

Natsuki: @Can a person sit on it?@

Youko: I casually tried making a ‘Somersault Cloud’~ (heart).
--- @It’s a prototype.@

Shizuru: @To sit on it together with Natsuki …@
--- @Haa Haa@

Natsuki: @Ooh!@
--- @It’s amazing.@
--- @How exciting.@


Youko: Ah.
--- I’ve forgotten to mention something.

Youko: As a matter of fact,
--- Only those people who have ‘Unadulterated mindsets’ are able to sit on it, please be careful ……

Arika: Waa!!
--- What is this!!


*I like this kind of Purple person the most.*

- Page 5 -

Akayuki’s notes:
'ジパング', [Zipangu], Zipang, is actually a name of a country in the Mai Otome world and Tokiha Mai is from Zipang.

Natsuki: Excuse me, Shizuru---
--- Looks like there’s no more soap left.
--- Do we have any stock left?

-Drip drip


*Purple mind*

Shizuru: --- Eh?
--- @Ara, nice view (heart).@

Shizuru: I forgot to replenish, what should I do …

Shizuru: @Ah@
--- How about this, try this out then.


Natsuki: What is that?

Shizuru: Mai-san gave it to me just now.
--- She said it’s a souvenir from Zipang.
--- @Seems like it’s called a ‘Year-End Gift’.@
--- @Here.@

Natsuki: ?
--- From Mai?

- Page 6 -

Akayuki’s notes:
'ニオイスミレ', [匂い菫/Nioi Sumire], Viola Odorata is a species of the genus Viola and it is also commonly known as Sweet Violet.

Natsuki: … Somehow the colour of this soap looks amazing.
--- @Deep purple.@


Natsuki: It smells really good though.

Shizuru: The people there called it ‘Nioi Sumire’ in their dialect which means fragrant flower.

Natsuki: ‘Nioi Sumire’?

Shizuru: Yes.

Shizuru: The main point is that …
--- the flowering term is ---


Shizuru: ‘Viola’.
--- The meanings are the same for both names.


Shizuru: @It’s useless …@
--- @I can’t hold on any longer.@

Natsuki: @Ah …@


- Page 7 -

Akayuki’s notes:
Baka – Stupid/Idiot.
Chu – Kiss.
“Your (You) body and heart will be dyed in the smell and (colour) of Viola, Yo!!” – A play of words in the word ‘色’ (colour), it could mean ‘色’ as in colour or ‘色’ as in lust so Shizuru’s picking on Mai saying thumbs up on Natsuki been drenched in the smell and lust of Viola (Shizuru) LOL.

Natsuki: W-wait …
--- Baka …

-Nchu--- (heart)

Natsuki: Your clothes will get wet--- …

Shizuru: It doesn’t matter~

Shizuru: By the way,
--- on Mai-san’s card.

*Your (You) body and heart will be
--- dyed in the smell and (colour) of Viola, Yo!!*

Shizuru: That’s what she wrote (heart).

Natsuki: … Looks like I’ve got to have a little chat with her on where to draw the line.
--- @For the sake of my waist.@

Natsuki: But, to use this to wash my body,
--- feels like it will really dye me in purple colour.
--- @In any meanings of ‘colour’…@

Shizuru: That sounds good …

Shizuru: But, is it no good by adding me into the equation?


Natsuki: It’s not that … that it’s not good.
@It’s not good for you to wait for me in your drenched clothes, you will feel uncomfortable too, right.@

Shizuru: Well then, let me help you wash every single part of your body (heart).
@I will definitely dye you beautifully!!@

Natsuki: … I knew you would say that …

- Page 8 -
Akayuki’s notes:
Nekokami Yama – [Cat God Mountain] A location in Mai Otome Universe, used to be Black Valley but was renamed in Mai Otome Zwei.

Natsuki: Um …
--- I can help you wash your back too?

Natsuki: It’s been a while …

*Which reminds me*

Shizuru: @Fufu@
--- It feels like we’re back in our school days (heart).

Natsuki: …Your expression is slacking too much, Shizuru.

Shizuru: Ara, you’re not calling me ‘Onee-sama’?
--- Na-tsu-ki-sa-n.

Natsuki: Yes, yes.
--- Onee-sama, Onee-sama.

*It was said that the sense of smell
--- has a direct link with a person’s memory.*


-Splash …

*Everything flowed as per to Mai’s expectations.*

*Honestly speaking, it’s not amusing at all.*

Natsuki: Probably…from now onwards
--- whenever I catch a whiff of this fragrance.

Shizuru: @Natsuki and I smell so good--- (heart)@

Natsuki: I will remember all of …
--- this.
--- @Like this kind of situation or the other kind.@

@In high-spirits.@

*Meanwhile at Nekokami Yama*

Mai: … If I call this ‘Viola Soap’ I wonder if I can sell it to the fans of Shizuru-san.
--- @This.@

Mai: @Maybe I should try selling it in the black market first.@

*Such strong commercial spirit!@

- Page 9 -

Akayuki’s notes:
A brief yet not so brief summary of author’s notes.

*Frankly, I’m really sorry.*
--- By Doropanda Tours, Nanzaki Iku.

Contact Address: doropanda_t@yahoo.co.jp

I don’t know what possessed me, many things happened during December and I can’t seem to accomplish anything … I have no idea why it then became this kind of book, for that, I’m sorry. The copy for Summer Comi is also not the complete version … I will think of a solution in the next year (sweats). Can’t get myself to do up a book with solid contents, it is also due to me being in the slumps … (Cries). To all who have been patiently waiting (If there are any), I’m really sorry. (Panda Crying) Uwawa …again and again. Just to let you know, I still like ShizNatsu a lot … T-then why am I sketching Yomi!? This season, I was hooked by Ga-Rei -Zero- (Bitter Laughter) ... I-I will be better in the next year!!

I wish everyone a happy new year~~~

-END of Script-

Well, many things are on my mind right now ... but I've got to relax once in a while ... sometimes I wish I had returned back faster or in June, perhaps this matter could had been avoided or ... lessen. Oh well.

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[ONA] Candy☆Boy Ep5

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hopefully, it will be a great and wonderful 2009 for everyone out there XD.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 1.

Awwww, I want to have a Kitsune-Yukino in my bed and sucking my finger too lol.

Candy☆Boy Ep5.

Episode 5 started with Kanade and Yukino snuggling to each other under the umbrella while it's snowing [Like a real couple XD]. Kanade asked Yukino if she's cold, Yukino replied not at all because she feels warm, snuggled to Kanade like that. Yukino asked Kanade back, Kanade replied that to be together with Yuki-chan like that, she feels a sense of happiness. Kanade commented that Yukino feels alright when she wears socks to bed, Yukino whined that her legs feel cold right now. Yukino reckoned that Kanade's warm because of the layers of fluffy fluffy 'meat' Kanade piled up LOL. Later the girls started discussing some senseless sound effect wordings, 'gami gami', ears and Gestalt ... which I have no idea about except Yukino made some profound sounding line about 'I am I, Kana-chan's Kana-chan. But by chance, fate made us together, what a beautiful thing, isn't it?'

Candy☆Boy Ep5 2.

Things start to go random from now on, as Yukino suddenly tripped and becomes ... a Chibi-Kitsune [Little Fox] =w=. Chibi-Kitsune Yukino exclaimed that she's hungry lol. Kanade merely commented that Yukino likes foxes, so she's a fox now huh? Chibi-Kitusune Yukino replied that even though she likes foxes but she likes Kana-chan even more! Kanade offered Chibi-Kitsune Yukino some 'ear snacks'? but she don't wanna. Kanade asked Chibi-Kitsune Yukino to buy some cake from the store near the train station. Chibi-Kitsune Yukino replied that Kana-chan had told her not to go with strangers, isn't it? Kanade was like yes, you're right, it's dangerous, so be carefuk okay? LoL. Kanade then asked what Chibi-Kitsune Yukino wants to eat. Chibi-Kitsune Yukino thinks for a while, grabbed Kanade's finger and chew-sucked it lol. Kanade smiled and asked if it's yummy? Chibi-Kitsune Yukino nodded. Chibi-Kitsune Yukino suddenly release the finger with a pop sound and asked randomly whether if Kanade studied her test properly? LOL. Kanade then woke up with a start, everything which happened above was just a dream.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 3.

But when Kanade opened her eyes and saw ... Yukino sucking her finger, she was like, I see ... lol this kinda explains that weird Chibi-Kitsune Yukino dream? XD. That morning, Kanade probably told Yukino about her dream, Yukino laughed and said it's probably because of the new PJs she bought. Kanade added that Yukino sucking her finger in real-life added on to the weird dream too. Kanade lamented that the first part of the dream was getting good too lol. Kanade thinks it's embarrassing and refused to tell Yukino about the first part. Yukino pouted and called Kana-chan stingy. Kanade changed the subject and asked Yukino why she wants to eat 'G-gamma' after she pulled her finger out of Yukino's mouth. Yukino tried to deny it but was surprised to see Kanade with the video of her whining for 'G-gamma' or something LOL. Yukino was like Ahhh, delete it delete it!!! LOL. Kanade of course refused to delete it, so Yukino threatened to give photos of Kanade's embarrassing moments to Sakuya. Kanade was like, 'Isn't that blackmail!?' lol and asked when did she snap those photos. Yukino replied that it's a secret. As the sisters were fooling around, the dorm rep [I think] opened the door to take roll call and saw them in a compromising position LOL. The dorm rep was like 'Alright, the Bakappuru are here.' Bakappuru/バカップル kinda means Idiot/Stupid couple is a Japanese slang for a couple who show their affections/love for each other in front of others.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 4.

After that, the sisters starts to do their homework and Kanade asked Yukino for help in her 2nd Language homework lol. Kanade wanted to at least be in one same class with Yukino so she took up a 2nd Language. As they were chatted, Sakuya sneaked up to them with her new cellphone and took pictures I think. Kanade was like 'I should really capture you huh ...' Sakuya got up and said that Kanade's awesome because she heard that Kanade pushed Yukino down in the middle of the night, forcefully made her to play 'Come on, lick it' game LOL and Sakuya was envious about it. Kanade was like, 'I didn't do that -.-|||' Yukino tried to run away by excusing herself to the toilet but Kanade pulled her back as she tried to deny whatever Sakuya heard. Sakuya went on to ramble that she will do it until Kanade's satisfied, to please let her do it and that it doesn't bother her what anyone thinks of it. Besides, there's a sense of 'Moe' excitement feeling if someone sees it LOL. 'Today's snack will be Kanade-senpai's ... ~'. Kanade couldn't take it anymore, got Sakuya's attention and threw the packet of strawberry milk far away. Sakuya was like, Wahhh Kanade-senpai's packet of strawberry milk and chased after it. As Sakuya went to chase after it, Kanade pinched Yukino's cheeks and asked to have a little chat with her in the toilet.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 5.

After school, Kanade told Yukino to go back first as she has something to buy. At first, Kanade didn't want to tell Yukino but later told Yukino that she's going to buy chocolates to give Yukino for Valentine's Day. Kanade continued that she's giving it to Yukino for her to use it as a Honmei Chocolate [Chocolates which you give to your serious love]. [=A= ... what? It's not for her!?] Kanade wanted to keep it as a surprise for Yukino ... Yukino tapped her head against Kanade and thanked her. In their rooms, Kanade asked what they're going to do about the chocolates, buy them together on Valentine's Day? Yukino suggested that they go on a date too and that she has some place in mind. Kanade was hesitant because she got an assignment to do 50 sketches to pass up next week and she has tests on the up-coming weeks. Kanade then asked Yukino to be her model because she's used to drawing Yukino so it'll be faster and she'll be able to make the date on 14th.

On the 14th, Kanade got a mail from Shii-chan, saying that she got the chocolates the twins sent her. Kanade got worried, thinking why is Shii-chan still at home, did she ... Yukino replied that Shii-chan's still having her holidays. Meanwhile, Sakuya came to school with a huge package, her gift for Kanade-senpai lol. Kanade's feeling perplexed about it, thinking that Sakuya will probably just give a small box of chocolate and asked her to go out with her. Yukino offered to help out, saying that she got a secret weapon to appease Sakuya. True to Yukino's words, Sakuya accepted the bag claimed to be a secret weapon by Yukino and left in tears telling Kanade to take care and to get well soon lol. Seemed like Yukino told Sakuya that Kanade had a high fever of 37°C from studying too hard for the tests. As a token of appreciation, Yukino gave Sakuya a box of chocolates and a gift. Kanade asked what kind of gift, Yukino replied that it's some kind of thing which benefits the earth? LOL.

Candy☆Boy Ep5 6.

The sisters went to a fancy hotel to have a place of exquisite chocolate meal, kindly sponsored by Sakuya [Remember the voucher Sakuya gave to Yukino? Yep, that's it]. Kanade pinched Yukino for exchanging photos of her to get the voucher, Yukino said that because Kanade wanted to try the chocolate here so she asked Sakuya to get the voucher. When Kanade asked where's Yukino's portion, Yukino replied that Sakuya thought that only Yukino's going to use it so she only gave one. Kanade offered to share half of it. Yukino didn't want to, saying it's for Kanade, stuck one of her fingers, scooping some of the chocolate and offered it to Kanade.

Kanade: 'Oi, hey!'
Kanade: 'Um.'
Yukino: 'Okay, come on, Kana-chan, ahh~.'
Kanade: 'W-wait, what are you trying to do, Yuki-chan?'
Yukino: 'If I do this, you will eat it, right?'
-hesitates -
Yukino: 'Hm~.'
Yukino: 'How is it, Kana-chan?'
Yukino: 'Is it yummy?'
Kanade: 'Hm.'
Kanade: 'Un, very yummy.'
Yukino: 'That's wonderful. Do you want another mouthful?'
Kanade: 'I want.'

Yukino then suggested that they go to a chapel after their meal. Meanwhile, Sakuya's feeling a little lonely that she won't be able to spend Valentine's Day with Kanade-senpai. Seems like Yukino's 'gift' to Sakuya is Kanade's pillow? LOL but it kinda smelt sour and sweet ... lol, somehow I think it's the dirtied pillow of Yukino in Ep1 of Candy☆Boy XD, the pillow which she dropped the egg and it broke on the pillow. *Checks* lol, seems to be the same colour too ... hahaha.

As for Kanade's assignment, the teacher returned the sketch book to Kanade and told her to re-do it LOL. Hence, the week holiday before the tests was cancelled because of the assignment. As Yukino was flipping the sketches in Kanade's book, Yukino said that the theme is 'Real-Life Sketches' isn't it?

Candy☆Boy Ep5 7.

Kanade actually went and sketched a Chibi-Kitsune Yukino as her part of her assignment LOL. The teacher even asked if Kanade's alright to do that sort of sketch LOL. Kanade didn't see anything wrong with it, saying that it's cute, it makes her feel like taking it home with her and that she had not dreamt of the Chibi-Kitsune after that. When Kanade started rambling, Yukino asked her if she wants to repeat another grade? Kanade apologized and said that she'll go clear her head LOL. - END of Candy☆Boy Ep5 -

Awww, it's such a cute episode lol, with the random dream, a Chibi-Kitsune Yukino, misleading chocolate sucking scene .... ozmg lol. I better get to bed before this goes outta hand.

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