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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

C89 Doropanda Tours Haul

Hey, well I can't remember which comiket Volume 16, 17 were from but eh, I'll just lump it to C89 lol.

[Left to Right] Vol.16 - 思春期ゴハン。 [Shishunki Gohan], Vol.17 - S&N リミックス. 2nd [S&N Remix. 2nd], Vol.18 - 好きかも , しれない。 [Suki kamo, Shirenai]
 Also a few bonus pictures xD cos I'm lazy af =x

*GASPS* I'm in love with---!?
Give me my mayo, YOU MEANIE!
A little late but happy new year! =3

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