Happy 10th Birthday IchigoYuri... About 7-8 Months Late!

Yup, out of boredom with nothing relatively yuri related to post on that I'm interested in, I went back to look at Akayuki's old blog posts... And realized that it's been 10 years since she made this blog single handed... out of boredom, if I remember correctly from our conversation months ago. Hah, even Aka is getting old too~ Yes I really love to rub that in.

Well for me, IchigoYuri pretty much gave me my first exposure to the world of yuri anyway. I remember I was reading the Negima manga... or maybe it was watching the anime, but anyway I probably was looking for some KonoSetsu doujin and stumbled upon this blog for the first time. It didn't really leave that much of an impression at first. However I did keep coming back for some of the KonoSetsu/Negima doujins Aka had translated(?)/uploaded. Then my attraction to yuri related works snowballed. Well that was almost 10 years ago too since I was still jailbait at the time, wait no, this is post is supposed to be about the blog... Hmmm.

Oh that's right, I made a contribution to this blog some 5 years ago too lol. Wow looking at the time/date stamp, that's pretty much how long I've known Aka... Wait, no... This post is about the blog! Well I doubt Aka remembers anyway and I wouldn't have know if I didn't look out of boredom.

A big maybe update of this blog's future:
Have to discuss with Aka first but maybe look for other anime/manga/doujin/video game related stuff to post as well and not just yuri though I don't think many people would be interested if it's not yuri related when it comes to this blog.

PS: Lol the pic is cause it's imas 10th anniversary too xD (Sorry I couldn't help but throw my hobby in due to timing.)

[By Yukase]

Quick Update: Citrus

Not sure how long ago this new was but it showed up on my twitter feed around 17hrs ago. Citrus is getting a drama cd release. Personally I find Citrus really cliche so I don't follow it but the thing that got me excited for it were the voices in it (So sexy *-*). Link (Japanese)

Release date is July 18th and would be coupled with the special edition of the 4th volume. The part that interests me the most is the cast so I'll list them here too.

藍原柚子:竹達彩奈 --> Aihara Yuzu (CV: Taketatsu Ayana) [K-on, Yuru Yuri, OreImo, Tamayura etc.]
藍原芽衣:津田美波 --> Aihara Mei (CV: Tsuda Minami) [Fractale, Yuru Yuri, Fantasista Dolls, etc.]
水沢まつり:堀野紗也加 --> Mizuzawa Matsuri (CV: Horino Sayaka) [Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san, etc.]
桃木野姫子:久保ユリカ --> Momokino Himeko (CV: Kubo Yurika) [Love Live, etc.]
谷口はるみ:藤井ゆきよ --> Taniguchi Harumi (CV: Fujii Yukiyo) [Idolmaster Million Live, etc.]

I wonder if any of you recognize any of the names lol.

[By Yukase]

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 3

I totally put off this post so much longer than I thought I would. But hey at least I remembered and didn't delete the audio files from my (now) second hard drive after making the switch from a laptop to a desktop... Have I gotten bored of this series? You bet I am, rather there's new materials out (like the extra summer and winter parts and new volumes but I haven't been too interested in it.) However I have decided to finish this mini review-ish kind of thing whether anyone reads it or not just cause my boredom and minor OCD is acting up again.

Anyway, volume 3 is titled “Motto, Zutto, Gyutto,” (もっと、ずっと、ぎゅっと). Our main characters this time is, put simply, an Ojou-sama and her maid. A longer explanation is that the Ojou-sama, Kugayama Arisu (玖雅山アリス) [CV: Uchida Aya (内田彩)] and her maid Oribe Ibuki (織部伊吹) [CV: Ootsubo Yuka (大坪由佳)] are childhood friends. Ibuki has recently started working part time in the Kugayama household and living there as well. Arisu, in terms of personality is a tsundere. She's proud but can't really do anything by herself (or so I've understand from the character intro page on the Particle website.)

1. Okitekudasai Ojou-sama! (起きてくださいお嬢様!) [06:09]
2. Tsundere desu ne Ojou-sama! (ツンデレですねお嬢様!) [13:19]
3. Ibu ha acchi itte te! (イブはあっち行ってて! ) [05:04]
4. Watashi datte ochikomu desu! (私だって落ち込むです! ) [18:09]
5. Chanto wakatteru kara... (ちゃんとわかってるから...) [08:23]
6. Zutto soba ni inasai yo ne/// (ずっと傍にいなさいよねっ///) [11:41]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [07:40]

[Spoiler Alert]
I'll be honest, the first time I heard this volume, I had no idea what exactly the plot is. However from the beginning of the first track, we can see that Ibuki, or Ibu as Arisu calls her, is very attached/attracted to her. In a way we can say she's rather ossan in personality (basically a middle-aged man, but rude form) and Arisu is already full blown in tsundere mode first thing in the morning. It's fairly interesting to listen to and pretty much hilarious in my point of view and these scenes happens very often. There is a few times, if you're familiar with the seiyuu, that makes you wonder if Ibuki's personality is hers or her seiyuu's (lol). However in the beginning you can hear that Arisu doesn't always want to be treated like a kid (they are in high school) and wants to be able to do things by herself or don't want to bother Ibuki too much.

I think this volume is probably the only one with every previous character as a supporting character. Considering Arisu is a first year (same as the main characters from vol 1 and Mai) and Ibuki is a 3rd year (same as Mayu from vol 2.) Somewhere along the way in their day at school, Arisu has come to terms with how she wants to be independent and has told Ibuki to "stay away" in her tsundere way, probably meaning she feels like she's holding Ibuki back from her friends. However pretty much without spoiling too much (and I'm getting too lazy to type too much) it's clear they both would get depressed and spend their day separated from each other. Through a lot of chatting with their friends, they'll realize that they don't want to be separated after all even if it'll happen (with Ibuki graduating school first). But hey just like Ibuki said, they don't have to think too much about being separated too fast, they should just try to enjoy the time they have at the moment more (but they do actually brainstorm some plans of what they can do in the future to stay together.).

This volume in the end, feels more like a comedic volume (with Ibuki's personality) with points where I can laugh aloud pretty often but other than that I don't really think there are many points I can point out that made this volume too interesting (The comedic parts is good enough imo). Yuri-wise, this volume do have more than the other two, however way you put it anyway (lol) Anyway, buy to support, ne~ Amazon.jp

Now I don't know what else to write about so I'll probably go back into hibernating until I find something interesting to write about~

[By Yukase]

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 2

Hm so it seems I take forever to get something out as well but I shall (hope) to finish putting down my thoughts on this series before finding something else to do again and forget about it. After that, I wonder what I'll have to wonder what I'll write about. But anyway, welcome back and thanks for reading to those that read my thoughts on the first one. I'm going to introduce the second volume to you now.

Volume 2 of Lilycle is titled "bitter honey' and is about two sisters, the seemingly perfect older sister and the energetic, athletic younger sister. I'm not sure if you can call it incest since the yuri in the Lilycle series is so soft. In my opinion, you can interpret it whichever way you want but I'll leave it up to you to decide on that.

Our characters here are Shiina Mayu (椎名真優) [CV: Asakura Azumi (浅倉杏美)] and Shiina Mai (椎名真衣) [CV: Uchida Maaya (内田真礼)]. Character intros are here by Particle.

1. Sunao jyanai yo ne (素直じゃないよね) [07:59]
2. Itsumo no futari (いつものふたり) [08:09]
3. Tokidoki himitsu mo aru keredo (時々秘密もあるけれど) [08:24]
4. Yappari issho ga ochitsukushi (やっぱり一緒が落ち着くし) [07:27]
5. Chikaku ni iru ara ganbareru (近くにいるから頑張れる) [21:31]
6. Zutto soko ni aru kizuna (ずっとそのにある絆) [11:46]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [08:07]

[Spoiler Alert]
From the title of the volume 'bitter honey' it's rather safe to say that at some parts of this story there may or may not be parts that gives you a heart clenching feeling... To be honest, I think I felt a bit of that when I first listened to this. Since the pairing here are sisters, the story starts early in the morning with Mai, being the athletic one, going for a jog before school with Mayu just waking up. From their conversation, you can hear that Mayu is quite the tsundere (well she's doesn't actually exhibit it this early but you can totally hear it in Azumin's voice). Well in the end, from the beginning of the story they have really been doing not but spar with words just like siblings always do and even over the smallest things like Mayu not waiting for Mai before heading to school. What I find funny is Mai's reaction when Mayu tells her that the stuff she does is stupid or something. Though you can tell, these two have a really good relationship. It's rather cute that Mayu specifically orders that Mai don't call her by name but call her "Onee-chan" while in public/school though.

A tsundere-type older sister and rather obedient younger sister. This volume has some funny parts as well. The story actually consists of Mayu, being in the fine arts club (I think), working (overworking) on a piece for a contest. You may guess who the subject is. But throughout the story it seems Mayu is fighting with her inner self about how she can be the older sister that Mai can look up to. Well, it's safe to say that she's just worrying too much. Mai loves her sister just the way she is after all~

Well this volume seem to have generated more words than the last but maybe it's just I like this type of story as well. Whether or not there's actualy yuri undertones in it, that is. But anyway, remember if you happen to find a way to listen to this without buying, support them by actually buying too~ (Says the one that doesn't even have a copy of her own). Amazon.jp

[By Yukase]

Lilycle ~LIly LYric cyCLE~ Vol. 1

Lilycle (りりくる) is a drama CD series by Particle. The first volume is titled "Koigokoro Friends" (恋心フレンズ). I think this volume has been translated but I am not entirely sure since I listen to them as they are. The theme of this volume is 'best friends'... Perhaps it's better to put it as 'best friends turn lovers'? However Lilycle at best is very light on yuri but also rather sweet in my opinion. But of course the seiyuu in them makes it a rather good experience for me listening to them.

Our main characters here is Wakamiya Hina (若宮陽奈) [CV: Mikami Shiori (三上枝織)] and Segawa Ayame (瀬川彩愛) [CV: Takamori Natsumi (高森奈津美)]. Here are character introduction released on youtube by Particle (The one on the top left). Please note that I don't do translations... My skill in Japanese isn't that good yet so it'll be strictly romaji (can be English too if it's katakana) and kana.

1. Tomodachi, dakedo (友達、だけど) [4:25]
2. Soba ni iru kara, Ureshikute (傍にいるから、嬉しくて) [11:56]
3. Issho ni itai, Dake nano ni (一緒にいたい、だけなのに) [7:10]
4. Yappari chanto, Mukiatte (やっぱりちゃんと、向き合って) [16:25]
5. Tsutaetakatta, Kono kimochi (伝えたかった、この気持ち) [16:32]
6. Futari dakara, Koi (2人だから、恋) [7:32]
7. Free Talk (フリートーク) [9:46]

[Spoiler Alert]  
From the beginning, Hina confesses to Ayame by saying "I like you" but of course, she didn't get the true meaning behind the confession and thinks she means it in the best friends way. Because we all know that when the confession gets accepted too early, it'll be the end of the story since we usually want a happy ending. The story is actually uneventful other than the fact that a small misunderstanding between the two that leads to a silent treatment with each other. Of course within the story there are supporting characters that kind of wakes one of the two up for a reconcilation. Well that actually happens in most other stories out there but really listening to the end of it where they decide what to do next after realizing that they actually really like each other... Now that part felt like I was kind of intruding on something by listening to them... Lol. Overall I like this volume the most out of the three volumes that's currently out just because at the time I was listening to it, I was in the mood for some light fluff.

Now as for where to get a copy of it for yourself if you feel the need to... I don't think I've seen anywhere that has an English site selling them. I do know for sure that Amazon.jp has them. As for where to get them online... I have my own sources =P You're not getting them but I'm sure if you can just do a basic search, you can find it~

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