C84/85 Doropanda Tours & Morinaga Miruku/Myao Haul

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Got my stuff last week however I was too lazy to do anything about it so it was sitting on my desk until now lol.

I'll post some more pictures this weekend, nothing smutty in the new Shiznat doujinshi tho :v but there's nosebleeds! Haha.

C85 Doropanda Tours Haul from Yahoo Japan Auctions

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Happy new year to you guys xD

A great!? start to year 2014 because I managed to secure Doropanda Tours' [どろぱんだTOURS] latest doujinshi in Comiket 85 by bleeding my wallet dry bidding on Yahoo Japan Auctions this afternoon. Initially, I bid ' しずなつ年末マンガ・2013' V14 for 1000 YEN, someone tried to bid 2 hours after that for 1600 YEN. But I outbid him back and at the last minute or less, someone else bid again D< and increased the price to 2500 YEN. Since I capped my bid at 3000 YEN, buyee auto outbid and top it to 2600 YEN.

Hence the result.

3 of them for a whooping 5200 YEN ;-; not including both domestic AND international shipping charges. It might total up to 7000 YEN :V

After I've successfully bid for them, guess what? I found out that Nagomi has all 3 of them above AND cheaper too. UGHHHH. I head-desked for a minute. Even though the items are listed as used but it's in perfect condition. 3150 + 1050 = 4200 YEN and I think shipping charges won't exceed 1000 YEN. Could had saved myself 2000 YEN there.

Anyways, if anyone of you are interested, just click on this link or go to the main page and search for 'どろぱんだTOURS'. 

But then I did checked Nagomi and Mandarake before bidding, it was AFTER I won the bids that I see them pop out from Nagomi D< Y U HURT ME SO.

What is done is done, didn't expect someone to increase the price to almost triple at the last 30 seconds *CURSES THE ASSHOLE* T_T

Oh well, *eats chocolate to calm down* let's await the packages, it might take a while since it's the new year holiday period for buyee and they only process the packages after 5th January.

Until then, enjoy ShizNat Webs/Mai-Multiverse's scanlation of Mai HiME Volume 12 - トリコ仕掛けと優しいケモノ [Toriko Shikake to Yasashii Kemono]. Yay!

A guide on purchasing doujinshi online

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As mentioned, I bought my Doropanda TOURS [どろぱんだTOURS] doujinshi from 3 places, Yahoo Japan Auction via buyee, Mandarake and Nagomi.

My first large purchase, thanks to shezaei-neko, was from an awesome Australian in Livejournal when I was studying there xD. So I guessed it was a one time thing.

Firstly, to buy anything online, you must have a credit card or debit card with VISA/MASTERCARD and it'll be easier if you used it to buy anything online before. It's important that your bank issuing the credit/debit card knows you're purchasing stuff online or allows it.Whenever I say debit card, I assume it has VISA/MASTERCARD, it's very vital.

I'll talk about Nagomi first since they have a roughly translated English page and they only accept payments via paypal for international buyers. The website is NOT SAFE FOR WORK, so beware!

They have kindly provided instructions on how to register and even list the conditions [perfect, good, bad] of the books they put online as they're mostly 'used'.

After you have registered and logged in, you add whatever you like by clicking on the '注文' to your cart. If there's no button, usually means it's out of stock, hence the X.

After sending your order, it might take a day or two for the person in charge to consolidate your items [check the stock and calculate your shipping charges] before sending you an email regarding paypal payment. Service is really fast for my purchase :)

Next up, Mandarake. Signing up at Mandarake is easy too since they have a full functional English website. Similarly to Nagomi, you add anything you like in your cart, send your order and they take up to 3 working days to check the stock and calculate your shipping charges before sending you an email with a link to make your payment.

Mandarake have several stores in Japan, hence it's better if you can purchase what you like from the same store or else you have to pay another shipping charge from another store. Oh Mandarake accepts credit/debit card and paypal but they only accept credit/debit card for 'adult' products. Please make sure your address name is similar to what is on the credit card for validation purposes, no using your parents', or friends' cards >.<

Lastly, to bid for items in Yahoo Japan Auction via buyee, you have to sign up for an account in buyee and to view 'adult' stuff in Yahoo Japan Auctions, a Japan yahoo account.

In my example, just type in 'どろぱんだTOURS' in the search bars and you get results as shown above. Sometimes you don't see results you see in YahooJA on the buyee page, so you can always copypaste the URL to buyee and then bid for it.

I'll recommend you to bid the highest amount you can afford to, in case you get outbid and then you don't have to keep bidding higher than the other person. Buyee will send an email to you if someone outbids you.

Everything is in English so it's very very easy, the payment modes are in credit/debit card and paypal. Before making any purchases, read their guide and FAQ section to make sure you understand the charges and shipping fees :)

Stuff on Yahoo Auctions Japan can be extremely marked up so you gotta be patient sometimes and wait for 'affordable' bids. Of course there are other ways of purchasing doujinshi but these are the ways I know besides getting someone in Japan to buy them for you xD which is the cheapest option IMO.

Any questions, just comment! I'll try to answer them.

Doropanda Tours - Mai HiME Volume 13/13.5

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Thanks to my friend, Hayashi, she scanned Doropanda TOURS' Mai-HiME FANBOOK Vol.13/13.5 優しいケモノのあやし方 [Yasashii Kemono no Ayashikata] for us. [SHOW HER YOUR LOVE BY COMMENTING!]

I've taken off the phone scans and replaced it with proper scans on my Doropanda Tours [どろぱんだTOURS] Page and please do not share the links anywhere.

Also, she tried translating it but I think it needs a lot of PR and also help from a proper Japanese translator. plzhelp ;-;

Page 3
Yasashii Kemono no Ayashitkata
Presented by Doropanda TOURS

Page 4
N: "Un...hha"
"pu" (sound?)
"gaji"  (bites?)
Page 5
"Catching my hand like that... I can't pass?" "uchi no yubi yawayawa ni nademou..." (Seriously... is she saying her finger is excited or is she feeling up something soft?)
"Ouchh!!" 'You bit my collarbone'
"...gasp!! Aaa..."
"haa... hey..."
"sonomanma motsukaii...na" Do you have as it is
Page 6
"... ...hey
bite harder..."
"It's ok (to bite) with all your strength?"
"The scratches on the back
are deeply engraved"
"It's given by you"
"I'm happy with all of them"
Page 7
"nuru" (can be translated as wet or slimy)
"fufuu..." (trademark giggle)
"Finger or...tongue..."
"Can't decide which to eat"
"... ..."
"... ... sorry"
Page 8
are you... apologizing for"
:zoku...: (Like I have any idea how weird jpn sfx are.)
the wound..." (mark)
"It's okay... Natsuki... haa..."
[In the end
Page 9
:chichichi: (Birds chirping)
:ringggggggggg: (Alarm Ring)
:sits up:
"Aa...re... Shizu...?"
[Good morning.
I went out early so please lock the door.
 I made light breakfast so please eat it.
 I'll contact you later.
Natsuki, make sure you go to school okay?

"Aa... ..."

Page 10
bean is energetic as usual..." (I donno if she's making a sexual pun...lol)
"I wish not have to worry about my breakfast..."
:ruffles: (sheets moving)
A shower first..."
"... ... and"
[lots of it]
Page 11
[The uniform skirt is so short,
what am I going to do
 it will clearly show]

[Revenge for biting?
 Is that Revenge?]
[Today's weather report. Strong winds]
:wind howling:
"Hey Shizuru-san!!"
"Aaa... Reito-san? Good morning."
Page 12
"Morning, you're early today?"
"Yea I got up early and took 2 trains earlier than usual."
"Hmmm" 'I've got something to do for the professor this morning'
:Damn that Kanzaki:
:Getting so close to Fujino-san:
"If I stayed in bed
I'll wake up feeling strange again
Such a tough choice" 
"It's nothing..."
"You face and skin is looking radiant though
I'm not either between or in what" (<---googletranslatefail)
"fufuu<3 That's helpful" (idk... taskarimasuwa ??)
[Anything that he says]
'Those two are dating?'
'They are real close since high school'
'nn-- Kanzaki-kunnn'
[This person is always fun to be with] (More like This person is fun with everything he say. rephrase)
Page 13
[These two are not (sexually) interested in each other]
"...Sorry, Shizuru-san"
"Ehh It's like I made use of you to avoid people"
"That makes us the same" (in terms of using each other as escape. Pls rephrase)
"Reito-san's partner 'if that person is me it's not bad' something like that
probably thought"
"Well certainly!! I agree
It's the same"
[...Just like in books]
Page 14
"When Shizuru-san loves with a girl
your eyes shine " 'Is that pervy look okay?'
:Must be tough on Natsuki-san:
"Reito-san is the same, it's terrible for the girl you've set your eyes on
unexpectedly straightforward"
:I feel sorry for Tokiha-san:

[I don’t really hate men]
[But (the inner me) I don’t want to be like him]
:How was last night's gokon?:
:Noisy-- Shutup and go away you:
[But I...]
"Say... Reito-san---"
Page 15
"Have you ever thought about why (I like girls)?"
"... ... who knows"
"I learned properly about [First love]
only recently"
"And when i realized ..."
Page 16
[here [Because I’m a guy] or]
:See you, I’ve reached my building:
[something like want to sleep]
"It's that same Obsidian Lord
that person..."
[His simple reason----]
"... ...
I guess so"
[When I realized it,
All I had in my mind was that girl]
Page 17
"---Things like 'like' "
"It can't be helped..."
:Ara it's snow:
: Shizuru... Is she wearing enough?:
Page 18
"Ohh... Mai

"Good morning---
It's cold---"
"By the way you didn't come back last night
Here's the magazine you asked for before I left for work"
'Pay up'
"Ahh... Sorry I was busy last night..."
"I expected that much" it smells like a different kind of shampoo from the usual'
"Natsuki... why are you wearing sports pants" (seriously... I think she used supaatsu for this word)
"Ehh... What's this... Your panty got stolen again?" 'Well done Kaichou-san'
"N..Nooo!! It's cold that's all!!"
'Why did you suddenly think of Shizuru!!'
Page 19
"well... in various meaning I feel deprived..." 'something like that'
"Ohh? Mail from Kaichou-san?"
'Let’s go with beans, compared to Yuichi he always grumbles'
:Karage is in fashion:
[Did you get up properly? Pardon me from last night]
[It's snowing so don't catch a cold]
[Are you coming over tonight?]
Page 20
"... [I'm coming]"
"... ... Wow"
[If i don't go
I’ll constantly think of the urges]
"I caught a glimpse of Natsuki's girly expression "
:It's awkward:
:That's a first:
' You're terrible'
[The human nature is said]
[Is telling you in the reverse way]
[This raw facts of this origin of impulse]

Oh, she didn't translate the side stories, anyone wanna take up this?

Winner of citrus Manga Giveaway

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So, the winner of citrus V1 manga giveaway is deadfish!

And deadfish, if you're reading this, I've emailed you regarding the details. (under the email address you gave in the comment post).

To the others, thanks for participating! =D

Updates on Doropanda TOURS Vol13/13.5;
My friend has scanned it in record time =o and it looks really good. I'll post more about it soon! Look forward to it! Oh, I've also taken off the phone scans cos it's now an embarrassment LOL