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Friday, July 31, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday IchigoYuri... About 7-8 Months Late!

Yup, out of boredom with nothing relatively yuri related to post on that I'm interested in, I went back to look at Akayuki's old blog posts... And realized that it's been 10 years since she made this blog single handed... out of boredom, if I remember correctly from our conversation months ago. Hah, even Aka is getting old too~ Yes I really love to rub that in.

Well for me, IchigoYuri pretty much gave me my first exposure to the world of yuri anyway. I remember I was reading the Negima manga... or maybe it was watching the anime, but anyway I probably was looking for some KonoSetsu doujin and stumbled upon this blog for the first time. It didn't really leave that much of an impression at first. However I did keep coming back for some of the KonoSetsu/Negima doujins Aka had translated(?)/uploaded. Then my attraction to yuri related works snowballed. Well that was almost 10 years ago too since I was still jailbait at the time, wait no, this is post is supposed to be about the blog... Hmmm.

Oh that's right, I made a contribution to this blog some 5 years ago too lol. Wow looking at the time/date stamp, that's pretty much how long I've known Aka... Wait, no... This post is about the blog! Well I doubt Aka remembers anyway and I wouldn't have know if I didn't look out of boredom.

A big maybe update of this blog's future:
Have to discuss with Aka first but maybe look for other anime/manga/doujin/video game related stuff to post as well and not just yuri though I don't think many people would be interested if it's not yuri related when it comes to this blog.

PS: Lol the pic is cause it's imas 10th anniversary too xD (Sorry I couldn't help but throw my hobby in due to timing.)

[By Yukase]

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