Angelbox Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi

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The long awaited release of Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi! XD.


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos I like it lol.

I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Be warn, what you are about to view contains mature themes and it may not be suitable for minors [Those below 18] so if you're weak in the heart, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED. I will NOT be liable for any damages - be them physical, emotional, or blood loss from viewing. =)

If you agree, please click on the 'SHOW' button to see the link.
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Hope you enjoy the release as usual! =). Any errors or comments please direct to the blogger comment or tagboard.

Now on to the blog poll of 14th July 2007;

Blog Poll 290707.

So the Song of the Month of August is ... 'Where I Belong' by Tanya Chua XD. Ahh, this song sure brings back memories ... I was Secondary 3 that year and participated in the National Day Parade in the Combined Schools Choir. That's why I got B3 for CCA lol ... even though I was a slacker in the Computer Club heh. It was a really great experience and we got to do fun stuffs after the post-parade like throw the water in the dozen bottles of water they gave to us each at each other, have free KFC and Pizza for lunch like every single week we go for rehearsal, reach home like 10-11 PM in the night every week and best, get a few fun packs every week LOL.

Ah, enough of random stuff, cya.

PS: Did a little edit to the blog poll just now ... eh, please vote for the new blog poll XD.

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July 2007 Purchases From Play-asia

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Whee, I finally ordered the three Strawberry Panic! Drama CDs from XD.

XD Strawberry Panic! Drama CDs!!

However, only two arrived =(, 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation' and 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric III, Lulim Compilation'. 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric II, Spica Compilation' will only arrive after the first week of August. Oh well. It's okay I guess.

WONDEFUL NEWS! Whee, Seven Seas Entertainment has announced two of their latest yuri licenses, 'Hayate Cross Blade' はやて×ブレード by Hayashiya Shizuru (Onegai Teacher, Strawberry Shake Sweet, Sister Red) and 'Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo' 暁色の潜伏魔女 by Hakamada Mera (The Last Uniform aka Saigo no Seifuku). They also announced two yuri novel titles: 'Girls Love' and 'Girls Revolution'. I wonder what's the novels about lol ... never heard of it -.-|||.

Source from

Whoa, I'm seerrriously going broke lol but happily broke XD. I did mention they also licensed 'Hatsukoi Shimai' and 'Voiceful' as part of their Strawberry Line of Yuri Manga ... great year!!! I hope there's more such surprises later on ... I'll be sure to buy them ... =).

PS: Angelbox's Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi's done, will be posted tomorrow. Cya!

PPS: Tokyopop has licensed the manga for Kannazuki no Miko ... O_o

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Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 4 DVD Special - Onsen Tenshi

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Went for a drive juz now =). I think I almost crashed cos I was having this chocolate-eating grin stapled to my face lol.

Neko Mimi Service.Kuu And Setsuna Outta The Show.Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora Volume 4 - Onsen Tenshi.
Misleading Picture LoL.Kaon x Himiko In Hot Spring!Don't Worry.
I Just Want You To Get Well.*Blush*.Hot~!
Doki Doki.Ahhh.Kyaahhh!~
LOL So CUTE!Let Me Have Her!!! Dammit!! Touching My ...If You Don't Stop ... I'll ...
Kiss You ...Waruteishia ...I'm Not Giving You Any~~
...*Smile*.*Snore* END

Very very entertaining special episode ... fanservice for yuri fans, neko fans and Waruteishia fans ... I think the screenshots speak for themselves ... =) Enjoy.

But let me explain screenshots 11 and 12 lol before your minds tumble down the gutter;
Kaon and Himiko were in the Onsen [Hot Spring] with Tarurotte who was floating around and Tarurotte's head unwittingly bumped Himiko's ... back making her shriek lol then Tarurotte's tail ... kinda swiped against Himiko's behind again making her moan, as seen on the misleading pictures above ... of course that made Kaon very very pissed off that she summoned Murakumo but Himiko kinda hold Kaon off from attacking the unawared Tarurotte who was enjoying herself very much. Feeling very bold, Himiko kissed Kaon to stop the assault.

*Kyaaaaaaahhhh* I think I squealed with joy!!! LOL! SOOO CUTE! It's sooo funny to see Kaon grumbling about 'touching' her woman ... lol <-- Okay that wasn't in the lines but I get that feeling hahahaha. It's sooo cute to see Kaon getting so very protective of Himiko lol XD. Loved the moment Himiko kissed Kaon to shut her up and both of them dipped into the hot water still in hot embrace XD.

After that, Himiko's finishing up her drawing of Kaon against the dark night ... ending with Himiko blushing as she finished, Kaon smiling tenderly at her and them looking at the moon.

Hope you enjoy the screenshots ... heh

PS: I will be reviewing 春夏秋冬ドラマCD 逆襲の赤ズキンチャン [Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu Drama CD Gyakushuu no Akazukin-chan] loosely translated as 'Little Red Riding Hood's Counterback' as soon as I get my hands on the Booklet;


The Drama CD pretty much relate to the 3 chapters in Yuri Hime 5, 6 and 7 and a little bit of speech of Reiko-sensei from 'First Kiss' chapters.

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Two Translated ShizNat Doujinshi Scripts From

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As per volk's request ... here's the translated scripts of the two ShizNat doujinshis from by kaya-sama and 燚-sama respectively.

kaya-sama's doujinshi;


Title: It's difficult to say out the love in my heart

Shizuru: Natsuki, don't exert yourself too much, it's not good to burn the midnight oil
Natsuki: No, it's not that ...

Natsuki: Actually ... I ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] It's that, Shizuru, you came back and I wanted to fork out more time to spend with you ...


Natsuki: Uh ... I ... I ...
Shizuru: ?

Natsuki: [Thoughts] I can't get myself to say those words out ah ...
Shizuru: What's the matter?
Natsuki: I'm sorry, I will take care next time ...

Natsuki: [Small Words] I'm pathetic ah ...

Mai Otome Zwei Volume 3;

Natsuki -> The one who's performance was pathetic in the next episode preview.
Natsuki: [Small Words] Shizuru, I ... ultimately couldn't be like you, who's reputation was upheld by the staff.
Mai -> The one who's performance was stunning in the next episode preview.

Gakuenchou and Murasakisuishou web comic - The daily lives of Gakuenchou and Murasakisuishou

- PAGE 1 -
Ms Maria: Welcome back, Shizuru-san
Ms Maria: [Small Words] ?? *Note: I couldn't make out the words, too small!!!
Shizuru: [Small Words] ?? from the back is my interest -heart- *Note: I still can't understand the words!!
Shizuru: I'm back, where's the Gakuenchou?

- PAGE 2 -
Ms Maria: ... -sigh-
Ms Maria: Gakuenchou's in her office, I'll be coming by noon for the report
Shizuru: It's that time already?
Ms Maria: Seriously, I don't understand what she's thinking of?
Ms Maria: [Small Words] When I want to work overtime, she will insist that I put it off till tomorrow yet she herself never got any rest
Ms Maria: If she continues this, her body will be weaken
Ms Maria: [Small Words] She's darn stubborn

- PAGE 3 -
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Seriously, such a mess and sleeping like a drunkard ...
Shizuru: [Small Words] You'll get nagged by Ms Maria!
Shizuru: [Thoughts] She looks exhausted ...
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Such a headstrong person ...
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Natsuki ...

- PAGE 4 -
- SMACK! -
Natsuki: ... ... Do you really think I'll let you have your way all the time?
Natsuki: [Small Words] ... I'm awake
Shizuru: Natsuki's such a bully! It's been a long time since we met, let me kiss~ -heart- Ikezu~
NatsukI: You just came back and you're fooling around! Stop!
Shizuru: Come on~ Don't be shy~ -kiss-
Natsuki: Ah Ah Ah Ah~!
Ms Maria: Cough Cough

- PAGE 5 -
Ms Maria: [Small Words] Cough Cough!
Natsuki & Shizuru: Ms Maria!!
Ms Maria: Excuse me, Gakuenchou, please may I start with my report?
Natsuki: Please ...
Ms Maria: Shizuru-san, you too, since you're here, please stay and listen!
- Shizuru's been punished to reflect on her actions *laugh* -
Ms Maria: ... ... ... ...
Shizuru: -sigh-

- PAGE 6 -
Natsuki: I say Shizuru, with that attitude of yours, you will be nagged by Ms Maria, better work harder!
Shizuru: It's Natsuki's fault, you don't want to give me a kiss, Ikezu~
Natsuki: [Small Words] My fault?
Natsuki: ... Seriously ... I don't know what to do with you ...
Natsuki: Hey
- TADA! -

- PAGE 7 -

- PAGE 8 -
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Sleepy eyes?
- TNE END - Of the kiss apparently
Shizuru: ... ...
Natsuki: -yawn- Alright, that's all! Please be more serious
Shizuru: -blush-
Shizuru: ... Natsuki's an idiot ... still sleepy? How can you concentrate like that? ...
Natsuki: Ah?

燚-sama's doujinshi;


Natsuki: [Thoughts] The Shizuru now looks pretty docile ...
Natsuki: Woah woah ---
Natsuki: [Thoughts] And very cute too! -
Natsuki: [Small Words] Ah! Acting like a spoilt kid
Shizuru: Natsuki~ Hug hug~
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I probably wouldn't be bullied much this time
Natsuki: There, there ...
Shizuru: Ara, ara, ara ... -Evil glint-


- PAGE 1 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] ... I remember ... the first time I met her ... and that's ... the garden
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Also, it's that spring ... she told me ...
Shizuru: Please don't do that ...

- PAGE 2 -
Shizuru: Flowers are beautiful, because they bloom with all their might in their short lives
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Such a nosy person ...

- PAGE 3 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] That's why, I have no reason to reply her question
Natsuki: Kuga ... Natsuki ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I have no reason at all ...

- PAGE 4 -
Natsuki: ... ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Fujino Shizuru ...?
Natsuki: [Thoughts] -Using head~- What's the matter with me ...? What's this dream?!

- PAGE 5 -
Natsuki: I have no idea why, today I felt like going to school ... however I'm not sure if I'm jinxed with school, when I first stepped in ...
Natsuki: ...
Teacher: Do you know how many times you've skipped school? You better tell me the reason today!
Shizuru: Even though you're unwell, you still have to apply for sick leave properly, Natsuki
Natsuki: !?
Teacher: You are ... the Fujuno Shizuru from the High School department?
Teacher: You mentioned that Kuga Natsuki's unwell?
Shizuru: Natsuki, she had a fever yesterday so she didn't attend school, looks like she didn't apply for sick leave properly
Teacher: Is that so ...

- PAGE 6 -
Shizuru & Teacher: ... ...
Natsuki: No ...
Natsuki: Noone is reliable and trustworthy

- PAGE 7 -
Teacher: Wait, wait, Kuga Natsuki
Shizuru: Well then, I'll be taking my leave too
Teacher: It's difficult to put together ... a perfect student and a problem student ...

- PAGE 8 -
Shizuru: Natsuki
Shizuru: It's better if you calculate the days to attend school, if not you might have to repeat a year
Natsuki: ... ...
Natsuki: Why ...

- PAGE 9 -
Shizuru: Eh?
Natsuki: Why ... are you helping me?
Shizuru: Natsuki don't wish for me to help you?
Natsuki: I ---

- PAGE 10 -
Natsuki: I ...
Shizuru: -smile-
Natsuki: -shock-

- PAGE 11 -

- PAGE 12 -
Shizuru: Natsuki ...
Natsuki: Don't anyhow ...
Natsuki: Call me by my ...
Natsuki: ... first name ...
Natsuki: -lets go-

- PAGE 13 -
Natsuki: You ... I ... I'm only ...
Natsuki: -withdraw-
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I don't understand, why is she showing this kind of expression?
Natsuki: [Thoughts] This expression of pained and helpless ... In others' impression, she's not the kind of person who will be easily shaken
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Made me feel like, I'm in the wrong ...
Natsuki: -uneasy-
Natsuki: Eh?!

- PAGE 14 -
Natsuki: Hey! You! Wait ...

- PAGE 15 -
Shizuru: -sigh-
Natsuki: ...
Shizuru: Have you injured youself in anywhere else?
Natsuki: No ... none ...
Shizuru: ... really?
Natsuki: Ah ... uh ... really ...

- PAGE 16 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Can anyone please enlighten me on what's happening?
Shizuru: Natsuki should love herself more, how could you not bandage your injuries properly?
Natsuki: ...
Natsuki: It's no biggie, it'll heal by itself when you leave it alone!
Shizuru: Haha, really, as expected of Natsuki to say that, I really don't wish to see you get hurt again

- PAGE 17 -
Shizuru: Looking at Natsuki's injuries, it seemed like my heart's going to stop
Natsuki: -pissed-
Natsuki: Aren't you going to ask me how I hurt myself?
Shizuru: If Natsuki wants to tell me, I will listen to her with gratefulness
Natsuki: -suspicious glance-
Shizuru: Hehe, Natsuki's expression's so passionate

- PAGE 18 -
Natsuki: You are seriously a weird person, Shizuru


There're very very good doujinshi artists in, so if you're free go check it out. It doesn't matter even if you can't understand mandarin, just click any link lol, especially those with alot alot of replies ... they're all the cream of the crops XD.

Fear not, KonoSetsu fans, hm I recommend this KonoSetsu doujinshi by busybigwhite-sama too, nice art, plot and sweet sweet ending XD.

Whoa, alot of tags ... so here's my replies to the tagboard;

to anonymous1, well maybe soon ... I'm trying to make a banner ... and probably upload it soon ... you'll see XD. It's out!!!

to Rinu, how I can bare to take out that kawaii Shizuru icon!? LoL.

to pinkbee, O_o really? I think it's just that less YanZi fans access my blog ... I really hope I can put up YanZi's song lol ... but gotta listen to the voters.

to yuu-neko, thanks! Chikane x Himeko is one of my first favourite yuri couple =).

to anonymous2, I did, there's still no sight of it ... sigh.

to ayumi, haha, nope you're in the right site, thanks for the up!

to Ri, thanks again XD.

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to Sheila, lol thanks for the flattering metaphor, just merely doing my job to share shoujo-ai/yuri related stuff around =).

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to xgnatz natsuki, that's the reason I chose the pic lol ...

to Daisuke, thanks =), oh, good luck then! Yeah really happy to see the tagboard flooding with sweet wonderful comments about the new template and banner XD.

to anonymous3, thanks! =).

to lsr, ... Daisuke answered your question ...

to anonymous4, yeahhhh, XD.

to anonymous5, ... soon soon ... please wait k? It's outt!!!

Phew, that's all for now I reckon, thanks for all the comments. Update on angelbox's Strawberry Panic! doujinshi, it's almost done, need some editing and stuff. Will be released next week, 29th July 2007!! Stay tune.

PS: Added a rotating banner, 3 different banners will refresh itself in every 10 seconds. Enjoy!

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New Template Feat Chikane & Himeko From Kannazuki no Miko

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Uploaded the new template last night ... this time, the template's pretty easy to play around ... I just have to copypaste the codes ... adjust the width of the template and ta-da! I'm done in like two hours although it seemed like years lol. Judging from the responses in the tagboard, it's ... pretty okay except for the banner thing, yeah I know, I didn't have time to pick and choose a nice new banner but now, I have yay! So how's it now?

Old Template 1. Old Template 2. New Template 1.

My replies to the tagboard;

to anonymous1, pink? O_o||| I don't think pink suits me lol.

to Natsuki, thanks for the up!

to volk, glad you like the small letters ... makes the blog more compact lol, awww the new look's not that bad right? I love the blue navigation bit, looks very neat and great on both IE and Firefox.

to Ri, yay glad you like it.

to Shiori-k, O_o||| seriously?

to Daisuke, yeah changed the banner ... XD. Eh? Both mangas should be out in all major stores by now ... I made two trips down to Kino because VVV's out but The Last Uniform and T.Labyrinth haven't ... maybe you should check again?

to anonymous2, uh I changed cos I need some free air? ... Confusing? Uh, I didn't really changed much, just the side bar and the content swicthed sides lol, you'll get used to it ... I hope =).

to anonymous3, thanks!

to Chachumera, thannkkks~~!

That's all the comments ... for now.

In case you haven't noticed, I added this in;
NEW Addition.
on the bottom of every page ... so if you got a blog, please link me & banner too =).

Oh yes, I noticed quite abit of people asking me about the published date of the English MANGA and LIGHT NOVEL of Strawberry Panic! by Seven Seas Entertainment. I've replied in the Strawberry Panic Page ... but here's the extract;

'Sorry for the late replies ... uh I seldom check the past posts' comments, so please if you want a real fast response, direct it to the tagboard k?

To answer your questions about the release of the MANGA Strawberry Panic! Volume ONE, tentatively as shown on the Seven Seas Entertainment website, , it's November 2007. As the the NOVEL Volume ONE, it's shown as TBA.

However, I have noticed that seemed to have, from the picture they shown, the NOVEL Volume ONE on preordering list cos shipments' in like 5-8 weeks. Maybe that's the cause of ALL confusion and everyone thought it's out cos the Published Date even stated 4th July 2007.

Anyways, anyone tried buying and got their copy of the ENGLISH MANGA or maybe NOVEL of Strawberry Panic! yet? Cos I have not, haha.'

As for the later chapters of Strawberry Panic!, it's been a loooong time since the release of Chapter 14 of Strawberry Panic! early this year, I have totally no idea. Anyone knows? It's still in with Dengeki G's Magazine is it not? Please reply in the blogger comment so everyone can see it, thanks.

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July Manga Purchases From Kinokuniya

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Let's start with the results from the last Blog Poll;

Blog Poll 071507.

Kinda surprised by the results ... thought it will be the other way round ... haha ... as in more people will own like 500+ mangas XD.

Here's some updates on my recently purchased Seven Seas Strawberry Line mangas and others from Kinokuniya in Takashimaya.

Purchases From Kino.

From Top Left to Right - The Last Uniform aka Saigo no Seifu #1, Tetragrammaton Labyrinth #1.
From Bottom Left to Right - Magister Negi Magi Offical Fanbook, Sakurazaki Setsuna #5, Sister Red #2, Venus Versus Virus #1.

Burnt a huge huge hole in my pocket ... manz, at first I didn't wanna buy the Negima #5 fanbook but ... Secchan looks so cool on the cover that I couldn't resist lol but to add it in my shopping basket ... I was hesistating on Sister Red #2 too cos I couldn't find #1 anywhere ... sigh and so I went to Kino's website to search for the #1 and found nothing. However I found out something really very funny lol;


I think I spurted my water when I read that ... for those who read Tetragrammaton Labyrinth they will agree with me that there's totally nothing humourous about the story ... -.-||| haha.

Quite pleased with the translation by Seven Seas, except for Venus Versus Virus #1, on the back cover, they added an extra 'A' on Nahashi Lucia's name. Maybe I'm just the 'details' kinda girl hahaha.

Updates on Angelbox's Strawberry Panic Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi, good news, I'm halfway through and highly possible that I'll be done by end of this month XD.

to anonymous5 who requested to translate the ShizNat doujinshi from yamibo, well I think I can try translating it. Some words are pretty small though ... but I'll try my best.

PS: Singaporeans, please vote in the new blog poll XD.

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Soon To Be Released - Angelbox Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi

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It's Green Day! But ... it's kinda contradicting though hahaha ... anyways it's not the highlight for this post -.-|||.

Since I'm not blogging any anime titles cos of the lack of 'real' shoujo-ai/yuri developments in the recent anime titles ... I'm turning my focus on translating doujinshi with real content =) ... I've been hestitating to translate Strawberry Panic! doujinshi because of the sexual content in most of the doujinshis I read ... but to the hell with it, I DID translated Doropanda Tours' Urahime - ShizNat, this is nothing compared to that lol. So be prepared to gear yourself with tissue boxes ...

Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi.

Yes, it's Angelbox's Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - 'Ichigo no Tsubomi', it's a Tsubomi x Yaya plot ... so if you're into Hikari x Yaya, too bad lol. I feel that Tsubomi's more suitable for Yaya than the meek Hikari XD. As it's another mature title, I'll translate the whole doujinshi before I post it up on zip like what happened to Kaishaku's Kannazuki no Miko doujinshi so it'll take a month perhaps, it's 26 pages so stay tune.

I might do another Strawberry Panic! doujinshi later ... also Angelbox's, but that will be Nagisa x Tamao ... which I'm kinda ... unwilling lol since I'm a Nagisa x Shizuma fangirl, blehhhh. It'll depend, it'll depend ...

Well since I'm out of things to post ... what should I do? I'm thinking of reviewing some nice stories in Yuri Hime magazines ... or the quite recent Yuri Hime S but ... Okazu already got reviews on them so ... I dunno. Any suggestions?

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