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Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 2007 Purchases From Play-asia

[Posted @ 6:48 PM]
Whee, I finally ordered the three Strawberry Panic! Drama CDs from Play-asia.com XD.

XD Strawberry Panic! Drama CDs!!

However, only two arrived =(, 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric I, Miator Compilation' and 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric III, Lulim Compilation'. 'Strawberry Panic! Original Drama CD Lyric II, Spica Compilation' will only arrive after the first week of August. Oh well. It's okay I guess.

WONDEFUL NEWS! Whee, Seven Seas Entertainment has announced two of their latest yuri licenses, 'Hayate Cross Blade' はやて×ブレード by Hayashiya Shizuru (Onegai Teacher, Strawberry Shake Sweet, Sister Red) and 'Akatsuki-iro no Senpuku Majo' 暁色の潜伏魔女 by Hakamada Mera (The Last Uniform aka Saigo no Seifuku). They also announced two yuri novel titles: 'Girls Love' and 'Girls Revolution'. I wonder what's the novels about lol ... never heard of it -.-|||.

Source from animenewsnetwork.com.

Whoa, I'm seerrriously going broke lol but happily broke XD. I did mention they also licensed 'Hatsukoi Shimai' and 'Voiceful' as part of their Strawberry Line of Yuri Manga ... great year!!! I hope there's more such surprises later on ... I'll be sure to buy them ... =).

PS: Angelbox's Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi's done, will be posted tomorrow. Cya!

PPS: Tokyopop has licensed the manga for Kannazuki no Miko ... O_o

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  1. yay i'm the first to post.-_^

    really glad to hear some yuri/shoujo ai manga it to come out but sad that kannazuki no miko is license so i can't read them online no more :_(

  2. to anonymous, yeah~~, well it's always best to buy them to show your support, I do read online but I will buy them if my country imports them in =).

  3. Ahhh!!Play-Asia stock the Mai Otome stuffs so expensive! $104 for just one episode of MO Zwei! :'(