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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Template Feat Chikane & Himeko From Kannazuki no Miko

[Posted @ 5:24 PM]
Uploaded the new template last night ... this time, the template's pretty easy to play around ... I just have to copypaste the codes ... adjust the width of the template and ta-da! I'm done in like two hours although it seemed like years lol. Judging from the responses in the tagboard, it's ... pretty okay except for the banner thing, yeah I know, I didn't have time to pick and choose a nice new banner but now, I have yay! So how's it now?

Old Template 1. Old Template 2. New Template 1.

My replies to the tagboard;

to anonymous1, pink? O_o||| I don't think pink suits me lol.

to Natsuki, thanks for the up!

to volk, glad you like the small letters ... makes the blog more compact lol, awww the new look's not that bad right? I love the blue navigation bit, looks very neat and great on both IE and Firefox.

to Ri, yay glad you like it.

to Shiori-k, O_o||| seriously?

to Daisuke, yeah changed the banner ... XD. Eh? Both mangas should be out in all major stores by now ... I made two trips down to Kino because VVV's out but The Last Uniform and T.Labyrinth haven't ... maybe you should check again?

to anonymous2, uh I changed cos I need some free air? ... Confusing? Uh, I didn't really changed much, just the side bar and the content swicthed sides lol, you'll get used to it ... I hope =).

to anonymous3, thanks!

to Chachumera, thannkkks~~!

That's all the comments ... for now.

In case you haven't noticed, I added this in;
NEW Addition.
on the bottom of every page ... so if you got a blog, please link me & banner too =).

Oh yes, I noticed quite abit of people asking me about the published date of the English MANGA and LIGHT NOVEL of Strawberry Panic! by Seven Seas Entertainment. I've replied in the Strawberry Panic Page ... but here's the extract;

'Sorry for the late replies ... uh I seldom check the past posts' comments, so please if you want a real fast response, direct it to the tagboard k?

To answer your questions about the release of the MANGA Strawberry Panic! Volume ONE, tentatively as shown on the Seven Seas Entertainment website, www.gomanga.com , it's November 2007. As the the NOVEL Volume ONE, it's shown as TBA.

However, I have noticed that Amazon.com seemed to have, from the picture they shown, the NOVEL Volume ONE on preordering list cos shipments' in like 5-8 weeks. Maybe that's the cause of ALL confusion and everyone thought it's out cos the Published Date even stated 4th July 2007.

Anyways, anyone tried buying and got their copy of the ENGLISH MANGA or maybe NOVEL of Strawberry Panic! yet? Cos I have not, haha.'

As for the later chapters of Strawberry Panic!, it's been a loooong time since the release of Chapter 14 of Strawberry Panic! early this year, I have totally no idea. Anyone knows? It's still in with Dengeki G's Magazine is it not? Please reply in the blogger comment so everyone can see it, thanks.

[Signing off @ 6:00 PM]


  1. give me sometime, I'll get use to this new look.^^b
    at least you still have that "take me home Shizuru" on, I love it. :p
    the reason I like your old look because YanZi's picture, that's her name right?
    I don't know her but I think she cute and who wouldn't love to see cute girl on the first page? >_<

    oh! and may I add this to "I begging you please translate this lists" T_T

  2. bout SP, I believe that all production has stopped with next novel comes in. and also some rumours said that company's is discussing and investors is in the meeting for SP. SP future is still unknown..

  3. to volk, haha thanks. Yeah that's YanZi, she's a Singaporean singer ... I think I'll add her in the banner next time ... XD.

    Btw, I don't think I'll be editing both the doujinshis from yamibo cos I don't really have time and stuff ... HOWEVER I have already typed out the scripts for BOTH doujinshis! I'll post it tomorrow or sunday, look forward to it! XD.
    Oh yeah, 燚's art style's really good ... Shizuru looks sooOoo sweet/innocent/hot all rolled into one lol.

    to anonymous, holy crab sticks!!! X_X that's bad bad news ... hope they don't stop it, at least freaking finish it!!!! ... Eh, I thought the novel ended already!?

  4. oh! thank you, I'm find with just scripts but I don't know if I can check your blog tomorrow or sunday cause HARRY POTTER is releast tomorrow(today actually) and I'm not going to do anything till I finish it. d^_^b

  5. Oh! Thank you, I'm fine with just a script but I don't know if I can check your blog tomorrow or sunday cause HARRY POTTER is releast tomorrow(today actually) and I'm not going to do anything till I finish it. d^_^b

    thank you for your kindness to do my request. ^_____^o