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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Angelbox Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi - Ichigo no Tsubomi

[Posted @ 8:06 PM]
The long awaited release of Strawberry Panic! Doujinshi! XD.


only Mandarin to English.

I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos I like it lol.

I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Be warn, what you are about to view contains mature themes and it may not be suitable for minors [Those below 18] so if you're weak in the heart, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED. I will NOT be liable for any damages - be them physical, emotional, or blood loss from viewing. =)

If you agree, please click on the 'SHOW' button to see the link.
FOUR links are uploaded in sendspace, megaupload, yousendit and mediafire.

See Link:

Click 'GO' Where You Will Be Automatically Directed To The Link;

Hope you enjoy the release as usual! =). Any errors or comments please direct to the blogger comment or tagboard.

Now on to the blog poll of 14th July 2007;

Blog Poll 290707.

So the Song of the Month of August is ... 'Where I Belong' by Tanya Chua XD. Ahh, this song sure brings back memories ... I was Secondary 3 that year and participated in the National Day Parade in the Combined Schools Choir. That's why I got B3 for CCA lol ... even though I was a slacker in the Computer Club heh. It was a really great experience and we got to do fun stuffs after the post-parade like throw the water in the dozen bottles of water they gave to us each at each other, have free KFC and Pizza for lunch like every single week we go for rehearsal, reach home like 10-11 PM in the night every week and best, get a few fun packs every week LOL.

Ah, enough of random stuff, cya.

PS: Did a little edit to the blog poll just now ... eh, please vote for the new blog poll XD.

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  1. Damn! This is a really good doujinshi!! =) Thanks so much for translating and sharing with us!! Your a life savior!!

  2. thank you so much for your hard work ^_^b

  3. thanks u so much and awww i'm the third to post. :P

  4. hahahahahahahahahhaha I came few times!!! my heart went too fast and I was about to...nah..its kind of you to share this with us? any news about when I could read tamao x nagisa? or maybe shizuma x nagisa? or devil lesbian duo?

  5. to Sugador, welcome =).

    to volk, welcome =).

    to anonymous1, no problem =).

    to anonymous2, haha, well gotta depends if there's a mandarin translation out there =)

  6. OMG !
    I love this doujin! Exellent *o*
    I have other doujin by Angelbox in japanese... <3

    Well, thanks u very much for translation haha :)

  7. even though my comment is like really really late but oh my god! haha i know EXACTLY what you mean abt ndp. i marched for 2 years with red cross for ndp and it was really fun. i loved getting the fun packs and eating kfc (pizza was bleh) ! fun times.....
    and btw i love strawberry panic and nagisa X shizuma!! where did you get your manga from? do they sell it at kinokuniya or borders??

  8. The link doesn't work for me D:

  9. i want where i can read it online........... i really like the story of how shizuma and nagisa met........ i really love this anime!!!!!!!!!!!!! two thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!