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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Two Translated ShizNat Doujinshi Scripts From Yamibo.com

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As per volk's request ... here's the translated scripts of the two ShizNat doujinshis from yamibo.com by kaya-sama and 燚-sama respectively.

kaya-sama's doujinshi;



Title: It's difficult to say out the love in my heart

Shizuru: Natsuki, don't exert yourself too much, it's not good to burn the midnight oil
Natsuki: No, it's not that ...

Natsuki: Actually ... I ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] It's that, Shizuru, you came back and I wanted to fork out more time to spend with you ...


Natsuki: Uh ... I ... I ...
Shizuru: ?

Natsuki: [Thoughts] I can't get myself to say those words out ah ...
Shizuru: What's the matter?
Natsuki: I'm sorry, I will take care next time ...

Natsuki: [Small Words] I'm pathetic ah ...

Mai Otome Zwei Volume 3;

Natsuki -> The one who's performance was pathetic in the next episode preview.
Natsuki: [Small Words] Shizuru, I ... ultimately couldn't be like you, who's reputation was upheld by the staff.
Mai -> The one who's performance was stunning in the next episode preview.

Gakuenchou and Murasakisuishou web comic - The daily lives of Gakuenchou and Murasakisuishou

- PAGE 1 -
Ms Maria: Welcome back, Shizuru-san
Ms Maria: [Small Words] ?? *Note: I couldn't make out the words, too small!!!
Shizuru: [Small Words] ?? from the back is my interest -heart- *Note: I still can't understand the words!!
Shizuru: I'm back, where's the Gakuenchou?

- PAGE 2 -
Ms Maria: ... -sigh-
Ms Maria: Gakuenchou's in her office, I'll be coming by noon for the report
Shizuru: It's that time already?
Ms Maria: Seriously, I don't understand what she's thinking of?
Ms Maria: [Small Words] When I want to work overtime, she will insist that I put it off till tomorrow yet she herself never got any rest
Ms Maria: If she continues this, her body will be weaken
Ms Maria: [Small Words] She's darn stubborn

- PAGE 3 -
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Seriously, such a mess and sleeping like a drunkard ...
Shizuru: [Small Words] You'll get nagged by Ms Maria!
Shizuru: [Thoughts] She looks exhausted ...
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Such a headstrong person ...
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Natsuki ...

- PAGE 4 -
- SMACK! -
Natsuki: ... ... Do you really think I'll let you have your way all the time?
Natsuki: [Small Words] ... I'm awake
Shizuru: Natsuki's such a bully! It's been a long time since we met, let me kiss~ -heart- Ikezu~
NatsukI: You just came back and you're fooling around! Stop!
Shizuru: Come on~ Don't be shy~ -kiss-
Natsuki: Ah Ah Ah Ah~!
Ms Maria: Cough Cough

- PAGE 5 -
Ms Maria: [Small Words] Cough Cough!
Natsuki & Shizuru: Ms Maria!!
Ms Maria: Excuse me, Gakuenchou, please may I start with my report?
Natsuki: Please ...
Ms Maria: Shizuru-san, you too, since you're here, please stay and listen!
- Shizuru's been punished to reflect on her actions *laugh* -
Ms Maria: ... ... ... ...
Shizuru: -sigh-

- PAGE 6 -
Natsuki: I say Shizuru, with that attitude of yours, you will be nagged by Ms Maria, better work harder!
Shizuru: It's Natsuki's fault, you don't want to give me a kiss, Ikezu~
Natsuki: [Small Words] My fault?
Natsuki: ... Seriously ... I don't know what to do with you ...
Natsuki: Hey
- TADA! -

- PAGE 7 -

- PAGE 8 -
Shizuru: [Thoughts] Sleepy eyes?
- TNE END - Of the kiss apparently
Shizuru: ... ...
Natsuki: -yawn- Alright, that's all! Please be more serious
Shizuru: -blush-
Shizuru: ... Natsuki's an idiot ... still sleepy? How can you concentrate like that? ...
Natsuki: Ah?

燚-sama's doujinshi;



Natsuki: [Thoughts] The Shizuru now looks pretty docile ...
Natsuki: Woah woah ---
Natsuki: [Thoughts] And very cute too! -
Natsuki: [Small Words] Ah! Acting like a spoilt kid
Shizuru: Natsuki~ Hug hug~
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I probably wouldn't be bullied much this time
Natsuki: There, there ...
Shizuru: Ara, ara, ara ... -Evil glint-


- PAGE 1 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] ... I remember ... the first time I met her ... and that's ... the garden
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Also, it's that spring ... she told me ...
Shizuru: Please don't do that ...

- PAGE 2 -
Shizuru: Flowers are beautiful, because they bloom with all their might in their short lives
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Such a nosy person ...

- PAGE 3 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] That's why, I have no reason to reply her question
Natsuki: Kuga ... Natsuki ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I have no reason at all ...

- PAGE 4 -
Natsuki: ... ...
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Fujino Shizuru ...?
Natsuki: [Thoughts] -Using head~- What's the matter with me ...? What's this dream?!

- PAGE 5 -
Natsuki: I have no idea why, today I felt like going to school ... however I'm not sure if I'm jinxed with school, when I first stepped in ...
Natsuki: ...
Teacher: Do you know how many times you've skipped school? You better tell me the reason today!
Shizuru: Even though you're unwell, you still have to apply for sick leave properly, Natsuki
Natsuki: !?
Teacher: You are ... the Fujuno Shizuru from the High School department?
Teacher: You mentioned that Kuga Natsuki's unwell?
Shizuru: Natsuki, she had a fever yesterday so she didn't attend school, looks like she didn't apply for sick leave properly
Teacher: Is that so ...

- PAGE 6 -
Shizuru & Teacher: ... ...
Natsuki: No ...
Natsuki: Noone is reliable and trustworthy

- PAGE 7 -
Teacher: Wait, wait, Kuga Natsuki
Shizuru: Well then, I'll be taking my leave too
Teacher: It's difficult to put together ... a perfect student and a problem student ...

- PAGE 8 -
Shizuru: Natsuki
Shizuru: It's better if you calculate the days to attend school, if not you might have to repeat a year
Natsuki: ... ...
Natsuki: Why ...

- PAGE 9 -
Shizuru: Eh?
Natsuki: Why ... are you helping me?
Shizuru: Natsuki don't wish for me to help you?
Natsuki: I ---

- PAGE 10 -
Natsuki: I ...
Shizuru: -smile-
Natsuki: -shock-

- PAGE 11 -

- PAGE 12 -
Shizuru: Natsuki ...
Natsuki: Don't anyhow ...
Natsuki: Call me by my ...
Natsuki: ... first name ...
Natsuki: -lets go-

- PAGE 13 -
Natsuki: You ... I ... I'm only ...
Natsuki: -withdraw-
Natsuki: [Thoughts] I don't understand, why is she showing this kind of expression?
Natsuki: [Thoughts] This expression of pained and helpless ... In others' impression, she's not the kind of person who will be easily shaken
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Made me feel like, I'm in the wrong ...
Natsuki: -uneasy-
Natsuki: Eh?!

- PAGE 14 -
Natsuki: Hey! You! Wait ...

- PAGE 15 -
Shizuru: -sigh-
Natsuki: ...
Shizuru: Have you injured youself in anywhere else?
Natsuki: No ... none ...
Shizuru: ... really?
Natsuki: Ah ... uh ... really ...

- PAGE 16 -
Natsuki: [Thoughts] Can anyone please enlighten me on what's happening?
Shizuru: Natsuki should love herself more, how could you not bandage your injuries properly?
Natsuki: ...
Natsuki: It's no biggie, it'll heal by itself when you leave it alone!
Shizuru: Haha, really, as expected of Natsuki to say that, I really don't wish to see you get hurt again

- PAGE 17 -
Shizuru: Looking at Natsuki's injuries, it seemed like my heart's going to stop
Natsuki: -pissed-
Natsuki: Aren't you going to ask me how I hurt myself?
Shizuru: If Natsuki wants to tell me, I will listen to her with gratefulness
Natsuki: -suspicious glance-
Shizuru: Hehe, Natsuki's expression's so passionate

- PAGE 18 -
Natsuki: You are seriously a weird person, Shizuru


There're very very good doujinshi artists in yamibo.com, so if you're free go check it out. It doesn't matter even if you can't understand mandarin, just click any link lol, especially those with alot alot of replies ... they're all the cream of the crops XD.

Fear not, KonoSetsu fans, hm I recommend this KonoSetsu doujinshi by busybigwhite-sama too, nice art, plot and sweet sweet ending XD.

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Phew, that's all for now I reckon, thanks for all the comments. Update on angelbox's Strawberry Panic! doujinshi, it's almost done, need some editing and stuff. Will be released next week, 29th July 2007!! Stay tune.

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