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Thursday, October 26, 2006

[Drama CD] Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side

[Posted @ 11:45 PM]
Once again, here's your friendly amazon link, a must buy for SP fans.

Japanese Title : TVアニメ「ストロベリー・パニック」ドラマCD スピカ編 ~お姉さまと身体検査~
English Title : TV Anime 'Strawberry Panic!' Drama CD Spica Compilation ~Onee-sama and Physical Examination~

Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side 1. Strawberry Panic! Drama CD 2, Spica Side 2.

CD Tracks;
01. プロローグ [Prologue]
02. 光莉のダイエット [Hikari's Diet]
03. スターブライトの身体のように ... [Like The Body Of Star Bright ...]
04. それぞれの思惑 [The Respective Thought]
05. 身体測定前日 [The Day Before Body Measurement]
06. 運命の身体測定 [The Fate Of Body Measurement]
07. 医務室の二人 [Two Person In The Sick Bay]
08. バスルーム [Bathroom]
09. キャストコメント [Casts' Comments]
10. ル・リム編予告 (BONUS TRACK) [Lulim Compilation Notice]

Ummmm, the cover really spoilt what will happen in the Drama CD lol, buy it if you want to know what REALLY happened inside heh. I'll probably try to do a brief summary of the whole Drama CD next week or something. Alright, time to type the lyrics for Otoboku OP~!

PS: I'm halfway through translating the Urahime Mai Otome Doropanda Tours pages ... so yeah expect it to be released next week too.

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  1. I wish time flew fast....I can't wait for the brief XD

  2. Just listened to it and this way too boring. I think St.Miator was better. I thought Yaya gonna make me laugh and hot but it turns out nothing much. Amane as usual, BORING. Nagisa was dead funny. Especially when Shizuma caught her eating like never ate before. Chikaru was hillarious.

    I can't wait for Lulim version. They were all kissing. Yeah baby. I hope their storyline better. Coz St.Spica really down >_<

  3. http://www.tokyotosho.com/details.php?id=40321

    Spica drama cd link.

    However this drama cd is end with many question that there're no answer. First whose body is the most sexy? and 2nd What is "A-re" or "That" that Kaname want to do with Hikari ^_^

  4. I think training hikari, that's what Kaname wants to do :D

  5. training her in ... some other ways lol. hint; bedroom activities.

  6. Jeff, there's up for dl at yamibo. Good luck mate ^_^;

    Whoa I believe Kaname actually means bed activity. Compare to Miator, Spica was all common when it comes to bed stuff.

  7. actually i'm not sure, i'm just guessing. my japanese's not really good lol. Juz pick some words here and there ...

  8. What is wrong? I can't download it.
    I used all kind of torrent programs, but it didn't work with me. please hel

  9. Yeah its not working. Can someone plz find another place to dl. Thx

  10. yea me too. i'm using bitcomet and i'm getting the same error as jeffng9. plese help....

  11. and about yamibo, i can't really read chinese , so it would be great if something could provide a link.

  12. Cmon someone, we're all getting desperate here. Yeah i can't read mandarin too akayuki. I would be very grateful if perhaps you could write a summary for the website?^^ Anyways hope someone finds a link soon. THX

  13. Yamibo download link.
    In the first post, there are links:


    you will not miss it.


  14. I can't understand a single word yet. So I'm waiting for your summary :D

  15. does anyone still have part 1 for yamibo? because ysi has already reached its download limit.


  16. sadly the links on yamibo is dead and I think I can get the torrent.

  17. Sorry, it is just part 1 link that is dead

  18. yamibo doesn't work, any other links to it that people can post. onegai.

  19. btw even if yamibo does work i wouldn't be able to get in anyways, because i have no idea how to register there. So unless someone creates a id that they will share with everyone, i hope there's another link.

  20. Ayuki, great job with the page, I'm from Mexico and I'm big fan of Strawberry Panic!, my favourite Yuri Serie (together Kannazuki no Miko) sadly, it's too hard to find anything of new anime series in my country, and buy the CD is the same trouble, but in the end internet is the answer. Finally I Find the CD but it is a big file and I need Cut the tracks.... due to this here is the reason of my post.

    Sorry If I Trouble You But I'm in search of one thing: Do you know how length is every song in the CD?

    I hope if there is a answer and thank you for your attention!!

    Sorry if my english is weird!!!

    Sir Drk Sha

  21. Strawberry Panic! DramaCD 2:

  22. You shouldn't apologize for you English. Not everybody in the world can speak English perfectly, so that doesn't mean that you have to. To answer your question: they aren't really songs in the CD. They're more like conversations, but without the animation. They're around 1 minute and a half each, if they're the same as the Miator Compilation. (I haven't finished downloading yet). And thanks a lot for the torrent. I've been looking all over for it!

  23. anybody noes where i can get the song that the spica sch's choir always sings? the song name is 'ketakaki yuri no' by hirano yoshihisa... i wan it so badly... :D its a really nice song!

  24. I have the 'ketakaki yuri no' song to whomever wants it. -pokes anonymous person- Just email me at kibaookami@gmail.com and I'll get back to you asap as I always check my email. x3 Too bad they didn't have a version in the OST where Hikari sang it though...^^.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. can someone give me the lyrics of ketakaki yuri no? thanks a lot.. you can email me at kirk.dashiel@gmail.com, i'll wait for your reply guyz... tnx again...

  27. About the torrent that Sir Drk Sha wrote,..

    It's wrote forbidden, I can't get through...
    please someone help me...

    send the link to

    I want it sooo Badd...!!