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Monday, October 16, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep2

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Let's Go, Mizuho Onee-sama~Sob!Hehehe. I'll Treasure It.

A start of a beautiful day, Mariya’s hollering for Mizuho to hurry up as he was kinda applying lipstick and brushing his hair … anyways, when Mizuho came down stairs, both Kana and Yukari were full of praises for Mizuho that he looked pretty as usual that morning. In the Academy, the girls were greeting Mizuho as he walked by, Kana and Yukari were amazed by Mizuho’s popularity. By the time Mizuho got to his class, he was dead tired from smiling and greeting the girls lol. To his surprise, the girl he saw when he was dashing to the dorms in episode 1, Jyuujyou Shion is sitting beside him. The girls, um yeah then started introducing themselves to each other, Shion told Mizuho to ask her anything he was unsure of. Sitting on their respective chairs after the small talk, Mizuho opened his pencil box and was horrified to see a giraffe shaped eraser lol Mariya had placed in. Shion noticed the giraffe eraser and Mizuho’s troubled expression and offered to exchange her normal eraser for the giraffe eraser. After accepting the giraffe eraser, Shion told Mizuho that the eraser’s kinda a symbol of their meeting and promised to treasure it. Just then, a classmate, Takane Michiko to inform Mizuho that Kana’s looking for him to give him the lunch box he had forgotten to bring. Shion made a comment that Mizuho doesn’t seem like a person who is careless lol, Mizuho openly admit that he indeed was and they laughed.

Hmm.FINALLY Toilet!Ekkk, She Found Out ...

Shion then noticed that Mizuho’s mood had changed from yesterday and wondered … about Mizuho’s gender but shrugged it off saying it can’t be … haha. Mizuho just looked confusingly lol. Anyways, Hisako-sensei arrived and classes began to start. During class, Shion’s started playing with the giraffe eraser lol, while Mizuho glanced over thinking that Shion’s such a mysterious person. After class, Mizuho managed to visit the toilet by sprinting to a stall after turning the doorknob… lol. In the stall, he remembered what Mariya told him before to not let the seat up as it might reveal his gender. After his business, he met Shion coming in, Shion told Mizuho that his zipper’s open lol. Mizuho automatically apologized and checked LOL! Mizuho panicked as realized that he’s wearing a skirt … not pants lol, as he shakingly turned around to face Shion, she asked Mizuho to talk outside. There, Shion asked if Mizuho’s a male, Mizuho’s indecisive reactions confirmed Shion’s suspicions. At that moment, Mariya arrived, Mizuho immediately hid behind Mariya lol, Shion hinted to Mariya that she knew about Mizuho’s secret. Gulping on how Shion’s going to react, Mariya and Mizuho stared blankly at Shion, to their surprise, Shion told them not to worry as she would keep the secret for them. Shion added that it was so because she thinks that Mizuho’s not a bad person and she was just becoming friends with him. Both Mariya and Mizuho breathed a sight of relief. When Shion asked if Mariya and Mizuho were acquaintances, Mariya replied that they were childhood friends. Mariya then added while running in Shion’s arms that she’s like Mizuho’s slave as he made her do embarrassing things every night ….

Gulp!He ... !Let's Seek Comfort In Each Other ...

The two girls began teasing Mizuho, Shion started babbling that she was played around just now too by Mizuho, been threaten with ‘If you don’t want things to spread out, you better listen to me like a good girl … I’ve already taken embarrassing photos of you, you have no way else to go~!’ Grasping their hands together, Mariya and Shion stated that Mizuho had an innocent face but in actuality he’s an evil devil inside!! Mizuho was like ‘What the hell are the two of them doing?’ LOL. The girls then apologized for teasing and said that what’s life without some jokes? Mariya then asked for Shion’s opinion of Mizuho, Shion smiled and said he would do it … heh, both of them giggled between themselves leaving Mizuho wondering what were they planning lol. With Shion’s help, Mizuho’s coping well in school and started spending most of his time with Shion. During lunch, Shion joined them, both Kana and Yukari were astonished with Shion lol. The girls around were amazed by the scene of their Mizuho-sama and Shion-sama together. It’s gym class, both Mariya and Shion helped Mizuho with his gym wear. Being a red blooded male, Mizuho sneaked a peek at the changing girls around him lol and was caught by Mariya. Mariya along with Shion then proceed on to punish Mizuho by groping his fake boobs lol. Shion even asked if Mizuho could feel the sensations lol, Mizuho made a kinda … uh erotic expression before exclaiming ‘Stop it~~~’ LOL. During gym class, Mizuho forgot that he’s supposed to be a female and executed amazing moves while they were playing basketball.

Just Joking~.Shion Onee-sama~ ...Kyaaahh I Feel Weird ...

Instead of exposing his secret, Mizuho gained more fan girls as they squealed over his cool moves lol. After that, the students around began to spread praises of Mizuho around and rumours of him gaining the favour of Shion-sama had the girls wondering if Mizuho might become the ‘Elder’ that year. Mariya was like excited that Mizuho’s attracting so much attention saying it’s getting interesting. Just then, Kana and Yukari came running in asking if Mizuho’s really becoming the ‘Elder’ of the academy. Kana, Mariya and Yukari then loudly stated that they were going to nominate Mizuho to becoming the ‘Elder’ of the academy, this was heard by Kimie, who was beside Takako, the Student Council President in episode 1 and she walked off to probably inform Takako. Kana, Mariya and Yukari then explained the position of the ‘Elder’ to everyone, basically ‘Elder’ means ‘Elder Sister’, in Seiou Girls Academy, every June they will nominate a different ‘Elder’ in the academy and everyone will have to respect her by addressing her as ‘Onee-sama’. Mizuho was stunned that they were going to nominate him for this title, before he could refuse the offer, Kana and Yukari rushed on in planning to pull votes to nominate Mizuho as ‘Elder’. Mizuho said that he’s not suitable for it and suggested that Shion made a better choice than him. That comment earned a rather grim expression from Shion as we learnt later that Shion was the ‘Elder’ last year. However, Shion felt that she lost that qualification to be ‘Elder’ as she was a repeated student as she was hospitalized for a long period of time.

Hehehe I Might Get Addict To It~Elder~Thank You Mizuho-san ...

Shion felt that she let everyone down as the ‘Elder’ position was left blank, Mizuho apologized for being insensitive but Shion replied that she’s happy and thankful for Mizuho’s feelings. The reason was revealed why everyone’s felt Mizuho looked promising was because he had gained the favour of the previous ‘Elder’ so it looked naturally that Mizuho would be the next ‘Elder’. As they descend from the rooftop, Mariya and Mizuho were confronted by a furious Student Council President, Takako. Mariya sarcastically asked what business Takako had with her, Takako then questioned Mariya’s motives in nominating Mizuho for the ‘Elder’ title. Mariya was like, what, you asked me out for this smallll question? LOL. Mariya continued that there’s no motives, as long as the candidate’s a ninth grader, there’s no other qualifications to restricting to becoming an ‘Elder’ isn’t it? Takako retorted that Mizuho’s a newly transferred student who knew nuts about the surroundings of the academy. Mariya questioned back Takako’s motives as it was known that if there’s noone to fill the ‘Elder’ position, the Student Council President becomes the ‘Elder’ by default. Seeing there’s no point in arguing anymore, Takako began to take her leave but before that she stated that she will never approve a newly transferred student to be ‘Elder’. Mariya smugly replied that that decision will be left to the students isn’t it? Takako then gave Mizuho killer glares before walking off, leaving a bewildered Mizuho wondering what will happen?! [Meow~ cat fight lol] - END -

You.Me What?DIE!

Started a little boring at first but it got more amusing as Shion’s character was revealed when she teamed up with Mariya to tease Mizuho lol. I assumed Shion to be an air-head Onee-sama kind but reckon I was wrong. Her gaydar uh well kinda was like soooo accurate as she spot on guessed Mizuho’s gender haha, kinda reminded me of Shizuru-sama from Mai Otome where her gaydar tingled Akira’s gender. Anyways, Shion’s way of making the klutzy Mizuho revealed his secret was hilarious too lol, ‘Your zipper’s open …’ LOL. Shion’s imagination sure was … hm rich as she came out with misleading script lines with Mariya lol. ‘If you don’t want things to spread out, you better listen to me like a good girl … I’ve already taken embarrassing photos of you, you have no way else to go~!’ LOL. I was like laughing so hard. Mizuho’s reaction in the end was comical too as he wondered what the girls were musing about lol. Last but not least, the groping boobs scene was … fan service I guess lol, it was kinda …funny in some way haha. Mizuho’s reaction was pretty … amusing in some ways. A little rivalry between Mariya and Takako in the end was cute too~ heh.

Alright, ‘Elder’ … hm ‘Etoile’ … hm ‘Elder’ … hm ‘Etoile’ … both starts with E … haha, not that I really mind but I mean the PC/PS2 was released well before even Strawberry Panic! came out isn’t it? Well not sure about that haha. Anyways, the SD were getting ugly but confusingly endearing as I re-watched the ED like 5 times lol. I never failed to throw my head back in laughter whenever the red-faced Kana tried hard to fly by flapping her … um hair? Kinda reminded me of Chiyo from Azumanga Daioh! LOL. Yeahhh! That’s it!

Art: 8/10 [I like]
Story: 7/10 [Rivalry for ‘Elder’ title.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Shion~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Made me laugh pretty hard a number of times.

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    Perhaps you could update your links?

  2. Thanks for summary, about "Elder" and Etoile I think SP may be release before Otoboku PC version coz the strawberry Panic original novel ran on Denki G's magazine sine year 2003 or perhaps before that. Anyway off topic too, this is the link for check on SP good on Yahoo japan site

    and the other one is movic site

  3. OK I never thought Shion would know Mizuho's a guy this fast. The whole episode is so boring

  4. to kagihime, oh, thanks, i'll update it.

    The novel ran pretty long huh ... with the votings and stuff yeah i remember haha.

    Yeah, Shion's pretty darn good to notice Mizuho's a guy this fast. I mean ... just look at him ... XD.

  5. my yuri dream was all thrown in the drain, big, big drain...... :(

  6. I want the seitou kaijou to get on with Mariya...that would be fun to watch