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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Negima!? Ep1

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Evangeline!Negima!?Negi On His Way To Japan.
...Intro Of Mahora Gakuen.5 More Mins ...
MOI TOOTH!Magic.Stunned ...
Black Eyed Crybaby.EVIL.WHAT!?
Very Pani Poni Dash!.Heh Heh Heh.Negi vs Evangeline.
BAKA RANGERS.Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Pink.Baka BLACK ...

Summary later ... It's like I'm watching a movie ... lol, very exciting. Sorry, got a little lazy lol. Alright, basically in Episode 1, it started with flashback of a really serious battle between Evangeline and the Thousand Master [Negi's father, Nagi]. Back to present again as we see Evangeline sensing Negi's coming to Japan and then licking her lips as she spot her blood prey, Makie from her class ... Meanwhile, in England, Negi Springfield, the child of Thousand Master was sent to Japan on a mission to be a teacher in Mahora Gakuen. Negi's childhood friend, Anya doesn't seem happy about it and made such a big fuss about it ... [-.-||| they made Anya into some bratty girl] Under Nekane's [Negi's elder sister] encouragements, Negi was determined to accept the mission.

Standing in front of Mahora Gakuen, Negi seemed afraid to enter in. Camo kinda encouraged Negi but failed. Suddenly a whole bunch of rampaging school girls bulldozed them lol. A introduction of Mahora Gakuen was played, the facilities of Mahora and stuff. In the dorms, Konoda's attempting to awake Asuna but she kept procrastinating [5 mins ... 10 mins ... 15 mins ... and 20 mins lol]. A knock on the door as Setsuna arrived to pick Konoka to school. As the bell rang, Setsuna offered to wake Asuna up, her own way lol, luckily Konoka dragged Setsuna away to school before she could do anything.

Negi and Camo managed to survive the 'ordeal' but lost a tooth on the way lol. Negi used his magic to fix Camo's tooth back. This was seen by Asuna who was stunned rooted on the ground. Camo told Negi to use his magic to brainwash Asuna's memories of using the magic. But before Negi could do it, they heard Konoka's voice calling for Asuna. Konoka and Setsuna then dragged the supposed blur Asuna to school. Camo tried to console Negi by saying that Asuna might be too blur to remember and said 'No problem~' LOL. However Negi wasn't that convinced and started to cry. Takahata-sensei arrived at the scene and greeted Negi.

At classroom, 2-A, introduction of the names of the students were displayed as Makie told them about been bitten by a vampire. The girls then began chatting about if it was scary, how the vampire looks like and stuff. Asuna, Konoka and Setsuna managed to get to class safely lol. Takahata-sensei then brought Negi to the class 2-A to be introduced to the students. Negi was horrified to see Asuna there lol, Asuna couldn't seem to remember where she saw Negi ... Anyways, the girls were excited to see a cute boy-teacher~ lol. Nodoka and Ayaka as usual were infatuated with Negi.

Konoka was asked by her grandfather to let Negi stay in Asuna and her room for the time being. While walking along the streets, Asuna was still thinking about Negi and suddenly remember who Negi was when she noticed a flashing lamplight. Konoka showed Negi in their room, then remembered there were no tea leaves and left to buy some. Suddenly, there was a loud scream, Negi realized that it's Konoka's and rushed down to investigate. There, she saw Konoka lying on the floor, unconscious and was carried away by the vampire, Evangeline.

Thus, the battle between Evangeline and Negi, son of the Thousand Master.

After that, we were given a treat of the Baka Rangers lol. Really unexpected.

GANSIS/SHAFT managed to combine Volume 1-3 of the Manga pretty well, a refreshing start. In the manga, Camo wasn't supposed to appear till Volume 3 and Asuna sure didn't found out about Negi's magic this way lol. In the manga, Negi had to save Nodoka from falling and Asuna saw that but anyways, this way was kinda funny too lol.

No OP and ED in episode 1 ... as expected of SHAFT lol ... the animation was great, so was the characters designs, backdrops, hell even the background music ROCKED but the only flaw in this episode was ... the english. I'm puzzled why don't they at least get someone to check their English -.-|||| instead of blabbering some direct translated kinda english.

'However, he was not overbearing at all without treating oneself. ... There is not a person to know what he does where as of now.'

WTF. I'm not joking. It's not the first case and definitely not the last either. Hire me please.

Art: 7.5/10 [Compared to Season 1 ... *shivers*]
Story: 7.5/10 [I was kinda pleased.]
Characters: 7/10 [EVANGELINE~~]
Overall: 8/10 [BAKA RANGERS! LOL]

... gonna go to bed ... night.

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  1. Runte said...

    No shit Sherlock!!! Where the hell did ya find this!!?? :'< I've searched and searched and still didn't find it.. If ya have yer sources, wanna share? ^^ It's much more fun to watch RAW than read summary and imagine.. :3

    If okay.. Then thanx in advance ^^;

  2. I got the mandarin sub from yamibo.com =) ... usually they got the subs on YSI or BT ... and one day after the airing ... very fast XD.

  3. Thanks for the summary. I watched the raw and wakaranai.

  4. I watched the episode and I certainly hav e not entertained by it yet. I'm gonna throw another few more episodes to see how it turns out. But overall I love Asuna :)