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Monday, October 30, 2006

Negima!? Ep4

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Nekane.Hehe, Negi-Sensei + Mahou = Win.LOL TELETUBBIES!
Why Is Your Face Red?WTF? ...Crystal Ball Is Missing!
Negi-Sensei's Knows Mahou?!GASP!Kissu? ...
Nodoka, um, You May Stop Now.OoooH I Saw It ...Ahhhh~ ...
HEHE.ARGGGH ...Eva's Down?! ...

- Negi's sending a video message to his sister, Nekane, updating her on his recent happenings and replying some of her questions. Camo and Negi were about to have some desserts in the cafeteria when Takahata-sensei asked to lend him his powers for a while. Meanwhile, Nodoka’s reading a magic love book thingy where one has to put a four-leaf clover in one’s pocket and repeat the person’s name 3 times. As Nodoka’s about to try it out, Yue arrived and told Nodoka that she and Haruna wouldn’t be able to accompany her to the library. Yue then teased Nodoka on the magic love book she had, in Nodoka’s mind, she was hoping that if only there’s really magic to fulfill her love for Negi. Yue explained that Haruna’s busy because she’s in the Chupacabra research society lol. In the Chupacabra research society, club members, Konoka, the seemingly reluctant Setsuna and Haruna were there as Asuna’s launched the movement of their club lol. When Haruna mentioned about the vampire incident, Asuna was reminded of the pactio she did with Negi and blushed. Konoka repeatedly asked why was Asuna blushing while she merely ignored the question lol. Asuna deduced that the Chupacabra makes this ‘Lu-ya’ sound lol, Setsuna added that the ‘Lu-ya’ must be some catch phrase behind every sentence a Chupacabra makes, ‘Which I believed it to be so lu-ya.’, continued Setsuna LOL. Everyone around were stunned by Setsuna seemingly cold joke lol. Setsuna immediately apologized formally lol.

- The Walking club members, Fumi, Fumika and Kaede noticed a pile of mushy black stuff on the ground and went to inform the Chupacabra research society. The girls ran out and saw the black mushy thing there, Asuna went ahead to catch it but found that it had caught some weird statue instead lol. Later we found out that Negi had eliminated that mushy black stuff, it was Takahata-sensei who had asked Negi to help him. Two envoys from the magic society accidentally possessed a frog and cat drawing Haruna drew lol. The two envoys introduced themselves as Motsu and Shichimi, they have arrived because the Star Crystal was stolen and was suspected to be in Mahora Gakuen. Negi then wandered off to look for more those black mushy stuff, after eliminating one of those mushy stuff again, this time, Nodoka saw it. Nodoka doesn't seem afraid by what she saw, instead she was elated lol. Negi tried to erase Nodoka's memory with his magic but failed. Motsu and Shichimi discovered that Nodoka knows about Negi and threatened to report him to the magic society. Camo tried to wriggle their way through by claiming that Nodoka's Negi's partner so it's rightful that she knew about Negi. Thankfully, Motsu and Shichimi bought the lie and even apologized for mistaking them lol.

- After that, Negi explained his position as a magi in training as a teacher in Mahora Gakuen and asked Nodoka to keep it a secret. Camo suggested to Nodoka to do a pactio with Negi so that she could help Negi and that the 'lie' he said just now won't be a lie lol. In actuality, Camo's just lusting for the money for the pactio he activated lol. Camo then activated the pactio circle but before Nodoka and Negi could kiss, a bunch of rampaging students sent Camo flying away, deactivating the circle lol. The running girls explained that they sighted a Chupacabra and planned to capture it. Negi followed them as it might be the mushy black stuff. Sensing magic, Negi then suggested to them to split up so that he use his magic. Asuna and Nodoka stayed behind lol as they knew there's something. Suddenly, an magical illusion was activated as they were bought to the forest of Wales where Negi came from. The flower-like spirit was the cause of all these, Negi told the girls to stand back as he tried to blast the spirit. Asuna told Negi to activate the pactio for her to transform. LoL, the transformation scene this time was a parody of the 'Utena-sword-pulling-out-of-chest' scene. In this case, a card was pulled out of Asuna's chest. Nodoka was taken aback that Asuna's Negi's partner and they had did the pactio so that means that they had kissed ... Anyways, this time Asuna transformed to a new getup whereby this time she was wielding a steel harisen [Japanese war fan]. Camo then explained that Asuna's in her cosplay card costume and said that everytime a pactio was activated, the partner will gain 3 cards. Sensing danger, the flower spirit invoked a maze trap for them. With her new powers, Asuna told them to count on her as she lead the way out. However, they still got lost lol, it seemed that although Asuna gained powers but ... she's after all one of the Baka Rangers hahaha. Asuna then fainted when she used up all her powers.

- Nodoka offered to do a pactio with Negi to save them. Camo activated the pactio circle and they kissed. A while later, they were still kissing, Camo was like 'Um, it's over, you may stop now~.' LOL. [It's a hot kiss though] Asuna witnessed the scene and was huhhhhh, a pactio with Nodoka huhhhh ... and fainted again. Before Negi could activate Nodoka's powers, Nodoka was taken away by the flower-like spirit's vines. Suddenly, the vine were slashed down by Eva who was probably following them. The flower-like spirit pretend to run but in actuality, it was finding a chance to possess Eva's body and it did [grrrr]. Using Eva's body and powers, it fired at Negi but Negi managed to reflect it back. The spirit was forced out of Eva's body and Chachamaru rushed forward to capture her master's body. The illusions faded. Eva was like ... weakly whimpering 'That fellow ...'. A spirit in Mahora Gakuen, is it related to the one who stole the Star Crystal? What about the Chupacabra?! Stay tune. - END -

Negima!? ED 1.Negima!? ED 2.Negima!? ED 3.

The real ED, uh probably lol, 'A-LY-YA!' by Rina Satou [Seiyuu of Negi], Akemi Kanda [Seiyuu of Asuna], Ai Nonaka [Seiyuu of Konoka] and Yu Kobayashi [Seiyuu of Setsuna]. The chibis are cute in the ED~ *Weakness for Chibi forms* It's pretty catchy ... unique with the A-LY-YA~ chorus haha nice.

LoL Sippppp~.Boku wa Chupa chupa chupa cabra ...Chupa chupa chupa chupa chupa ca-bra~ ...

Asuna seemed more infatuated with Chupacabra instead of Takahata-sensei this season lol. Chupa chupa chupa chupa chupa ca-bra~ lol

An original episode by SHAFT, well quite enjoyable I like how they managed to make Setsuna into this 'serious' joker hahaha, it's OOC but cute in a way la. Oh the 'Utena-sword-pulling-out-of-chest' parody was way funny lol. Nodoka doesn't appeal to me now, not sure what is it but ... it just feels a little OOC. LoL. Nodoka seemed a tact jealous of Asuna when she learnt that Asuna had did the pactio with Negi, so it's like weird because Nodoka didn't even feel that way when she learnt that Yue liked Negi in the manga. Oops, spoiler lol. Oh the pactio scene was .. eh hot in some way, the shy Nodoka lunging for Negi's lips lol, reminded me of Naru in Love Hina in a certain chapter heh heh. Anyways, it was hilarious when Camo had to remind Nodoka that the pactio's over and they can stop kissing LOL.

Eva's strength seemed a little OOC too, Eva's supposed to be INVINCIBLE!!!! Eva's so easily possessed by some tiny crap face ... dammit. I'm pissed lol. Probably it's just Eva's 'weak' week ahaha. Hope to see more heart-popping action next episode =).

Art: 7.5/10 [Constant, love the Chibis.]
Story: 7/10 [An original tastefully done.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Nothing much.]
Overall: 7/10

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  1. whose Eva been sleeping on? The girl is her mother?

  2. -.- it's Chachamaru, Eva's personal robot servant.

  3. Isn't this Mahou anime? do we really need robot here? I think using magic she could have real servant. weird... anyway thanks for explaining... I was just checking this anime out.

  4. I hope next episode would be interesting. This episode is a real sleep to me. I want more Negi and Asuna interaction please :(

  5. Well, there's more robots later and you know the power of combining both technology + magic =). It's more action packed in this remake ... and original based than following the manga. However, the main plot/focus is there la.

    Haha, personally, I want more Negi x Nodoka but I kinda dun support them in the anime ... Nodoka's abit OOC.

  6. Eva has a robot servant because her powers are mostly locked away. In flashbacks you see her magic puppets (Chaka Zero!)