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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Ep3

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Got lazy. As usual, click on the picture for larger dimensions. Otoboku OP, ‘Love Power’ lyrics will be coming soon =) um probably tomorrow or within this week.

Breakfast Is Served.Let's GO!Hehe ...

Mizuho woke up in a start after dreaming what happened in episode 2. [Kana and Mariya encouraging him to be Elder, Shion telling him her past of being last year’s Elder and Takako’s absolute objection of him being Elder.] Mizuho and the girls were having breakfast when Mizuho commented that Mariya’s unusually early that morning lol. Mariya reminded Mizuho that because it’s an important first day where she’s going to nominate Mizuho as Elder. Mizuho protested but Mariya merely said why not, Mizuho just have to get 75% of the students’ votes to be Elder. Mizuho thought this to be impossible. Kana then explained that it could, as whereby a person, A should nominate B and B nominates C, the vote from A will be transferred to C. Kana, Mariya and Yukari then got hyped up in their mission to pull in votes for Mizuho to be Elder lol. Mizuho was like, ‘Sigh.’ LoL. Right after that, Kana, Mariya and Yukari were pulling in votes by convincing their friends and students in school. In class, Mizuho’s feeling pretty uncomfortable as the girls around talked about the upcoming Elder election and felt that being Elder must be difficult huh. Michiko shook Mizuho out of his thoughts by giving him a nomination card and told him that she voted for him =) as well as the whole class. Mizuho felt troubled. Shion told Mizuho that it’s great isn’t it, having an Elder in their class is an honour. Mizuho was like, wouldn’t that be strange, well he’s a guy after all he hinted … Shion replied that it’s good, one point she’s certain of is that Mizuho’s definitely suitable to be Elder.

See You Then.TAKAKO~Wacha Looking At? ...

Suddenly, Kei appeared from nowhere and mumbled about Mizuho and Takako vying for the Elder position this year. [LoL Kei reminds me of Michiru from Uta~Kata and Yue from Negima!?] Anyways, Mizuho was like ‘Gulp, Takako-san …’ as he was reminded of the scary glare she gave him in episode 2. The bell rang, it’s time to switch class as Mizuho had World History later. As he entered the World History class, he saw Takako there lol and moreover, she’s sitting beside him. As Mizuho glanced over to Takako’s side, Takako said she had not officially introduced herself to him yet and did just that before ending the introductions very tensely lol. Mizuho was like cringing from the awkwardness and tension haha. During lesson, Mizuho kept glancing at Takako who was seriously listening to the teacher and blushing when she made a mistake. Mizuho was like ‘Hmm.’, Takako then noticed Mizuho was staring at her and asked if there’s anything. Mizuho carefully explained that he’s admires Takako’s seriousness. Takako sarcastically rubbed on Mizuho’s high entrance results and said that well, their brains are different after all. Takako then asked why Mizuho had chosen World History when his results were great, Mizuho thought for a while before explaining that because it looks interesting. Mizuho asked back why Takako had chosen the subject, Takako practically said that because there’s less competition in this subject and choosing subjects which are easy to score are more sensible. Mizuho just giggled. [YES, HE GIGGLED! … but kawaii though … manz, that moe face, Horie Yui’s voice is just so … wrong. ] Takako felt insulted and said if Mizuho’s mocking her lol.

GET OUT~Sigh.Looks Like Suzumiya Haruhi ...

Mizuho just said Takako’s more serious than she thought she was. Takako was like ‘Huh?’ and then the bell rang. As the two of them were clearing their books, Takako reminded Mizuho that she would never accept Mizuho as Elder no matter how he requested his friends to help spread rumours to nominate him. At the Student Council room, Takako can’t help but wonder about Mizuho’s casual attitude, she’s his rival for goodness’ sake. Takako got even more pissed when Kimie and the others were planning to also pull in votes for Takako lol. Takako yelled that what difference that would be from Mariya and others. Takako then hollered and got Kimie and the others dashing out of the student council room. During lunch, Mizuho asked Mariya not to go overboard with the rumours she’s spreading … Mariya was like, Kana, Yukari and her were merely stating some good points of Mizuho. Suddenly, three students out of nowhere told Mizuho that they were touched by Mizuho’s story and told him to try his best in the Elder Election lol. Mariya was like hm hm, seems like the battle’s going well lol and told Mizuho that girls are creatures who like rumours and it had spread across the whole school. Mizuho sighed and gave the impression of, ‘I seriously don’t understand what girls are thinking.’ LoL. After school, Mizuho thought to himself that since it had already happened, all he could do was to wait. [LoL the insert SD Kana and rabbits in rabbit cage reminded me of poor Pani Poni Dash!’s Mesousa] The day of the Elder Election voting arrived and the students were gathered in the assembly hall for the results to be announced. Judging from the looks and words from the students around, it seemed that Mizuho’s going to win the Elder title.

Takako~.What?I'm Singing ...

Hisako-sensei then appeared on stage to announce the winner of the Elder title who got 82% of the students’ votes and she … or rather he was none other than, Miyanokouji Mizuho, from 3-A. The students went wild, even Mizuho couldn’t believe he got it. The girls urged Mizuho up stage to receive the title. On stage, as Hisako-sensei was about to let Mizuho introduce himself, she noticed Takako walking towards them and asking for the microphone. Taking the microphone, Takako announced that as Student Council President, she’s objecting to this year’s Elder Election. Takako continued that she’s not really concern about Mizuho being Elder but how the students had voted had tarnished the school’s tradition. Takako told everyone to reconsider that it’s not a popularity contest and for a newly transferred student who happened to have good looks to be Elder was a rash decision and this would be like mocking the school’s tradition. Unexpectedly, Shion spoke up and walked up the stage. Smiling, Shion asked for the microphone from Takako [Ohhh, the cold shivers I got from that Shizuru-like smile from Shion lol]. Transforming to a convincing politician, Shion told everyone that it’s true that an Elder should be a tradition, perfect Elder Sister in everyone’s eyes however, that was tarnished by herself last year. Takako protested, saying she doesn’t mean it that way. Shion continued, to be an Elder is not something unattainable because the pushing forces behind it were the students’ own decisions and aspirations. The most important reality now is that Mizuho’s standing here on stage because of the overwhelming votes from students. Shion added that she would not allow if Mizuho’s condemned just because she’s a transferred student.

Oh Yeah I Am Singing!Bridal Style~!You Are My Elder ...

Everyone clapped in approval after Shion’s passionate speech. Looking a little not too well, Shion turned to Takako, smiled, asking if she’s alright with it and returned the microphone back. While doing so, Shion suddenly collapsed. Takako, shocked and not knowing what to do could only take a step back while Mizuho rushed forward and held Shion. Mizuho made a determined face, carried Shion bridal style and jumped down the stage straight to the infirmary. When Shion woke up, she’s lying on bed in the infirmary with Mizuho beside her. Shion apologized for the embarrassment and explained that her health wasn’t so good before, Mizuho’s strength to carry her up further confirmed her suspicions of Mizuho’s gender. Shion then urged Mizuho to return to the assembly hall as she truly felt that Mizuho should be their Elder. Mizuho agreed and kissed Shion’s forehead before leaving. When Mizuho entered the assembly hall, he was greeted by squealing fan girls lol. Mariya was like, phew, I thought you were going to blow the secret out lol. Yukari and Kana had new found admiration for Mizuho again, especially Kana who said that Mizuho’s like a Prince lol. It seems like everyone’s okay with Mizuho being the new Elder as everyone crowded around Mizuho to congratulate him on being the new Elder lol. Even Takako resign to fate as it’s the school’s will that Mizuho’s the new Elder. In her mind, Takako thought to herself that when Shion collapsed, her mind went blank but Mizuho … ending it off, Takako murmured that Mizuho’s such a mysterious person. The next day, on the way to school, the girls around were greeting Mizuho, ‘Elder Sister’ [Onee-sama] and Shion’s there too, smiling and encouraging him. Thus, Mizuho’s life as Elder begins … - END -

Prince~~Mizuho ... Such A Mysterious Person ...Hehe, I'm Elder Now!

Ah, that’s fast, Mizuho’s Elder by the end of episode 3, I was expecting something more from the Elder Election thingy … make Mizuho cross-dress in a play … um he’s already cross-dressing … hm ride a horse, play basketball, tennis, read a poem, do water ballet, whatever, just SOMETHING. It’s disappointing to see nothing. The whole episode’s just about Mariya, Kana and Yukari doing the pulling votes job while Mizuho just sat around and do nothing and in the end won 82% of the votes. Even if I wasn’t Takako, I will seriously object. No, I don’t buy Shion’s … excuse too. Okay, Mizuho’s cute, moe and a red-eyed to boot, NO, I would not waver … not … waver … *succumb to fetish for red-eyed characters* … alright whatever. I wonder why Mariya’s so determined to make Mizuho Elder, wouldn’t that be like saying ‘HEY, MIZUHO’S A GUY, YOU MORONS!’ to the girls with the attention he would be getting in future? Is Mariya getting some benefits from this? I think I’m going too deep. Oh, I forgot, this IS a harem, kinda anime title after all. I need angst, plot, romance, alright some comedy but I need to be assured something’s happening underneath the table. Ok, I admit, I’m just pissed they are making Takako the baddie here, grrr.

Art: 8/10 […]
Story: 6/10 [Disappointed.]
Characters: 7/10 [For Takako.]
Overall: 6/10

Next episode sounds amusing, Mizuho better do something. Having red eyes and Horie Yui as your seiyuu doesn’t save you from my wrath. Grrr.

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  1. This anime moving very fast and lack of something...and I can't figure it...

  2. I tell you what's missing; fun to watch. All I see is still boring. I'm giving few more hope in OtoBoku

  3. I don't get Maria's motif either. I believe she must got the answer to Mizuho's grandpa's will. Or perhaps granpa just wants his grandchild to marry off one girl from the school.