[Game] Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase

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その花びらにくちづけを あなたを好きな幸せ
[Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase]

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase 1.

Yes, the fifth one is out!!! Mai x Reo's pretty much my favourite lol ... tsundere Reo's just so cute XD.

Even with my limited knowledge of Japanese, I could finish the game easily lol;

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase 2.

Hm, finished it in 45 minutes ... clicking and clicking without reading anything, just wanna see how the story went lol. Love the scene where Reo went gaga over Mai's stylish ... attire lol.

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase 3.

Game and CGs links are over at 4chan, search them yourselves XD. Btw the opening was pretty hardcore lol.

Random rants [Skip if you don't wanna listen to my sch craps];
Nothing much, I won't be downloading much this week or in the next week because of my quota ... it's pushing 95% soon and I have like a few episodes of anime to download. Reckon I'll have to stay low and read journal articles for my courses lol.

I have to push myself to really score this semester ... last semester wasn't particularly good but wasn't particularly bad too [Compared to the really lazy me in poly days].

Explanation of Grades in UQ;
4-Pass - C?
5-Pass with credit - B?
6-Pass with distinction - A?
7-Pass with high distinction - AD?

Basically I got 3 5s and 1 6, GPA of 5.25 [Which is bad compared to my friend, she's got like bloody 2 7s, 1 6 and 1 5!!! -.-] ... well as long as I maintain or score a little bit better I can meet the minimum GPA required for admission to the Honours programmes which is at least 5.5 overall BUT the minimum might be higher depending on the demand ... nooo!

Oh well I've 2 more sems to go ... and they were mostly level 2 and a few level 3 modules heh. All I've gotta do to to get more 6s for this sem and I might have a shot in ... *pumped up*.

What is good/bad about this sem though is all four modules I'm doing had like 55%-60% weightage on the Final Examination.

Gotta work like crazy ... which is so NOT my strong point lol ... phew, that felt good, clearing it out of my system lol.

Maybe I should print out some anime/manga stuff and paste it on my wall to get me going ... besides the two Stefanie Sun posters I had ... haha.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 3

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... connection was down last night.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

It's time.
!!!! Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1 !!!!


1. Koihime†Musou Ep3

Kannu, not only with beautiful, silky hair but also ... below!? Maido Cafe in Ancient China Era!? 御主人様!? Banana!? Cosplay!? Appearance of Bachou [馬超].

2. Strike Witches Ep4

Themes: Ecchi, Lolicon, Military = -.- Not to forget, nekomimi.

3. Mai Otome 0~S.ifr Ep2

... dling.

4. Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ Ep 1 - NSFW LINK!

... it's vanilla, lime ... whatever. RAWRRR!! It's a quite tame ... episode covering Chapter 2, 3 and twisted the plot to fit in Chapter 6 in the OVA, well I wasn't expecting anything hardcore but ... compared to the manga ... the scene between the sisters was ... well tame and sweet even ... lol.

I kinda miss the comical side which was found in the manga but not in the OVA, such a pity. However, I do like how they 'sweeten' up the childhood scene between Shinobu and Momoko. Anndd, the classical music playing in the background ... sounds so ... forbidden lol.

Be warn, what you are about to view contains mature themes and it may not be suitable for minors [Those below 18] so if you're weak in the heart, PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED. I will NOT be liable for any damages - be them physical, emotional, or blood loss from viewing. =)

If you agree, please click on the 'SHOW' button to see the link.

See Screenshots:

Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ OVA 1 Screenshots.

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]


1. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime Vol3 - Kaichou to Fukukaichou
2. Girlfriends Chapter 12 & 13 [RAW]
3. [Yamibo] Yuri Hime S Vol4 - flower*flower Chapter 4
4. [いけだたかし]ささめきこと Chapter 14~16
5. [平尾アウリ] まんがの作り方 Chapter 3
6. [平尾アウリ] まんがの作り方 Chapter 4
7. [平尾アウリ] まんがの作り方 Chapter 5
8. [椿あす] バンソウコウの誘惑 Chapter 3

1. 少女セクト ~Innocent Lovers~ OST

1. その花びらにくちづけを あなたを好きな幸せ
[Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o Anata o Suki na Shiawase]
Mai x Reo!!!~~!

[Sauces from yamibo.com, Dynasty-Scans]

1. Steven King's - The Mist

[Sauces from dorm network HD, how awesome is that!?]

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [2% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [2% Done]

Sigh, hopefully Yuri Hime Wildrose Vol 2 scans will be out soon ... XD. Btw I can't find the whole of Yuri Hime Vol 12 raws anywhere ... is it not out yet? Even though the Mandarin versions were out ... I wanna the raws lol.

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[Manga] Yuri Hime Vol9 - Summer Window Syndrome

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Teacher x Student FTW!
'The difference in our ages, doesn't matter at all.'

Shut Up And Lemme Kiss You.


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Summer Window Syndrome 1. Summer Window Syndrome 2.

The story opened with a kinda teaser as student, Okumura Nanao was telling Matsumoto Ritsuko-sensei not to call her name and left the room [We will know why later, it's kinda a fastforward scene]. Matsumoto-sensei, the school infirmary teacher was zoning off, thinking to herself that at her age, there's no point in been serious in a relationship. It seemed like Matsumoto-sensei's pretty popular with the students lol [more for the air-con office she's working in] as they stopped by to have lunch in her office.

Matsumoto-sensei politely declined lunch from the students and asked where's Nanao. Nanao's friends replied that she went to the library to prepare for exams and won't be stopping by. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that it's the third day already [probably the third day Nanao hadn't been in her office] and she still hadn't figured out what Nanao's angry about.

Summer Window Syndrome 3. Summer Window Syndrome 4.

-Flashback to the first time Matsumoto-sensei and Nanao met- Nanao had bluntly asked how old Matsumoto was [and she didn't even call her sensei lol]. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that at that time, she had a rather bad impression of Nanao lol. Nanao went on to asked if Matsumoto's getting married? Matsumoto-sensei showed her her engagement ring, Nanao was unfazed and went on to question more lol. Matsumoto-sensei tried to change the subject by asking if Nanao had done her job and Nanao proudly presented her stuff.

Matsumoto-sensei smiled and patted Nanao's head for the job well done. Much to her surprise, Nanao blushed and told Matsumoto-sensei not to treat her like a kid. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that Nanao's quite cute after all. A year passed by, Nanao noticed that the ring on Matsumoto-sensei's ring finger was gone and asked what happened. Matsumoto-sensei replied that they broke up last week. Nanao didn't believe her and said she's lying. Matsumoto-sensei replied that there's no reason for her to lie, Nanao answered that it's not normal!

Summer Window Syndrome 5. Summer Window Syndrome 6.

Matsumoto-sensei gave excuses like that she had been thinking of doing it for a while and that grown-ups can't have passionate love and thought to herself she had already accepted the fact, 'So it's going to like that' and moved on to protect herself and her emotions. Matsumoto-sensei changed the subject by flipping one of the papers and commenting that Nanao has a pretty name [Okumura's her surname and Matsumoto-sensei had been calling her by Okumura-san rather than Nanao]. Nanao sliced in and told Matsumoto not to call her name and left the room with a distant and cold, 'Goodbye, Sensei' instead of the usual 'Matsumoto-sensei'.

Back to present, Matsumoto-sensei still hadn't found out why Nanao was angry, was it because of her name? But it is a nice name, she added. She thought to herself that Nanao was more mad by the fact she called her name rather than she had removed the ring. Matsumoto-sensei murmured, 'Nanao ...'. Speaking of the devil, Nanao appeared and told Matsumoto-sensei not to call her name. Matsumoto-sensei was puzzled on why had she called Nanao's name ... Meanwhile, Nanao told Matsumoto-sensei that she likes her name and usually she will let her friends call her by her name but only Matsumoto-sensei can't do that.

Summer Window Syndrome 7. Summer Window Syndrome 8.

Nanao added that it's because the way Matsumoto-sensei's voice said her name grabbed her heart leaving her in pain. Just then, Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself, 'Ah, just now, my chest is burning.' Nanao continued that it's the first time she had ever felt that way, not able to concentrate, leaving her confused ... 'Nanao.', Matsumoto-sensei called. 'Nanao.', and she felt ... desired. Nanao was flustered by Matsumoto-sensei who kept calling her name lol. When Matsumoto-sensei asked why, Nanao yelled out that that's because even though she likes her, it's not like Matsumoto will like her back either ..., with that Matsumoto-sensei kissed her [LOL, kinda like a shut up kiss.]

To spoil that moment, Matsumoto-sensei's stomach growled and fainted from hunger as she didn't eat ever since the day Nanao left the room in angry. In bed, Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that she didn't even react that way when the engagement was over. Matsumoto-sensei told Nanao that maybe if she give her a kiss, she might get better lol. Despite being embarrassed by the request, Nanao proceed to give her a peck on the lips in the end. With the windows opened and the humid breeze flowing in, Matsumoto-sensei felt warm [from the kiss too].

Nanao then told Matsumoto-sensei that even though she's fooling around, she's fine with it too while giving a serious expression [Nanao's saying that she doesn't mind even if Matsumoto-sensei's not serious in forming a relationship with her]. Matsumoto-sensei caressed Nanao's cheek saying that she doesn't want to as she has finally managed to get serious this time. - END of Summer Window Syndrome -

NOTES: Ahhh, I just want to point out that at Page 7, the 'Shut up and lemme kiss you' scene lol, I was quite skeptical about the Mandarin version as it says, '..., then, stop breathing.' I was like, 'Huh, it has no relation to the above pages!?' Thinking back, it might be referring to Nanao's statement of her feeling pain in her heart when Matsumoto-sensei called her name. Perhaps Matsumoto's giving a solution like, 'Stop breathing' = 'Stop the pain'? Flipping to the RAWs, it doesn't help much, just '塞いでいて' [quick check on the dictionary] kinda means to stop up or fill it up. Somehow, in this case from the RAWs, I was given the impression that Matsumoto-sensei's 'filling up', 'stopping' or 'covering' Nanao's pain by kissing her.

In the end, I'm going with '... then, let me stop it'. Any comments/suggestions from those of good Japanese knowledge/background? I'll continue to review on the continuation of Matsumoto-sensei and Nanao in Yuri Hime Vol10, '爪先立ちOctober' loosely translated as 'Standing on Tiptoes October' before moving to also another Teacher x Student story, 20 Musume x 30 Otome '20娘x30乙女' by Morishima Akiko. There's also a continuation of '20娘x30乙女' in Yuri Hime Vol12 and I'm doing that too. And yes, I do enjoy TxS stories, so there!

Random rants;
End of first week of Semester 2 ... sigh, guess there's alot of research to do in this semester ... o_o and to my surprise, no mid-sem tests LOL. Awesome. But there're individual presentations and 1000-1500 words reports to write ... along with a bloody literature review XD.

Oh yeah, anyone watched Koihime Musou Ep3 yet? LOL. Guess the producers like to play around with Kannu's beautiful, long, black and silky hair ... now they're hinting her ... hair below lol. Can't help but refer to Guan Yu's famous beard ... oh gods, don't even wanna go there.

Girlfriends Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 RAWs out on yamibo ... OZMG, Mari actually agreed to go out with a guy she didn't even know what his name was!? But then I reckon this will be a turning point of the relationship between Mari and Akko ... I can see happy ending already *sparkling eyes*.

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IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 2

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Was too tired to blog last night lol.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Let's say Gatton's a peaceful and quiet town but the two hours trip was ... tiring.


1. Koihime†Musou Ep2

Still downloading lol.

2. Strike Witches Ep1/2

Still haven't got the chance to really watch it yet ... just fast glimpses of the 'transformation' scene. Btw, Episode 3's out too.

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]


1. [Lililicious] That's Why I Sigh
2. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Konohana Link
3. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Hana no Yurina Gumi
4. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol2 - Honey Crush Chapter 2
5. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Honey Crush Chapter 3
6. [Dynasty-Scans] Nanaki!! Chapter 2
7. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Girls' Love
8. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Art Collection
9. [Dynasty-Scans-TEA] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Chapter 6
10. [Lililicious] Arai Miyako Shorts
11. [Lililicious] You're My Only Shining Star
12. [Lililicious] YurixYuri Observation Diary
13. [4-Chan Anon] Hide & Seek Chapter 1
14. [Hidoi~! Translator] Penguin Musume Max Chapter 1
15. [Hidoi~! Translator] Penguin Musume Max Chapter 2
16. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime WildRose - The Green House Witch
17. [Yamibo] [百合姬Vol.12][森島明子]20乙女的季節 ~Virgin Season~
18. [Yamibo] [百合姬Vol.12][南方纯]南波と海铃

1. TV Anime, 恋姫†無双 'Koihime†Musou' OP 「flower of bravery」

[Sauces from yamibo.com, Dynasty-Scans, Lililicious and 4chan]

1. The Legend of the Drunken Master [Jackie Chan] [1994] - LOL! It's English Dub.
2. Batman - Gotham Knight

[Sauces from dorm network HD, how awesome is that!?]

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [1% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [1% Done]

Yuri Hime Vol9 - Summer Window Syndrome '夏窓シソドローム' by Kazuma Kowo and Yuri Hime Vol10 - 20 Musume x 30 Otome '20娘x30乙女' by Morishima Akiko summaries coming up soon.

Random rants;
Sigh, school's starting on Monday ... timetable's fixed now, no clashes, woohoo.

[Signing off @ 6:51 PM]

PS: Candy★Boy offical website is updated with a web radio by seiyuus, 柚木涼香 [Yuzuki Ryoka] of Sakurai Yukino and 加藤英美里 [Katou Emiri] of Kamiyama Sakuya ... w-waaaaait a moment, there's no Nabatame Hitomi of Sakurai Kaname, the supposed Queen of Yuri?! LOL. o_o. Btw, it's 34:03mins long. I've gotten the chance to listen to it yet ... uhh even though I did, I reckon I won't be able to understand what they were talking about anyways lol.

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol4 - Honey Crush Chapter 4

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Sleeping together is not allowed.

Mitsu Gets Jealous LoL.


I do not scan, so I don't claim credit for it, so please do not ask me where I got my scans. PLEASE.

Click on the scans and a new window will open and bring you to the larger and clearer version.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Honey Crush C4 1. Honey Crush C4 2.

The chapter started with Mitsu clutching Kyouko shrieking that there's a Youkai '妖怪', [Ghost/Monster] in the house lol. Later we found out that it's a Zashiki Warashi '座敷童子'. Basically the Zashiki Warashi's harmless in a form of a kawaii little girl XD. Mitsu pestered Kyouko to get the 'thing' out of the house lol but Kyouko don't see any harm in the Zashiki Warashi who was merely reading a book and minding her own business.

Kyouko told Mitsu that if she's that afraid of the [I'll shorten the form Zashiki Warashi to ZW from now on lol] ZW then she can move out and Mitsu whined that she had no where to go o_o. Kyouko then remind Mitsu about her daily 'routine', which was to go and disrupt the dates between Madoka and Yamada-kun. Mitsu got into action and went out while Kyouko commented that Mitsu's really indomitable ... however that might be her good point after all.

Honey Crush C4 3. Honey Crush C4 4.

That evening, Mitsu came home whining again about her fail attempts to disrupt the feelings between Madoka and Yamada-kun and wondered why Madoka liked Yamada-kun so much. Kyouko remarked that if Madoka really likes Yamada-kun, no matter what they did, they were unable to 'win' him. Kyouko advised Mitsu to give up and besides Mitsu had totally no chance at all lol. Mitsu told Kyouko that she should be the one to not give up. Kyouko was surprised and replied that as won't it be advantageous to Mitsu with one less love rival?

Mitsu sobbed and said that she would rather have Kyouko as her love rival lol. Kyouko revealed that she still likes Madoka but she have to accept the fact that she has no chance with Madoka. Mitsu got flustered and yelled out that Kyouko's an idiot lol while beating Kyouko. ZW came over and tugged Mitsu's skirt and told her not to hit Kyouko. Mitsu shrieked 'Kyaah, Youkai!' and hid behind Kyouko, murmuring that ZW touched her lol. Kyouko told the ZW not to mind Mitsu. ZW proceed to sit and read her book quietly.

Honey Crush C4 5. Honey Crush C4 6.

Mitsu asked if Kyouko's fine with a Youkai living in her house? Kyouko told Mitsu not to call the ZW, Youkai this and Youkai that as the ZW's a good kid and besides with the belief of having a ZW in a house brings good fortune to the family. 'So honest, so cute, she's a good kid ...', unlike Mitsu, Kyouko added lol. Kyouko then poured tea, had cookies with ZW and both of them looked like they were enjoying it. Mitsu started to feel jealous but was confused at the weird emotions she was feeling.

Kyouko asked Mitsu to have some too but Mitsu snapped at Kyouko saying she's a spirit and it's okay that she don't eat nor drink lol. Mitsu then regretted for her tone and thought to herself that she's feeling depressed and confused. It's bed time, Mitsu was flabbergasted that both of them were sleeping on the same futon together lol. Kyouko acted like nothing was happening, told Mitsu to go to sleep or is it that spirits don't sleep too? She then mumbled good night and Mitsu was left with staring at the soundly sleeped Kyouko and ZW.

Honey Crush C4 7. Honey Crush C4 8.

Thinking that if Kyouko's not going to make ZW leave, Mitsu decided to get rid of ZW. The next morning, Kyouko woke up to the smell of Chilli, Sardines, Onions, European Holly, a Lion Statue, a Cross lol [They are all items to chase evil spirit aways] and many more o_o. Kyouko's mum knocked the door and told Kyouko to clear 'her' stuff away lol. Pissed, Kyouko went in search of Mitsu who was trying to chase the ZW away with a ... uh scary mask. Mitsu also threw beans at the ZW, kinda symbolizing that 'Spirits out of the house, Good Fortune stays in the house' lol.

Mitsu added for the ZW to leave before Kyouko gets up. Speaking of the devil, the pissed off Kyouko was standing behind Mitsu and Mitsu tried to con her way by saying she's just practicing the 'welcoming' ceremony lol. Not convinced, Kyouko retorted if Mitsu's doing the welcoming ceremony, she will chase her away as well as she's a spirit after all and threw beans at her lol. Kyouko then locked Mitsu out of the house.

Honey Crush C4 9. Honey Crush C4 10.

Kyouko apologized to the ZW who seemed fine with it and was even sorry for Mitsu who was begging to be forgiven and let in. Outside, Mitsu considered leaving but there's no place for her to go and realized that she's been so happy with Kyouko as it's the first time she's ever lived with someone else and she treated Mitsu like a normal person even though she's a spirit o_o. A while later, Kyouko opened the door and Mitsu's still there, begging for forigveness lol. Kyouko said Mitsu may come in because the ZW had requested so.

Kyouko added that the ZW wanted to be friends with Mitsu and told the guilty Mitsu to reflect on her actions and apologize properly. Properly chastised, Mitsu apologized and asked to be friends with the ZW. ZW smiled and nodded her head. Kyouko sighed and told Mitsu to come in even though the days later will not be peaceful lol. That night, both Mitsu and the ZW snuggled against the squashed between Kyouko lol. - END of Chapter 4 -

Oh ho, Mitsu realized her 'feelings' for Kyouko ...

Random rants;
... school's starting next week ... NOOOOOOO! My bloody timetable's not that awesome, two free days, lessons start at 12 noon and the latest ending at 6pm, WTF! One of my lectures clashed with a tutorial ... and the tutorials on other days were full [HEY I SIGNED UP ON THE FIRST DAY!] o_o! ... hopefully more slots will be opened if not I'm a dead man.

Oh yeah I'll be going to my friend's campus in Gatton on Thursday and staying there overnight before returning to Brisbane on Friday =). Can't wait to go there lol.

PS: I cleaned my room this afternoon, looks totally awesome ... well looks whiter LOL and a tad tidier ... uhhh perhaps I should change my bed sheets too.

[Signing off @ 5:32 PM]

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 1

[Posted @ 4:10 PM]
Interested in what anime/manga/movies titles I'm reading and watching in the past week? Basically, it's a short report of my activities online XD.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

I'll try to post 'IchigoYuri TGIF Updates' every friday [Afterall it's called TGIF lol].


1. Koihime†Musou Ep1

3 reasons to watch Koihime†Musou [恋姫†無双];
- Chibi scenes
- All girls cast [At least for the main characters]
- Subtext in ED between Kan'nu [Guan Yu] and Sousou [Cao Cao], lol how weird is that!?

2. Mnemosyne: Mnemosyne no Musumetachi Ep5.

Don't ask, just watch. I heard that Ep6 [Finale] was a good ending lol. OZMG.

3. Penguin Musume Haato Ep11

LOL, epic battle.

4. Strike Witches Ep1 and Ep2

Haven't got to watch it yet ... still dling in progress ... damn this quota of mine!

5. Vampire Knight Ep13 [END]

... oh nos, a yaoi-ish cliffhanger! It seemed that there will be a season two for VK, Vampire Knight Guilty. I prefer the manga anyways XD.

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]

1. [そうるまぢっく] ヨルノトバリ (夜碎同人)
Bleach M-18 Doujinshi - Yoruichi and Soi Fong. [Hot]
2. [プラチナブロンド] 花曇りの恋煩い (剎木同人)
Mahou Sensei Negi Doujinshi - Konoka and Setsuna. [Cute]
3. 【魔炮】SEA STAR - 《 half 》19 x 9
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS M-18 Doujinshi - Fate x Nanoha. [Chibi Fate x Adult Nanoha!]
4. 【魔炮】佐上犬丸 ─《 少女はそれを我慢できない 》
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Doujinshi - Fate x Nanoha. [Borderline smut!]
5. NanoFate MegaPack 2 M-18 [Woohoo!]
6. Pure White Disciple Shimako-san - Chapter 5.
7. [NANOHA - 奈葉 - なのは][SEA STAR] Chu!
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha - Fate x Nanoha. ['Before Chrono-kun does it, I will do it myself!' - Nanoha]

1. ラスト・フレンズ(Last Friends)漫畫版-第1回
Last Friends Manga - Chapter 1 [Takeru looks pretty normal here lol]
2. [秋山はる] オクターヴ 第06話
Octave - Chapter 6 [This is pretty good, you guys should try it]
3. [南崎いく] クイーンズブレイド -Hide&Seek- 第01巻
Hide & Seek by Nanzaki Iku - Volume 1 [Awesome art!]
4. Yuri Hime S V2 - Black Eyed Witch [English]
5. Yuri Hime S V3 - Himawari Saita [English]
6. [森山大輔]魔法医猫といばら姫
The Enchantress's Kitty by Moriyama Daisuke [LoL cute]
7. Needles and Oranges
8. Plica strips 76-100
9. Yuri Hime V12 - [藤枝雅] 飴色紅茶館歡談 Chapter 6 [Mandarin]
10. Yuri Hime V12 - [硝音あや] EPITAPH Chapter 5 [Mandarin]

1. [SUBPIG][Last Friends SP Full Version]
2. [TVBT] Last Friends SP_EDIT Chinese Subbed

[Sauces from yamibo.com, Dynasty-Scans, Lililicious and 4chan]

1. CJ7
2. L - Change The World [DLing]
3. The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian
4. Kung Fu Panda
5. Sex and the City

[Sauces from dorm network HD, how awesome is that!?]

Translation For Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [1% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 1 [95% Done]

Yes, I'm a very busy person online lol. Hm, I think that's all ... I may have forgotten some stuff ... o_o haha.

Oh yes, Yuri Hime S V4 - Honey Crush Chapter 4 summary/review up soon!

[Signing off @ 5:47 PM]

[J-Drama] Last Friends Special -Edit-

[Posted @ 6:12 PM]
Ueno Juri/Ruka fans must be terribly disappointed that she only appeared like for less than a minute in the Special episode lol. To top it off, it's a re-cap episode with only barely 9 minutes as the 'Special'.

akayuki @ Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday, Australia.

Oh well, not like I was expecting anything in particular ... haha.

I won't repeat what happened in the re-cap sections, just refer to the Episode links in '-Flashback to ...-'.

The episode started with them taking the photo below;

Last Friends Special -Edit-

And then shifted to Eri and Ogura dragging their luggages back to the Sharehouse where Takeru was there to welcome them. When Eri asked for Michiru and Ruka, Takeru replied that Ruka's at her motorcross practice while Michiru paid a visit to Sousuke's tomb [Also known as 'sweeping/cleaning someone's tomb', 墓参 Hakamairi]. It's been a year since the incident. Ogura randomly announced that he wanted to cut his hair and asked for the address of the hair salon Michiru used to work at.

Last Friends Special -Edit-

Meanwhile, Michiru's on her way to Sousuke's tombstone with kawaii Rumi [LoL, she's so cute in the dark blue dress walking/stummbling beside Michiru]. As Michiru did the rituals for Hakamairi, the boy whom Sousuke saved from the train incident and stuff also came to pay his respects. -Flashback to how Sousuke and Michiru met stuff- -Flashback to how Ruka and Michiru met in Ep1- -Flashback to Sousuke and his DV ways lol- -Flashback to the raining scene where Ruka sheath an umbrella over Michiru-

Back to Sharehouse, Michiru and Rumi returned to the elated Eri who replied that Ogura went to the hair salon. At the hair salon, the hairdresser Ogura was assigned to was the senpai who used to bully Michiru in Ep1/2. Ogura actually asked what happened to the blackeye on the senpai's face lol and she replied that ... her boyfriend. Ogura got a little loud and agitated when the senpai doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop it. The senpai then mentioned about Michiru who seemed to be have a great boyfriend [Sousuke lol] who waited her outside and seemed to cherish her thus explaining her 'bullying' ways. The boss effectively ended the conversation then when she said that it's inappropriate to say such stuff to the customer.

-Flashback to Ruka at her first counseling session and her talk with Takeru in Ep5 where she confessed that she felt comfortable with Takeru and Takeru's promise to protect Ruka's smile- -Flashback to the scene where Takeru got a call from his nee-san [Elder sister] and childhood flashes- -Flashback to Ruka's first win in the motorcross competition- -Flashback to Sousuke making a threatening suicide call to Michiru and Michiru's argument with Ruka in Ep5- -Flashback to Michiru rushing to Sousuke's side in Ep6, only to realize that he lied- -Flashback to the worried Takeru who paid Michiru a visit in Sousuke's apartment and found her with a eye patch covering her bruised eye- -Flashback to Takeru 'stealing' Michiru away and take her into his care- -Flashback to the gang having Sukiyaki and Eri innocently commenting that the way Ruka treats Michiru like a guy- -Flashback to Ep7, where Sousuke had posted the rumours of Ruka at her workplace causing Ruka to be very troubled and agonized by the whole thing and cried in the showers- -Flashback to Ep8 where Ruka penned her confessions on a letter to Takeru and the emotional speech and embrace between them-

-Flashback to Ep9, Sousuke's being a DV to Takeru as he was ambushed by Sousuke who clouted him with his crutch as he was going up the stairs- -Flashback to the CLIMAX scene as Ruka confronted Sousuke at his apartment and said she's not afraid of whatever Sousuke's doing anymore. Ruka also promised that she will not allow Sousuke to interfere that happiness and also declared that, 'Because the one who truly loves Michiru is ... me.' [KYAAAAHH~ LOL]- -Flashback to Ruka mocking Sousuke's love for Michiru and the fight scene between Ruka and Sousuke and Ruka fighting him off and running away in Ep10- -Flashback to Michiru overhearing Ruka's confession of her love to her in Ep10 as well- -Flashback to Eri's confrontation with Sousuke- -Flashback to Sousuke asking Michiru back to his apartment to pick up her stuff and promise to break up with her- -Flashback to Sousuke once again going into DV mode and implied rape scene issued- -Flashback to the guilt-ridden Sousuke crying and commiting suicide and Michiru crying over his dead cold body in Ep10-

Back to the Sharehouse, Eri and Michiru were busy feeding Rumi when the phone rang. Takeru went to answer it and ... guess who? It's his nee-san lol [With a new haircut] and asked how he was. Takeru replied that he has a family now and that initially he thought that he will never forgive his sister ... but now he's in a world his sister never knew with the people he cherish and love. He felt free. Thus, now, he's able to forgive her. Takeru's last words to his sister was that he hoped she will gain happiness too. Nee-san was touched beyond words and was speechless. Takeru said his goodbyes to his past and ended the call.

Takeru cooked up a feast at dinner and FINALLY Ruka appeared LOL.

In the background, Ruka and Takeru were repeating the words Michiru said in Ep11;

Ruka: 'Family, Friends, Husband & Wife, Lovers ... Our relationship seem to fall in one of each but we're not.'
Ruka: 'We will cherish this fragile happiness and continue to try our best to live on.'
Takeru: 'It's fine if we stay friends,'
Takeru: 'If possible, we hope to stay that way forever,'
Takeru: 'And if anything happened that we should separate, with any luck, one day we will meet each other with smiles.'

'Forever, my dear friends. You are my last friends.'

Last Friends Special -Edit-

Takeru: 'To our future ...'
Eri, Michiru, Ogura, Ruka, Takeru: 'Kanpai~! [Cheers~!]'

Woohoo, this marks the end lol, thank you for following with me through these 12 episodes, hope you enjoy the series XD.

Random rants;
My trip was fun lol, that's all I can say ... I'm just amazed by the clear water in Whitehaven Beach ... a far cry from Singapore's waters lol.

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