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Thursday, July 24, 2008

[Manga] Yuri Hime Vol9 - Summer Window Syndrome

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Teacher x Student FTW!
'The difference in our ages, doesn't matter at all.'

Shut Up And Lemme Kiss You.


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Summer Window Syndrome 1. Summer Window Syndrome 2.

The story opened with a kinda teaser as student, Okumura Nanao was telling Matsumoto Ritsuko-sensei not to call her name and left the room [We will know why later, it's kinda a fastforward scene]. Matsumoto-sensei, the school infirmary teacher was zoning off, thinking to herself that at her age, there's no point in been serious in a relationship. It seemed like Matsumoto-sensei's pretty popular with the students lol [more for the air-con office she's working in] as they stopped by to have lunch in her office.

Matsumoto-sensei politely declined lunch from the students and asked where's Nanao. Nanao's friends replied that she went to the library to prepare for exams and won't be stopping by. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that it's the third day already [probably the third day Nanao hadn't been in her office] and she still hadn't figured out what Nanao's angry about.

Summer Window Syndrome 3. Summer Window Syndrome 4.

-Flashback to the first time Matsumoto-sensei and Nanao met- Nanao had bluntly asked how old Matsumoto was [and she didn't even call her sensei lol]. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that at that time, she had a rather bad impression of Nanao lol. Nanao went on to asked if Matsumoto's getting married? Matsumoto-sensei showed her her engagement ring, Nanao was unfazed and went on to question more lol. Matsumoto-sensei tried to change the subject by asking if Nanao had done her job and Nanao proudly presented her stuff.

Matsumoto-sensei smiled and patted Nanao's head for the job well done. Much to her surprise, Nanao blushed and told Matsumoto-sensei not to treat her like a kid. Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that Nanao's quite cute after all. A year passed by, Nanao noticed that the ring on Matsumoto-sensei's ring finger was gone and asked what happened. Matsumoto-sensei replied that they broke up last week. Nanao didn't believe her and said she's lying. Matsumoto-sensei replied that there's no reason for her to lie, Nanao answered that it's not normal!

Summer Window Syndrome 5. Summer Window Syndrome 6.

Matsumoto-sensei gave excuses like that she had been thinking of doing it for a while and that grown-ups can't have passionate love and thought to herself she had already accepted the fact, 'So it's going to like that' and moved on to protect herself and her emotions. Matsumoto-sensei changed the subject by flipping one of the papers and commenting that Nanao has a pretty name [Okumura's her surname and Matsumoto-sensei had been calling her by Okumura-san rather than Nanao]. Nanao sliced in and told Matsumoto not to call her name and left the room with a distant and cold, 'Goodbye, Sensei' instead of the usual 'Matsumoto-sensei'.

Back to present, Matsumoto-sensei still hadn't found out why Nanao was angry, was it because of her name? But it is a nice name, she added. She thought to herself that Nanao was more mad by the fact she called her name rather than she had removed the ring. Matsumoto-sensei murmured, 'Nanao ...'. Speaking of the devil, Nanao appeared and told Matsumoto-sensei not to call her name. Matsumoto-sensei was puzzled on why had she called Nanao's name ... Meanwhile, Nanao told Matsumoto-sensei that she likes her name and usually she will let her friends call her by her name but only Matsumoto-sensei can't do that.

Summer Window Syndrome 7. Summer Window Syndrome 8.

Nanao added that it's because the way Matsumoto-sensei's voice said her name grabbed her heart leaving her in pain. Just then, Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself, 'Ah, just now, my chest is burning.' Nanao continued that it's the first time she had ever felt that way, not able to concentrate, leaving her confused ... 'Nanao.', Matsumoto-sensei called. 'Nanao.', and she felt ... desired. Nanao was flustered by Matsumoto-sensei who kept calling her name lol. When Matsumoto-sensei asked why, Nanao yelled out that that's because even though she likes her, it's not like Matsumoto will like her back either ..., with that Matsumoto-sensei kissed her [LOL, kinda like a shut up kiss.]

To spoil that moment, Matsumoto-sensei's stomach growled and fainted from hunger as she didn't eat ever since the day Nanao left the room in angry. In bed, Matsumoto-sensei thought to herself that she didn't even react that way when the engagement was over. Matsumoto-sensei told Nanao that maybe if she give her a kiss, she might get better lol. Despite being embarrassed by the request, Nanao proceed to give her a peck on the lips in the end. With the windows opened and the humid breeze flowing in, Matsumoto-sensei felt warm [from the kiss too].

Nanao then told Matsumoto-sensei that even though she's fooling around, she's fine with it too while giving a serious expression [Nanao's saying that she doesn't mind even if Matsumoto-sensei's not serious in forming a relationship with her]. Matsumoto-sensei caressed Nanao's cheek saying that she doesn't want to as she has finally managed to get serious this time. - END of Summer Window Syndrome -

NOTES: Ahhh, I just want to point out that at Page 7, the 'Shut up and lemme kiss you' scene lol, I was quite skeptical about the Mandarin version as it says, '..., then, stop breathing.' I was like, 'Huh, it has no relation to the above pages!?' Thinking back, it might be referring to Nanao's statement of her feeling pain in her heart when Matsumoto-sensei called her name. Perhaps Matsumoto's giving a solution like, 'Stop breathing' = 'Stop the pain'? Flipping to the RAWs, it doesn't help much, just '塞いでいて' [quick check on the dictionary] kinda means to stop up or fill it up. Somehow, in this case from the RAWs, I was given the impression that Matsumoto-sensei's 'filling up', 'stopping' or 'covering' Nanao's pain by kissing her.

In the end, I'm going with '... then, let me stop it'. Any comments/suggestions from those of good Japanese knowledge/background? I'll continue to review on the continuation of Matsumoto-sensei and Nanao in Yuri Hime Vol10, '爪先立ちOctober' loosely translated as 'Standing on Tiptoes October' before moving to also another Teacher x Student story, 20 Musume x 30 Otome '20娘x30乙女' by Morishima Akiko. There's also a continuation of '20娘x30乙女' in Yuri Hime Vol12 and I'm doing that too. And yes, I do enjoy TxS stories, so there!

Random rants;
End of first week of Semester 2 ... sigh, guess there's alot of research to do in this semester ... o_o and to my surprise, no mid-sem tests LOL. Awesome. But there're individual presentations and 1000-1500 words reports to write ... along with a bloody literature review XD.

Oh yeah, anyone watched Koihime Musou Ep3 yet? LOL. Guess the producers like to play around with Kannu's beautiful, long, black and silky hair ... now they're hinting her ... hair below lol. Can't help but refer to Guan Yu's famous beard ... oh gods, don't even wanna go there.

Girlfriends Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 RAWs out on yamibo ... OZMG, Mari actually agreed to go out with a guy she didn't even know what his name was!? But then I reckon this will be a turning point of the relationship between Mari and Akko ... I can see happy ending already *sparkling eyes*.

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  1. Nice story. Thanks for sharing. I hope to see a scanlation soon.
    Koihime ep3 hasn't been subbed yet :(.

  2. Hello, I think the "husagu" that Matsumoto uses in this case means "Don't listen" or "Ignore me" if you put it in context.

    It's actually pretty vague, so I'm not 100% sure. But husagu is usually used to mean "block" for eyes and ears, so you cannot see or hear. So that's what I would interpret it as. Hope that helps!

  3. > Oh yeah, anyone watched Koihime Musou Ep3 yet? LOL.
    > Guess the producers like to play around with Kannu's
    > beautiful, long, black and silky hair ... now they're
    > hinting her ... hair below lol. Can't help but refer
    > to Guan Yu's famous beard ... oh gods, don't even
    > wanna go there.

    Hehe, there's no doubt that all the hair jokes are about the beard of the original character. (^.^)

    I watched the first three episodes (the subbed versions), and, lemme tell you, I'm loving every moment of this show! Not only it's really funny, it's the yuri-est thing this season!! (=w=)

  4. to jo, no problems. Hm, soon, soon.

    to nomake, hey, oh ... thanks for clearing it up. Oh well, guess the true meaning will be a mystery lol.

    to nene, lol. Yeah, it's funny, it's fan-servic-y ... can't wait for Cao- uh Sousou to pounce on Kannu. [Somehow using the original names sounds ........... wrong, it's becoming like yaoi o_o]

  5. koihime musou is yuri?!?!?!

    *runs over to tokyotosho*

  6. to nomake, well, it's fun, LFB, fanservic-y yuri ... XD

  7. does anyone know what is Yuri Hime write in chinese? also, is there any chinese site that have yuri hime scan and translate it to chinese?? thx u so much if u could help me with this.