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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

[Manga] Yuri Hime S Vol4 - Honey Crush Chapter 4

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Sleeping together is not allowed.

Mitsu Gets Jealous LoL.


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Honey Crush C4 1. Honey Crush C4 2.

The chapter started with Mitsu clutching Kyouko shrieking that there's a Youkai '妖怪', [Ghost/Monster] in the house lol. Later we found out that it's a Zashiki Warashi '座敷童子'. Basically the Zashiki Warashi's harmless in a form of a kawaii little girl XD. Mitsu pestered Kyouko to get the 'thing' out of the house lol but Kyouko don't see any harm in the Zashiki Warashi who was merely reading a book and minding her own business.

Kyouko told Mitsu that if she's that afraid of the [I'll shorten the form Zashiki Warashi to ZW from now on lol] ZW then she can move out and Mitsu whined that she had no where to go o_o. Kyouko then remind Mitsu about her daily 'routine', which was to go and disrupt the dates between Madoka and Yamada-kun. Mitsu got into action and went out while Kyouko commented that Mitsu's really indomitable ... however that might be her good point after all.

Honey Crush C4 3. Honey Crush C4 4.

That evening, Mitsu came home whining again about her fail attempts to disrupt the feelings between Madoka and Yamada-kun and wondered why Madoka liked Yamada-kun so much. Kyouko remarked that if Madoka really likes Yamada-kun, no matter what they did, they were unable to 'win' him. Kyouko advised Mitsu to give up and besides Mitsu had totally no chance at all lol. Mitsu told Kyouko that she should be the one to not give up. Kyouko was surprised and replied that as won't it be advantageous to Mitsu with one less love rival?

Mitsu sobbed and said that she would rather have Kyouko as her love rival lol. Kyouko revealed that she still likes Madoka but she have to accept the fact that she has no chance with Madoka. Mitsu got flustered and yelled out that Kyouko's an idiot lol while beating Kyouko. ZW came over and tugged Mitsu's skirt and told her not to hit Kyouko. Mitsu shrieked 'Kyaah, Youkai!' and hid behind Kyouko, murmuring that ZW touched her lol. Kyouko told the ZW not to mind Mitsu. ZW proceed to sit and read her book quietly.

Honey Crush C4 5. Honey Crush C4 6.

Mitsu asked if Kyouko's fine with a Youkai living in her house? Kyouko told Mitsu not to call the ZW, Youkai this and Youkai that as the ZW's a good kid and besides with the belief of having a ZW in a house brings good fortune to the family. 'So honest, so cute, she's a good kid ...', unlike Mitsu, Kyouko added lol. Kyouko then poured tea, had cookies with ZW and both of them looked like they were enjoying it. Mitsu started to feel jealous but was confused at the weird emotions she was feeling.

Kyouko asked Mitsu to have some too but Mitsu snapped at Kyouko saying she's a spirit and it's okay that she don't eat nor drink lol. Mitsu then regretted for her tone and thought to herself that she's feeling depressed and confused. It's bed time, Mitsu was flabbergasted that both of them were sleeping on the same futon together lol. Kyouko acted like nothing was happening, told Mitsu to go to sleep or is it that spirits don't sleep too? She then mumbled good night and Mitsu was left with staring at the soundly sleeped Kyouko and ZW.

Honey Crush C4 7. Honey Crush C4 8.

Thinking that if Kyouko's not going to make ZW leave, Mitsu decided to get rid of ZW. The next morning, Kyouko woke up to the smell of Chilli, Sardines, Onions, European Holly, a Lion Statue, a Cross lol [They are all items to chase evil spirit aways] and many more o_o. Kyouko's mum knocked the door and told Kyouko to clear 'her' stuff away lol. Pissed, Kyouko went in search of Mitsu who was trying to chase the ZW away with a ... uh scary mask. Mitsu also threw beans at the ZW, kinda symbolizing that 'Spirits out of the house, Good Fortune stays in the house' lol.

Mitsu added for the ZW to leave before Kyouko gets up. Speaking of the devil, the pissed off Kyouko was standing behind Mitsu and Mitsu tried to con her way by saying she's just practicing the 'welcoming' ceremony lol. Not convinced, Kyouko retorted if Mitsu's doing the welcoming ceremony, she will chase her away as well as she's a spirit after all and threw beans at her lol. Kyouko then locked Mitsu out of the house.

Honey Crush C4 9. Honey Crush C4 10.

Kyouko apologized to the ZW who seemed fine with it and was even sorry for Mitsu who was begging to be forgiven and let in. Outside, Mitsu considered leaving but there's no place for her to go and realized that she's been so happy with Kyouko as it's the first time she's ever lived with someone else and she treated Mitsu like a normal person even though she's a spirit o_o. A while later, Kyouko opened the door and Mitsu's still there, begging for forigveness lol. Kyouko said Mitsu may come in because the ZW had requested so.

Kyouko added that the ZW wanted to be friends with Mitsu and told the guilty Mitsu to reflect on her actions and apologize properly. Properly chastised, Mitsu apologized and asked to be friends with the ZW. ZW smiled and nodded her head. Kyouko sighed and told Mitsu to come in even though the days later will not be peaceful lol. That night, both Mitsu and the ZW snuggled against the squashed between Kyouko lol. - END of Chapter 4 -

Oh ho, Mitsu realized her 'feelings' for Kyouko ...

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  1. Whaaaat??!! ZW and spirit!!! That's the cutest fluff ever XD ...

    Hey i went to brisbane last week, on winter break with my family. Thought i could at least see ur uni before leaving but its not that close by to my place so i had to pass =P But u seem enjoying ur stay even though u complain about studying almost all the time lol Anyway lets just keep up the good work, k =]

  2. to elevan, lol, well fluff's fine but I've got this nudging feeling that there's something missing in Honey Crush o_o.

    Aww, that's too bad then, UQ's wonderful lol. o_o yeah I do enjoy living in Brisbane that sometimes I forget the fact I'm here to study haha [Well not really].

  3. great summary and review. i've been reading the 2nd volume of the strawberry panic lite novel series. have u had a chance to read it yet? im almost done with it, its a lot weirder than the first one, but im enjoying it!

  4. to tsuyo_puyo, eh I haven't got the chance to even read Vol1 yet lol even though I've already purchases it ... it's back home and I've only around 4 months to go before I can touch it *sobs* ... as for Vol2, I'll be purchasing it soon from amazon.com XD. Glad to heard that you're enjoying it haha, XD, have you got the manga as well?

  5. ahh geez 4 months, lol hang in there. yeah i really enjoyed the 1st volume, it was written really well in my opinion, and im so anxious for vol.3 after finishing vol.2. a funny thing is that i started a fanfic with chikaru as a main character awhile back, and planned it so that she had a big secret to be revealed, and in vol.2, it was the same twist in my own plot i was developing! ill probably buy the manga sooner or later, its not really a priority purchase for me though. plus the manga series doesnt seem to be finished yet and i've heard its based off the light novel series. i've still only purchased vol. 1 of the strawberry panic dvds... lol being an anime/manga hobbyist is expensive (-_-)...(_ _)*sigh*

  6. to tsuyo_puyo, yeah *hanging* lol. o_o really? What's your nick in fanfic?

    Yeah the manga's not finished, -.- such a pity. Whoa you've already purchased the DVDs? LoL I'm waiting for box sets ... *will save me some moolah* And yes being a true anime/manga hobbyist is expensive ... but it's well worth it to see the physical goodies in your hands. Everything just disppeared XD.

  7. yeaaa, thin packs are like really popular now for anime dvd releases. most of my dvds i wait till they all release, then i buy the series all at once at a low price. theres only a few titles which i purchased dvd by dvd as it released, azumanga daioh, tenchi muyo gxp, and i saw ur manga collection that u posted, and that is A LOT more manga than i have lol. yah it just feels great to own it and display it. err i never finished any fanfics but my nick its also 'tsuyo_puyo' at fanfiction.net . started them awhile ago, but it takes me awhile to write, and school is a heavy factor T_T, so i dunno if ill ever get to continue them, and i always come up with a new storyline when i think about writing one. do u have AIM or anything?

  8. oops sorry for the double post, just delete one of em. and actually its 'Tsuyo Puyo' at fanfiction.net if u were plannin to take a look. have u written any fanfics, or read any really good ones u can recommend? every1 should check out this one!


  9. to tsuyo_puyo, I see. Yeah it does feel wonderful lol.

    I'll be sure to have a look at your account in fanfic lol. Well, I don't write fanfics but I read them alot, I've posted a list of recommended fanfics in my blog before, a year ago perhaps? lol. A moment ago, I was reading a Mai Hime/Otome fanfic, 'Strange Animal' by ShotgunNeko. It's funny and it's M XD. There're quite a few good writers in the Mai Hime section, to name a few, Leebot, centauri2002 and shezaei-neko =).

    Oh ho? A SP fanfic? Thanks for the link, I'll read it too XD.

    Uh, I don't have AIM but I have MSN and Skype. You can add me in any one. MSN's stefanie_yz@hotmail.com, Skype's akayuki86