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Saturday, July 19, 2008

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates 2

[Posted @ 4:10 PM]
Was too tired to blog last night lol.

IchigoYuri TGIF Updates.

Let's say Gatton's a peaceful and quiet town but the two hours trip was ... tiring.


1. Koihime†Musou Ep2

Still downloading lol.

2. Strike Witches Ep1/2

Still haven't got the chance to really watch it yet ... just fast glimpses of the 'transformation' scene. Btw, Episode 3's out too.

[Sauces from yamibo.com and Tokyo Toshokan]


1. [Lililicious] That's Why I Sigh
2. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Konohana Link
3. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Hana no Yurina Gumi
4. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol2 - Honey Crush Chapter 2
5. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Honey Crush Chapter 3
6. [Dynasty-Scans] Nanaki!! Chapter 2
7. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Girls' Love
8. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime S Vol3 - Art Collection
9. [Dynasty-Scans-TEA] Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru Chapter 6
10. [Lililicious] Arai Miyako Shorts
11. [Lililicious] You're My Only Shining Star
12. [Lililicious] YurixYuri Observation Diary
13. [4-Chan Anon] Hide & Seek Chapter 1
14. [Hidoi~! Translator] Penguin Musume Max Chapter 1
15. [Hidoi~! Translator] Penguin Musume Max Chapter 2
16. [Dynasty-Scans] Yuri Hime WildRose - The Green House Witch
17. [Yamibo] [百合姬Vol.12][森島明子]20乙女的季節 ~Virgin Season~
18. [Yamibo] [百合姬Vol.12][南方纯]南波と海铃

1. TV Anime, 恋姫†無双 'Koihime†Musou' OP 「flower of bravery」

[Sauces from yamibo.com, Dynasty-Scans, Lililicious and 4chan]

1. The Legend of the Drunken Master [Jackie Chan] [1994] - LOL! It's English Dub.
2. Batman - Gotham Knight

[Sauces from dorm network HD, how awesome is that!?]

Translation for Tranquil Spring;
1. 14 Juicy - Chapter 3 [1% Done]
2. Weise Frau - Chapter 2 [1% Done]

Yuri Hime Vol9 - Summer Window Syndrome '夏窓シソドローム' by Kazuma Kowo and Yuri Hime Vol10 - 20 Musume x 30 Otome '20娘x30乙女' by Morishima Akiko summaries coming up soon.

Random rants;
Sigh, school's starting on Monday ... timetable's fixed now, no clashes, woohoo.

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PS: Candy★Boy offical website is updated with a web radio by seiyuus, 柚木涼香 [Yuzuki Ryoka] of Sakurai Yukino and 加藤英美里 [Katou Emiri] of Kamiyama Sakuya ... w-waaaaait a moment, there's no Nabatame Hitomi of Sakurai Kaname, the supposed Queen of Yuri?! LOL. o_o. Btw, it's 34:03mins long. I've gotten the chance to listen to it yet ... uhh even though I did, I reckon I won't be able to understand what they were talking about anyways lol.


  1. Thanks for the earlier heads up on the Candy Boy web radio!

    It’s quite a nice first episode but nothing much happened, apart from Yuzu-nee and Emirin briefly talking about themselves and likened their appearances/personalities to their characters. They also gave a demo of each corner of the radio show (3 in total). Since it’s the first episode, they haven’t had any listeners send in mails yet. Hmm... Feel like doing a very brief summary to give a gist of the show but not sure whether most people are listening to it. Maybe it’ll be quite difficult to relate the summary to each section. ^^;

    "there's no Nabatame Hitomi of Sakurai Kaname, the supposed Queen of Yuri?!"
    I think Naba-sama’s “wife”, Itou Shizuka currently shares that title with her. Come to think of it, Shizu-sama may be more of a notorious flirt than Naba-sama lolz.

  2. to keiri, no pros. Oooh, thats nice, if only we can see them while they're talking ... that will be better isn't it?

    And it will be nice if there's a brief summary ... sigh *hint hint* lol.

    Haha I'm not really sure about the 'relationships' of the seiyuus but they do have good relationships with each other =).

  3. Ahaha I reckon it’s more of a fanservice thing which loser fans (like me) lap up anyway, regardless of whether there is any actual truth in them. Plus, it’s amusing to hear Naba-sama and Shizu-sama arguing in real life about who gets to own Noto Mamiko, or Watanabe Akeno’s boobs etc.

    Anyway, on to the summary of Candy Boy Web Radio 1. Maybe one of these days, hopefully we’ll get a video version??? Ha~ Maybe if it reaches episode 50 or something. ^^;;;

    Katou Emiri = Emirin
    Yuzuki Ryouka = Yuzu-nee
    (They mostly use these nicknames)

    First off, character likeness.

    Emirin resembles Sakuya in her hairstyle (twin tails), but since she’s turning 25 this year and recently wants to be a bit more of a grown up, she might stop tying her hair that way. Yuzu-nee responded by telling her not to (“Don’t say that!! Don’t destroy your dreams!!”) lol. Emirin said she’ll keep the hairstyle for a little longer then. And she collects things, like Snoopy merchandise, shoes etc. I can’t remember whether Sakuya collects stuffs. Well, maybe she collects anything that is related to Kanade. ^^;;;

    Yuzu-nee is similar to Yukino in that she sees herself as usually “absent-minded” (but can also be serious). People may get the impression that she’s an idiot. She related this to a past incident in which her younger sister said to her “If there was a Country of Idiots, you be the king.”

    First Corner – Maru Maru Chome Chome Kyoukaisen! (The Boundary Line between ○○ and ××)
    Note: “○○” (maru maru) is a placeholder for other possible words but can be used for censoring; ×× (chome chome) is similar. Think “*” used in English words -> “I like to eat *ishballs.” (Okay, that wasn’t a good example)
    What they usually do: Discuss and decide the boundary line between vague and abstract things in daily life e.g. the line between friends and lovers.
    What they did: Since this is the first episode, they explained the corner. Yuzu-nee used the example of the line between friends and lovers, and brought up a case scenario of when two people become lovers instead of just friends. Emirin gave the example of a “confession” to ascertain the matter/seal the deal. Yuzu-nee then asked “What about when two people kiss, without confessing to each other?”
    Emirin: If they did it when they’re drunk, it doesn’t count. (But if the mood is right...)

    To wrap up the explanation, Yuzu-nee proceeded to ask Emirin about the line between a woman and a girl (when does a girl become a woman) because the latter used the issue as an example topic earlier on.
    Yuzu-nee: So, have you...become a woman?
    Emirin: I haven’t become one yet.
    Yuzu-nee: Eh?
    Emirin: I am still a GIRL. Somehow, emotion-wise, I feel I haven’t changed since I was 20.
    Yuzu-nee: Well somehow, I haven’t changed since I was 16.

    Haha, Juunana-sai Club indirectly got stumped.

    Second Corner – Souzou Question → Answer (Imagine the Question → Answer)
    What they usually do: They receive questions from listeners and answer them without actually reading out the questions. Listeners are left to imagine the content of the question and consequently, the answer. Tagline is “Souzou shite kudasai” (Please imagine it)
    What they did: No one sent in mail yet, so I reckon they used a mock mail to demonstrate the corner. Emirin gave the first demo.
    Emirin: Hmm... Today’s one is black color with white dots. And it’s a bit frilly too.

    Of course when Emirin finished her sentence, immediately there are comments streaming across the screen saying “Panties!” (パンツ) lol. Anyway, Yuzu-nee asked Emirin “Can I see it?” to which Emirin invited her to. It sounded like she was looking under the table. Yuzu-nee then asked whether Emirin could turn “it” on its reverse side/inside out.
    Emirin: Ehhhh!?
    Yuzu-nee: You can’t? Really?
    Emirin: I’m a bit embarrassed...
    Yuzu-nee: I won’t touch it. If I touch it, it’ll be very embarrassing, right? So can you turn it over a bit yourself? Can you show me its inside (the reverse side)?

    Comments on NicoNico range from “socks”, “handkerchief”, “skirt”, “camisole”, and “bra” to “Good job, (radio script) writer!”, “Nice script composition, writer!” and “Writer = god”. I personally think it’s “socks” since they mentioned about turning it on its reverse side, but it could be camisole too. Emirin doesn’t show it to anyone and wears it for her own self-satisfaction.

    Yuzu-nee’s turn.
    Yuzu-nee: This is... This is difficult to answer... I... I wonder if I’m able to do it. Maybe I won’t last even half a day (without it/without doing it)... I reeeally love (it/doing it)!

    It sounded like an “activity”, as Emirin said she did it every day when she was in high school and middle school. Comments range from “going to the toilet”, “bathing”, “dieting”, “e-mailing/texting”, “mobile phone activities” to “Maru Maru Banana” (and the usual bunch of XXX slangs). It could be something related to mobile phone.

    Third Corner – Candy boy a-word
    What they usually do: They each say/act out words or phrases (based on certain themes/scenarios) that listeners send in.
    What they did: Demo again, as there were no mails yet. This week, they chose a sisters (older and younger) theme/scenario as an example. Since Emirin is an older sister herself (she has one younger sister), she wants an older sister figure to comfort her when she’s feeling down, saying things like “Honestly... What are you saying? Oneechan is here. It’ll be okay.”, and she got Yuzu-nee to say it to her in a kind and loving big sister way. When it came to Yuzu-nee’s wish, she explained she was the middle sister of three sisters, and they are all very close in age. She yearns to have a baby sister she could spoil (age difference between high school and elementary school), one that comes running to her, hugging her, holding her hand when they’re walking, and asking her to buy things when they’re shopping. So in the light of that, Yuzu-nee wished for Emirin to act as the loli sister asking the big sister “Oneechan, buy me a licking candy! Pleeease!” (licking candy as in “lollipop” I guess, but I’ll keep the former context for what will come next)
    Emirin: Neeee~ Yuzu-neechan~ Buy me a licking- (messed up the sentence)
    Yuzu-nee: Don’t stop there!! Don’t stop halfway after saying “licking”!!


    So yep, that’s basically what the whole radio show is about. It’s entertaining overall. Even the comments are quite interesting, especially after the “Imagine the Question → Answer” corner when Yuzu-nee stated that on NicoNico, the comments flow across the screen, and they can go home to see what kind of comments were posted on the video, or more specifically, what kind of things people were imagining during that corner. It’s cute how listeners responded with comments like “Don’t (read our comments)!”, “STOOOOOP!!”, “Please don’t look, I’m begging you!!” and “Sorry for writing nothing but idiotic things”

    That’s about the highlights I can gather. If I missed out or misinterpreted anything (my listening is poor anyway), feel free to fill in and correct me! :)

    And if you’d like to share other fun things that has yet to be mentioned here, like how Yuzu-nee goes to bed wearing jeans, do post!

    I hope they get Naba-sama as a guest on the show soon! ^^

  4. to keiri, thanks for the summary XD.

    lol @ 'Don't destryy your dreams!' rather ... don't destroy the fanboys/girls' dreams XD.

    Uh censoring ... more like F**k? LOL.

    Whoa, the Second Corner sounds fun ... very interactive ... XD.

    LOL @ at the 'licking' part ... ero ero.

    Wearing jeans to bed?? lol I only did that once ... cos it was sooo cold at night and I didn't bring a warm blanket with me ... o_o.

    Ahh, if only I can understand what they're saying ... -.-

  5. You're welcome! ^___^

    Sorry if it was longer than expected. I did say "a very brief summary" but I typed things as I went along and I ended up with this. ^^;;;

    LOLZ now that I think about it, I agree with your interpretation of "Don't destroy your fanboys/fangirls' dreams". Makes a lot of sense too! XD

    Yep, I'm hoping the Second Corner turns into something pretty crazy later on. It has the potential, with all that "imagining" going on. I wonder what kind of naughty questions listeners are going to come up with...

    And I wonder if Emirin and Yuzu-nee (with Naba-sama thrown into the mix) would actually do the show wearing pajamas one day. ^^