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Sunday, July 6, 2008

[J-Drama] Last Friends Special -Edit-

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Ueno Juri/Ruka fans must be terribly disappointed that she only appeared like for less than a minute in the Special episode lol. To top it off, it's a re-cap episode with only barely 9 minutes as the 'Special'.

akayuki @ Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday, Australia.

Oh well, not like I was expecting anything in particular ... haha.

I won't repeat what happened in the re-cap sections, just refer to the Episode links in '-Flashback to ...-'.

The episode started with them taking the photo below;

Last Friends Special -Edit-

And then shifted to Eri and Ogura dragging their luggages back to the Sharehouse where Takeru was there to welcome them. When Eri asked for Michiru and Ruka, Takeru replied that Ruka's at her motorcross practice while Michiru paid a visit to Sousuke's tomb [Also known as 'sweeping/cleaning someone's tomb', 墓参 Hakamairi]. It's been a year since the incident. Ogura randomly announced that he wanted to cut his hair and asked for the address of the hair salon Michiru used to work at.

Last Friends Special -Edit-

Meanwhile, Michiru's on her way to Sousuke's tombstone with kawaii Rumi [LoL, she's so cute in the dark blue dress walking/stummbling beside Michiru]. As Michiru did the rituals for Hakamairi, the boy whom Sousuke saved from the train incident and stuff also came to pay his respects. -Flashback to how Sousuke and Michiru met stuff- -Flashback to how Ruka and Michiru met in Ep1- -Flashback to Sousuke and his DV ways lol- -Flashback to the raining scene where Ruka sheath an umbrella over Michiru-

Back to Sharehouse, Michiru and Rumi returned to the elated Eri who replied that Ogura went to the hair salon. At the hair salon, the hairdresser Ogura was assigned to was the senpai who used to bully Michiru in Ep1/2. Ogura actually asked what happened to the blackeye on the senpai's face lol and she replied that ... her boyfriend. Ogura got a little loud and agitated when the senpai doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop it. The senpai then mentioned about Michiru who seemed to be have a great boyfriend [Sousuke lol] who waited her outside and seemed to cherish her thus explaining her 'bullying' ways. The boss effectively ended the conversation then when she said that it's inappropriate to say such stuff to the customer.

-Flashback to Ruka at her first counseling session and her talk with Takeru in Ep5 where she confessed that she felt comfortable with Takeru and Takeru's promise to protect Ruka's smile- -Flashback to the scene where Takeru got a call from his nee-san [Elder sister] and childhood flashes- -Flashback to Ruka's first win in the motorcross competition- -Flashback to Sousuke making a threatening suicide call to Michiru and Michiru's argument with Ruka in Ep5- -Flashback to Michiru rushing to Sousuke's side in Ep6, only to realize that he lied- -Flashback to the worried Takeru who paid Michiru a visit in Sousuke's apartment and found her with a eye patch covering her bruised eye- -Flashback to Takeru 'stealing' Michiru away and take her into his care- -Flashback to the gang having Sukiyaki and Eri innocently commenting that the way Ruka treats Michiru like a guy- -Flashback to Ep7, where Sousuke had posted the rumours of Ruka at her workplace causing Ruka to be very troubled and agonized by the whole thing and cried in the showers- -Flashback to Ep8 where Ruka penned her confessions on a letter to Takeru and the emotional speech and embrace between them-

-Flashback to Ep9, Sousuke's being a DV to Takeru as he was ambushed by Sousuke who clouted him with his crutch as he was going up the stairs- -Flashback to the CLIMAX scene as Ruka confronted Sousuke at his apartment and said she's not afraid of whatever Sousuke's doing anymore. Ruka also promised that she will not allow Sousuke to interfere that happiness and also declared that, 'Because the one who truly loves Michiru is ... me.' [KYAAAAHH~ LOL]- -Flashback to Ruka mocking Sousuke's love for Michiru and the fight scene between Ruka and Sousuke and Ruka fighting him off and running away in Ep10- -Flashback to Michiru overhearing Ruka's confession of her love to her in Ep10 as well- -Flashback to Eri's confrontation with Sousuke- -Flashback to Sousuke asking Michiru back to his apartment to pick up her stuff and promise to break up with her- -Flashback to Sousuke once again going into DV mode and implied rape scene issued- -Flashback to the guilt-ridden Sousuke crying and commiting suicide and Michiru crying over his dead cold body in Ep10-

Back to the Sharehouse, Eri and Michiru were busy feeding Rumi when the phone rang. Takeru went to answer it and ... guess who? It's his nee-san lol [With a new haircut] and asked how he was. Takeru replied that he has a family now and that initially he thought that he will never forgive his sister ... but now he's in a world his sister never knew with the people he cherish and love. He felt free. Thus, now, he's able to forgive her. Takeru's last words to his sister was that he hoped she will gain happiness too. Nee-san was touched beyond words and was speechless. Takeru said his goodbyes to his past and ended the call.

Takeru cooked up a feast at dinner and FINALLY Ruka appeared LOL.

In the background, Ruka and Takeru were repeating the words Michiru said in Ep11;

Ruka: 'Family, Friends, Husband & Wife, Lovers ... Our relationship seem to fall in one of each but we're not.'
Ruka: 'We will cherish this fragile happiness and continue to try our best to live on.'
Takeru: 'It's fine if we stay friends,'
Takeru: 'If possible, we hope to stay that way forever,'
Takeru: 'And if anything happened that we should separate, with any luck, one day we will meet each other with smiles.'

'Forever, my dear friends. You are my last friends.'

Last Friends Special -Edit-

Takeru: 'To our future ...'
Eri, Michiru, Ogura, Ruka, Takeru: 'Kanpai~! [Cheers~!]'

Woohoo, this marks the end lol, thank you for following with me through these 12 episodes, hope you enjoy the series XD.

Random rants;
My trip was fun lol, that's all I can say ... I'm just amazed by the clear water in Whitehaven Beach ... a far cry from Singapore's waters lol.

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  1. Hey, just wondering, are you from Singapore?

    Also, how old are you :P

    Lastly, I can't find Strawberry Panic! OVAs anywhere... T_T not on veoh, crunchyroll, nothing!!!! :'(

  2. to victoria, yep. Uh I'm 21, going on 22 this year.

    o_o I don't think there are any Strawberry Panic OVAs? If you're talking about the tv anime, it was licensed by Media Blasters and distributed by AnimeWorks. Thus the mentioned and any other video streaming providers will have to remove the episodes.

    I'm still waiting for them to release a box set [yes cos I'm a cheapo] after single dvd volumes were out lol.

  3. Hey.. I'm a passerby who always check on this website almost everyday.. btw, akayuki remember me?! I'm Yumiko =)

    Anyway, if u guys r finding where to download strawberry panic, I do have a website which have it. Its 'http://a.scarywater.net/doremi/'

    Hope it'll help in some way xD

  4. to yumiko, hey yep, you're the one who said you liked the songs I posted up in the tagboard right? Correct me if I'm wrong o_o.

  5. yepx u'r right =) haha.. I really like all those mangas.. i was wondering when's the next one u r going to upload?! I'm looking forward to it xDD Gokigenyou~!

  6. hey akayuki,

    thanks for the last friend special edition reviews.

    your blog was found accidentally by a friend of mine who think it will serve me as a purpose since i watch last friend, strawberry panic and etc.

    just wanna check do u have any idea where in singapore do they sell the strawberry panic novel in english?

    plus where can i get the piano version of prisioner of love like the one in your playlist?


  7. to yumiko, haha ... o_o upload what?

    to dui, you're welcome. Um, I have no idea because I purchased my copy off amazon online ... I asked my friend and she told me that perhaps Absolute Comic at Bugis beside Kinokuniya has it. Try there =), good luck.

    annndd it's the quiet version of Prisoner of Love I had on my playlist, just google the name.

  8. O.o haha.. i meant upload doujinshis or mangas..

  9. thanks! i will go check it out soon. oh i also found the song thanks again.