In My Cousins' House XD

[Posted 8:48 PM]
Hahaha, now i'm stealing goodness knows who's connection ... so i'm online lol. Like i give a damn XD.

My cousins are going on broadband not wireless but luckily someone around this place got wireless so i'm juz 'borrowing' the connection and blogging and going online heh.

Hahaha, we lao yu sheng juz now, got children and adult section lol then my 3 stupid cousins threw the watever crap inside on the floor ... bunch of morons lol. Waste the food ... anyways then we had our dinner ... i had 4-5 chicken wings lol. Sooo yummy. Too bad i didn't bring my cam ... if not i take pic sia hahaha. But how i know here got connection.

I juz wanted to interview my uncle then key in the data on the spot so that i no need to key in when i go home later ... hahaha ... lazy me XD. Finally finished doing the data entries for BB ... sigh after tomorrow ... go to sch, gonna work on the class BPC presentation, SMM report and IB Walmart PPT le. Manz.

But i had fun la, sleep till 1pm these two days with my parents, watching tv with them and chat with them ha. Then we go Bai Nian at around 3-4pm lol. Anyways ... i wanna go watch animes ... i watched Naruto with my cousins juz now then also Kagihime juz now ...

I wanna watch Blood+ now ... so that i can blog tomorrow heh ... or i watch tomorrow then blog tomorrow ... i go watch Pani Poni Dash! ba ... aha. Cya.

[Signing off @ 9:08 PM]

PS: Manz, juz now dc lol ... being evil doesn't pay i guess lol.

Happy Chinese New Year Eve 2006!

[Posted @ 8:59 PM]
Whoa, today's food is a freaking spread! LoL. 4 families are coming here to eat ... so a total of around 20 people are here right now lol.

We had two tables. One at the kitchen, another outside at the car garage there lol. We had table there that is for BBQ ... now to see da pictures and i'm off for round 2 le lol.

Da Food 1!

Da Food 2!


BBQ Food!


Looks yummy? YEP! LOL. Having a blast ... i did my stupid BB data entries juz now ... 3 more to go heh.

Oh yeah i watched Fate/stay Night Ep1 and Ep2 juz now. It's really cool heh. Quite good animation and effects. The OP is not bad ... ED also not bad. The seiyuu list is great, Saber's seiyuu is also Kannazuki no Miko's Chikane! LoL, i love her voice XD. Then Sakura is KnM's Himeko! Woot, the main characters of KnM are in Fate/stay Night heh. Then Rin's seiyuu is Mikan from Gakuen Alice and Yumi From Marimite! The most 'God-I-Can't-Believe-That-Is-HER-VOICE?!' Award goes to Miki Itou, seiyuu of Taiga Fujimura aka Fuji-nee in Fate/stay Night cos she's also seiyuu for Sachiko in Marimite!!! God, if you watched Marimite, u should know that Sachiko's voice is calm, cool and collected. So Ojou-sama like. But in Fate/stay Night, it's like a complete DIFFERENT person!!! LoL, sooo cool! I was damn shocked.

After that, i watched Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku Ep1 too ... eh let's cut short to Kagihime k? LoL. It's not bad la .. animation ... not up to Kaishaku's standard but acceptable ba. The ideal of unlocking the heart by poking the large key in the middle of the hearts of the Alice Users are really cool. Hahaha, but it's kinda ecchi la ... the Alice Users being 'unlocked' by the key will be going 'Iyaaa ... don't~ Don't see it ...' LoL. But overall it's ok, i kinda like.

After watching Kagihime, i watched an Ep of Pani Poni Dash! Ep12 ... lol funny. In Himeko's dream ... it's so weird and funny haha.

Ok, gotta go cya.

[Signing off @ 9:12 PM]

PS: Lalalalala ... food food food!

I Finally Cried + First Anniversary of akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog

[Posted @ 11:34 PM]
A really really long day hahaha, still now i haven't bathed ... my bros are inside ... damn. So i'm blogging now. 7am - 11pm, i must really stink hahahaha.

Let's tok abt today's stuffy. First had BB tut, it was fun as usual, went nutty with my grp mates, only we had 3 brains instead of 5 lol. So we made some mistakes for our assigned questions heh. Then ZY gave me a box of butter cookies! I ate 2-3 pieces then i got 'sick' of it, cos it's a little too buttery for my taste. But it's good la lol. I kept teasing ZY that 'Wah buy de izzit.' LOL then she whacked me. Next i said, 'Your mum did one izzit.' LOL. She whacked me again. Then she finally said she got help ok lol. I mumbled yeah ... helped in eating haha. I dun think she heard it though XD.

Here's the pic, left 5 only lol, i went to my aunt's home then she had around 3-4 and she said it was good. Then i showed my bros then they took 2-3 each hahaa. I quickly took pic b4 they ate all of them hahaha XD.

Butter Cookies!

Ok after BB tut we had SMM tut, it was ok la, lol juz that the grp behind us is really noisy LOL. Esp ahem ahem S. LoL, i was like 'Ehhh, quiet down le, people doing question le.' LoL, then i think HQ said something like cannot switch S off de then i went, 'Then pull the plug out la.' LoL. Boy, they are reallly noisy haha. But we're also noisy in our own little way too but not as noisy as them XD. Hahaha.

After SMM, waited for ZY to copy my SMM lec notes ... then left to the mosque in Bukit Panjang to do my BB surveys ... managed to get 1, kena rejected twice and got 60+ malays 3 times so i got pissed off and wanted to go to Yishun. So i waited for FREAKING 20MINS for 171 to come. I got pissed off, then called my aunt cos i need a Chinese 30-34 and my uncle is tat age so i went to her house and she helped me do lor. Then i still need 2 malays ... 40-49 de so my aunt helped me ask her neighbours lol, really funny. Now i know the 'usefulness' of living in HDB ... ask around and they'll help ya ... sigh. I finally finished MY BB SURVEYS YAY I LOVE MY AUNT!!!! She's so helpfulllllll!!!! LOL. I went to try to fix her PC but failed. The modem is crapped up, the display monitor too, then i recommended she buy a new one. Then she told me no money. So i proposed to give her mine when i buy a new hard drive haha then my PC useless le hahahahaha.

After going to aunt's home, mum asked me go for facial wash in Khatib. Manz, i'm scared of going for facial washes. U know why? Cos the auntie will squeeze my blackheads out and IT FREAKING HURT OK! I CRIED TODAY WHEN SHE DID IT. I really cried. I was like hic-cuping ... auntie so nice gave me hot water and sweet to eat. Kaoz, so ... embarrassing. I dunno why i cried. Out of pain or relieve or stress? ... I dunno. Then auntie like said she's done then i started crying. My tears kept flowing like water tap lol, then i suddenly cried. God. It's been like ... 4-5 years since i really cried and my whole body started to jerk and stuff. Usually when i watch anime, i cry but i dun jerk and make tat 'hic hic hic hic' sound haha.

The whole crying thing lasted for around 10-15 mins ... i'm still tearing when i got on daddy's car hahaha. Then my bros, dad, mum and aunt were quiet throughout the ride then i was like hic-cupping the whole time. Hahahaha. But i feel alot better. My stress, body felt lighter. God.

Then we went Ang Mo Kio ... woot, i saw SK jewellery shop and YanZi posters and faces are everywherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreee lol. I was like standing in front of the shop for 10mins hahaha juz staring at YanZi's faces. Then i took a brochure from the SK shop XD.

Brochure Front.

Cool huh.

Brochure Insides.

We had a heavy dinner lol, i had chicken cutlet, my bros too, then they called another bowl of meatball noodles, porridge and Laksa to share hahaha. They really can eat sia, i was like i can't even finish my plate of chicken cutlet ... haha. But overall it was fun la. We went to some wet market then ... the smell of pork and fishes almost made me puked wat i ate hahahhahaha.

So got home at around 11pm and juz right for Samurai 7!!! After tat i sent the LAM data entries to J, i promised to send at 10pm ... -.-|| Opps. Haha.

Oh yeah, today is the first anniversary of my animes/manga/yanzi/and my crappy life blog!!! WHEE! I started on 27th Jan 2005 ... and now it's been a year. Thank you for supporting me yay.

Anyways gotta go bath cya ...

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

Long Day Musing ...

[Posted 8:53 PM]
Whoa, a long day ... BB Lec early in the morning at 9am then i was uh carefully handling ZY's Guan Ying Zhu .. [Bamboo Plant] lol. I was like staring at the plant the whole trip, from boarding the bus to alighting 171 then boarding 184 then alighting lol. So funny. Then anyone who knocked onto me i was like glaring hard at the person LOL XD. My motto, a vision to serve LOL. [Mumbles ... my foot lol.] Actually that's my secondary school, NVSS's motto ... i think it's still the same ba haha.

Anyways ... BB Lec ... lol Mr Yow is being evil again, haha he asked us to list down the models of handphones we would consider and not consider ... then collected the pieces of paper as proof that we attended his lecture. Hmm after BB Lec, went for IB tutorial at Level6. JY and XT presented the Starbucks PPT, and i think i'm pretty pleased la, except for Question A which is the one i did. I think i missed out alot ... sorry!!! and we didn't give examples. God how the hell do i know, i scared too wordy mah, but i tried my best le i guess ... lol. The best parts are Ms Tay said our group had the highest marks for Question D LOL, cos we are the only grp who got the 4 Ps!!! LOL Price, Place, Promotion and Product!! LoL, XT did that question then she's like i'm good, oh yeah i'm darn good lol. Woot, i'm like grinning like a moron ahaha. Next we did well for Question E too, C did that question then i added some points from the IB textbook website too ... heh ... she said it's good too. So i reckon we did pretty good for this presentation. Besides Ms Tay said we did fairly well overall. XD Woot. Luckily we didn't present last week, if not we're all fucked up lol, standard not there.

Manz, i think i gonna improve on the PPT slides presentment ... i see the example Ms Tay gave at lecture ... i was like, Damn, are they superpeople or what? How the hell did they do that?! LoL. But i learn and learn from mistakes. So watch out Walmart PPT, i'm gonna improve even better! Besides C and i are presenting, so stress ah! LoL. I'm pretty pumped up, i think i'm a rather competitive person? I like to learn and improve on what people did and make it even better with some of my own ideas. I really enjoy it, gives me satisfaction. Even if it takes me 5-6 hrs to do it, i might grumble and cry fuck it all night but in the end i'm happy and sweet inside hahaha XD. I'm really very easily satisfied.

Ok after IB, some of us went with XT to buy the goodies that we're gonna pack the hampers we're giving out tomorrow for the Bishan ITE Roadshow. So after that, we were at the umbrella area trying to wrap the goodies up and ... hahaha it's ok la, i mean who cares as long they got something? And it looks like a mini-tv LOL. After that we went for IB Lec and i almost fell asleep ... lol. I was listening to songs on my MP3 player on my ear and listening to the lecture with the other ha, cool huh. It takes 3 years to master it lol. Anyways it ended at around 4.15pm, then i called Daddy to come to school to fetch me go the Singapore Post Office HQ at Paya Lebar to collect the vPOST gifts. XT and i went only then we squeezed in the front side of the lorry lol.

Then my daddy was saying, actually only 1 person can sit in front de if not fine $100 and must buckle seatbeat somemore lol. Then i was saying wah fine $100, XT said nvm, we got $2000 to cover up LOL. Then i said wah then must state in the BPC PPT Financial Report, 'Kena Fine $100 for not buckling seatbeat and illegal seating' LOL!!!!!! Not a bad idea LOL. But we didn't get caught la blah. My daddy had an attachment student from his place to help us out and in the end, we did nothing lol. We juz called CL from the Post Office and stuff while the guys did the work lol. Manz, CL had a haircut lol, stylo milo sia LOL, then she said she not working tomorrow le. I was like huh, got promoted izzit? LoL.

After alighting XT at CCK MRT, daddy and i went for a little break at some coffee shop XD. I was like huh, gonna be dinner time soon le, u still eat lol. Then in the end i had tea, he had coffee and we all had Dim Sum for that break LOL. Then i was teasing daddy that no wonder he eat abit only when he comes home LOL, actually he had snacks outside already!! LoL, daddy was like ... aiya, not always la ... 4pm coffee break mah. LoL. Then he bought some yummy indian food for his workers at CCK =D. Went to daddy's Pioneer Landscape for a while, i petted the nice brown/white cat ... so furry and fat!!! LoL, i was like hugging and kissing it lol. I fed the fishes, they shy sia, took them 1-2mins before they came up and ate the food XD. Daddy took quite some time, so i whipped out my lappy and went online lol. There's wireless there, so i had fun, reading fanfics, surfing around and blasting my music loud XD.

Even in the car, i'm still blasting my music loud, then daddy was in his 'chatting' mode again lol. But tonight's talk is really cool!!! He talked abt going to Holland, China, Thailand and Denmark to source for plants and stuff ... so cool. Then he said he asked if his workers like to go for overseas sourcing trip and nobody wanted. I went like WTF? WHY!? It's like so fun lor even if u go there and see plants, u get to meet and see many places and people. God and all expenses PAID somemore. Dumb dumb. I'm seriously considering working for daddy when i graduate le lol. Then he went like when i'm gonna help him and stuff then he toked abt business stuff again how much fun it is, to meet all kinds of people. I got interested again when he mentioned about landscaping YanZi's places lol. God. U get to go for trips, meet idols, have fun and get paid. Why not go for the job? But too bad i dun study plants, daddy said need to have the technical knowledge and i dun think i have lol. I'm a plant idiot. But i think that can be solved by learning mah, interest is more important XD.

Ok i gotta go do my walking advertisement le, it's getting late. Dammit.

Here's My To Do List:
1. Watch Animes - Naruto 168, Fate/stay Night 1 Tonight No time, tomorrow ba ...
2. Watch Animes - Blood+ 8-13, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13 by ... goodness knows when.
3. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
4. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
10. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay! woot!
5. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 by Sun By 27th Jan
6. Do stupid Walking Advertisement for roadshow
4. Beg Daddy to lend van/lorry/car watever
7. Bishan ITE roadshow Wed/Thurs
8. Submit BB data entries on 1 Feb
12. Submit LAM data entries by 27th Jan Pass it to Jinny to enter the entries.
9. Start Walmart PPT on this Sat
10. Start SMM Project 2 on this Sat
11. IB Walmart PPT on 3 Feb
12. Start LAM Part 3 On 4 Feb, Sat

Soon to come to do list;
1. IB Walmart PPT by 7 Feb
2. Analysis on LAM Project on Week 14/15
3. LAM Part 3 Project by 9 Feb
4. Analysis on BB Project on Week 15
5. SMM Project 2 PPT on Week 15
6. SMM Project 2 by 13 Feb
7. BPC Peer Assessment file by 13 Feb
8. BPC Final PPT - We're Grp3 - 9am on 15 Feb
9. BPC Individual Report by 17 Feb
10. Bring Valentine Day pressies for 'Darling ZY', 'Sweet [Inserts HEART Picture LOL!] XT', 'Chubby J' & 'Wonderful QW' ... like real. LOL. -.-|||

Tons of stuff huh? That's why i dislike CNY, waste my time only. Sigh gotta do think of how to design the walking advertisement le ... cya

[Signing off @ 9:34 PM]

Blood+ Ep7

[Posted @ 7:31 PM]
I'll be infested with tons of project deadlines after Chinese New Year ... sigh i wish CNY ain't this early lol, totally spoils my mood sia. Imagine worrying for ur BB/LAM/SMM/IB/BPC Projects during CNY ... god. I hope this CNY gets over and done with it dammit. Anyways here's Blood+ Ep7 summary. Ep8-Ep13 are still sitting quietly in my folder XD.

Hey Honey, I'm Having Human Meat For Dinner!Let's Imagine Human Meat Is Ramen.George.
Julia And David.Wet But Darn Hot Saya.1 Down 3 To Go ... Errr ... I Mean Happy Family.

- Ep started in a cruiser, David and company were resting in that cruiser. Julia and Riku then abroad the crusier, Riku's shining with excitement to see George again but was devastated when David told him that George's dead. Saya's in this dream again, he saw his father walking into a door then when she peeked through the door, she saw a girl same face as her with long hair and blood's all over her face/mouth. Saya got up from the dream, heard Kai calling for Riku. Riku hasn't been eating for days and wasn't accepting that George's dead. Reporter, Okamura went to the site where the military had blown up ... and was having doubts abt the news saying some bomber had caused the incident. Then while having ramen, he overheard a guy saying he heard planes flying off after bombing the place. Followed by men in yellow suits going in to clear the place.

- Okamura was then reminded of the time he saw photos of men in yellow suits at the professor's place a few Eps ago and asked the guy to tell him more about it. David gave Julia some chips he took from the Yanbaru military place and told her to analyze it but it's going to take some time. Meanwhile, Julia asked what David is going to do about Kai and Riku and told him to give them advices or wat. David shrugged it off and said people will go through that sooner or later. Saya's having her meal and recalled what George told her before his death ... 'No matter what happens, follow the path you believe in, accept your past.' Hagi's playing his bass violin, Saya walked over and asked Hagi to tell her about her past. Kai's recalling about the time with George and them together ... about them being family and if they should be apart, he will use boiled rice to stick them together.

- Kai then pointed out that, the one suffering the most is Saya cos she's the one who killed George. Hagi showed some cool moves lol with the blade to Saya and said that's the link with her past and fight with Chiroptera and she might find her answer. The analyze's complete, there's no data of Delta 67. Report, Okamura went to investigate on a dump site where the Yanbaru's debris were thrown there. The person in charge told him that he also the men in yellow suits too and in the trash he saw boxes of wine. Okamura went to the company handling the wine and the person told him that the wines are from a company in Vietnam. Scene change to Julia saying that Lycee de Cinq Fleshe's a boarding school for girls and why would the US military order wine from a school? ... [WOOOO EXCITING! LOL] Saya seemed to accept her past/fate and started training with her blade.

- Saya said that she'll try her best, so that everyone can face tomorrow with a smile. This quote is taken from George ... Riku 'forgave' Saya and they're one happy family again.

Art: 7/10 [Hm, the standard's abit back.]
Story: 7/10 [Wooo interesting ...]
Characters: 6.5/10 [... Happy family~]
Overall: 6.5/10

New crappy deadlines in my little dark blue planner ... sigh.

To Do List:
1. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 by Sun By 27th Jan
2. BPC Assessment crap to do by Sun
3. Do stupid Walking Advertisement for roadshow
4. Beg Daddy to lend van/lorry/car watever
5. Bishan ITE roadshow Wed/Thurs
6. Watch Animes - Naruto 168, Fate/stay Night 1 Tonight
7. Watch Animes - Blood+ 8-13, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13 by ... goodness knows when.
8. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
9. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
10. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay! woot!
11. Submit BB data entries on 1 Feb
12. Submit LAM data entries by 27th Jan

Soon to come to do list;
1. IB Walmart PPT by 7 Feb
2. Analysis on LAM Project on Week 14/15
3. LAM Part 3 Project by 9 Feb
4. Analysis on BB Project on Week 15
5. SMM Project 2 PPT on Week 15
6. SMM Project 2 by 13 Feb
7. BPC Peer Assessment file by 13 Feb
8. BPC Final PPT - We're Grp3 - 9am on 15 Feb
9. BPC Individual Report by 17 Feb
10. Bring Valentine Day pressies for 'Darling ZY', 'Sweet [Inserts HEART Picture LOL!] XT', 'Chubby J' & 'Wonderful QW' ... like real. LOL. -.-|||

Sigh, i hate cny, i hate lam, i hate ib, i hate bb, i hate smm, i hate bpc ... god, why squeeze everything together, think we all superma.. i mean superpeople izzit? Dammit. So fun izzit. Dammit. I jump down for u to see then u all know. Dammit. I won't even die even if i jump from my home. Dammit. DAMMIT! WHY WHY! I'm like so many stuff in my freaking mind.

The one thing that's pissing me really off right down is the dumb BB questionnaires. God, i still got 5 to go. Ok if i ask my uncle to do one then i still got 4 to go. No neighbours to ask. Dammit. Why did i live in such a rural place. Now i have to go out and ask men. Dammit. How am i gonna ask? dammit i hate it dammit.

Ok, let's tok abt animes. Enough of the crappy dumb school stuff. Ok i'm not blogging Fate/stay Night ... cos i know nothing of it and i'm juz watching cos everyone's watching. I'm not blogging Kagihime Monogatari Eikyuu Alice Rinbukyoku either ... cos nothing. I got no time i guess. Then i'm blogging Kashimashi ~Girl Meets Girl~ though XD cos i read the manga and it's pretty good and everyone's saying it's pretty good too yeah so it's good i guess XD.

Next, i'm dropping Pani Poni Dash! ... reason? Sub's slow, i'm slow and no motivation. I wanna drop Gokujou Seitokai too but i dun wanna, i wanna finish it!!! LoL. Really i do. XD. Ok tat's all i guess.

OHHH YES! Mai HiME #3's out!!! WOOT! Mikoto's on the cover and it's pretty cool, but i like the Natsuki cover more lol XD. Fruits Basket #15's out too and MAR #2. Hm. Fruits Basket's ending soon ... sigh and i know the latest happenings lol. Will Tohru die? Or not?! XO it's such a spoiler already LOL.

Then last night i was listening to A1's Same Old Brand New You ... hahaha i was reminded of Secondary school days ... sigh it was fun XD. Currently, i'm loving Can't Fight The Moonlight, it's so nice hahaha ... ahhh secondary 3-4 days were so fun. Now poly's gonna be over ... wat is in stall for me? I dunno. I juz wanna get this dumb stuff i listed above over and done. Cya i wanna watch animes ... no i'm going to watch Campus Superstar lol i missed last week's ... damn.

Later then watch Fate/stay night and Kagihime ba, oh the art for anime Kagihime ain't tat appealing to me ba ... cos i got high standards for Kaishaku's art so ... i'm feeling a little disappointed with the anime's art. So cya ba.

[Signing off @ 8:00 PM]

PS: Lalala.

YanZi SK Jewellery Advertisement @ 21st Jan 2006 Straits Times LIFE!

[Posted @ 10:53 PM]
Cos i feel like posting this XD.
It's FULL PAGE! Colour! Must be damn expensive lol and the printing is pretty good too lol.

YanZi SK Jewellery Advertisement @ 21st Jan 2006 Straits Times LIFE!

I slacked the whole day, reading fanfics and didn't get outta bed till around 1pm lol. Then uncles didn't come so i still got 5 more. Sigh i got no motivation sia. LoL, luckily looking at the BIG Full Page SK Jewellery Ad ... i feel so darn happy lol.

Here's my to do list again;
1. Finish IB Starbucks PPT by Sat Fri which is tonight I'm still going XD.
2. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 by Sun By 27th Jan
3. BPC Assessment crap to do by Sun
4. Bishan ITE roadshow Wed/Thurs
9. Watch Animes - Naruto 166-167, Naruto 168, Blood+ 8-13, Fate/stay Night 1, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13 by ... goodness knows when.
10. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
11. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
12. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay! woot!
13. Submit BB data entries on 1 Feb

Soon to come to do list;
1. IB Walmart PPT by 7 Feb
2. LAM Part 3 Project by 9 Feb
3. Analysis on BB Project on Week 15
4. SMM Project 2 PPT on Week 15
5. SMM Project 2 by 13 Feb
6. Bring Valentine Day pressies for 'Darling ZY', 'Sweet [Inserts HEART Picture LOL!] XT', 'Chubby J' & 'Wonderful QW' ... like real. LOL. -.-|||

Reckon that's all, yeah gotta go rush my IB Starbuck PPT le, must do and send my grpmates by tonight. Then continue reading fanfics yay. Cya.

[Signing off @ 11:00 PM]

PS: Sigh. IB. Sucks.

Trip To Little India

[Posted @ 9:18 PM]
Damn freaking tired then i had my PMS somemore ... sigh. So we did our LAM surveys from 12 noon to around 5pm ba then we had late lunch, early dinner at BK lol. XT and me ate but ZY drank coke. So yeah, we managed to finish heh by hook or by crook.

Here's my to do list again;
1. Meet SG tomorrow to collect BB surveys @ 10am
2. Rush to Little India MRT station to meet ZY, XT and JX for LAM survey trip @ 11.30am
3. Do abit of IB Starbucks PPT
4. Finish IB Starbucks PPT by Sat Fri which is tonight
5. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 by Sun
6. LAM Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
7. BPC Assessment crap to do by Sun
8. Bishan ITE roadshow wed/thurs
9. Watch Animes - Naruto 166-168, Blood+ 8-13, Fate/stay Night 1, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13 by ... goodness knows when.
10. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
11. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
12. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay! woot!
13. Submit BB data entries on 1 Feb

Soon to come to do list;
1. IB Walmart PPT by 7 Feb
2. LAM Part 3 Project by 9 Feb
3. Analysis on BB Project on Week 15
4. SMM Project 2 PPT on Week 15
5. SMM Project 2 by 13 Feb
6. Bring Valentine Day pressies for 'Darling ZY', 'Sweet [Inserts HEART Picture LOL!] XT', 'Chubby J' & 'Wonderful QW' ... like real. LOL. -.-|||

Haha, ok ... it's a boring day, surveying tourists and stuff, met quite a bit and most of them are friendly and nice. Cos the survey's pretty short, like only 10qns haha. Then i had i scare juz now, while going home, i suddenly remembered to return XT her student card, then i realized i didn't have JY's student card with me. Kaoz i was sooooooo worried!!! I was like in the bus, thinking of the places i been to for the past 2 days hahaha then wanna search the places. Then i got home, searched my bag and the whole freaking house. After a while then i had no choice but to sms JY abt it. Then she lol sms me back and said nvm and said her friend found her student card. I was like OMFG! MFG! GOGOFG! LOL. Manz, really scared me, it's the first time in my 19 years that i lost SOMEONE'S stuff. Really. I'm a usually careful person.

Ah, anyways satays are waiting for me cya lol.
Read fanfics! Do IB! Yay!

[Signing off @ 9:47 PM]

PS: ... fanfics fanfics~ animes on tv yay~ but ... still got 5 more bb qns! DAMN!

School Rumble OVA 2

[Posted @ 9:39 PM]
M.I.A for the last 3 days. Sorry. No mood to blog. I haven't got my pics yet, cos my mum asked the attachment student to our company to help develop the films and she was sick so she can't give it to us. MANZ! LoL. Slacked around on monday, didn't go for LAM lec, cos it's like noone's going duh! lol. Anyways here's School Rumble OVA 2.

I Salute Imadori For His 'Bravery'!The Result When You Piss Lala Off LoL.Kawaii Family!
Eri, Ojou-sama Style!Shy Yakumo.Forlorn Yakumo.

- Started with what's his name again? That delinquent wannabe lol trying to chat up with Harima LOL. When the delinquent wannabe wanted to sit on Tenma's chair, Harima bashed him up really bad LOL cos delinquent wannabe guy called Tenma by first name LOL XD. Next Ichijou as a part-timer in this 'WAS' fast food restaurant, then Imadori walked in and was confused on why one side of the register is full of people and the other, empty.

- Cos Lala was the person serving in that counter ... LOL and she's really ... unfriendly. LOL then Imadori actually asked for a 'Smile' from Lala LOL!!! I really admire Imadori's guts LOL. LOL really, i do really lol. Needless to say, he got pulverized like a rag doll LOL!!!!!! While walking home, Imadori's dog was ... uh playing with Lala haha, then Imadori's dog's way made Lala smiled =D. Imadori happened to see it ...

- Next day, Imadori returned, hiding below his dog, hoping that Lala would smile when she saw his dog LOL. Toldja i really admired Imadori's guts LOL!!!! Well he got pulverized again XD.

- Next part, School Rumble cast goes prehistoric. [I just read this part in the manga~ =D] Karasuma was the first to create anime?! LOL. Then they found Hanai like he's dead but he's not really LOL. Cos he reacted to the fire where Akira had placed him in LOL XD. Akira simply said 'Oh, so you're alive afterall.' LOL!!! That means she knew lol. Hanai related how he fell ... and he said he saw a giant, Mammoth, Devil Tusk.

- Next scene, LOL Eri as the queen commanding the people to begin counter-measure operation! LOL. Meanwhile, Harima craving a pic of Tenma on the rocks LOL. So the 'Kill Mammoth' Operation begins when Harima suggested that they use the black rock he used to make the craving to kill the Mammoth. Everyone disagreed at first till the senseis, Itoko and friend [SORRY I FORGOT HER NAME!] came and said it's worth the try XD.

- So they went with it lol, Tenmma's was like 'That's great Harima-kun!!'. Then Harima went 'YOSHHAAAA!!! LOL' in his mind but acted indifferent. Then in Harima's mind got this scenario LOL that Tenma's his wife, then their 4 children were cheering for him LOL!!!!! [Kawaii~~~~~] So the mammoth came marching in ... Harima stabbed the mammoth at the side haha, and hanged on to it while the mammoth walked past.

- However, Ichijou and Lala got better ideas, just trip & tied the legs of that Mammoth and they got it LOL XD. So everyone had Mammoth meat and the heroines are Ichijou and Lala! Harima ... forgotten LOL. A while later, Tenma walked up to Harima and gave him the trunk meat of the mammoth LOL XD. Harima then carved the smiling face of Tenma on a rock again.

- -Present Time- Tenma and Yakumo are in a museum and they saw the rock Harima had carved on, Yakumo went like 'Nee-san, i think it looks like you.' LOL!!!

- Next part, oohh Harima x Yakumo scene, Yakumo's in Harima's house, helping up with the manga Harima's doing. Suddenly, there was a power shortage and the lights went out ... Harima got a candle out and they continued doing the manga. Then Harima got an inspiration from seeing Yakumo under the candle lights. Then Harima asked Yakumo to play out heroine so that he would be able to capture the image better haha.

- Harima then got too ... absorbed in his acting then ... then Yakumo's next line was 'Suki.' [I like you.] LOL! Harima got hyped up that he grabbed Yakumo's shoulders and said he'll make her happy and stuff ... [He's lost in his world XD] In his world, he saw Yakumo as Tenma-chan and Yakumo could finally saw the words appearing behind Harima ... 'Kawaii~' with the name 'Tenma-chan' hidden.

- Yakumo thought she's dreaming ... then the girl from her dreams asked her if she hates men or like them? Yakumo didn't said anything but blushed. -END- OMIGOD! I can feel Yakumo falling for Harima XD. ED's a little different, same song but different scenes behind. Kayyaaahh we're treated to chibi Tenma, Eri, Akira, Yakumo, Iori and Mikoto doing what Harima does in the School Rumble Series.

- Then the background of the chibis are the guys from 2-C and 2-D. Ahh~ so well-built XD especially Harima XD. Haha. School Rumble Season 2, Cultural Festival, coming in spring 2006! I'm reading the chapters abt it in the manga hahaha, damn funny XD. Can't waittttttttttttttt!

Art: 8/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Gotta love Imadori scene, Harima x Yakumo scene but a little short & the mammoth scene haha.]
Characters: 7/10 [Yakumo~~~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Sigh then Tuesday we had IB, supposed to have IB presentation on Starbucks but we screwed up on the ppt content, so luckily the tutor said we could present it next week cos she missed the workshop with us and we're like on the losing end compared to other classes. And i love that! LoL, so the questions we need to present are mostly in textbook and i assure u, i didn't use the information i had in the ppt from the textbook. Everything researched from the internet lol. Luckily, smart me, know the WEBSITE for the textbook!!! LOL the answers are like in point forms for me to juz COPY and PASTE! YAY! LOL.

I love it when i'm so smart in researching LOL. Jealous? LOL. After that, on wed we had LAM tutorial and half the class's not there cos they went on the SMM Hong Kong trip ahaha and some juz plainly forgot LOL but quite ok la, relax tutorial, we juz chat and said our answers verbally. The most funny thing is XT didn't know we had LAM tut and we called her in the classroom and the tutor overheard our conversation and talked to her hahahah. XT didn't know at first XD. She was like 'Huh, got LAM tutorial meh?!' LOL. Everyone in the class heard that hahahhaa. Later in the night, C told me over MSN he didn't know got LAM tutorial too lol.

Then i did my SMM and BB e-learning tutorials on tuesday and wednesday. LoL, answer and comment. Then i helped LC did hers, cos she can't go online. Hope i did ok. LoL, i did like entirely different questions for her. For example in BB e-tut, i did Q3, then for LC's i did Q2. Sigh it was hard work so i pushed doing my IB Starbucks PPT to tonight. Oh today i went to nyp open house to have fun and collect goodies bag ... MY FOOT! LOL i went to visit my old time secondary buddy, SG, actually not really, i asked a favour from her cos we need like the BB questionnaire, we need to have four Indian men from age 25-49. So thank god, SG has all of the above. Yay. So i went nyp to pass the questionnaires to her lol. I know i'm a bad friend XD. Then we chatted and stuff XD, enjoyed myself, laughing and remembering the old good days where we did evil and nasty stuff to people and bitch abt our teachers and principal LOL.

One funny incident is that while we're chatting, a 3-4cm long french fry dropped in front of me from nowhere!!! LOL I was like totally shocked then SG was like ... WTF? LoL. She thought it's the like the yellow nose-supporting thing from my specs but it's not. It's a freaking FRENCH FRY!!! LOL. Then SG was like saying, probably some bird dropped it. I was like looking around and saw a tiny little sparrow behind me and there's no way that tiny bird could carry that 3-4cam long french fry in that 1cm wide mouth!! LOL. So i'm still wondering where the hell it came from.

Anyways after chatting left, bought Mirmo Zibang! #8 from CC and went home happily chomping a S$2 McChicken i bought hehe. After that hmmmm, slacked around, reading fanfics, organizing my thoughts, write them on paper and smsing ZY about our trip to Little India tomorrow. No, we're not going there to play, we're going there to interview tourists for our LAM Part 3 project. Sianz. TWO types surveys before Chinese New Year! I MUST FINISH them by THIS WEEK! By tomorrow must finish all 7-8 of my LAM questionnaires cos i dun wanna go Little India again. And by Sunday, i aim to finish my 8 BB questionnaires! My dad did one and SG helped me to finish one too, so i'm left with 6 and i hope my uncle comes on saturday then i'm left with 4! Then i'll probably go out on saturday to spot victims, cos there's no men at home le! LoL.

Anyways, off to do IB Starbucks PPT, i think i'll probably juz copy and paste from the web then later edit. Sigh, finishing my questionnaires is my first priority right now. I can't sleep well lol, i hate doing surveys, it makes me so stressed up. IB too! Manz, then roadshow at Bishan ITE coming up next week, gonna be a busy week ... sigh.

Let me list things to do;
1. Meet SG tomorrow to collect BB surveys @ 10am
2. Rush to Little India MRT station to meet ZY, XT and JX for LAM survey trip @ 11.30am
3. Do abit of IB Starbucks PPT
4. Finish IB Starbucks PPT by Sat
5. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
6. LAM Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
7. BPC Assessment crap
8. Bishan ITE roadshow wed/thurs
9. Watch Animes - Naruto 166-168, Blood+ 8-13, Fate/stay Night 1, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13
10. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA
11. Buy new earpiece
12. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay!

Guess that's all, i'll update tomorrow and stuff. Oh there's new anime, Samurai 7, started last night, it's pretty cool, i was switching in between Amercia's Next Top Model and Samurai 7 lol. Ahhh, ok, read fanfics, cya.

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

PS: -.-|||

Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert Feelings

[Posted @ 9:41 PM]
Pics need time to develop so i juz took a shot of the stuff i got from the concert.
1. The Ticket [Duh]
2. YanZi Concert Pamphlet
3. Singapore Idol, Channel 5 'Do Not Disturb' Door ... dunno wat?
4. Light Stick i bought for S$1.50 from yanziunlimited fanclub


I sat at PA Row 1 Seat 12 which is facing YanZi's back most of the time but she got turn here also la lol, at the first half of the song facing in front and the second change to facing us, they rotate de la lol. Then got one scene, i think when YanZi sung dunno if it's 'Ai Qing Zhi Dian' or 'Hai Pa', she was like right in front of the PA side in that cute, pretty, beautiful yellow dress~ I almost wanna run up sia lol but got staff there hahaha XD.

Anyways i used my MP3 player to record the whole thing but cos i'm in front of the freaking speakers lol, the whole time i was hearing was 'ZZZZZAAAAZAAAA ZZAAAA ZAAAA' lol so ask me send u also no use de, you can't hear anything. Damn, so wasted lol.

Anyways, here's the list of songs YanZi sung~~~~

Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert:

Start around 8:20-25 PM ba, was too excited to look at watch XD.
Sorry if i missed out anything;

1. Feng Zheng [Wo Bu Yaoooooo~]
2. Ben
3. Kai Shi Dong Le
4. Wo Bu Nan Guo
5. Man Man Lai
-- Break - Change Clothes
6. Shen Qi
7. Nan De Yi Jian
8. Tong Lei
9. Wo Bu Ai
-- F.I.R -> Guests
10. First Day aka Di Yi Tian [We stood up, waved and stomped the place lol]
-- YanZi Break - Change Clothes [YanZi smiled, waved and gave a blowing kiss to us!!! LUCKY!! XD]
11. F.I.R - Lydia
12. F.I.R - Ai De Li Liang
-- F.I.R Left, YanZi's Back In New Set of Clothes
13. Zu Ni Kai Xing
14. Ai Qing Zhi Dian
15. Hai Pa
16. Wo Yao De Xing Fu
-- Break - Change Clothes
17. Zhi Lai Zhi Wang
18. Chao Kuai Gan
19. Shui Tang Che Yan
-- No light/dance, no change of clothes, just a chair haha XD
20. Silent All These Years
21. Leave Me Alone
-- Tanya Chua -> Guest
22. Yuan Dian
-- They chatted, YanZi & Tanya got 'Kuo Fu', We got 'Er Fu' Hahaha. XD
23. Mo Sheng Ren
-- Tanya Left
24. Wan Mei De Yi Tian
-- Break -> Slideshow of the behind-the-scene workers
25. Zhong
26. Wo De Ai
27. Yu Jian
-- Thank You Note, LOL YanZi whipped out a note, then started with a damn mono tone voice lol 'Thank You Warner Music Taiwan' Blah.
28. Zhe Yi Ke, The Moment
-- Encore Scene:
-- We chanted 'YanZi YanZi YanZi' for a min or so XD.
-- The music started 'Boom, Boom, Boom', our chants for YanZi increased, then music died down lol we went like 'WTF?' LoL.
-- But then YanZi blasted in, in a new set of clothes XD.
29. Lu Guang Green Light
-- We stood up, did the 'Kallang Wave', stomped the ground when we sung Meng Bu Luo XD.
30. Meng Bu Luo
- I typed out the message YanZi said exactly. [But i might miss some]

'其实我是一个比较不会讲话的人你们都知道,可是我觉得啊,我刚才起来的时候我想说,应该有一半的人都走了,因为你们都知道新加坡人习惯他们习惯就是[哈哈]大赛车然后赶快去把车开走,所以谢谢大家谢谢你们都留下来。其实还蛮想跟你们分享我昨天晚上在看书的时候,看到一句东西让我觉得突然间就是停下来这个样子,它讲说 'Men should not choose no, sorry, Men should not accept our destiny, we should choose it.' 我刚选择这个path的时候i don't know what lies ahead 可是就象每个人一样下面几分钟会发生什么事情我们都不知道,可是我们要往前因为we have faith and we have trust. 谢谢大家在某个阶段里对我有信心还有鼓励。结下来呢带给大家我第一次出道的歌曲,天黑黑。'

31. Tian Hei Hei
-- We sung together loudly with YanZi in Tian Hei Hei esp Ti Or Or LOL.
-- END --

-- YanZi Sung 1 Song [Di Yi Tian] with F.I.R, 2 Songs [Yuan Dian, Mo Shen Ren] with Tanya Chua.

I tell u, we're pretty high at PA, standing to rock the place when YanZi sung 'First Day' with F.I.R and Meng Bu Luo. I never did that at Start Concert 2002 sia. Hahaha. i was screaming so hard also, hahaha waved till my right arm ache so much till now i'm like resting my right hand on the table as i typed hahaha. Hahaha then my voice so ... soft this morni.. uh i mean afternoon cos i woke up at around 2pm ba hahaha then i went to bath XD.

So damn tired, then even i even got sore eye sia hahaha, so bad, but worth it la. For YanZi!!! It's been a long 4 years XD. So damn happy XD XD XD.

Ok, gotta go rush IB. I tell you, i wanted to start at 5pm de but there's no anime at 4pm so i started at 4pm lor. Sianz. I went yahoo, search for news for Starbucks and tried to do Question A and B. Then i saw the mail C and XT sent me. I. Was. A. Little. Well nvm.

Then after i researched, it was 5pm le, i copied, pasted, organized my thoughts, it was 6pm le. Then i began editing the stuff and going through the websites, then compare the Starbucks website of the different countries, it was like 7pm le. So i took a break by going to feed my parrots. Then it was 7.30pm i go watch Tuxedo on Channel 5. Lol it was funny.

Then juz now i was slacking around, i dun wanna start IB. Sianz sia. Oh going to watch The Apprentice le cya.

[Signing off @ 10:01 PM]

PS: Fanfics fanfics i wanna read fanfics~~~

Juz Came Home From Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!

[Posted @ 12:41 AM]
God, 4 words. YanZi's Concert FUCKING ROCKED.

SO GREAT, YanZi's live is soooo great that it's like listening to the CDs themselves. Although YanZi forgot some lyrics in the starting but later she caught up by looking at the big screen in front of her hahaha.

Then guest stars F.I.R and Tanya Chua! F.I.R sung Lydia and Ai something lol i'll post the full thing in the afternoon, i need to bath. Then Tanya and YanZi sung Yuan Dian and Mo Shen Ren. Woo.

FREAKING ROCKS MAH!!! I never scream so hard in my whole life before. My voice is like so husky and sexy hahahahahhahaha. Look out my friends on Monday hahahaha. Luckily i not presenting for IB ppt sia if not present till halfway suddenly 'lost voice' hahahaha...

So damn highhhhhhhhh~~~ cya afternoon for more post cya cya

[Signing off @ 12:45 AM]

PS: since i used the normal cam, i need to wait till i go develop it ba ahaha then i dunno if the shots nice or not, i only took 20+ blahhhhhh.

Today's Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!!!!

[Posted @ 1:31 PM]

I figured i better post now in case i faint from sheer pleasure of the waiting excitement lol XD. I dun think anyone saw me this excited before, i mean i dun really like showing how excited i am on the face. But with words, boy i think i can do a good job XD.

Manz, i'm feeling a little pissed from seeing those 'Bandwidth Exeeded' thingys when i surf around my blog. Well sorry, free stuff are like that i guess haha, everything will be back to normal when it's 28th Jan i guess, yeah. A daily visit of around 300, no wonder photobucket cocked up on me XD. But luckily i created like 3 accounts, so when one account is up, i used the second account XD. Actually i got more than 3 lol, the other few are filled with YanZi pictures and wallpapers with the url over at my stefanie_yz website haha.

Argh why am i saying this? I'm off topic!

Ok, anyways i'm damn damn damn excited XD. Finally today's the day!!! YAY, i've been grinning like an idiot since this morning hahahaha. [Imagine, my friends =D] I slept at 1.30am last night then i woke up at 9.30am hmm then i rolled back to sleep for another 1hr before i got up and brushed my teeth, looked around for food then switch on lappy and surf the Street Directory and SBS website heh. I dunno how to go to Singapore Indoor Stadium via bus, last time i went was my uncle drove me there. So yeah.

Now i'm debating to bring cam or not with LC last night over MSN.

13/01/2006 9:11:20 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : then next week is a boring week
13/01/2006 9:11:38 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : today u in sch
13/01/2006 9:11:49 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : yeah
13/01/2006 9:11:58 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : then u charge ur camera batt le ma
13/01/2006 9:12:09 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : take more pics or video
13/01/2006 9:12:12 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : for mi to c ok
13/01/2006 9:12:19 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : hehez
13/01/2006 9:12:43 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : cannot take la
13/01/2006 9:12:48 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : i scared they take away
13/01/2006 9:12:52 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : /yay
13/01/2006 9:12:58 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : why cant
13/01/2006 9:13:00 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : digital cam le, if they take away i damn sian
13/01/2006 9:13:03 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : u hide the camera
13/01/2006 9:13:12 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : wat if they search
13/01/2006 9:13:12 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : when u first go in
13/01/2006 9:13:15 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : wah damn scared
13/01/2006 9:13:18 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : i don think they check
13/01/2006 9:13:29 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : cos if so many ppl how to check
13/01/2006 9:13:33 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : u think, now got those terrorist attacks and wat
13/01/2006 9:13:35 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : can de
13/01/2006 9:13:39 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : if they want, they will
13/01/2006 9:13:56 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : so i bring those normal cam
13/01/2006 9:14:03 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : if they take away, at least i feel abit happy
13/01/2006 9:14:04 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : oh ok
13/01/2006 9:14:10 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : but cant c clearly ma
13/01/2006 9:14:22 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : dunno
13/01/2006 9:14:23 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : why they take away u still feel happy
13/01/2006 9:14:28 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : lol
13/01/2006 9:14:33 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : then can buy new one
13/01/2006 9:14:34 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : haha
13/01/2006 9:14:40 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : the normal cam so old le
13/01/2006 9:15:37 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : oh so u taking this chance to replace ur old one
13/01/2006 9:15:43 PM 不是因为寂寞才想你 而是因为想你才寂寞 孤独的感觉之所以如此之重 是因为想你想得太深 : hahahahahahahaha
13/01/2006 9:16:15 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : yep
13/01/2006 9:16:15 PM | -MATERIALISE!- | Tomorrow Is Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!! | Animes Watched: [0/8] | : hahaha

Ha, so the result is BRING LOL. Anyways i'm tired, i wanna go read fanfics then bath at 3pm, i dun think i'll post the pics, it's for my own pleasure viewing only and my friends XD. CyA THEN!~

[Signing off @ 2:10 PM]

PS: woohoo woohoo wohooo~~~ I'm counting down lol. 5hrs and 50mins!

T-W-O More Days To Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!

[Posted @ 9:41 PM]
Click Here to book a ticket online from Sistic website. XD

Stefanie Sun Live in Singapore 2006
Brought to you by VizPro, MediaCorp TV12
14th Jan 2006, Sat

MANZ! I've never been this excited in my whole life before. Well, except for eating ... and watching animes ... and reading mangas ... STOP! LoL. But this is farmost one of the most exciting of event of my life! The last part was Stefanie Sun START Concert 2002 hahaha, it's been 4 long years, and yep, it's time to create a sensational impression in my life once again!

So i'm so hyped up tat i can't watch animes lol, or rather i'm lazy and stuff. Was rushing to combine and touch on LAM Part 2 Project last night ... yeah then i took breaks to watch America's Next Top Model & animes while i wait for the last part to be sent to me then i copy-paste, edited, standardized the wordings and stuff ... then re-edit everything from top to bottom, re-read everything again then splitted the contents, do up content page, appendix, bibliography using the citation machine and cover page. By the time i was done, it was like 1am le, i strolled down to the office, grabbed a can of coke from the office fridge, switched on the PC, waited, stuck my mp3 player USB port in, printed the stuff and happily drinking the coke ha XD. Drinking coke at 1am is so shiok XD.

After clicking print, i continued drinking while lazing around blasting the tracks on my mp3 XD. I played 'MATERIALISE' i think 3 times lol XD then i fantasized about piercing my left ear with Natsuki's GEM, i'm sure Natsuki's GEM's a Diamond and i love Diamond ear studs, then go 'MATERIALISE' LOL. [Inserts Silly Grin] XD.

Well, i think the printing took around 15-20mins, cos the appendix got pictures and stuff from Little India. Then when i got up it's around 1.30am le then i read a chapter from the fanfic i was reading, then shut down lappy and went to bed a happy girl XD.

Now's IB turn, i feel stressed up when it's IB presentations and projects ... i dunno why. I almost had a nerve system break down at the IB Game project and i had no idea why. Sigh. I'm lazy to do the slides ahhhhhhhh!!~ Question A and B ... why are you so difficult????!!! LoL, who call me dumb to choose them sigh. Guess i have to swallow it down, i dun like blaming on others cos i will do and say what i like and if i regret it, it's cos of my own problem.

It's like i like to combine reports, most people complain of combining reports all the time, but i guess i enjoy. I can stay up to 3-4am to wait for my grp mates to send me their parts then combine the report, print it out and see the finished report with a grin on my face. It gives me self-satisfaction instead of stress.

What i didn't like is messaging me in the middle of the night when i'm done with editing and print of the report and say 'Hey there's something wrong about it.
DAMN, i'll be darn pissed off but i'll still re-edit and re-print it cos it's a mistake and i won't jeopardize the whole group's marks cos i had already printed it out. Anyways, off with the crappy project stuff XD.

I'm happy! 2 more days yay! I'll probably be drop-dead tired on sunday morning! YAY and it's worth it~~~ But damn sure i'll sneak take pics XD. I like to make it a memorable experience.

Time to read fanfics then start on IB at ... midnight ba hahaha i'll be dead to the world at BB tut tomorrow i reckon.

[Signing off @ 10:17 PM]


School Rumble OVA 1 + 5 More Days

[Posted @ 10:03 PM]
Oh Oh. Ya know, it feeelsss so great to sleep in the last two days that i was lazing around bed with no intention of getting up till afternoons XD. Cos it's raining! Soo cold, so comfortable ... makes me wanna hibernate haha. Really. It rained for a full day last night that i simply lazed around, rolling on my bed like a sushi XD. Anyways here's School Rumble OVA 1 summary~

Yakumo!When Yakumo First Saw Sarah.Must. Let. Me. Have. That. Seat.
XD S&M!Using Her Hair =OLOL! SO KAWAII!!!!

- Ep started with ... eh what's his name? LOL. Not sure XD. Some delinquent wannabe and he wanted to get into Harima's good looks. So he said 'Ah, Harima, you're in 2-D?' then got whacked LOL! I remembered this from the manga, Tenma's in class 2-C ba ... and Harima desperately wants to go there too lol, in the end he begged the teacher to change him there when in the end he was not even in Year2 but demoted to Year1 LOL. -Slots in OP-

- The next part of the Ep's abt the yurilicious [Kyaaahh~ With all the sakura petals floating around.] flashback of how Yakumo and Sarah + Iori met. Followed the manga pretty closely =D. YAKUMOOO YUMMILICIOUS~ Ha. Yakumo's got this ... ability to read the minds of people. Manz, Yakumo looks so lonely here cos the girls are too afraid to approach her. Yakumo looks way too heavenly ... ha. There's this incident where her cat, Iori was attacked by some wacko dog.

- Yakumo rushed in and tried to protect Iori, then looked out to the crowd for help but the crowd expects Yakumo to handle it by herself. Suddenly Sarah came into the picture and saved the day with her 'Wan-wan~' HAHAHAHA. Yay. Finally, Yakumo got a friend =D.

- Next part, Tenma and Karasuma are in the same class. Tenma's powered up to be seated next to Karasuma. Then came the hit, they're assigned to seat via lucky draw. LOL. Tenma was like ... 'AHHH WHHHYYY!?' LOL. Then she had to get number 6 to be sited in front of Karasuma lol. She got number 6 ... nope she got 9 lol she saw wrongly LOL. Then number 9 is wayyy front, 'Box Seat' LOL! Harima was like ... what? Tenma's in front and treatened to be sited in front too.

- Juz then, the guy who sat on seat 6 wanted to change and Tenma volunteered to. LOL. LOL Tenma was like bowing so rapidly to the guy [Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu~ lol. Harima was then sat next to the guy at the front sit LOL. Then Harima changed back la lol, so Tenma sat in front of Karasuma and Harima is beside Tenma. =D.

- Next part, Yakumo in the art room, drawing a portrait of herself cos she had slept through an art lecture ... Yakumo seems to have trouble drawing a nice expression. While drawing, a girl suddenly appeared in front of Yakumo and then said she's not human and stuff then attacked Yakumo. The girl asked Yakumo if she likes men or hates them. Yakumo said she doesn't hate them and doesn't have a person she like too.

- The girl questioned why and said she knew Yakumo could hear the thoughts of people who are interested in her. Yakumo replied cos she could see and so she could understand ... and doesn't really got a reason. The girl seems to accept that reason for now ... and left. Yakumo is back to the art room ... and a nice expression of herself was on the portrait.

- Last part, Mikoto, Eri and Tenma are in an Female Onsen. [Hot Spring.] Harima, Hanai and Imadori are in the Male Onsen lol and they heard the voices of the girls. Imadori ... went 'D! D! D! D!' LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Then he tried to go peek. Harima rushed to listen when he heard Tenma mentioned his name. LOL.

- Tenma told everyone that Harima's trying to hit on Yakumo ... LoL. Hanai's pulling Imadoki from climbling over to peek lol then suddenly the wooden plank separating the male and the female side turned up. Revealing Harima there standing on tiptoes. As Eri was sitting in a position where she could see him, she stared at him with this LOL damn kawaii disgusted expression.

- The worst is that Harima's towel ... came off and lol Eri's expression, still disgusted, eye brow twitching with a little blush was shown lol!!!!! But in the end, she didn't gave Harima out and said she saw a monkey ran pass LOL.

- LoL on side note, i love the part where the girl in Yakumo's 'dream' went to ask Tenma if Tenma likes men LOL. Then Tenma was like 'Ah, DAISUKI!!!!' LOL and placed her right hand behind her head like she's a little shy XD. LoL damn funny action/expression that i had to repeat around 5 times LOL.

- Enjoyable Ep~ woot, i'm looking forward to season 2 really~ hahaha the art's nice, humour's there~ and the story's pretty ... uh cool too. Ha =D. Nice ED lol, the part where Harima and Tenma went to buy a present for Karasuma's birthday and Tenma fell asleep on Harima's shoulders XD. Quite magical lol. I'm waiting for OVA 2~

Art: 8/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Sent me laughing for 25mins XD]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Eri-chan~ Yakumo-chan~]
Overall: 8/10

Ok, i'm procrastinating. I admit. LoL, but i was really rolling around in bed, didn't want to move. I didn't do anything for my projects XD. Anyways, ah, hm. Nothing much today. Went to school for LAM lec ... boring. About casinos, gambling ... what impulsive gamblers and stuff. After that my grp talked a little on the LAM project then went for SMM lec. LoL, almost slept. But i kept myself awake by taking down notes. The lecturer even said we're good today LOL. Cos half of us were probably stoning LOL. That's why! LoL.

Was watching Super ... uh Super ... oh yes Campus SuperStar on Channel U lol i know the mandarin title but didn't know the english title hahaa. Oh, sorry i was browsing the website of Campus SuperStar XD. Anyways, i think YanZi's the best XD. Oh let's count down to her concert k? -See subject XD- 5 MORE DAYS! YEAH!

Cya, wanna go read fanfics then ... sleep like a baby~~~ btw i'm reading this damn complicated 3 way love triangle. SO COOL! LOL. I'm so loving it and i'm hooked!

[Signing off @ 10:26 PM]


[Posted @ 9:07 PM]
... a bad morning, didn't managed to catch ZY's message last night so i woke up at 10am this morning, bathed, changed my clothes and even put on my socks to prepare to go to school. And what do i get?

'Hey, akayuki we r not meeting 2morow already cos only u me n QW can make it...we will meet on mon instead ok?'

DIAOZ! I placed down my handphone calmly and practically did the Macaulay Culkin [From Home Alone 1] 'ARGHHHH!!' with both my hands slapped against my cheeks. Except that my scream is probably louder. LoL. Well, since i got up early, i had a slice of milk chocolate before i switch on my lappy. Then LC smsed me abt her day and i replied and the usual stuff. Oh, i'm not blaming anyone, i juz wanna start this post with something funny.

Anyways, since i was so sianz and diaoz this morning and i remembered it's friday morning!!! So i went to animesuki to hunt for Mai Otome Ep13 spoilers XD. AHHHH, i was like so damn excited the whole time seeing the screenshots appear before me. My heart went 'dokidoki' the whole time hahaha. Well, hmm all i could say is Akane and Kazuya love got a happy ending [As Yet]. LOL. I'm so evil. I got this feeling that it's too happy. Too smooth sailing ... too weird. I dunno why, maybe i'm just a little paranoid. But Ep13's really great, it's no wonder Akane's Pearl Number 1 XD. I brushed off any doubts of Akane not being able to fight =D haha.

After the Mai Otome spoilers hunt, i went to search for Strawberry Panic! manga scanlations XD. What a haul! I downloaded Chapter1-4 of the manga!!! C1-2 is in Mandarin but it's pretty easy to read but i juz took a longer time than i would do with english scanlations. C3-4 RAW though, meaning it's in Japanese ... i couldn't figured out much except for some 'Hai', 'XXX Onee-sama', 'Aa!', 'Doushite?' and basic stuff. Oh i dun think i saw 'Gokigenyou.' LOL! Anyways C3 is damn hot XD. The story intensifies from there XD. A little necking and ... groping XD.

Anyways, i'll do a little review abt it next time ba heh. Can't wait for the anime! Hm actually the art for the novel and manga is pretty different. I almost can't recognize the novel Shizuma from the manga Shizuma. The manga Shizuma seemed more lankier and elegant. The novel Shizuma is pretty cute but she doesn't give out the 'Onee-sama' vibes to me. However i prefer the novel Amane, god look so ... cool!!!~~ Haha. Well doesn't mean the manga Amane ain't cool, but i prefer the novel version =D. So yep, i can't decide which to like, so i'll like both, since both art are my taste ha =D. The rest i could pretty much recognize ba. Ha Nagisa is a little like Yumi From Marimite haha, the klutzy but lovable type cos her emotions are clearly shown on her face XD.

Ohhh, a little off track haha, gonna save those info for the review XD. Oh, then i saved most of the nice, great quality pin ups from the novel. I also saved all the pin ups from the Loveless Anime DVD too! Hahaha, Soubi's sooo hotzzzzz XD XD XD XD.

After the Strawberry Panic! and Loveless hunt, i went on a fanfic reading competition XD. I read over 10 fanfics this afternoon and didn't watch any animes. That's why i'm not blogging Blood+ tonight XD. I need a rest, i'll do it tomorrow ba. Ha. Besides ... school is reopening soo.. ARGH! WHY WHY! ...

Well, we got LAM Part 2 to do, IB Tutorial/PPT on Starbucks to work on, NP and Bishan ITE roadshows to work on. OH YES, I forgot the most important day of the year 2006, next to my birthday and my families' birthdays ... THAT IS STEFANIE SUN YAN ZI'S CONCERT ON 14TH JAN 2006!!!! KYYYAAAHH! It's juz next week!! I can't freaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkking wait!!!

YanZi YanZi YanZi YanZi YanZi!!!!~~~

[Calms down] Ok, i'm cool. Ha. Oh i read X #14 le, hm and Ouran High Host Club #3 ... half way with Mythical Detective Loki #7 [END] and i had a glimpse in Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #4 ... god. Takiko returned to the real world. Manz. I saw a spoiler for Fruits Basket too, Chapter 121. Kyou x Tohru. Confirmed. [SCREAMS! NOOO!] SIGH.

Well, Yuki, go for Machi then LOL!

Anyways cya, i wanna go read more fanfics and download YanZi Clips~ Yay!

[Signing off @ 9:41 PM]

PS: Oh i went to read blog posts by Xiaxue too =D.

Mai Otome Ep11

[Posted @ 10:37 PM]
Sorry for being late, i was doing up School Rumble OVA 2 summary =D, and replaying the Imadori part again and again LOL XD. Anyways, here's Mai Otome Ep11~

ARGHHHH! I'm The Big Bad Wolf!Irina's Imitation Of Nina XD.=D.
'SianZ' Face Of The Year Goes To Mashiro!REALLY?~~~Akira.

- Flashback of Nina as she remembered how she got her birth date. Chibi Nina didn't remember her birth date so Sergay suggested it to be September 7th since he got a day off and they can have a birthday party. [Aww~] A little angst scene, as Nina remembered the scene where Arika called her Sergay by first name. Meanwhile Sergay's troubled over matters of Nagi cos he had told him to find the real princess and also the birthday of the Queen's near. Scene changed to Arika and company having lunch. Seems like Arika had jumped 29 places in the rankings to Number 22 cos Arika's like a wild animal in the re-survival test and completed the test in record time LOL!! XD [See screenshot 1]

- However, Erstin ain't that lucky, she dropped to Number 30 cos she wasn't able to take the second test. Then Arika grasped Erstin's hand with this very earnest expression and said 'It's try our best next time. I'll use all my power to help you!' Haha, guess that the old Arika's back =D. While Nina and Tomoe remained at Number 1 and Number 2 respectively. Nina nonchalantly said 'I only did what i usually do.' LOLLLL!!! Then Irina was like so envious of that and did a GREAT and FUNNY impression of Nina LOL. [See screenshot 2] While the rest laughed haha, including me XD. Meanwhile, Natsuki's grumbling what Midori had said in Ep10 ... luckily Shizuru's there to back her up and told her that 'No matter what happens, I'll always be by Natsuki's side.'

- [Awwwww how sweet~~~~~~ XD] Scene changed to Erstin asking Nina permission to give her a present on her birthday tomorrow. We then learnt that Nina and Mashiro shared the same birth date [HMM~~~~] haha, when Irina suggested to have a party, Nina got so flushed [Kawaii~] then Arika moved in and tickled Nina hahaha. As Nina's about to ya know, Ms Maria called them and had something to tell them. Nina and Arika were assigned to help up in welcoming a prince from Zipang. Both of them are holding presents when they walked in, Arika's present is big lol and it's from the Sir [Oji-sama aka Sergay] and filled with clothes and stuff. While Nina's a small but expensive chain to go with her pocket watch and duh it's given by Sergay again.

- Side note: I can't help but correct that english note Sergay gave Nina. LoL 'Congratulations on your 15th Birthday ... you're always in my thought.' I was like isn't it better if it's 'You're always in my mind or something?' LOL. Then it seems like Nina, Arika and Mashiro all shared the same birthday ... HOLY CRAP Now who's the REAL princess!?! LOL. EVIL SUNRISE!!! While Nina was dissolving in happiness with her gift, a bang came when Arika also said that her birthday's tomorrow too! God, Nina's expression is so ... betrayed like someone stabbed her in the heart, turned and twisted, added lemon and salt in it then pulled it out again.

- Nina ran out, crying then placed her thoughts to the time that Sergay suggested her birth date to be September 7th, the scene Sergay said Rena Sayers was once his dream, the picture of Rena Sayers and Sergay's shocked expression when he saw the Azure Sapphire pendent Arika's wearing. Nina probably felt betrayed that she's nothing but a replacement for his thoughts in Rena Sayers and the real princess. So i reckon Nina's dream was dashed .... as she mumbled 'Is it really so? Otou-sama ...' and broke down. [So ... heart wrenching ... the way the thoughts was put together] Scene changed to Mashiro being angry cos she had to welcome the prince from Zipang on her birthday haha.

- Aoi and Mr Afro were having a bad time convincing Mashiro. Behind closed doors, Mr Afro accidentally slipped out the real purpose [For arranged marriage Ha] of the Prince of Zipang coming XD. Mashiro overheard it anyway and ain't happy. In Wind Bloom, everywhere's pasted with Mashiro's posters wishing her a happy birthday haha. Ah Nina's a kind girl after all under all that poker face haha XD, she saw this kid with this expression of defeat & despair and was reminded of the time when she too was having that expression. [Before she was adopted by Sergay?] So she went up to the kid and brought him to the lost and found counter. However, ungrateful brat had stolen Nina's pocket watch.

- Nina chased after the kid immediately with Arika over passing Nina again. Arika managed to go through a short cut and grabbed hold of the kid's coat. Nina went up to the kid and asked the kid politely to return the pocket watch. [WHAT THE?! Bash the kid up and snatch that watch away from him! No answers needed!!! Was what i was thinking XD LoL] Guess the kid's hungry, that's why he stole Nina's pocket watch ... when Nina offered to give him money in exchange for the pocket watch ... wrong move, the kid got pissed and threw the pocket watch into the river behind him but luckily a boat zoomed past and the pocket watch fell in it. [The kid's got backbone huh cos Nina looked down on him XD Ha]

- Nina like her soul was in that pocket watch, gave chase and hollering to the [Deaf] boatman to stop haha. But the boat didn't and zoomed off as Nina helplessly stared at the boat zoomed away. Nina quickly took off her clothes except her undergarments and planned to dive in to give chase. Arika stopped and grabbed hold of the struggling Nina from jumping in ... [Manz, Nina looked so desperate.] Meanwhile, Mashiro's on her way to welcome the Prince of Zipang and she ain't happy hahaha. [see screenshot 4 XD That 'SIAN' face LOL!] So she took the chance of the limo moving and ran out of the limo leaving Aoi and Mr Afro shocked haha.

- Arika and Nina caught up to the boatman, and were disappointed when the boatman said a crow had snatched it away. [Like pig would buy it XD but they bought it] Arika even climbed up a tree and wanted to ask the animals if they saw the pocket watch LOL!!!! GOD! I laughed out so loud at this hahahahaha! Nina was like losing hope when she saw the number of trees and knew it's gonna take forever and told Arika not to bother. Arika was actaully busy asking the birds and squirrels lol XD. Nina's frustration of the idea of being the replacement of Rena Sayers and that woman's daughter finally got the best of her as she burst out, taking it out on Arika.

- Mashiro's changed her clothes to plain clothes and planned to go out and see how the citizens are doing to celebrate her birthday. As she called for Mikoto, Mikoto's having a one to one with a crow, the crow who had Nina's pocket watch. When Mikoto charged, the crow flew out and dropped the pocket watch below. Mikoto gave chased forgetting she can't fly LOL!!! And fell tummy first straight at Mashiro's face. OOOH, Takumi saw the scene and pulled Mashiro's body like a dead carcass LOL to a corner. Nina's pocket watch was then picked up by some unknown guy ...

- Nina's lashing speech: 'Why are you here? Why do you have to appear now?! If you weren't here, Otou-sama would be watching me forever. Even if he only sees me as his daughter, i still ...' Even the usually dense Arika caught up and asked if Nina likes Sergay. Nina looked shocked, blushed but didn't deny and said how about you? Then Nina continued asking about what had happened between them during the survival test. Arika blushed and said nothing happened as he only saved her. Nina didn't buy Arika's explanation haha. [See screenshot 5 haha] Arika probably wanted Nina to believe her and affirmed that they MUST find the pocket watch since it's so important to Nina.

- Then Arika went on what Ba-chan said again haha. Nina seemed to believe Arika but was interrupted by Sergay. Sergay then gave Nina the pocket watch back, seems like the spy Sergay had worked with in Ep9 was the person who found Nina's pocket watch. Manz, seeing that smile of Nina when she got the pocket watch from Sergay haha, kawaii~ Sergay continued to say that it's been 6 years since they met and that day's September 7th and also Nina's birth date. Nina felt so relieved that she cried that she wasn't a replacement as she thought she was. Then they had a little hug ... [Awww~] Arika looked at the scene before her, feeling genuine happiness for Nina.

- Suddenly there's this 'thump thump / dokidoki' sound from Arika's chest ... [Is it from the pendent? Or is it that Arika's jealous? I prefer to think it's the pendent. I mean, she's still wearing it right?] Ep10 ended with Aoi and Mr Afro, feeling a little screwed up cos of Mashiro's disappearance. They're welcoming the Prince of Zipang ... Akira?! -END- LoL, i love the cute background preview voices again ... this time it's Arika and Erstin ... Arika was saying 'Wow, so big and white and soft~' Erstin: 'Stop staring at it ... i'm embarrassed.' [Reminded of Ep 9 where Arika saw Erstin's assets in full view XD] Arika: 'Hey, can i lick it?' Erstin: 'Haaa?'

- Nina: 'What are you two doing?!' Arika: 'She made me a cake for my birthday present.' LOL! What is Nina thinking?! LOL!~ Funny~~~ Hahaha.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Kyaaahh~ Cliffhanger again!]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Nina-chan XD]
Overall: 7/10

Woot! I finally caught up! YAY! Ep12 summary will be right up when Ep13 is out~ Woot. I'll move on to Blood+ now! =D Then Gokujou Seitokai~ I'm doing well and not procrastinating hahaha XD. I'm proud of myself yay.

Anyways off to do take a rest by reading fanfic! Heh, i'm beat ... i typed alot today ... and i still gotta go to school tomorrow for LAM Part Project discussion ... sianz. Need to crap even more hahaha. Cya.

[Signing off 10:44 PM]

PS: Fanfics~ Fanfics~

My Feelings About My Family -UNEDITED-

[Posted @ 3:38 PM]
I'm in a weird mood today. I dunno. I feel like typing something personal now~ Hmmmmm ... yep, everything's unedited, means i juz type watever thingys i'm thinking and would not press the delete key when i feel it's inappropriate to myself or anyone.

Ok then, let's tok abt family, some of my friends are really close to their families while some are not. As for me, i dunno if i'm close or not ... not sure. Hahaha. Let's start with daddy, uh daddy might look quiet and stern but he's really quite humourous and talkative de hahaha. Well he's strict too la, when i was young, my mum said daddy beat me cos i ate like a dog XD. I was like what kinda lame reason is that?! LOL. Ah daddy's a traditional father afterall ha. He must be thinking, 'If you're a human, act like one!' Haha. He's doting too, probably cos i'm the only daughter and the first child, he bought ninja turtle soft toys, batman masks, many freaking toys and teddy bears for me haha. XD. No barbie dolls! I HATE THEM! But i played with them when my friends in primary school played with them XP cos i dun wanna feel like an outcast. But i always do something murderous and funny to the dolls ahahaha. Thinking of it makes me giggle. Back to daddy, hmmm, i remembered i used to take photos with daddy alot, lol i flipped through the photo albums and we see alot of daddy and daughter pics ... some were half naked XD ... some on the tractors, cars, motorbike, bicycles, lorries ... ahhaa ... well can't help it, we live in a 'farm' XD.

Daddy doesn't like dogs ... so we didn't had dogs till i was primary 2 or 3? I dunno for whatever reason, my uncle's dog, Lucky came to live with us. That's the only dog that we kept. But i guess only for a while. Then it died of a lorry accident. Anyways we kept other kinda animals since daddy doesn't like doggys, we had rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, geese, chickens, pigs and cuckoos. Hahaha. Daddy dun like to eat chicken legs cos it reminded him of the time where he used to rear chickens then when he buried them, their legs stick out in the soil XD. Hahaha. Funny reason, but i can understand hahaha. Yeah daddy toks alot ... when i ask him to fetch me from school, during the 20mins car ride, he'll tok alot abt business, how he do business, the market expectations and many other interesting stuff. But sometimes i feel so tired after a long day in school le, i juz nod my head and try to ... uh pamper him XD. [DUN SAY I SAID THIS!!! LOL!!! WAH i'm really pouring my thoughts out here!! LOL.] But most of the time [Ahem Ahem! Trying to redeem here! LoL] i will listen with sparking eyes and interest de la hahaha. XD.

Next, let's tok abt mummy~ Hmmm. Mummy's also a quiet person la. Like me she doesn't tok much until she needs to aha. Ok she likes LV Bags XD and often reminds me to buy one for her when i work haha. But i'm ok with it, she's mummy, a little money doesn't hurt my guts XD. Mummy cooks well too~ i love mummy's cooking the most and eats alot when she cooks. Sometimes she also lazy la or she's tired cos she's helping out in the garden. Partly cos we got a maid at home, so everything leave to her lor. My family loves mummy's prawn mee =D, i placed some pics here some time ago right? Yep and it's so yummmmmmy~~~ Better than those outside XD, think mummy can venture into the prawn mee business le hahaha. Then mummy will tell me the recipe to her 'famous prawn mee soup'. [The key lies within the soup =D] Then she'll say 'If i grow old and senile already, at least i gave u the recipe le, next time u wanna eat can cook for urself.' I will go like awwww mummy~~~ =(~~ And sometimes she'll say, 'Next time if you're out of job or anything, at least you can do the prawn mee business, using the recipe i gave u.' Then i'll go awwwww mummy~~~ again ... she thinks for us all the time =). But even if you got the ingredients to the best recipe in the world, if you dunno how to prepare it properly, there's no way u gonna make it a wonderful cuisine. Well at least i cook maggie mee really good XD.

Mummy will always say i'm verrry naughty when i was young XD. Getting my head stuck in between the chair XD, hurting myself here and there XD, bullying my brothers, XD, mimicking people with bad habits XD, running away when i'm in trouble XD, not studying XD, dislike going to school XD, make tutor so angry that she left house half way XD, playing pranks on people XD, spraining people's backs XD, copying during tests XD and forging my parents' signature XD. Ohh i remembered this hahaha, when i was in primary school 4. Manz, my mum gave me a walloping of my life. LOL and chased me outta the house. I dunno how many times i was chased outta the house XD. I remembered my daddy whacked me once pretty hard too, i think he used a wooden pole or something and commanded me to kneel down in front of the house's door and repent. Hahaa. Thinking about it makes me laugh pretty hard XD. But i guess i grew up when i got to secondary school and my 'mild depression' started and i guess i was too ... disturbed to be naughty haha.

Now about my two brothers, one is 5 years and the other 6 years younger than me. So i got alot of control over them hahaha. Like call them to pour drinks for me, do this, do that XD. Well, i guess i need to act like a big sister already, since i was such a terror when i was young, dun wanna let mummy worry anymore. So whenever my brothers got bad results or their results are slipping, i will ... personally 'enlighten' them XD. Hahaha, i love scaring my second brother, he's such a sissy. Sometimes even when i dun mean it, he will jump when i juz go 'Hey' behind his back hahahaha. But he's probably the hardworking of all of us here. He's in the pure science stream ... XD, well hope he gets to JC and hopefully a local Uni. =D.

My youngest brother, he's great at mimicking expressions of people LOL. Makes us laugh all the time, like the clown of our family hahaha. We call him 'Fish', cos his name got 'Han' then there's this fish called 'Luo Han', so we called him fish ever since hahaha XD. Well he responds to us when we call him Fish. Since we're on nicknames, my second brother's nickname's 'Chuz' or 'Chuz Ball' ... as for me aha, i'm a ashamed to mention it but ... i dunno why they call me 'Hot Sis' -.-|||| I really got no idea. My cousins got nicknames too. 'Captain Brinjal', 'Rubber Cheeks', 'Dumb Ass', 'Moron' so on and so for lol. We call each other nicknames all the time hahaha till my mummy got fed up and scolded us hahaha. 'Got name dun call call what fish!' Hahahhaha.

Hmmm, i guess that's all, i feel alittle bored already hahaha. My attention span is low ... yeah so cya later for Mai Otome Ep11 summary and screenshots! I'll work on it now~

[Signing off 4:35 PM]

PS: Manz, it's raining ... well cya later!

Mai Otome Ep10

[Posted @ 10:56 PM]
Nope, i didn't forget, i juz forgot the time. Here's Mai Otome Ep10~

Evil Grin By Tomoe.Nina Needs Some Motherly Love.XD.
Midori VS Shizuru!Sexy Shizuru-sama In Action~Kawaii~

- Recap from the scene where Arika rushed for help, cornered by the cyborg from Black Valley, stumbling down the cliff and plunged into the ocean. Sergay who was in a boat happened to be there watching Arika falling off the cliff. Nagi had told Sergay abt the place ... and tat place was the ruins from the War of the Twelve Kings. As Sergay's boat was noticed by the cyborg and the cyborg summoned a Slave out to finish them off. [I'm not sure if it's called a Slave but let's use it for now.] Sergay could identify the Slave as one from the Aswald not Swartz. The Slave slammed down the boat sinking it into the ocean.

- The cyborg thought they're goners for sure and turned to leave. All these are witnessed by Swartz's negotiator, John Smith who was hiding in a corner. Scene changed to Nina x Tomoe pair starting to set their camp up in a cave. Suddenly Chie appeared before them and told them that the survival test's been cancelled as Arika x Erstin pair's in danger, Erstin's been found but Arika's still missing. Nina and Tomoe were shocked at that news. Then scene changed to Tomoe turning to a side grinning evilily. [Oh god! How could those two missed that evil grin!?! This shows that Tomoe really dislikes Arika ... and there's a chance she had messed up Arika and Erstin's bags.]

- Chie then continued to say that Sergay went missing too, Nina looked shocked duh. Scene changed to Sergay carrying Arika out of the water and lying her on the sand to listen to her heart beat. Sergay tried to wake Arika up but failed then he spotted a kinda uh rocky hut in front and probably carried her in. The cyborg from Aswald who had 'killed' Arika and Sergay reported what he did and saw to the leader [Midori] of the group. Nina's clutching her precious pocket pic of herself and her Otou-sama seemingly distressed. Mashiro's pretty worked up too haha. Manz, the scene where Tomoe was 'pretending' to be relieved that Erstin's ok ... was lol totally FAKE!

- God, i was screaming, FAKER!!! LoL. Manz, but she really can act haha. Tomoe ended with a 'Now let's hope Arika's alright.' LOL! Nina then went off to eavesdrop Youko-sensei and Natsuki getting bad nanomachine reaction coming from where Sergay had disappeared. Nina rushed off but was stopped by Shizuru-sama. Nina went berserk fearing for her father's safety but luckily Shizuru slapped Nina out of her senses then consoled when Nina broke down and cried. [Awww ... when Shizuru said 'Daijoubu.' I was reminded of the time Tomoe said 'Daijoubu' and could make out the feeling of 'real' and 'fake' ahaha. No offence to Tomoe fans but well i like Tomoe ... i guess it's a love-hate relationship. XD]

- Manz, Nina's really worried for her father, first time we saw her cry. Scene changed to Arika and Sergay in the cold hut. Arika's not doing so well ... crying in her sleep ... mumbling about her grandma and telling her not to leave her. Sergay's fatherly instincts kicked in and he tried to keep them warm by taking off their clothes and at the same time comforting Arika's nightmares. [In this scene we see the weak and frail side of Arika unlike what we saw in the first 9 Eps of genki-ness and determination. Really a great scene, in Ep8, she was the one caring for Erstin and mothering her like a mother. But inside, Arika's just a 14 year old girl and orphan to top it up and needed some loving too.]

- Akane and Chie were at the cliff where Arika had fallen. They saw a cyborg there doing some weird exercise lol and guarding the place. They went back and reported it to Natsuki and the rest confirming Arika and Sergay were there. Nagi innocently asked what were those ruins, Yukino replied that it's probably a research facility built by the people from the Immigration Era. Haruka said they had searched that place before but found nothing. [Nagi knew about that place but purposely asked about it ... what's his real motive?] Meanwhile, the Aswald group breaking into the rocky doors of the cave. Mashiro's worked up, pissed on why ain't they taking action to save them.

- Nina volunteered to go, Yukino shook her head and said Galderobe is prohibited to interfere but ... with the consent of three [Important] members, the clause could be bypassed. One, Mashiro, second Yukino and lastly, Nagi haha. Nagi gave his consent, seeing Nina's begging doggy eyes and they left to save them. Meanwhile, Arika awoke and was extremely shocked to see herself naked and leading on a half naked Sergay. She went screaming like a mad girl haha but stopped when she saw that Sergay's injured.

- Sergay then assured that he didn't do anything to Arika. [Hahaha Arika's blushing throughout the scene ... kawaii~ XD] Scene changed to the Aswald group, cyborg, Gal's unlocking some door ... [One of the cyborg's name is Rado, the Rado who fought with Shizuru in Ep3.] Sergay and Arika proceeded on to go back, Arika suddenly remembered about Erstin and wondered if she's alright. Arika thanked Sergay for saving her ... and called Sergay Wong-san. Haha. Sergay told Arika to just call him Sergay.

- Haha Arika probably misunderstood that [Using a person's first name means you really close to that person. Usually either close friends, lovers and family.] and said Sergay only saw her naked, no need to get all close. [Hahaha so funny.] Sergay shrugged that off by saying Arika still got ten years before she should mind those things XD. That really lightens the mood hahaha. Scene changed to the Gal successfully unlokcing the door. Then back to Arika and Sergay walking and talking, the mood is really light after Sergay's comment.

- Then they spotted the Aswald in front of them ... and Sergay noticed them having some chip that shocked him. [We dunno wat it is really yet] John Smith was hiding behind them and fired a shot above Sergay and Arika sending the Aswald looking at them. The leader of the Aswald ordered her cyborgs to finish them off. Suddenly, Haruka appeared and jumped down the cliff wanting to save them but forgot Yukino had not even her 'kiss' [Agreement] yet LOL. The cyborgs snorted and attacked Sergay and Arika. Sergay had moved forward to protect Arika but was pushed away.

- As the two cyborgs are about to hit Arika, Shizuru and Nina rushed in to stop them. Nina turned around and gave a ... damn relieved expression that her father's alight. However was treated to a shock when Arika called her father, Sergay. Natsuki walked in and asked Aswald their purpose of here. The leader of the Aswald hopped in and snorted at the idea of being stopped by the people from Galderobe. Scene changed to Yukino giving Haruka the kiss ... uh i mean the acceptance. LoL, Haruka's a little pissed that Yukino called her Haruka-chan in public.

- Haruka went into materialize mode ... so did the leader of the Aswald using some R.E.M system and a 'Don't Forget Our Motherland' phrase below lol. However, she had only 300 seconds until activation limit. Haruka issued an attack towards the leader of Aswald and she just stopped it with her hand. [=O] The mask covering the leader's face was unveiled. Yep, she's Midori~ Midori then jumped up to attack Haruka, just then a shot was fired from Midori's belt and the chip that they took from the locked doors fell. John Smith from Swartz had took advantage of the situation and made off with it. [That John Smith's really smart, he just sat back, relaxed and waited for the moment to strike XD]

- Midori told her cyborgs to go after them while she dealed with Shizuru who was about to chase them too. Midori then threw some ... jewel up, calling it 'Steel Fang' and called out 'Gakutenou!'. [=O] Midori then taunted Haruka that if she's not afraid of Gakutenou's powers then come! LoL. Haruka's anger got better into her and called Gakutenou as only a 'Slave'. Midori smirked as Gakutenou easily whacked off Haruka. Shizuru zoomed in from behind and had a sword to sword battle with Midori. Both of them complimented each other's skills, Midori questioned Shizuru's reason for working for Galderobe. Shizuru simply replied that it's for her most important person. [XD!!! A public love declaration for Natsuki!!! XD]

- Midori then suggested Shizuru to fulfill that wish through death and commanded Gakutenou to charrrrge!! Shizuru got serious and used her weapon to slow Gakutenou's advances by spinning it around. Midori's 'GEM' broke, as the 300 seconds limit was up and Midori announced that they will settle it next time and left. Haruka did a spin [LOL!!! I dunno why!] and agreed. All those time, Arika was clinging to Sergay and went 'Opps' when she realized haha. Nina saw the scene with a weird expression on her face. Youko saw the leaving Midori in the sky and exclaimed out Midori's name. Youko seemed to know Midori as she took out a picture of a younger herself and Midori. Seems like John Smith made off with the chip thingy and Midori's pissed.

- Back home, Sergay asked Nagi about Swartz, Nagi retorted with a why-should-i-say-when-you-too-hid-things-from-me. Nagi ended the conversation with a 'You better not betray me ...' Sergay accepted that with a defeated yes. -END-

- LOL I love the preview background voices~~~~~ Natsuki was grumbling abt the unfairness of Midori being able to call out Gakutenou. Midori replied with a what the and said Natsuki had one too. LOL then suddenly Shizuru's voice, 'Wan~' inserts in and continued with a 'I'm Duran desu~'. Then some chuckles and lick lick lick~ hahaha XD. Natsuki went like 'Hey where are you licking?! Ahhhh~!' LOLLL XD XD XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Interesting developements ...]
Characters: 7/10 [I love the Arika x Sergay scene]
Overall: 7/10

I need to go watch America's Next Top Model. So cya! Oh i juz read fanfics and slacked today so didn't do much to tok abt ha. Cya cya!

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Mai Otome Ep9

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Whee, the 250th Post! LoL. Well kinda if u include the anime eps page. Ha. Anyways i'm in a good mood tonight. Great way to start 2006. Yay. Here's Mai Otome Ep9~

Must Get To YanZi's Concert ...XD.Natsuki's Finally Feeling Shizuru-sama's Magical Hands! XD.
Shiho's Not Taking Well To Arika's Cooking.Meanwhile Shizuru-sama's Having A Whale Of A Time ...Erstin: 'Kyaa~!' XD.

- Sergay's having a date with ... some spy Sergay had sent. The spy told Sergay that Nagi's meeting up with Swartz's negotiator, John Smith. It's confirmed Arika's anonymous Mr Sir IS Sergay as Sergay opened a letter saying the handwriting's ugly and opened with a 'I'm studying hard for my exams ...' [Can't be Nina, cos Nina's handwriting ... couldn't be ugly lol XD.] The scene then continued with Arika tired out from the tests she had to take LOL. The main event, the hike ... is yet to come lol and everyone's pretty stressed up over it. Scene changed to the girls going to the ocean ... for their test. LOL.

- Arika's so hyped upon seeing the ocean and thought they're going swimming or what LOL. She stripped her uniform and ran towards the ocean lol, but was stopped by Yukariko LOL. Seems like they're in Ealis to do the main test ... besides the Corals, Trias, Natsuki and Shizuru ... Mashiro, Aoi, Mikoto, Nagi and Sergay came too lol. Arika's still getting over her shock that their main purpose to Ealis is to do a survival hiking test LOL and not do some leisure activities. So they went off in their hike, Arika is paired up with Erstin, Nina and Tomoe. [=O, power house 1 and 2 together!] At night, someone's messing up with Arika's and Erstin's bags. [Tomoe?]

- So, the hiking survival test begins ... the Arika x Erstin pair's having fun lol. Nina x Tomoe pair's ... pretty systemantic. While the Corals are sweating it out, LOL Natsuki, Shizuru, Youko, Haruka and Yukino are having fun in the pool!!! LOL! Such great twistZ! Ohhh and the 'famous' Shizuru touched Natsuki's 'Oh-we-can't-see-where-area' is played out lol. But it's pretty ... sensitive ba ... haha Natsuki's like 'Wait ... Shizuru ... that place ... ahhhh~' LOL. Manz, that scene's so cool. Shizuru's smoothing the skin uh i mean applying lotion on Natsuki's back.

- Ah glad to see Natsuki so comfortable with Shizuru touching her like that XD. [You go girl! Shizuru-sama~] Youko then said that when Natsuki's a Coral, she didn't finish the survival hiking test LOL. Natsuki then blamed it on 'That Person' [Suspect it's Mai.] That time Shizuru's probably in the Pearl class ba, cos Shizuru said that she remembered that Natsuki and 'That Person' looked pretty desperate when she went to save them lol. Haruka and Yukino then walked in, seems like when Haruka and Shizuru are Corals, they're paired together lol.

- And as Haruka said, that useless woman [Shizuru] made Haruka do everything LOL! Yukino's like 'I knew it.~' LOL. Meanwhile, Mashiro's pissed that she's been surrounded by bodyguards and especially Nagi who's there to bother her XD. LOL then Nagi made a cheeky remark of Mashiro not been as well-endowed as Chie XD. LOL then Shiho was left alone to guard the tent ... Akane .. out to meet her Kazu-kun~ Hahaha. [Akane's got a nice swimsuit =D I like the star necklace. Looks really nice on Akane.] Meanwhile, Arika's having fun, while Erstin's having troubles.

- Suddenly, a snake bit Erstin without any freaking reason LOL!!! Maybe it thought Erstin's smooth, white, silky and milky leg's some chicken? LOL. Anyways, Arika's really concern abt Ers-chan~ and offered to set up camp since Erstin's already worn up and stuff. [Arika's a really caring and great friend XD.] Next we have the Trias, Yukariko and Shizuru going to the camp sites of the Corals to score the dinners. First, Shiho went to Arika x Erstin pair with an evil grin LOL. Then Shiho had a taste of Arika's 'FINE' cuisine LOL!!!! Actually, Shiho was tricked to eat la LOL.

- So god damn funny lol, when Shiho first saw Arika's ... 'cuisine', she was like 'Urk' then 'Zero Points.' 'Ja.' [Goodbye] LOL! So damn funny that exchange hahaha. Arika tricked Shiho by pointing to the sky that she saw a 'Flying Sprial' [Maki Maki!~] LOL! Shiho actually fell for Arika's trap and ate the ugly round thing lol. Then we hear a horrible 'ARGGHHHHH!!!' of Shiho lol. Elsewhere, Shizuru was having a ball of a time dining in Nina x Tomoe's cuisine ... damn looks so ... high class XD.

- Shizuru heard the cry of Shiho and said 'How irritating ... was there an animal here that made such a terrible sound?' LOLLLLLLLL!!!! Then Nina replied that it might be a captured crow LOL!!! [Imagine Shiho in a crow suit XD, anyways Shiho's child in Mai HiME's a crow right ... so ... yeah Shiho's a crow alright lol =D] Manz, while Shizuru's eating, Tomoe looked on with such a loving glaze in her eyes and that didn't escape the eyes of Nina. Chie's lol laughing her guts out cos the Irina x Miya pair apparently had cooked some 'Laughing mushroom'.

- Scene changed to Arika cleaning Erstin's body ... XD. Arika wanted to ask for help, as Erstin's having a fever already. Erstin didn't want to, cos that means Arika will be eliminated as well. LoL, then Arika was like 'But, our dinner received a score of negative 10 ...' LOL!!!!! [As expected of Shiho ...] Erstin got pretty worked up and exposed herself [Her front] to Arika LOL, then Arika went like ... 'Whoa, they're jiggling ...' LOLLL!!! Seems like Erstin really thinks alot ... and wasn't confident in herself and finally broke down & cried when Arika hugged her.

- Back to the Nina x Tomoe pair, Nina told Tomoe her observation of Tomoe's obvious liking of Shizuru Onee-sama. Tomoe retorted by stating that it's rare for Nina to say these kinda words ... paused then continued that how could she not [like Shizuru-sama]? Everyone admires Shizuru-sama alot as she's a great Onee-sama. Nina apologized after that. Tomoe then thought to herself ... 'Yes ... that's why i ...' [EVIL TOMOE!!! LOL.] The Black Valley group are up to something. The Arika x Erstin pair's lost and a storm is moving in soon. To add in, Erstin's fever is getting worse.

- Arika pressed on the bracelets to get for help but both of theirs are not working ... [The work of the black shadow i mentioned earlier messing with Arika and Erstin's bags. Might be Tomoe ...] Arika moved the sick Erstin in a cave then ran out in the rain to get help. The rest are searching high and low for both of them ... [Oooohh~ a 'wet' Akane lol.] Mashiro's obviously worried abt Arika but denied that she's worried haha XD. Sergay reported their disappearance to Nagi too. LoL Arika's climbing some cliff and when she got on top, she saw someone standing in front in an army suit.

- Arika ran forward to ask for help but got a shock when she saw the guy in the army suit dead. Suddenly a cyborg from the Black Valley appeared and attacked Arika cos she saw what she shouldn't have saw. LoL. The cyborg then noticed Arika's GEM and was kinda surprised that Arika's from Galderobe. Ah cyborg continued to corner Arika ... issued a attack, Arika stumbled off the cliff and into the ocean below.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7/10 [Cliff hanger! When is Midori coming out?!]
Characters: 7/10 [More evilness of Tomoe!]
Overall: 7/10

Well well well, i juz done it ... next Mai Otome Ep10 ... i managed to type a few lines then stopped cos i need to watch Blood+! I'm missing too much! NOoOoOoOoOoO. Ha.

Anyways, i had my LAM test today. It was ok i guess if ... i got question 2 right XD. It's either i die or LC dies lol, cos we wrote different answers ... manz i feel a little sad already lol. I mean it's 25 marks, i pondered on that damn question for a long time u know. Cos i know both answers ... then i dunno which to write down. If i write all down, waste my time and i was left with 45mins ... and i got question 3 and 4 waiting for meeee! So i juz followed my instinct, common sense and heart. Hahaha. Question 3's a breeze. Question 4's a go shooter too. Question 1's a mystery to me XD. Anyways overall, a can pass but dunno if can pass well paper. [Claps, great description!!!]

Next mangas!!! I bought 6 mangas today ... went to Northpoint along with LC. She went shopping and i tagged along lor. Or it's the other way? Ha. Dunno. Yes i bought uh, Slam Dunk #31 [END], Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #4 [YAY!!! I haven't even opened the coverings yet], MAR #1, Ouran High School Host Club #3, X #14 and Mythical Detective Loki #7 [END]. Almost $50 sia. Heh paid by NETS~ Oh i read Slam Dunk #31 [END] already ... well open-close ending ... soso la. But they won against Sannoh but lost against the next one lol. Kinda sad.

Oh and yes, LC gave me the brochures and flyers for YanZi's concert~~~~~~ YAY, so niceeeee thanks manz! Hahaha, my dad came home today, then he told me, 'Hey, 11 days more.' LOL, i was like 'YEAH MAN!!' LoL. Surprised that he knew hahaha, then he said he's counting down for me XD.

Lalalala, a pretty happy day for me, cos i got mangas to read and the LAM test's pretty ooooook la. And YanZi's concert's in less than 2 weeks. DAMNNNN HAPPY! I bet everyone can FEEEEELLL that right? LoL. Ok off with my butt to watch blood+. Cya.

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