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Thursday, January 5, 2006

My Feelings About My Family -UNEDITED-

[Posted @ 3:38 PM]
I'm in a weird mood today. I dunno. I feel like typing something personal now~ Hmmmmm ... yep, everything's unedited, means i juz type watever thingys i'm thinking and would not press the delete key when i feel it's inappropriate to myself or anyone.

Ok then, let's tok abt family, some of my friends are really close to their families while some are not. As for me, i dunno if i'm close or not ... not sure. Hahaha. Let's start with daddy, uh daddy might look quiet and stern but he's really quite humourous and talkative de hahaha. Well he's strict too la, when i was young, my mum said daddy beat me cos i ate like a dog XD. I was like what kinda lame reason is that?! LOL. Ah daddy's a traditional father afterall ha. He must be thinking, 'If you're a human, act like one!' Haha. He's doting too, probably cos i'm the only daughter and the first child, he bought ninja turtle soft toys, batman masks, many freaking toys and teddy bears for me haha. XD. No barbie dolls! I HATE THEM! But i played with them when my friends in primary school played with them XP cos i dun wanna feel like an outcast. But i always do something murderous and funny to the dolls ahahaha. Thinking of it makes me giggle. Back to daddy, hmmm, i remembered i used to take photos with daddy alot, lol i flipped through the photo albums and we see alot of daddy and daughter pics ... some were half naked XD ... some on the tractors, cars, motorbike, bicycles, lorries ... ahhaa ... well can't help it, we live in a 'farm' XD.

Daddy doesn't like dogs ... so we didn't had dogs till i was primary 2 or 3? I dunno for whatever reason, my uncle's dog, Lucky came to live with us. That's the only dog that we kept. But i guess only for a while. Then it died of a lorry accident. Anyways we kept other kinda animals since daddy doesn't like doggys, we had rabbits, guinea pigs, parrots, geese, chickens, pigs and cuckoos. Hahaha. Daddy dun like to eat chicken legs cos it reminded him of the time where he used to rear chickens then when he buried them, their legs stick out in the soil XD. Hahaha. Funny reason, but i can understand hahaha. Yeah daddy toks alot ... when i ask him to fetch me from school, during the 20mins car ride, he'll tok alot abt business, how he do business, the market expectations and many other interesting stuff. But sometimes i feel so tired after a long day in school le, i juz nod my head and try to ... uh pamper him XD. [DUN SAY I SAID THIS!!! LOL!!! WAH i'm really pouring my thoughts out here!! LOL.] But most of the time [Ahem Ahem! Trying to redeem here! LoL] i will listen with sparking eyes and interest de la hahaha. XD.

Next, let's tok abt mummy~ Hmmm. Mummy's also a quiet person la. Like me she doesn't tok much until she needs to aha. Ok she likes LV Bags XD and often reminds me to buy one for her when i work haha. But i'm ok with it, she's mummy, a little money doesn't hurt my guts XD. Mummy cooks well too~ i love mummy's cooking the most and eats alot when she cooks. Sometimes she also lazy la or she's tired cos she's helping out in the garden. Partly cos we got a maid at home, so everything leave to her lor. My family loves mummy's prawn mee =D, i placed some pics here some time ago right? Yep and it's so yummmmmmy~~~ Better than those outside XD, think mummy can venture into the prawn mee business le hahaha. Then mummy will tell me the recipe to her 'famous prawn mee soup'. [The key lies within the soup =D] Then she'll say 'If i grow old and senile already, at least i gave u the recipe le, next time u wanna eat can cook for urself.' I will go like awwww mummy~~~ =(~~ And sometimes she'll say, 'Next time if you're out of job or anything, at least you can do the prawn mee business, using the recipe i gave u.' Then i'll go awwwww mummy~~~ again ... she thinks for us all the time =). But even if you got the ingredients to the best recipe in the world, if you dunno how to prepare it properly, there's no way u gonna make it a wonderful cuisine. Well at least i cook maggie mee really good XD.

Mummy will always say i'm verrry naughty when i was young XD. Getting my head stuck in between the chair XD, hurting myself here and there XD, bullying my brothers, XD, mimicking people with bad habits XD, running away when i'm in trouble XD, not studying XD, dislike going to school XD, make tutor so angry that she left house half way XD, playing pranks on people XD, spraining people's backs XD, copying during tests XD and forging my parents' signature XD. Ohh i remembered this hahaha, when i was in primary school 4. Manz, my mum gave me a walloping of my life. LOL and chased me outta the house. I dunno how many times i was chased outta the house XD. I remembered my daddy whacked me once pretty hard too, i think he used a wooden pole or something and commanded me to kneel down in front of the house's door and repent. Hahaa. Thinking about it makes me laugh pretty hard XD. But i guess i grew up when i got to secondary school and my 'mild depression' started and i guess i was too ... disturbed to be naughty haha.

Now about my two brothers, one is 5 years and the other 6 years younger than me. So i got alot of control over them hahaha. Like call them to pour drinks for me, do this, do that XD. Well, i guess i need to act like a big sister already, since i was such a terror when i was young, dun wanna let mummy worry anymore. So whenever my brothers got bad results or their results are slipping, i will ... personally 'enlighten' them XD. Hahaha, i love scaring my second brother, he's such a sissy. Sometimes even when i dun mean it, he will jump when i juz go 'Hey' behind his back hahahaha. But he's probably the hardworking of all of us here. He's in the pure science stream ... XD, well hope he gets to JC and hopefully a local Uni. =D.

My youngest brother, he's great at mimicking expressions of people LOL. Makes us laugh all the time, like the clown of our family hahaha. We call him 'Fish', cos his name got 'Han' then there's this fish called 'Luo Han', so we called him fish ever since hahaha XD. Well he responds to us when we call him Fish. Since we're on nicknames, my second brother's nickname's 'Chuz' or 'Chuz Ball' ... as for me aha, i'm a ashamed to mention it but ... i dunno why they call me 'Hot Sis' -.-|||| I really got no idea. My cousins got nicknames too. 'Captain Brinjal', 'Rubber Cheeks', 'Dumb Ass', 'Moron' so on and so for lol. We call each other nicknames all the time hahaha till my mummy got fed up and scolded us hahaha. 'Got name dun call call what fish!' Hahahhaha.

Hmmm, i guess that's all, i feel alittle bored already hahaha. My attention span is low ... yeah so cya later for Mai Otome Ep11 summary and screenshots! I'll work on it now~

[Signing off 4:35 PM]

PS: Manz, it's raining ... well cya later!

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