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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Long Day Musing ...

[Posted 8:53 PM]
Whoa, a long day ... BB Lec early in the morning at 9am then i was uh carefully handling ZY's Guan Ying Zhu .. [Bamboo Plant] lol. I was like staring at the plant the whole trip, from boarding the bus to alighting 171 then boarding 184 then alighting lol. So funny. Then anyone who knocked onto me i was like glaring hard at the person LOL XD. My motto, a vision to serve LOL. [Mumbles ... my foot lol.] Actually that's my secondary school, NVSS's motto ... i think it's still the same ba haha.

Anyways ... BB Lec ... lol Mr Yow is being evil again, haha he asked us to list down the models of handphones we would consider and not consider ... then collected the pieces of paper as proof that we attended his lecture. Hmm after BB Lec, went for IB tutorial at Level6. JY and XT presented the Starbucks PPT, and i think i'm pretty pleased la, except for Question A which is the one i did. I think i missed out alot ... sorry!!! and we didn't give examples. God how the hell do i know, i scared too wordy mah, but i tried my best le i guess ... lol. The best parts are Ms Tay said our group had the highest marks for Question D LOL, cos we are the only grp who got the 4 Ps!!! LOL Price, Place, Promotion and Product!! LoL, XT did that question then she's like i'm good, oh yeah i'm darn good lol. Woot, i'm like grinning like a moron ahaha. Next we did well for Question E too, C did that question then i added some points from the IB textbook website too ... heh ... she said it's good too. So i reckon we did pretty good for this presentation. Besides Ms Tay said we did fairly well overall. XD Woot. Luckily we didn't present last week, if not we're all fucked up lol, standard not there.

Manz, i think i gonna improve on the PPT slides presentment ... i see the example Ms Tay gave at lecture ... i was like, Damn, are they superpeople or what? How the hell did they do that?! LoL. But i learn and learn from mistakes. So watch out Walmart PPT, i'm gonna improve even better! Besides C and i are presenting, so stress ah! LoL. I'm pretty pumped up, i think i'm a rather competitive person? I like to learn and improve on what people did and make it even better with some of my own ideas. I really enjoy it, gives me satisfaction. Even if it takes me 5-6 hrs to do it, i might grumble and cry fuck it all night but in the end i'm happy and sweet inside hahaha XD. I'm really very easily satisfied.

Ok after IB, some of us went with XT to buy the goodies that we're gonna pack the hampers we're giving out tomorrow for the Bishan ITE Roadshow. So after that, we were at the umbrella area trying to wrap the goodies up and ... hahaha it's ok la, i mean who cares as long they got something? And it looks like a mini-tv LOL. After that we went for IB Lec and i almost fell asleep ... lol. I was listening to songs on my MP3 player on my ear and listening to the lecture with the other ha, cool huh. It takes 3 years to master it lol. Anyways it ended at around 4.15pm, then i called Daddy to come to school to fetch me go the Singapore Post Office HQ at Paya Lebar to collect the vPOST gifts. XT and i went only then we squeezed in the front side of the lorry lol.

Then my daddy was saying, actually only 1 person can sit in front de if not fine $100 and must buckle seatbeat somemore lol. Then i was saying wah fine $100, XT said nvm, we got $2000 to cover up LOL. Then i said wah then must state in the BPC PPT Financial Report, 'Kena Fine $100 for not buckling seatbeat and illegal seating' LOL!!!!!! Not a bad idea LOL. But we didn't get caught la blah. My daddy had an attachment student from his place to help us out and in the end, we did nothing lol. We juz called CL from the Post Office and stuff while the guys did the work lol. Manz, CL had a haircut lol, stylo milo sia LOL, then she said she not working tomorrow le. I was like huh, got promoted izzit? LoL.

After alighting XT at CCK MRT, daddy and i went for a little break at some coffee shop XD. I was like huh, gonna be dinner time soon le, u still eat lol. Then in the end i had tea, he had coffee and we all had Dim Sum for that break LOL. Then i was teasing daddy that no wonder he eat abit only when he comes home LOL, actually he had snacks outside already!! LoL, daddy was like ... aiya, not always la ... 4pm coffee break mah. LoL. Then he bought some yummy indian food for his workers at CCK =D. Went to daddy's Pioneer Landscape for a while, i petted the nice brown/white cat ... so furry and fat!!! LoL, i was like hugging and kissing it lol. I fed the fishes, they shy sia, took them 1-2mins before they came up and ate the food XD. Daddy took quite some time, so i whipped out my lappy and went online lol. There's wireless there, so i had fun, reading fanfics, surfing around and blasting my music loud XD.

Even in the car, i'm still blasting my music loud, then daddy was in his 'chatting' mode again lol. But tonight's talk is really cool!!! He talked abt going to Holland, China, Thailand and Denmark to source for plants and stuff ... so cool. Then he said he asked if his workers like to go for overseas sourcing trip and nobody wanted. I went like WTF? WHY!? It's like so fun lor even if u go there and see plants, u get to meet and see many places and people. God and all expenses PAID somemore. Dumb dumb. I'm seriously considering working for daddy when i graduate le lol. Then he went like when i'm gonna help him and stuff then he toked abt business stuff again how much fun it is, to meet all kinds of people. I got interested again when he mentioned about landscaping YanZi's places lol. God. U get to go for trips, meet idols, have fun and get paid. Why not go for the job? But too bad i dun study plants, daddy said need to have the technical knowledge and i dun think i have lol. I'm a plant idiot. But i think that can be solved by learning mah, interest is more important XD.

Ok i gotta go do my walking advertisement le, it's getting late. Dammit.

Here's My To Do List:
1. Watch Animes - Naruto 168, Fate/stay Night 1 Tonight No time, tomorrow ba ...
2. Watch Animes - Blood+ 8-13, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13 by ... goodness knows when.
3. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA by ... goodness knows when.
4. Buy new earpiece ... when i'm in the mood
10. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay! woot!
5. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1 by Sun By 27th Jan
6. Do stupid Walking Advertisement for roadshow
4. Beg Daddy to lend van/lorry/car watever
7. Bishan ITE roadshow Wed/Thurs
8. Submit BB data entries on 1 Feb
12. Submit LAM data entries by 27th Jan Pass it to Jinny to enter the entries.
9. Start Walmart PPT on this Sat
10. Start SMM Project 2 on this Sat
11. IB Walmart PPT on 3 Feb
12. Start LAM Part 3 On 4 Feb, Sat

Soon to come to do list;
1. IB Walmart PPT by 7 Feb
2. Analysis on LAM Project on Week 14/15
3. LAM Part 3 Project by 9 Feb
4. Analysis on BB Project on Week 15
5. SMM Project 2 PPT on Week 15
6. SMM Project 2 by 13 Feb
7. BPC Peer Assessment file by 13 Feb
8. BPC Final PPT - We're Grp3 - 9am on 15 Feb
9. BPC Individual Report by 17 Feb
10. Bring Valentine Day pressies for 'Darling ZY', 'Sweet [Inserts HEART Picture LOL!] XT', 'Chubby J' & 'Wonderful QW' ... like real. LOL. -.-|||

Tons of stuff huh? That's why i dislike CNY, waste my time only. Sigh gotta do think of how to design the walking advertisement le ... cya

[Signing off @ 9:34 PM]

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