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Thursday, January 19, 2006

School Rumble OVA 2

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M.I.A for the last 3 days. Sorry. No mood to blog. I haven't got my pics yet, cos my mum asked the attachment student to our company to help develop the films and she was sick so she can't give it to us. MANZ! LoL. Slacked around on monday, didn't go for LAM lec, cos it's like noone's going duh! lol. Anyways here's School Rumble OVA 2.

I Salute Imadori For His 'Bravery'!The Result When You Piss Lala Off LoL.Kawaii Family!
Eri, Ojou-sama Style!Shy Yakumo.Forlorn Yakumo.

- Started with what's his name again? That delinquent wannabe lol trying to chat up with Harima LOL. When the delinquent wannabe wanted to sit on Tenma's chair, Harima bashed him up really bad LOL cos delinquent wannabe guy called Tenma by first name LOL XD. Next Ichijou as a part-timer in this 'WAS' fast food restaurant, then Imadori walked in and was confused on why one side of the register is full of people and the other, empty.

- Cos Lala was the person serving in that counter ... LOL and she's really ... unfriendly. LOL then Imadori actually asked for a 'Smile' from Lala LOL!!! I really admire Imadori's guts LOL. LOL really, i do really lol. Needless to say, he got pulverized like a rag doll LOL!!!!!! While walking home, Imadori's dog was ... uh playing with Lala haha, then Imadori's dog's way made Lala smiled =D. Imadori happened to see it ...

- Next day, Imadori returned, hiding below his dog, hoping that Lala would smile when she saw his dog LOL. Toldja i really admired Imadori's guts LOL!!!! Well he got pulverized again XD.

- Next part, School Rumble cast goes prehistoric. [I just read this part in the manga~ =D] Karasuma was the first to create anime?! LOL. Then they found Hanai like he's dead but he's not really LOL. Cos he reacted to the fire where Akira had placed him in LOL XD. Akira simply said 'Oh, so you're alive afterall.' LOL!!! That means she knew lol. Hanai related how he fell ... and he said he saw a giant, Mammoth, Devil Tusk.

- Next scene, LOL Eri as the queen commanding the people to begin counter-measure operation! LOL. Meanwhile, Harima craving a pic of Tenma on the rocks LOL. So the 'Kill Mammoth' Operation begins when Harima suggested that they use the black rock he used to make the craving to kill the Mammoth. Everyone disagreed at first till the senseis, Itoko and friend [SORRY I FORGOT HER NAME!] came and said it's worth the try XD.

- So they went with it lol, Tenmma's was like 'That's great Harima-kun!!'. Then Harima went 'YOSHHAAAA!!! LOL' in his mind but acted indifferent. Then in Harima's mind got this scenario LOL that Tenma's his wife, then their 4 children were cheering for him LOL!!!!! [Kawaii~~~~~] So the mammoth came marching in ... Harima stabbed the mammoth at the side haha, and hanged on to it while the mammoth walked past.

- However, Ichijou and Lala got better ideas, just trip & tied the legs of that Mammoth and they got it LOL XD. So everyone had Mammoth meat and the heroines are Ichijou and Lala! Harima ... forgotten LOL. A while later, Tenma walked up to Harima and gave him the trunk meat of the mammoth LOL XD. Harima then carved the smiling face of Tenma on a rock again.

- -Present Time- Tenma and Yakumo are in a museum and they saw the rock Harima had carved on, Yakumo went like 'Nee-san, i think it looks like you.' LOL!!!

- Next part, oohh Harima x Yakumo scene, Yakumo's in Harima's house, helping up with the manga Harima's doing. Suddenly, there was a power shortage and the lights went out ... Harima got a candle out and they continued doing the manga. Then Harima got an inspiration from seeing Yakumo under the candle lights. Then Harima asked Yakumo to play out heroine so that he would be able to capture the image better haha.

- Harima then got too ... absorbed in his acting then ... then Yakumo's next line was 'Suki.' [I like you.] LOL! Harima got hyped up that he grabbed Yakumo's shoulders and said he'll make her happy and stuff ... [He's lost in his world XD] In his world, he saw Yakumo as Tenma-chan and Yakumo could finally saw the words appearing behind Harima ... 'Kawaii~' with the name 'Tenma-chan' hidden.

- Yakumo thought she's dreaming ... then the girl from her dreams asked her if she hates men or like them? Yakumo didn't said anything but blushed. -END- OMIGOD! I can feel Yakumo falling for Harima XD. ED's a little different, same song but different scenes behind. Kayyaaahh we're treated to chibi Tenma, Eri, Akira, Yakumo, Iori and Mikoto doing what Harima does in the School Rumble Series.

- Then the background of the chibis are the guys from 2-C and 2-D. Ahh~ so well-built XD especially Harima XD. Haha. School Rumble Season 2, Cultural Festival, coming in spring 2006! I'm reading the chapters abt it in the manga hahaha, damn funny XD. Can't waittttttttttttttt!

Art: 8/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Gotta love Imadori scene, Harima x Yakumo scene but a little short & the mammoth scene haha.]
Characters: 7/10 [Yakumo~~~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Sigh then Tuesday we had IB, supposed to have IB presentation on Starbucks but we screwed up on the ppt content, so luckily the tutor said we could present it next week cos she missed the workshop with us and we're like on the losing end compared to other classes. And i love that! LoL, so the questions we need to present are mostly in textbook and i assure u, i didn't use the information i had in the ppt from the textbook. Everything researched from the internet lol. Luckily, smart me, know the WEBSITE for the textbook!!! LOL the answers are like in point forms for me to juz COPY and PASTE! YAY! LOL.

I love it when i'm so smart in researching LOL. Jealous? LOL. After that, on wed we had LAM tutorial and half the class's not there cos they went on the SMM Hong Kong trip ahaha and some juz plainly forgot LOL but quite ok la, relax tutorial, we juz chat and said our answers verbally. The most funny thing is XT didn't know we had LAM tut and we called her in the classroom and the tutor overheard our conversation and talked to her hahahah. XT didn't know at first XD. She was like 'Huh, got LAM tutorial meh?!' LOL. Everyone in the class heard that hahahhaa. Later in the night, C told me over MSN he didn't know got LAM tutorial too lol.

Then i did my SMM and BB e-learning tutorials on tuesday and wednesday. LoL, answer and comment. Then i helped LC did hers, cos she can't go online. Hope i did ok. LoL, i did like entirely different questions for her. For example in BB e-tut, i did Q3, then for LC's i did Q2. Sigh it was hard work so i pushed doing my IB Starbucks PPT to tonight. Oh today i went to nyp open house to have fun and collect goodies bag ... MY FOOT! LOL i went to visit my old time secondary buddy, SG, actually not really, i asked a favour from her cos we need like the BB questionnaire, we need to have four Indian men from age 25-49. So thank god, SG has all of the above. Yay. So i went nyp to pass the questionnaires to her lol. I know i'm a bad friend XD. Then we chatted and stuff XD, enjoyed myself, laughing and remembering the old good days where we did evil and nasty stuff to people and bitch abt our teachers and principal LOL.

One funny incident is that while we're chatting, a 3-4cm long french fry dropped in front of me from nowhere!!! LOL I was like totally shocked then SG was like ... WTF? LoL. She thought it's the like the yellow nose-supporting thing from my specs but it's not. It's a freaking FRENCH FRY!!! LOL. Then SG was like saying, probably some bird dropped it. I was like looking around and saw a tiny little sparrow behind me and there's no way that tiny bird could carry that 3-4cam long french fry in that 1cm wide mouth!! LOL. So i'm still wondering where the hell it came from.

Anyways after chatting left, bought Mirmo Zibang! #8 from CC and went home happily chomping a S$2 McChicken i bought hehe. After that hmmmm, slacked around, reading fanfics, organizing my thoughts, write them on paper and smsing ZY about our trip to Little India tomorrow. No, we're not going there to play, we're going there to interview tourists for our LAM Part 3 project. Sianz. TWO types surveys before Chinese New Year! I MUST FINISH them by THIS WEEK! By tomorrow must finish all 7-8 of my LAM questionnaires cos i dun wanna go Little India again. And by Sunday, i aim to finish my 8 BB questionnaires! My dad did one and SG helped me to finish one too, so i'm left with 6 and i hope my uncle comes on saturday then i'm left with 4! Then i'll probably go out on saturday to spot victims, cos there's no men at home le! LoL.

Anyways, off to do IB Starbucks PPT, i think i'll probably juz copy and paste from the web then later edit. Sigh, finishing my questionnaires is my first priority right now. I can't sleep well lol, i hate doing surveys, it makes me so stressed up. IB too! Manz, then roadshow at Bishan ITE coming up next week, gonna be a busy week ... sigh.

Let me list things to do;
1. Meet SG tomorrow to collect BB surveys @ 10am
2. Rush to Little India MRT station to meet ZY, XT and JX for LAM survey trip @ 11.30am
3. Do abit of IB Starbucks PPT
4. Finish IB Starbucks PPT by Sat
5. BB Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
6. LAM Survey 8/7/6/5/4/3/2/1
7. BPC Assessment crap
8. Bishan ITE roadshow wed/thurs
9. Watch Animes - Naruto 166-168, Blood+ 8-13, Fate/stay Night 1, Gokujou Seitokai 17-22, Mai Otome 12-13
10. Download Kasimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ 1, Gundam Seed Destiny Final Plus, Itsudatte My Santa! OVA
11. Buy new earpiece
12. 27/01/2006 is akayuki's Anime/Manga Blog's first birthday! Yay!

Guess that's all, i'll update tomorrow and stuff. Oh there's new anime, Samurai 7, started last night, it's pretty cool, i was switching in between Amercia's Next Top Model and Samurai 7 lol. Ahhh, ok, read fanfics, cya.

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

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