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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert Feelings

[Posted @ 9:41 PM]
Pics need time to develop so i juz took a shot of the stuff i got from the concert.
1. The Ticket [Duh]
2. YanZi Concert Pamphlet
3. Singapore Idol, Channel 5 'Do Not Disturb' Door ... dunno wat?
4. Light Stick i bought for S$1.50 from yanziunlimited fanclub


I sat at PA Row 1 Seat 12 which is facing YanZi's back most of the time but she got turn here also la lol, at the first half of the song facing in front and the second change to facing us, they rotate de la lol. Then got one scene, i think when YanZi sung dunno if it's 'Ai Qing Zhi Dian' or 'Hai Pa', she was like right in front of the PA side in that cute, pretty, beautiful yellow dress~ I almost wanna run up sia lol but got staff there hahaha XD.

Anyways i used my MP3 player to record the whole thing but cos i'm in front of the freaking speakers lol, the whole time i was hearing was 'ZZZZZAAAAZAAAA ZZAAAA ZAAAA' lol so ask me send u also no use de, you can't hear anything. Damn, so wasted lol.

Anyways, here's the list of songs YanZi sung~~~~

Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert:

Start around 8:20-25 PM ba, was too excited to look at watch XD.
Sorry if i missed out anything;

1. Feng Zheng [Wo Bu Yaoooooo~]
2. Ben
3. Kai Shi Dong Le
4. Wo Bu Nan Guo
5. Man Man Lai
-- Break - Change Clothes
6. Shen Qi
7. Nan De Yi Jian
8. Tong Lei
9. Wo Bu Ai
-- F.I.R -> Guests
10. First Day aka Di Yi Tian [We stood up, waved and stomped the place lol]
-- YanZi Break - Change Clothes [YanZi smiled, waved and gave a blowing kiss to us!!! LUCKY!! XD]
11. F.I.R - Lydia
12. F.I.R - Ai De Li Liang
-- F.I.R Left, YanZi's Back In New Set of Clothes
13. Zu Ni Kai Xing
14. Ai Qing Zhi Dian
15. Hai Pa
16. Wo Yao De Xing Fu
-- Break - Change Clothes
17. Zhi Lai Zhi Wang
18. Chao Kuai Gan
19. Shui Tang Che Yan
-- No light/dance, no change of clothes, just a chair haha XD
20. Silent All These Years
21. Leave Me Alone
-- Tanya Chua -> Guest
22. Yuan Dian
-- They chatted, YanZi & Tanya got 'Kuo Fu', We got 'Er Fu' Hahaha. XD
23. Mo Sheng Ren
-- Tanya Left
24. Wan Mei De Yi Tian
-- Break -> Slideshow of the behind-the-scene workers
25. Zhong
26. Wo De Ai
27. Yu Jian
-- Thank You Note, LOL YanZi whipped out a note, then started with a damn mono tone voice lol 'Thank You Warner Music Taiwan' Blah.
28. Zhe Yi Ke, The Moment
-- Encore Scene:
-- We chanted 'YanZi YanZi YanZi' for a min or so XD.
-- The music started 'Boom, Boom, Boom', our chants for YanZi increased, then music died down lol we went like 'WTF?' LoL.
-- But then YanZi blasted in, in a new set of clothes XD.
29. Lu Guang Green Light
-- We stood up, did the 'Kallang Wave', stomped the ground when we sung Meng Bu Luo XD.
30. Meng Bu Luo
- I typed out the message YanZi said exactly. [But i might miss some]

'其实我是一个比较不会讲话的人你们都知道,可是我觉得啊,我刚才起来的时候我想说,应该有一半的人都走了,因为你们都知道新加坡人习惯他们习惯就是[哈哈]大赛车然后赶快去把车开走,所以谢谢大家谢谢你们都留下来。其实还蛮想跟你们分享我昨天晚上在看书的时候,看到一句东西让我觉得突然间就是停下来这个样子,它讲说 'Men should not choose no, sorry, Men should not accept our destiny, we should choose it.' 我刚选择这个path的时候i don't know what lies ahead 可是就象每个人一样下面几分钟会发生什么事情我们都不知道,可是我们要往前因为we have faith and we have trust. 谢谢大家在某个阶段里对我有信心还有鼓励。结下来呢带给大家我第一次出道的歌曲,天黑黑。'

31. Tian Hei Hei
-- We sung together loudly with YanZi in Tian Hei Hei esp Ti Or Or LOL.
-- END --

-- YanZi Sung 1 Song [Di Yi Tian] with F.I.R, 2 Songs [Yuan Dian, Mo Shen Ren] with Tanya Chua.

I tell u, we're pretty high at PA, standing to rock the place when YanZi sung 'First Day' with F.I.R and Meng Bu Luo. I never did that at Start Concert 2002 sia. Hahaha. i was screaming so hard also, hahaha waved till my right arm ache so much till now i'm like resting my right hand on the table as i typed hahaha. Hahaha then my voice so ... soft this morni.. uh i mean afternoon cos i woke up at around 2pm ba hahaha then i went to bath XD.

So damn tired, then even i even got sore eye sia hahaha, so bad, but worth it la. For YanZi!!! It's been a long 4 years XD. So damn happy XD XD XD.

Ok, gotta go rush IB. I tell you, i wanted to start at 5pm de but there's no anime at 4pm so i started at 4pm lor. Sianz. I went yahoo, search for news for Starbucks and tried to do Question A and B. Then i saw the mail C and XT sent me. I. Was. A. Little. Well nvm.

Then after i researched, it was 5pm le, i copied, pasted, organized my thoughts, it was 6pm le. Then i began editing the stuff and going through the websites, then compare the Starbucks website of the different countries, it was like 7pm le. So i took a break by going to feed my parrots. Then it was 7.30pm i go watch Tuxedo on Channel 5. Lol it was funny.

Then juz now i was slacking around, i dun wanna start IB. Sianz sia. Oh going to watch The Apprentice le cya.

[Signing off @ 10:01 PM]

PS: Fanfics fanfics i wanna read fanfics~~~

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