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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Juz Came Home From Stefanie Sun LIVE In Singapore 2006 Concert!

[Posted @ 12:41 AM]
God, 4 words. YanZi's Concert FUCKING ROCKED.

SO GREAT, YanZi's live is soooo great that it's like listening to the CDs themselves. Although YanZi forgot some lyrics in the starting but later she caught up by looking at the big screen in front of her hahaha.

Then guest stars F.I.R and Tanya Chua! F.I.R sung Lydia and Ai something lol i'll post the full thing in the afternoon, i need to bath. Then Tanya and YanZi sung Yuan Dian and Mo Shen Ren. Woo.

FREAKING ROCKS MAH!!! I never scream so hard in my whole life before. My voice is like so husky and sexy hahahahahhahaha. Look out my friends on Monday hahahaha. Luckily i not presenting for IB ppt sia if not present till halfway suddenly 'lost voice' hahahaha...

So damn highhhhhhhhh~~~ cya afternoon for more post cya cya

[Signing off @ 12:45 AM]

PS: since i used the normal cam, i need to wait till i go develop it ba ahaha then i dunno if the shots nice or not, i only took 20+ blahhhhhh.

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