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Friday, January 6, 2006


[Posted @ 9:07 PM]
... a bad morning, didn't managed to catch ZY's message last night so i woke up at 10am this morning, bathed, changed my clothes and even put on my socks to prepare to go to school. And what do i get?

'Hey, akayuki we r not meeting 2morow already cos only u me n QW can make it...we will meet on mon instead ok?'

DIAOZ! I placed down my handphone calmly and practically did the Macaulay Culkin [From Home Alone 1] 'ARGHHHH!!' with both my hands slapped against my cheeks. Except that my scream is probably louder. LoL. Well, since i got up early, i had a slice of milk chocolate before i switch on my lappy. Then LC smsed me abt her day and i replied and the usual stuff. Oh, i'm not blaming anyone, i juz wanna start this post with something funny.

Anyways, since i was so sianz and diaoz this morning and i remembered it's friday morning!!! So i went to animesuki to hunt for Mai Otome Ep13 spoilers XD. AHHHH, i was like so damn excited the whole time seeing the screenshots appear before me. My heart went 'dokidoki' the whole time hahaha. Well, hmm all i could say is Akane and Kazuya love got a happy ending [As Yet]. LOL. I'm so evil. I got this feeling that it's too happy. Too smooth sailing ... too weird. I dunno why, maybe i'm just a little paranoid. But Ep13's really great, it's no wonder Akane's Pearl Number 1 XD. I brushed off any doubts of Akane not being able to fight =D haha.

After the Mai Otome spoilers hunt, i went to search for Strawberry Panic! manga scanlations XD. What a haul! I downloaded Chapter1-4 of the manga!!! C1-2 is in Mandarin but it's pretty easy to read but i juz took a longer time than i would do with english scanlations. C3-4 RAW though, meaning it's in Japanese ... i couldn't figured out much except for some 'Hai', 'XXX Onee-sama', 'Aa!', 'Doushite?' and basic stuff. Oh i dun think i saw 'Gokigenyou.' LOL! Anyways C3 is damn hot XD. The story intensifies from there XD. A little necking and ... groping XD.

Anyways, i'll do a little review abt it next time ba heh. Can't wait for the anime! Hm actually the art for the novel and manga is pretty different. I almost can't recognize the novel Shizuma from the manga Shizuma. The manga Shizuma seemed more lankier and elegant. The novel Shizuma is pretty cute but she doesn't give out the 'Onee-sama' vibes to me. However i prefer the novel Amane, god look so ... cool!!!~~ Haha. Well doesn't mean the manga Amane ain't cool, but i prefer the novel version =D. So yep, i can't decide which to like, so i'll like both, since both art are my taste ha =D. The rest i could pretty much recognize ba. Ha Nagisa is a little like Yumi From Marimite haha, the klutzy but lovable type cos her emotions are clearly shown on her face XD.

Ohhh, a little off track haha, gonna save those info for the review XD. Oh, then i saved most of the nice, great quality pin ups from the novel. I also saved all the pin ups from the Loveless Anime DVD too! Hahaha, Soubi's sooo hotzzzzz XD XD XD XD.

After the Strawberry Panic! and Loveless hunt, i went on a fanfic reading competition XD. I read over 10 fanfics this afternoon and didn't watch any animes. That's why i'm not blogging Blood+ tonight XD. I need a rest, i'll do it tomorrow ba. Ha. Besides ... school is reopening soo.. ARGH! WHY WHY! ...

Well, we got LAM Part 2 to do, IB Tutorial/PPT on Starbucks to work on, NP and Bishan ITE roadshows to work on. OH YES, I forgot the most important day of the year 2006, next to my birthday and my families' birthdays ... THAT IS STEFANIE SUN YAN ZI'S CONCERT ON 14TH JAN 2006!!!! KYYYAAAHH! It's juz next week!! I can't freaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkking wait!!!

YanZi YanZi YanZi YanZi YanZi!!!!~~~

[Calms down] Ok, i'm cool. Ha. Oh i read X #14 le, hm and Ouran High Host Club #3 ... half way with Mythical Detective Loki #7 [END] and i had a glimpse in Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #4 ... god. Takiko returned to the real world. Manz. I saw a spoiler for Fruits Basket too, Chapter 121. Kyou x Tohru. Confirmed. [SCREAMS! NOOO!] SIGH.

Well, Yuki, go for Machi then LOL!

Anyways cya, i wanna go read more fanfics and download YanZi Clips~ Yay!

[Signing off @ 9:41 PM]

PS: Oh i went to read blog posts by Xiaxue too =D.

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