[Posted @ 4:50 PM]
LoL, forgot all about my blog till i was typing this 300 words thingy on my application to SMU ... sigh. Looking at my results, it's tough. Darn first year ... pull me down argh, i should had worked harder lol. How the hell do i know manz, lousy first year results could pull me so low. Then gotta go SMU tomorrow to deliver my freaking documents and pay the application fees. Manz, the more i see, the more sad i become. My mind keeps whirling with words like 'Hopeless', 'Go find a freaking job', 'Job', 'Job', 'Job'. I DUN WANNA WORK! Everyone around me are finding part time jobs nd stuff. Sigh.

Anyways, these few days i'm glued to the studyroom's PC playing Roller Roaster Tycoon 2 lol =) so fun ... building my park from sratch, [Yes i know they gave us $10,000, but all were loans from the freaking bank lol] Then after 2-3 hours of playing, i managed to pay back the bank full + interest and a park rating of 900 =) and 1000+ guests whee. 3-4 days later, i got $100,000+ cash and 5 roller coasters, 15 food/drinks/t-shirt stalls, 5 water rides, 10 thrilling rides and godness knows how many toilets lol ... really the dumb people can't find the freaking toilets. And if they wanna go to the bathroom, i pick them up and placed them in say, bathroom 1, BUT they purposely wanna go bathroom 10 LOL. I dunno why dammit.

Made me so freaking angry lol, anyways i still haven't hit my objective yet ... which is to build like 10 roller coasters, all must be what 3900+ feet high and whatever thingy. Plus, i'm running out of space ... man i need to buy land le ... nooooooooo my hard earned $100K~~~~ lol. Money are earned to be spent. Shessh. Anyways, besides roller coaster tycoon, hooked in the house of the dead 2 and ... hm Grandia II. Fun fun. In addition, the internet connection wasn't very good to begin with ... keep disconnecting but it's better now. Can last for a full day without disconnecting like before. yay.

Oh yeah, Tours Mai HiME doujinshi Vol4 lovers ... well i'm trying to translate Page 1 as i'm typing now. Hopefully i'll post it tomorrow, i'll work on Page 1 tonight ... the version i had had big dimensions ... so i might need to resize it when displayed on my blog ... but you can click on it and out pops a new window to see the full size la, i dun wanna destroy the quality of it by resizing it to suit my blog ... [Yes i hate people who do that so i'm not going to do that to people ... heh] I like making people happy and making myself happy =).

Reading fanfics is back again, i love reading stories from the internet ... i could stay 3-4 hours in front of lappy and read stories over and over again ... so fun =).

Ohhh. My brother finished his tuition ... so cya. I wanna go play Roller Roaster Tycoon 2 yay!

[Signing off 5:08 PM]

PS: Shessh, Chuz want to play house of the dead 2 first and he asked me to be the second player to help aid him to win lol. Kk. Since i'm the only one who won the whole levels alone =) Muahahaha.

YanZi @ SK Jewellery Spring Sale Brochure

[Posted @ 9:49 PM]
Went to NorthPoint juz now =) had the famous Nasi Biryani there ... ohh i just realized Nasi Biryani is Indian food, not Malay. LoL, maybe you all know le but i honestly just knew. Hahaha cos Nasi Biryani sounds like a Malay name so i assume it's a Malay dish.

Then in NorthPoint, there's a SK Jewellery shop so i went there ... and got this brochure!!! This is the second one ba, the first theme was probably 'Valentine's Day' cos it was released around Jan to Feb. And now it's 'Spring Sale' lol ... Mar to Apr and heard it's changing to 'Summer' soon~ yay!!!

YanZi On The Coverpage Of SK Jewellery Spring Sale  Brochure.

YanZi looks so act cute here LOL, like she's all shy that she's dolled up with so many gold. Ahhh, such a master piece ... gold and white goes well with each other =). But the hairstyle abit ... 'auntie' le ... LoL.

Oh yeah, anyways before that early in the afternoon, i went to hmm i dunno what's the place name ... but it's across Khatib MRT station lol, anyways went there to update my bank book, bought a new spectacles =) whee it's Maroon in colour. Usually i prefer blue and stuff, but i feel like having something different for a change and so yellow is too bright so maroon is ok ba. After that hmmm, went with mum to buy fish and stuff then went to cut my hair ... same style la, i lazy, short and comfortable heh.

Then got home at around 3 PM so i went to play 'Grandia II' and 'The House of the Dead 2' ... i played for 45 mins then i got tired of 'Grandia II' and went to play 'The House of the Dead 2' i dunno why, maybe i'm so lucky today or what, i'm the first to complete all the levels ... and even win the BOSS! LoL! We managed to get to the BOSS level a few days ago but difficult to defeat, even when my bros and i tagged team, lol and even combined our powers ... but still managed to hurt the BOSS halfway only. But i single handedly DEFEATED THE BOSS all by myself! No help. No tag team! Whee. Maybe cos i was stressed lol, it was already 4 PM and i wanna rush to go watch FMA on TV ... so i was like die you fucker! Dieeeeeeee! And i did it! LoL. So proud.

After that went to NorthPoint ... after lunch and SK Brochures hunting lol, went to Popular to read books and magazines. Saw Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 selling for $29.90 so i bought it ... and also some Prison Tycoon for $9.90. =) Whee so going to install it now. Cya!

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

PS: God damn Singnet freaked up on me again ... damn. Juz when i had praised it juz now ... it's back again! No internet ... till now ... 11:07 PM! Spoil my mood, gotta call to ask why like that le.

Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 [4]

[Posted @ 9:30 PM]
Well well, Singnet is good today so here i am to post up the last two pages of Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 3 Page 9 and 10. As for the side stories ... see first ba ... i'm lazy lol.

Page 9.

Page 10.

Ah, such a sweet ending =). Do i hear MOREEEEE?

Actually there is. Yep, i got Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 4. There's around 20 pages to translate. So it's a toughy, i reckon i'll leave it to the pros. Haha. Unless ... if there's noone out there who wants to ... i could try to ... using the Mandarin translated pages i had. Volume 4 is a little more hot ... won't say smutty, won't say graphic ... but there's implied sex and tastefully done =). Enough to get your hormones running wild muahahaha.

Anyways, cya then, next post about YanZi =) and what i did today!

[Signing off @ 9:45 PM]

My Last Sem In Poly Results ...

[Posted @ 9:12 PM]
Forgot to post it ... ha. Here's my results. Far most the BEST results ever. My dream of straight Bs ... never came true. However it's better than i thought hahaha.



RESULT : Passed and completed the diploma course

Aw manz, dun think i can get into University le ... sianz. But however, yes, i was so shocked that i got AD for International Business. Never in my little life that i would THINK that of all that i would score would be International Business lol. Firstly, cos i didn't sleep on the night before the paper and wasn't in top condition. Maybe my hands just moved on its own and wrote on its own =O lol i was half-asleep [Will i get whacked by those who studied so hard for it? LoL] half of the time but this was the only paper i managed to finish all the questions. Thinking back, i managed to get As for those IT related modules and i did fairly well in the projects and stuff but to my dismay i got only A or A+ for them. So i was thinking, 'Wah, my another little dream of scoring at least ONE AD in my poly life can never be achieved le.' But no, life threw [And i gladly embraced it] an AD with an International Business attached to it. Ha. Such a big joke.

Ironically, I got an A+ for my Basic Japanese Conversational module somemore. A module that i really placed my heart and soul into ... i memorized the katakana ... hiragana ... word for word and re-wrote the letter i pre-wrote over 10 times ... even when i was on the bus to school lol. Oh i forgot to even say i was late for the test somemore lol but i finished everything fast and was the second one to get out of the exam room lol. Dammit. Reckon someone was more passionate about Japanese more than me out there huh.

Anyways cut the crap. I'm happy that i finally got AD and my straight Bs ... HEH =) Great mood but was spoilt by the stupid internet connection. I was hanging on to the studyroom's PC 'The House of The Dead 2' and 'Grandia II' for life support lol. I can't live without lappy and internet access. So i tried to get my mind off by staying in the studyroom. Called Singnet this early afternoon then the internet came back for 1-2 hours then the internet light went out on me again. I almost yelled 'Fuck' out loud. After that i called again at around 6 PM ... the guy's pretty helpful, told me to check my lines and stuff ... now it's ok. But i fear the next time i switch off the modem ... it will be back to haunt me again! NOOOOO!

Manz. I hate it. Anyways, Tours Mai Hime Doujinshi tomorrow =) yay. If the connection is working that is.

[Signing off 9:33 PM]

PS: Cross ya fingers for tomorrow. Wanna blame, blame singnet lol.

Cameron Highlands Day 3

[Posted @ 5:00 PM]
Juggling between chatting with LL over at MSN, blogging, reading fanfics, surfing net with PC and SMSing LC lol, i'm da queen of multi-tasking!! MUAHAHAHA. Ahem. Anyways, here's Cameron Highlands Day 3 pictures =).

Ok on the third day, we went on this Nature Discovery Tour. Yeah so first stop is another of BOH's tea plantations, it's different for the one we saw on Day 2. So it's sight seeing and tea drinking for me again heh.

Whoa~.Whoa~.Those Black Stuff Are Tea Leaves.



After that, we went to Mount Brinchang and travelled a 'SHORT' trek into the freaking mossy and bamboo forest haha. Dammit, i was panting hard by the time i got to the place where the guide showed us the Pitcher Plant. After that i climbed up the viewing tower ... haha sooo nice!

The Hard-Earned View.Shaped-Like A Cobra.Nice!

More views from the viewing tower!

Yes, That's My Shoe.Ahh, Nice Clouds.View From The Suspension Bridge.

After that, we went to this waterfall place ... shessh. Not really nice la, the toilet there is dirty and stuff. Then we saw a malay family cooking there somemore lol, so cool.

Whee~.That's The Waterfall.A Village View.

And this is my fave pic of all! =)


Yep, that's all.

Dammit. Problem with stupid internet again. Called Singnet. Twice. Finally can again at 8:18 PM ... sigh ... hope the connection stays on. If not, i'll be freaking pissed off.

[Signing off @ 8:19 PM]

Holy Crap ...

[Posted @ 1:21 PM]
Juz saw my last sem results in poly and i'm still under a state of extreme shock right now.
So i'm be right back later. Since stupid connection is not stable. Goddamit. cya.

[Signing off @ 1:22 PM]

Happy 15th Birthday Chuz Ball!

[Posted @ 11:10 PM]
Booyeah! LoL, after taking a bath, feels so refreshing =).

Ok, a few pics to share with all. I, by nature do not like to take photos but i like taking photos of food and fave/memorable things. Usually i don't take photos with friends but sometimes if i'm in a good mood, i'll juz 'patronize' them la LOL =P.

Daddy said we're having a new car soon, so i took a few photos of the old car haha. =) Then we had BBQ tonight =) cos it's Chuz's Birthday! Aw, he's 15 years old already. So fast hahaha.

Goodbye Car.=)Ignore The Burnt Sausages LoL.

This afternoon when i woke up, mummy told me to buy a birthday cake for Chuz. So i went to bath, lazed around for a while before i set off at 3 PM. I went to North Point, then first stop, Comics Connection! Buy my mangas heh, i bought Mirmo Zibang #10 and Ouran High Host Club #4. After that went in to Cold Storage to buy Mutton Satays ... lol then i called mummy and was over the phone for 15 mins cos i can't find the satays she asked me to buy lol. She was like, 'Neh, the auntie there la!' 'Where!?' 'Tsk, you walk inside right, then you see an auntie there, then beside got sell la!' 'Huh, kk i find.' Then i realized, why everywhere got aunties LOL. So i called back again. 'WHERE LA! Aunties everywhere!!!!' 'Aiya, the auntie selling ZHONG ZI one la!' 'Oh, say so mah, auntie auntie auntie. You also auntie what.' 'You ... #$&*&$@$^#$%^%' [I Hung Up] LoL. Nah, just joking. I juz said 'Orh' LOL. Here's the cake!

S$27.80 Black Forest Cake.

Nice huh, but not so nice to eat la, inside got blackberries!! LoL. But no choice only a few cakes around ... and this is probably the best from them. Reached home at around 4 PM, quite fast trip. Hmmm, then i sat in front of lappy and read fanfics! SO NICE! WHEEE! I wanna write a story of my own too. =) Sooner or later.

Anyways, after that, i went to play 'The House of the Dead 2' in the studyroom lol. I one man show sia, i played two players at the same time. 1 finger at the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse lol. I reached the last level somemore but died halfway. Damn. After playing 3 times and still failing to complete the game, i took a break and read Mai HiME #5 [END].

Then i went back to playing again till 7.30 PM then it's BBQ time!! Whee, my little cousins came and i played with them lol so cute little things =). It's a fun, yummy day ... once again, Happy Birthday Chuz Ball!

Day 3 of Cameron Highlands Trip tomorrow. It's the last day yep. And it's Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi next. And i'll probably start anime blogging le. I'm lagging.

[Signing off @ 11:37 PM]

Cameron Highlands Day 2

[Posted @ 5:16 PM]
Before i forget everything i did on the Cameron Highlands trip, i better type it all down here lol.

On the second day, we went to our host's nursery yeah then on the other side, there's a piece of land growing cabbages lol, so i took photo la heh. Then we sat this Land Rover cos the places we're going that day was gonna be bumpy and rough. So a normal car can't really go in so we sat on the Land Rover which was soooo fun =).

Cabbages.Overview.The Land Rover We Sat.

The slopes can go up to at least 45 degrees lol, then when the Land Rover went down, it's like sitting on a roller coaster! =) Then suddenly, i thought of Final Destination 3 LOL. But nothing happened la. The second day was pretty relax la, sat the Land Rover, breathed in the fresh air and the oh so beautiful green patches around.

Front View From Top Of The Land Rover.WARNING: Fake Flowers On These Cactus.These Flowers On The Cactus Is The REAL Deal.

After that we went to BOH Tea Plantation right up among the green hills. Sooo nice~~~ The trip up was abit horrible la, lol we sat the car up then it went around and around and around. Then cars have to horn at blind corners in case the other side didn't know and came crashing down aha. Kinda scary. Heh.

All Tea Plants.Valley Of Tea Plants.Tea Making Machine.

Later we went in the Tea Making hut then we see the process of how tea was made and stuff. Yeah the smell of freshly pressed tea was sooooo strong there hahaha. Makes me feel like rolling into the machines and blending myself in them.

Different Kinds Of Tea Leaves.The Line Of Brownish Black Stuff Are All Tea Leaves.Cart Loaded With Freshly Picked Tea Leaves.

After strolling around the Tea Making factory, we went to the cafe there and had BOH tea =). I had this new 'Teacino' Vanilla Flavour. Actually got two flavours, Caramel and Vanilla then daddy had Caramel while i had Vanilla, then Caramel tasted like normal milk tea lor then at least Vanilla had this 'Vanilla' taste haha. After tea, while the 'aunties' talked lol, i ran down to the slopes and took pictures, after taking pictures, the breeze was soooo peaceful and cooling that i almost fell asleep there. After that, we had dinner at the host's house. Soooo big sia, bigger than mine ... and any HDB flat room in Singapore lol. The living room was at least 3 times bigger than mine, the corrider was at least 2 times wider than mine and the kitchen was my mum's dream place lol, it's like 3 times bigger than our kitchen =).

Tea Break.A SnapShot Of An Overview Of Tea Plants Again.Cool Eh.

Ok, that's all for today. I'll blog again abt Chuz's birthday hahaha. Yep, today's my second brother, Chuz's birthday~~ Awww, he's 15 year old already and a few days ago he got a letter to tell him to go make IC le haha.

Cya time to play 'House of the Dead 2'!

[Signing off @ 5:46 PM]

4/16 3B14 2006 Outing - This Is The 300th Post!

[Posted @ 9:46 PM]
Supposed to be 7/16 de but ... one went to Japan [AHHHH I WANNA GO TOO!], one went for driving test [My turn will come sooner or later] and other had job interview [Sigh sooner or later but i wanna study first] So 4 of us ... actually also not bad la, four of us still can joke. Ok, maybe i can't joke but ... i think i talked alot le ba.

Met at Cineleisure at 1pm ... i think ZY arrived the earliest ... or me, cos when i went in i didn't see anyone so i went to withdraw cash. Anyways it doesn't really matter haha. ZY went into her 'Hey Wang Li Hom is looking at me le!' again lol. I ignored her =P. ZY then proposed that we either watch 'The Shaggy Dog' or 'Yours Mine & Ours'. In the end we watched 'The Shaggy Dog' cos JX had to go for her part time job later. And 'The Shaggy Dog' had the early time slot so we bought our tickets and went to Burger King to have lunch =).

Ok fine. I admit, i like BK's burgers lol. I seldom eat McDonald's and KFC ... unless got coupons lol. Frankly speaking, i'll eat in KFC if they have coupons slotted in my newspaper often. McDonald's coupons are not worth it ... too expensive. BK and KFC's are still ok ... especially KFC cos got cheese fries =). I love cheese fries hehehe. So HQ and i had this 'English Chicken Sandwich Meal', ZY had 'Spicy Chicken Sausage Meal' and JX had 'Single Mushroom Swiss Meal' =) Nice la, the burger i ate, got tomatos and bacon inside, and without them, it would juz be like Chicken Sandwich le hahaha. Chatted over lunch, gossiping and ... i learnt that life is so fucking unfair. Dammit. I'm still grumbling over it lol.

Anyways, after BK, went up ... but we still had time to kill so went to the arcade and played the table hockey. Damn table hockey, cheat HQ's money lol, the time was ticking but no ... uh what do u call tat ... plates? Yeah no plates came out ... damn i think we only played less than 12 plates whereas the last time we played was like lol so many till we kept jamming them into the other party's place. I remembered ZY and i played then we got 15:7? Hahaha. So fun but now we got like 4:7 shessh. Maybe it's the change of partners la XP.

After that quick game, went to the movie, already started le ... but didn't miss out any major stuff la. Juz in front abit only. Quite funny la ... a nice watch, heart warming but not exceptionally nice. I still think reading Fruits Basket totally rocked lol. I flipped through Fruits Basket #17 juz now ... manz, so many unexpected developments!!! Ahhhhhhh lol. Ok, anyways, after the movie, we went to Heeren, did a little window shopping and took a few photos. LoL, Xiao Wu so bad, asked me wanna go in to a shop to see see or not and before i could answer, she said 'Go la go la~' and walked in the shop le haha. The rest also ºÃ²»µ½ÄÄÀïÈ¥ [Hao bu dao na li qu] haha, they were looking at some bags and belts then they aimed/hinted at me and said ... heyy, i want this le~ haha. No comments but -.-|||| [Sweatdrop] haha. If i strike 4D maybe will consider buying for all ba haha. [Change subject].

Heh. After window shopping at Heeren, JX left cos of her part time job. Then the 3 of us went to Takashimaya, shopped there for a while ... then lastly to Kinokuniya! Whee, i saw my beloved Mangas~~~~ I could drown in there for years lol. So many new VCDs and Imported mangas ... but sigh i could only see, touch but not read. After that, went home ... i think around ... 6 PM le ba. Fun day =). Wish more of us were there, then more fun haha.

Oh not to forget, the memories i got today.

Little Gift I Got From HQ.Pieces Of Jigshaw Inside.The Movie Ticket.

I'll do the Cameron Highlands Day 2 post tomorrow ba ... i wanna go play 'House of the Dead 2' cya lol.

[Signing off @ 10:30 PM]

PS: wheee!~

Cameron Highlands Day 1

[Posted @ 11:21 PM]
Finally got my butt to edit the photos and type hahaha. Cos my hands are ... kinda sun-burnt so i was applying cream for the past 2 days ... lazy to type ... so i went to play Grandia II on my bro's PC in the studyroom lol. Not much photos but, juz put here up for everyone to see ba haha.

Stupid weather ... everyone thinks Cameron Highlands is always cooling and cold, no. Cameron Highlands is only cooling and colding during Novembers and Decembers when it usually rains. As for the rest of the year, mornings are cold, afternoon is hot [damn right], night is cooling. Dammit, so i wore t-shirt and shorts there aha, now my arms are sun-burnt, my cheeks' skins are peeling!!! Argh like snake skin lol. But after a few weeks, i'll be ok, creamy white and pink again =).

Ok, we [My dad, mum, aunt and i] sat the bus at 10.30 PM night on 13th March then arrived the next morning at around 7.30 AM. So it's a kinda 9 hours ride. Oh, when the bus was going round and round the road up to Cameron Highlands, at around 6 AM, i truly knew the meaning of starry starry night. Damn, the sky was filled with shiny sparkling stars ... soooooo beautiful, i stared at the stars for a full 30 mins. Then this star was the brightest of them all ... i dunno what's the name ... maybe the Northern Star lol. But that time, i called it 'Xiao Ru Junior'. LOL. Yeah i talked to it for a full 30 mins before the sun rose and it was gone. Sigh, manz, it was so breath taking. So nice and you can never see it in Singapore hahaha. To think people are squealing over 10 stars ... the number stars i saw there were ... infinite and so ... beautiful.

Ok then when we reached there, we had breakfast, the morning was cold, so i wore my jacket and we had Dumpling Noodles and Hot Tea. But after i finished my noodles, the hot tea became lukewarm lol. After the meal, our hosts came to fetch us to their house. Yeah they let us stay over at their 'Guest House' which was bigggg. Hahaha, kinda like bungalow lor. Pictures pictures below~

Living Room.The TV Set Is Even Bigger Than My Home's.My Room.

Yep, nice huh. After that our hosts drove us around Cameron Highlands's Plant Nurserys ... yeah my dad went there to source for plants ... so the pictures below are nothing but plants, plants and did i mention plants? Haha.

Lemon Trees.Red Roses.Like The Stars I Saw In The Morning.

Yellow, Pink and Red-White roses. Yep u saw right, Red-White roses hahaha, so special and nice le. Kinda like Creamy White-Chocolaty Brown Marble Cake. And no blue roses ... cos they're fake la haha, they add food colouring de.

Yellow Roses.Pink Roses.Red-White Roses.

After that, we went to a Tea Plantation to have Tea Break ... the tea plants were really green and nice ... =) But the weather was toooo hot and i didn't wanna walk out. Really it was DAMN hot in the afternoon even though there's cold air blowing around.

So Cooling.Tea Plants.Cactus.

Last stop was Plant Nursery too, but she planted Strawberries too, so we went in and pluck strawberries and ate them on the spot lol. I think i ate around 15 of them ... so filling hahaha. Ah, we saw tomato plants too ... so big and juicy =).

Strawberry Plant.YUMMY Strawberries.Tomato Plants.

Yeah that's all for Day 1 ... Day 2 ... not much photos, around 20 only heh. So from there i'll choose 15 out again. So till tomorrow =).

Now, today's happenings ... nothing much, woke up around 11 AM, continued reading Mai HiME #4 and then i got up and bathed. After bathing, i finally tore the wrapping of Fruits Basket #16 and ... god, so touching. I cried around 4-5 times while reading it. First was when Kyouko [Tohru's mum] was narrating her lonely and ugly past and also the first time she met Katsuya [Tohru's dad]. Second was when Katsuya confessed his love for Kyouko and blah. Third was when Katsuya died. Fourth and Fifth were when Kyouko finally realized that she still had Tohru waiting for her. So touching. And, yes i finally accepted that Machi is ok for Yuki =) hahaha Machi is so cute when she blushed =). Then abit of Tohru x Kyou angst ... ah, now i prefer more Yuki x Machi ... more plz!!! XP.

Anyways, recently i fell in love with Jay Chou's song, Shan Hu Hai [珊瑚海] so nice ... i dunno why, i cried twice when i heard it. Hahaha, i'm so emotional sia. Anyways gtg, we bought a new PC game juz now, 'The House of The Dead 2' MUAHAHAHAHA. And my bro's bugging me to accompany him to go to the office to zap stuff. Cya.

Oh btw, i'll post Tour's Mai Hime Doujinshi after this Cameron Highlands posts. I think this will take around ... 3 posts. Yep.

[Signing off @ 11:56 PM]

PS: ... off to install!~