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Friday, March 3, 2006

I Love 3B12/14 2006 =]

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Yoz, going to separate my thoughts into three posts. This post will be juz here to talk abt yesterday's 3B12/14 2006 gathering to Cineleisure's Cafe Cartel for LONG AWAITED LUNCH then K-Box for HEAVENLY PURELY BLISSLY PLEASURE and lastly Far East Plaza for FULLY EMOTIONALLY SADLY DINNER. Wanted to blog last night but was too tired. Hahaha. Reached home at around 10.15 PM, on the lappy and went to bath. By the time i finished my long bath, it was 11 PM! So i sat in front of TV and watched Samurai 7 =). After that i sat in front of lappy and did the 'Duh' look lol. I was so tired and sleepy so i waited for around 30mins for my hair to dry, by reading fanfics then went to bed at 12 midnight and didn't wake up till 12 noon cos that LC lor called me lol. That story will be the next post hehe.

Ok, yesterday ... was a fun-filled day. Even though i didn't sleep a wink for 38hrs [I woke up at 10 AM on the 1st March 2006 so it's 24 + 14 hrs haha.] then went for IB exam on 2nd March at 9 AM, i still had the energy to eat, sing and go crazy after IB exams from 11 AM till 10 PM. I'm cool.

I'll start from morning. 10 AM on 1st March 2006. Woke up cos i promised LC i will record something from 933 for her. So after recording i went to study IB le. After reading for a while, i got so freaking hot then i went to bath. After bathing i transferred to the study room to study cos study room got AIIIIRRRR-CCCCOOONNN. LoL. So i practically SLACKED there for the whole afternoon ... 2 PM till 7 PM. Forgot to watch American Idol too. Haha. So i studied just ONE chapter by the end of 10 PM XD. Damn slow huh cos i was busying reading fanfics and eat my chips lol. I even blogged at 7 PM abt the voting for YanZi for the MTV Asia Awards 2006 lol. So after 10 PM i went to bath again then watch America's Next Top Model at 10.30 PM ... after that went to study again at 11.30 PM ... studied into the night. Not really hahaha. I was reading for 2-3 pages then it's 5 mins le then i vote and see YanZi's votes increasing so rapidly to around 70+% and was so happy. I think that night my mood was really high and encouraging haha.

So i studied another three chapters till 4 AM ... then the last two chapters i juz whizzed through till 6.30 AM. I was taking notes and stuff ... and was munching crackers while studying hahaha. I was cursing at any little noises my brother and the chair/table made lol. Really. F this F that F these F those lol. By 6.30 AM i had to go bath le, so after bathing it was 7 AM then i left home at 7.15 AM. Reached school at around 8 AM ba. C and K were there, so we sat around and talked crap lol. C didn't slept for a wink too ... then he was pretty grumpy but still could joke lol. The first thing he saw me was 'Wah you didn't sleep also right!' LOL. I was like 'Huh, how you know!?' Haha. Sleepless people can identify sleepless people.

I bought a cup of Soya Bean and continued reading my notes while C slept and K was talking to her friends. A while later HQ came and asked us to sign on a birthday card for Maz. My brain wasn't fully functional that morning lol so i juz crapped out. C wrote 'Happy Birthday', '生日快乐‘ in Mandarin on the card LOL. [Maz is a Malay.] So LC came and we crapped about IB, and i realized i know nuts about IB, i dunno wat the hell they memorized and said lol. So the time came, went to Convention Centre ... saw the paper ... it was ok la.

I was flipping through the paper searching for any Joint Venture, Franchising and Licensing question that they had on past year papers but ... didn't come out sia. There's a Joint Venture question though on the Case Study so i'm ok with it. Case study's about Wal-Mart, it was ok la, i did and presented Wal-Mart so it was an ok question, should be able to score. I see section B, i went stunned on Question 4. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT QUESTION ABT?! LOL. So i chose Question 2 and 3 =). Question 2 was about Implications of Culture and i crapped about it and the Japanese Culture and opened the ESSAY with 'In Rome, do what the Romans do, so in Japan, do what the Japanese do.' LOL! I'm so freaking proud! I got that line from reading the textbook!!! So i talked about the giving card, eating, eye/body contact, business in pubs and stuff. It's 25 Marks ok. So i wrote two pages.

For Question 3 ah ... 3a was ok, i wrote 6 possible causes lol. 3b ah ... i gave 3-4 recommendations la. So overall it was an ok paper so hope can get B ba. [Cross fingers!] After IB paper which is 11 AM ... stupid bunch of tutors count paper so long, 15mins sia, my bladder was bursting!! LOL. So i rushed to toilet first thing after the exam then meet up 10 of us 3B14 to wonder where to go. So we went to Orchard, Cineleisure's Cafe Cartel to have lunch.

Sat 77 there, i was separated from 3B14 lol cos i cannot sit behind la, i'll puke. Furthermore from the lack of sleep and food ... i'll really really puke lol. So sorry for those who thought i was 'Dao' or 'Traitor' or wat la lol i really was not in the condition to sit on the bus and follow the bouncing of the bus ... *Shivers*.

So i was with the other class LOL, MyStamp class ... 3B13 2006 hahaha, then they're joking and talking abt K [Guy] XD hahaha ... hush, private joke XD. [Those in IEF lec with us should know hahaha] Then reached Cineleisure's Cafe Cartel and waited for let's see ... ages, periods, eras, dynasties for the freaking FOOD to come LOL. We were joking about how long they took to prepare our food. We ordered chicken ah, beef ah, fish ah ... so we said, they were in the kitchen trying to catch the chickens to cook for us la. Then they were sailing out to sea to catch the fishes for JY aka Yi Ma Ma LOL. Slaughting cows for QW and my Sirloin Steak. C was kept 'Niaming' why is it taking it so long. LOL. Then he even went to the counter to complain lor hahaha. But when his food arrived, he was quiet le lol.

Never make a hungry and sleepy person wait.

I was sleepy and hungry but i think i was patient la. So when finally our order arrived we ate fast and it was 3 PM le. So after that went to K-Box, 10 of us in a cosy little room lol. First song was YanZi's Green Light for me XD. I think that day everyone of us were high hahaha, C was high but not in really good condition, i was high also not in good condition haha.

Halfway, JH, QW, HQ and i were crooning YanZi's songs for 4-5 songs straight then the rest were taking photos sia. How rude!!!!!!!!! LoL. I can't even listen to what i was singing hahaha. But fun la, they take photos also darn funny.

Left K-Box at 7.30 PM, the staff said our time was up. 我们的时间到了。 [In Mandarin also mean our life ls up LOL] Then we LOL. Haha. After that we went to the arcade and played ... eh ... i dunno what is it called i think table hockey? Lol but it was fun la lol. Walked to Heeren, Roxy shop for a while then strolled slowly to Far East Plaza to have a late dinner. Had claypot noodles ... it was mediocre la. After dinner, JY, JX, XT took bus or taxi i dunno. JH sat bus i think. HQ, S and i sat the MRT. Heh.

Overall it was great day, we will meet together again surely. It's juz a matter of time lor haha. Hope to enjoy a day like this again!

Goodbye 3B12/14 2006. I will miss everyone. I didn't hug anyone cos i know we will meet again physically haha. But i'm sure we will meet again. EVENTUALLY! MUAHAHAHA LOL Don't tell me u not coming back to at least take your diplomas right lol. I'll hug everyone there and then. XD.

[Signing off @ 8:10 PM]

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