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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cameron Highlands Day 3

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Juggling between chatting with LL over at MSN, blogging, reading fanfics, surfing net with PC and SMSing LC lol, i'm da queen of multi-tasking!! MUAHAHAHA. Ahem. Anyways, here's Cameron Highlands Day 3 pictures =).

Ok on the third day, we went on this Nature Discovery Tour. Yeah so first stop is another of BOH's tea plantations, it's different for the one we saw on Day 2. So it's sight seeing and tea drinking for me again heh.

Whoa~.Whoa~.Those Black Stuff Are Tea Leaves.



After that, we went to Mount Brinchang and travelled a 'SHORT' trek into the freaking mossy and bamboo forest haha. Dammit, i was panting hard by the time i got to the place where the guide showed us the Pitcher Plant. After that i climbed up the viewing tower ... haha sooo nice!

The Hard-Earned View.Shaped-Like A Cobra.Nice!

More views from the viewing tower!

Yes, That's My Shoe.Ahh, Nice Clouds.View From The Suspension Bridge.

After that, we went to this waterfall place ... shessh. Not really nice la, the toilet there is dirty and stuff. Then we saw a malay family cooking there somemore lol, so cool.

Whee~.That's The Waterfall.A Village View.

And this is my fave pic of all! =)


Yep, that's all.

Dammit. Problem with stupid internet again. Called Singnet. Twice. Finally can again at 8:18 PM ... sigh ... hope the connection stays on. If not, i'll be freaking pissed off.

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