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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Cameron Highlands Day 1

[Posted @ 11:21 PM]
Finally got my butt to edit the photos and type hahaha. Cos my hands are ... kinda sun-burnt so i was applying cream for the past 2 days ... lazy to type ... so i went to play Grandia II on my bro's PC in the studyroom lol. Not much photos but, juz put here up for everyone to see ba haha.

Stupid weather ... everyone thinks Cameron Highlands is always cooling and cold, no. Cameron Highlands is only cooling and colding during Novembers and Decembers when it usually rains. As for the rest of the year, mornings are cold, afternoon is hot [damn right], night is cooling. Dammit, so i wore t-shirt and shorts there aha, now my arms are sun-burnt, my cheeks' skins are peeling!!! Argh like snake skin lol. But after a few weeks, i'll be ok, creamy white and pink again =).

Ok, we [My dad, mum, aunt and i] sat the bus at 10.30 PM night on 13th March then arrived the next morning at around 7.30 AM. So it's a kinda 9 hours ride. Oh, when the bus was going round and round the road up to Cameron Highlands, at around 6 AM, i truly knew the meaning of starry starry night. Damn, the sky was filled with shiny sparkling stars ... soooooo beautiful, i stared at the stars for a full 30 mins. Then this star was the brightest of them all ... i dunno what's the name ... maybe the Northern Star lol. But that time, i called it 'Xiao Ru Junior'. LOL. Yeah i talked to it for a full 30 mins before the sun rose and it was gone. Sigh, manz, it was so breath taking. So nice and you can never see it in Singapore hahaha. To think people are squealing over 10 stars ... the number stars i saw there were ... infinite and so ... beautiful.

Ok then when we reached there, we had breakfast, the morning was cold, so i wore my jacket and we had Dumpling Noodles and Hot Tea. But after i finished my noodles, the hot tea became lukewarm lol. After the meal, our hosts came to fetch us to their house. Yeah they let us stay over at their 'Guest House' which was bigggg. Hahaha, kinda like bungalow lor. Pictures pictures below~

Living Room.The TV Set Is Even Bigger Than My Home's.My Room.

Yep, nice huh. After that our hosts drove us around Cameron Highlands's Plant Nurserys ... yeah my dad went there to source for plants ... so the pictures below are nothing but plants, plants and did i mention plants? Haha.

Lemon Trees.Red Roses.Like The Stars I Saw In The Morning.

Yellow, Pink and Red-White roses. Yep u saw right, Red-White roses hahaha, so special and nice le. Kinda like Creamy White-Chocolaty Brown Marble Cake. And no blue roses ... cos they're fake la haha, they add food colouring de.

Yellow Roses.Pink Roses.Red-White Roses.

After that, we went to a Tea Plantation to have Tea Break ... the tea plants were really green and nice ... =) But the weather was toooo hot and i didn't wanna walk out. Really it was DAMN hot in the afternoon even though there's cold air blowing around.

So Cooling.Tea Plants.Cactus.

Last stop was Plant Nursery too, but she planted Strawberries too, so we went in and pluck strawberries and ate them on the spot lol. I think i ate around 15 of them ... so filling hahaha. Ah, we saw tomato plants too ... so big and juicy =).

Strawberry Plant.YUMMY Strawberries.Tomato Plants.

Yeah that's all for Day 1 ... Day 2 ... not much photos, around 20 only heh. So from there i'll choose 15 out again. So till tomorrow =).

Now, today's happenings ... nothing much, woke up around 11 AM, continued reading Mai HiME #4 and then i got up and bathed. After bathing, i finally tore the wrapping of Fruits Basket #16 and ... god, so touching. I cried around 4-5 times while reading it. First was when Kyouko [Tohru's mum] was narrating her lonely and ugly past and also the first time she met Katsuya [Tohru's dad]. Second was when Katsuya confessed his love for Kyouko and blah. Third was when Katsuya died. Fourth and Fifth were when Kyouko finally realized that she still had Tohru waiting for her. So touching. And, yes i finally accepted that Machi is ok for Yuki =) hahaha Machi is so cute when she blushed =). Then abit of Tohru x Kyou angst ... ah, now i prefer more Yuki x Machi ... more plz!!! XP.

Anyways, recently i fell in love with Jay Chou's song, Shan Hu Hai [珊瑚海] so nice ... i dunno why, i cried twice when i heard it. Hahaha, i'm so emotional sia. Anyways gtg, we bought a new PC game juz now, 'The House of The Dead 2' MUAHAHAHAHA. And my bro's bugging me to accompany him to go to the office to zap stuff. Cya.

Oh btw, i'll post Tour's Mai Hime Doujinshi after this Cameron Highlands posts. I think this will take around ... 3 posts. Yep.

[Signing off @ 11:56 PM]

PS: ... off to install!~

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  1. Haha, glad you like it =). Seriously, i dunno who Miki Fujimoto is lol. But i googled for it and here's the url, http://www.mikifujimoto.com/ you click the download section and u can download the songs via http =)