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Friday, March 3, 2006

Vote For YanZi @ MAA 2006!

[Posted @ 8:43 PM]
First thing first.

YanZi fans! It's time to unite! Make YanZi win MTV Asia Awards 2006 - Favourite Artist Singapore for the 5th time! Need to sign in and can vote for every 5 mins.

MTV Asia Awards 2006 VOTE FOR YANZI!
Click Here To Go To The Page.

If u dun have an account can use mine;
Username: stefanieyz
Username: stefanieyz2
Username: yanzi54321

Password for all 3 accounts is 12345.

Currently the results are;

Stefanie Sun 53.33%
Taufik Batisah 21.73%
JJ Lin 21%
Ado 1.56%
Huang Yi Da 2.38%

Damn, the JJ Lin fans are good lol. Let's all JIA YOU! YanZi is like 50+% lor, we juz maintian for 2 months and we can all hear ...

The Winner of MTV Asia Awards 2006 - Favourite Artist Singapore ... goes to STEFANIE SUN for the 5th time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot. I'm so waiting for that day.

[Signing off @ 8:45 PM]

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