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Wednesday, March 1, 2006

MTV Asia Awards 2006 VOTE FOR YANZI!

[Posted @ 6:55 PM]
YanZi fans! It's time to unite! Make YanZi win MTV Asia Awards 2006 - Favourite Artist Singapore for the 5th time! Need to sign in and can vote for every 5 mins.

Click Here To Go To The Page.

If u dun have an account can use mine;
Username: stefanieyz
Username: stefanieyz2
Username: yanzi54321

Password for all 3 accounts is 12345.

Currently the results are;

Stefanie Sun 45.3%
Taufik Batisah 39.37%
JJ Lin 13.24%
Ado 0.7%
Huang Yi Da 1.39%

WAHH used to be YanZi 20+% then Taufik 50+% ... but we must NOT be overconfident till YanZi GETS the award. So vote till 28th April 2006 which is the deadline k? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! VOTE NOW!!! DUN WAIT! WE NEED ALL YOUR HELP! Make it the 5th time, we can all do it!

[Signing off @ 7:01 PM]

PS: LoL, reading 5 pages of IB chapter takes 5 mins so after reading 5 pages, vote lor! LoL. Great way to motivate myself MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOVE READING IB LE! YanZi is leading with 47+% Now!

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