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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy 15th Birthday Chuz Ball!

[Posted @ 11:10 PM]
Booyeah! LoL, after taking a bath, feels so refreshing =).

Ok, a few pics to share with all. I, by nature do not like to take photos but i like taking photos of food and fave/memorable things. Usually i don't take photos with friends but sometimes if i'm in a good mood, i'll juz 'patronize' them la LOL =P.

Daddy said we're having a new car soon, so i took a few photos of the old car haha. =) Then we had BBQ tonight =) cos it's Chuz's Birthday! Aw, he's 15 years old already. So fast hahaha.

Goodbye Car.=)Ignore The Burnt Sausages LoL.

This afternoon when i woke up, mummy told me to buy a birthday cake for Chuz. So i went to bath, lazed around for a while before i set off at 3 PM. I went to North Point, then first stop, Comics Connection! Buy my mangas heh, i bought Mirmo Zibang #10 and Ouran High Host Club #4. After that went in to Cold Storage to buy Mutton Satays ... lol then i called mummy and was over the phone for 15 mins cos i can't find the satays she asked me to buy lol. She was like, 'Neh, the auntie there la!' 'Where!?' 'Tsk, you walk inside right, then you see an auntie there, then beside got sell la!' 'Huh, kk i find.' Then i realized, why everywhere got aunties LOL. So i called back again. 'WHERE LA! Aunties everywhere!!!!' 'Aiya, the auntie selling ZHONG ZI one la!' 'Oh, say so mah, auntie auntie auntie. You also auntie what.' 'You ... #$&*&$@$^#$%^%' [I Hung Up] LoL. Nah, just joking. I juz said 'Orh' LOL. Here's the cake!

S$27.80 Black Forest Cake.

Nice huh, but not so nice to eat la, inside got blackberries!! LoL. But no choice only a few cakes around ... and this is probably the best from them. Reached home at around 4 PM, quite fast trip. Hmmm, then i sat in front of lappy and read fanfics! SO NICE! WHEEE! I wanna write a story of my own too. =) Sooner or later.

Anyways, after that, i went to play 'The House of the Dead 2' in the studyroom lol. I one man show sia, i played two players at the same time. 1 finger at the keyboard and the other hand on the mouse lol. I reached the last level somemore but died halfway. Damn. After playing 3 times and still failing to complete the game, i took a break and read Mai HiME #5 [END].

Then i went back to playing again till 7.30 PM then it's BBQ time!! Whee, my little cousins came and i played with them lol so cute little things =). It's a fun, yummy day ... once again, Happy Birthday Chuz Ball!

Day 3 of Cameron Highlands Trip tomorrow. It's the last day yep. And it's Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi next. And i'll probably start anime blogging le. I'm lagging.

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