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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cameron Highlands Day 2

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Before i forget everything i did on the Cameron Highlands trip, i better type it all down here lol.

On the second day, we went to our host's nursery yeah then on the other side, there's a piece of land growing cabbages lol, so i took photo la heh. Then we sat this Land Rover cos the places we're going that day was gonna be bumpy and rough. So a normal car can't really go in so we sat on the Land Rover which was soooo fun =).

Cabbages.Overview.The Land Rover We Sat.

The slopes can go up to at least 45 degrees lol, then when the Land Rover went down, it's like sitting on a roller coaster! =) Then suddenly, i thought of Final Destination 3 LOL. But nothing happened la. The second day was pretty relax la, sat the Land Rover, breathed in the fresh air and the oh so beautiful green patches around.

Front View From Top Of The Land Rover.WARNING: Fake Flowers On These Cactus.These Flowers On The Cactus Is The REAL Deal.

After that we went to BOH Tea Plantation right up among the green hills. Sooo nice~~~ The trip up was abit horrible la, lol we sat the car up then it went around and around and around. Then cars have to horn at blind corners in case the other side didn't know and came crashing down aha. Kinda scary. Heh.

All Tea Plants.Valley Of Tea Plants.Tea Making Machine.

Later we went in the Tea Making hut then we see the process of how tea was made and stuff. Yeah the smell of freshly pressed tea was sooooo strong there hahaha. Makes me feel like rolling into the machines and blending myself in them.

Different Kinds Of Tea Leaves.The Line Of Brownish Black Stuff Are All Tea Leaves.Cart Loaded With Freshly Picked Tea Leaves.

After strolling around the Tea Making factory, we went to the cafe there and had BOH tea =). I had this new 'Teacino' Vanilla Flavour. Actually got two flavours, Caramel and Vanilla then daddy had Caramel while i had Vanilla, then Caramel tasted like normal milk tea lor then at least Vanilla had this 'Vanilla' taste haha. After tea, while the 'aunties' talked lol, i ran down to the slopes and took pictures, after taking pictures, the breeze was soooo peaceful and cooling that i almost fell asleep there. After that, we had dinner at the host's house. Soooo big sia, bigger than mine ... and any HDB flat room in Singapore lol. The living room was at least 3 times bigger than mine, the corrider was at least 2 times wider than mine and the kitchen was my mum's dream place lol, it's like 3 times bigger than our kitchen =).

Tea Break.A SnapShot Of An Overview Of Tea Plants Again.Cool Eh.

Ok, that's all for today. I'll blog again abt Chuz's birthday hahaha. Yep, today's my second brother, Chuz's birthday~~ Awww, he's 15 year old already and a few days ago he got a letter to tell him to go make IC le haha.

Cya time to play 'House of the Dead 2'!

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