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Saturday, March 25, 2006

YanZi @ SK Jewellery Spring Sale Brochure

[Posted @ 9:49 PM]
Went to NorthPoint juz now =) had the famous Nasi Biryani there ... ohh i just realized Nasi Biryani is Indian food, not Malay. LoL, maybe you all know le but i honestly just knew. Hahaha cos Nasi Biryani sounds like a Malay name so i assume it's a Malay dish.

Then in NorthPoint, there's a SK Jewellery shop so i went there ... and got this brochure!!! This is the second one ba, the first theme was probably 'Valentine's Day' cos it was released around Jan to Feb. And now it's 'Spring Sale' lol ... Mar to Apr and heard it's changing to 'Summer' soon~ yay!!!

YanZi On The Coverpage Of SK Jewellery Spring Sale  Brochure.

YanZi looks so act cute here LOL, like she's all shy that she's dolled up with so many gold. Ahhh, such a master piece ... gold and white goes well with each other =). But the hairstyle abit ... 'auntie' le ... LoL.

Oh yeah, anyways before that early in the afternoon, i went to hmm i dunno what's the place name ... but it's across Khatib MRT station lol, anyways went there to update my bank book, bought a new spectacles =) whee it's Maroon in colour. Usually i prefer blue and stuff, but i feel like having something different for a change and so yellow is too bright so maroon is ok ba. After that hmmm, went with mum to buy fish and stuff then went to cut my hair ... same style la, i lazy, short and comfortable heh.

Then got home at around 3 PM so i went to play 'Grandia II' and 'The House of the Dead 2' ... i played for 45 mins then i got tired of 'Grandia II' and went to play 'The House of the Dead 2' i dunno why, maybe i'm so lucky today or what, i'm the first to complete all the levels ... and even win the BOSS! LoL! We managed to get to the BOSS level a few days ago but difficult to defeat, even when my bros and i tagged team, lol and even combined our powers ... but still managed to hurt the BOSS halfway only. But i single handedly DEFEATED THE BOSS all by myself! No help. No tag team! Whee. Maybe cos i was stressed lol, it was already 4 PM and i wanna rush to go watch FMA on TV ... so i was like die you fucker! Dieeeeeeee! And i did it! LoL. So proud.

After that went to NorthPoint ... after lunch and SK Brochures hunting lol, went to Popular to read books and magazines. Saw Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 selling for $29.90 so i bought it ... and also some Prison Tycoon for $9.90. =) Whee so going to install it now. Cya!

[Signing off @ 10:22 PM]

PS: God damn Singnet freaked up on me again ... damn. Juz when i had praised it juz now ... it's back again! No internet ... till now ... 11:07 PM! Spoil my mood, gotta call to ask why like that le.

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