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Friday, March 10, 2006

Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 [3]

[Posted @ 9:19 PM]
My bros and i are going crazy in the study room lol. We're playing the same tracks [If you want to know, it's T.M Revolution's INVOKE] using different computers ... [PC speakers and lappy speakers] at the same time then got this echoy and double bass effect LOL. So cool.

Haha. Ok, on to Page 7 and 8 of Tour's Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 k? I know you guys are waiting for this hehehehehe. And i happen to feel so evil tonight to make you guys wait till ... hm let's see till i return from Malaysia next thursday for the last two pages? Muahahahaha.

That is ... until ... i hear ya begging for more ... then i might consider posting it on this Sunday night before i leave (>.<) ...

Page 7.

Page 8.

Bought mangas again =), My Fair Lady #4, Mai HiME #4, MAR #4 and Fushigi Yuugi #14. I took quite a long time to finish reading My Fair Lady #3 [Took me two mornings lol] cos it's thicker than #1,2 and 4. I haven't opened the cover of #4 yet ... but i read MAR #4 and Fushigi Yuugi #14 le. MAR is a nice read, Fushigi Yuugi too, but i got this 'DIE DAMN YOU MIAKA!' feeling lol. But i melt when i saw Hotohori again ... although it's just a few pages ... sigh, so nice XD.

I'm saving Fruits Basket #17, My Fair Lady #4, Mai HiME #4 and Mirmo Zibang #9 for my trip. I will get bored there, no doubt. So 4 books for ... 4 days. Heh.

Hmmm, what else ... oh i basically slacked for the few days and got lazy to blog. I like reading fanfics and catching up on my animes. =) such a great feeling. Cos, there's nothing for me anymore. [Sounds a little sad haha] There's no countdown to when the school holidays will end, there's no holiday homework and projects nor outings.

Sometimes a short outing with friends, bros, parents ... but not too long. I like my home. That's why i can't imagine how i'm going to cope living in a HDB flat ... haha. Really, i think i'll go crazy. I mean i can do a 11 seconds shuttle run back and fro here but HDB flat ... how can, can but bang the wall la lol.

Hmmm, my daily routine ... to vote for YanZi whenever i'm online haha for every 5 mins, even when i'm watching tv, i'll rush back to lappy and vote haha. Sometimes voting into the night like 2-3 AM ... and stupid votes ain't moving. Damn. from 12 noon vote till 2-3 AM ... still around that range but at least it's constant la. Hahaha, didn't have a drastic drop, if not i heart attack sia, hope it stays that way till April 28th ... then i'll be grinning the whole of May hahaha.

I seriously have nothing in mind ... i'm juggling between blogging, reading fanfics and voting ... so ... i'll stop here for now =). [That's why i took a hour hahaha. I'm not a really slow typer]

Remember B-E-G. LoL.

I was just joking.



[Signing off @ 10:13 PM]

PS: Oh no, my bros and i are going to replay Grandia II again! Ahhhh, but it's kinda fun heh heh heh.


  1. Heyla. Just wanted to thank you for translating all these. They're just so awesome, and you must put a lot of time in, so... *confetti* Yay you.

  2. I just started reading your site recently. Thank you for taking the time to do all these. ^_^