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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 [4]

[Posted @ 9:30 PM]
Well well, Singnet is good today so here i am to post up the last two pages of Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 3 Page 9 and 10. As for the side stories ... see first ba ... i'm lazy lol.

Page 9.

Page 10.

Ah, such a sweet ending =). Do i hear MOREEEEE?

Actually there is. Yep, i got Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 4. There's around 20 pages to translate. So it's a toughy, i reckon i'll leave it to the pros. Haha. Unless ... if there's noone out there who wants to ... i could try to ... using the Mandarin translated pages i had. Volume 4 is a little more hot ... won't say smutty, won't say graphic ... but there's implied sex and tastefully done =). Enough to get your hormones running wild muahahaha.

Anyways, cya then, next post about YanZi =) and what i did today!

[Signing off @ 9:45 PM]


  1. I'm sorry, I think I can't see page 9 & 10. Same goes to page 4 & 5

  2. That was the sweetest thing ever! Thanks so much for posting/translating! You totally made my day! ShizNat always makes me a little sappy! ^^

  3. Yay, this so cute! :3
    Thank you, THANK YOU!

    Shizuka/Sei Fangirl.