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Thursday, March 30, 2006


[Posted @ 4:50 PM]
LoL, forgot all about my blog till i was typing this 300 words thingy on my application to SMU ... sigh. Looking at my results, it's tough. Darn first year ... pull me down argh, i should had worked harder lol. How the hell do i know manz, lousy first year results could pull me so low. Then gotta go SMU tomorrow to deliver my freaking documents and pay the application fees. Manz, the more i see, the more sad i become. My mind keeps whirling with words like 'Hopeless', 'Go find a freaking job', 'Job', 'Job', 'Job'. I DUN WANNA WORK! Everyone around me are finding part time jobs nd stuff. Sigh.

Anyways, these few days i'm glued to the studyroom's PC playing Roller Roaster Tycoon 2 lol =) so fun ... building my park from sratch, [Yes i know they gave us $10,000, but all were loans from the freaking bank lol] Then after 2-3 hours of playing, i managed to pay back the bank full + interest and a park rating of 900 =) and 1000+ guests whee. 3-4 days later, i got $100,000+ cash and 5 roller coasters, 15 food/drinks/t-shirt stalls, 5 water rides, 10 thrilling rides and godness knows how many toilets lol ... really the dumb people can't find the freaking toilets. And if they wanna go to the bathroom, i pick them up and placed them in say, bathroom 1, BUT they purposely wanna go bathroom 10 LOL. I dunno why dammit.

Made me so freaking angry lol, anyways i still haven't hit my objective yet ... which is to build like 10 roller coasters, all must be what 3900+ feet high and whatever thingy. Plus, i'm running out of space ... man i need to buy land le ... nooooooooo my hard earned $100K~~~~ lol. Money are earned to be spent. Shessh. Anyways, besides roller coaster tycoon, hooked in the house of the dead 2 and ... hm Grandia II. Fun fun. In addition, the internet connection wasn't very good to begin with ... keep disconnecting but it's better now. Can last for a full day without disconnecting like before. yay.

Oh yeah, Tours Mai HiME doujinshi Vol4 lovers ... well i'm trying to translate Page 1 as i'm typing now. Hopefully i'll post it tomorrow, i'll work on Page 1 tonight ... the version i had had big dimensions ... so i might need to resize it when displayed on my blog ... but you can click on it and out pops a new window to see the full size la, i dun wanna destroy the quality of it by resizing it to suit my blog ... [Yes i hate people who do that so i'm not going to do that to people ... heh] I like making people happy and making myself happy =).

Reading fanfics is back again, i love reading stories from the internet ... i could stay 3-4 hours in front of lappy and read stories over and over again ... so fun =).

Ohhh. My brother finished his tuition ... so cya. I wanna go play Roller Roaster Tycoon 2 yay!

[Signing off 5:08 PM]

PS: Shessh, Chuz want to play house of the dead 2 first and he asked me to be the second player to help aid him to win lol. Kk. Since i'm the only one who won the whole levels alone =) Muahahaha.

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