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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Blood+ Ep9

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It's been a long time since i blogged about anime. I'm doing an anime/manga blog afterall! So here it is. It's bloody time for Blood+ Ep9! Whee!

Blushing Riku ... Awwww~Wacha Looking At?...
Thank You.What Have I Done?=O.

- A Riku kinda Ep, Kai and Riku were having lunch i guess, then Kai was gobbling his meal down then continue their search for Saya. Riku began to have second doubts. Meanwhile Saya wondered how Riku and Kai are doing. Scene changed to Riku picking up a baseball for a bunch of kids then Riku became good friends with a girl named Mui who lost her leg and they talked alot. Julia seems to be interested in David but dumb and dense David didn't notice it and was involved in this blah blah investigation in Delta 67 lol. Kai and Riku were invited to stay overnight over at Mui and the kids' house, it think it's a kinda child care centre where the parents are too poor to pay to look after the kids. So when Riku asked the lady in charge about Mui's leg, the lady explained that it's because her brother accidentally set off an unexploded bomb in a field, as a result, her brother was killed, Mui survived but lost her leg.

- [The bombs were dropped by the US military during the Vietnam War] Then this guy came in and handled a bottle of pills/medicine for Mui ... and Riku seemed suspicious about it. In the middle of the night, Riku heard some noise and got up ... Mui heard it too. Outside, the military guys were kinda watching Mui and Riku outside and the guys apparently had treated Mui as some sort of target. [I think the guy who gave Mui the medicine worked for the US military and Mui is one of the test guinea pigs for their sick Chiropteran tests.] Riku could hear the voices too ... so is Riku a Chiropteran in the making? [God i'm not happy good thoughts about this.] The next day, it's raining outside ... Riku overheard Mui playing the piano ... and the music played for a while ... then the rain stopped and stuff. Riku praised Mui about her piano skills said she might be a pro one day. Suddenly, a lady walked in and said something happened to Mui's father.

- Mui's father had injured himself while at work ... the lady then told Riku that Mui might be able to attend a music school in France provided by the guy who had provided her medicine but this incident might prevent all that. Mui then asked Riku to loan her some money so that she could help her parents and purchased a metal detector. Then Riku saw Mui off in a taxi. Riku then got scolded by the lady in the centre and was told that the metal detector could be used to detect unexploded bombs and sold for scraps. [!] Kai and Riku then left to stop Mui. When they got there, they were kinda surprised that Mui looked so happy to see them and stuff. Riku had mixed feelings about it, he could have killed her but could save her at the same time by purchasing the metal detector for her. After seeing how happy Mui was happy with her family and stuff, Riku decided that he should find Saya too and they will be a happy family together.

- Kai then teased Riku that Riku's in love with Mui lol, Riku was like blushing so hard haha. Then Riku said he heard a noise again. Mui also got up ... and stood beside Riku looking out. Suddenly two guys grabbed Mui and Riku and knocked out Kai. The reporter from before also found something strange and packed up to go Vietnam in search for answers. -END-

Art: 7/10 [Standard i guess]
Story: 7/10 [XD Cliff hanger!!!]
Characters: 7/10 [Nice Riku x Mui scenes]
Overall: 7/10

Manz, i got so many anime eps to watch! My anime list is going on to 30+ Eps! I've only watched Mai Otome till Ep 11 and now Ep 21 is out le! DAMN! 10 Eps away! But i read the spoilers le anyways LOL. Fate/Stay Night, Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~, Kagihime and Blood+. 6 Eps of Gokujou Seitokai are still sitting in my folder ... Lappy got less than 1GB left. Darn.

I wanted to blog about this nice art Mai Hime Doujinshi tonight de ... but i think i'll leave that post for tomorrow XD. The art is really nice, probably even better than the original Mai Hime characters lol. Oh the Doujinshi i'm about to talk abt is quite 'steamy' XD. Kisses here and there, hugging, groping ... and oh so sweet.

Stay tune tomorrow then =).

Hot Shizuru X Natsuki action muahahahaha.

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PS: I'm listening to the 6 tracks in the CD i got from NDP2001 LOL. I love Singapore, I love Singapore~ One people one Singapore~ Muneruvaliba Muneruvenru~ LOL! Orang Singapura~ Sama-sama~ Shi Jie Gen Mei Hao~. Where i belong, where i keep my heart and soul~ Ah, brings back sweet memories. XD.

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