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Monday, March 6, 2006

Mai Hime Doujinshi Volume 3 [2]

[Posted @ 10:18 PM]
Heh heh heh, i love myself. I translated 5 pages of this Mai Hime Doujinshi this afternoon. Took me ... hmm 2 hours ... i was referring to my Japanese Basic Conversational booklet, Japanese Internet Dictionary and the Mandarin Version of it. Some lines were not translated cos it wasn't translated in the first place! LoL and i'm just an amateur in this kinda thing ... i just used Paint to erase the words, typed in the words and that's all lol. Tough job, i really tip my hat over those scanlators who did the 8GB scanlations in my lappy. =).

Don't forget to say how much you love me by tagging k? Haha, if not i have no motivation to translate le~

'Ahh~ My horny button's been activated! I can't stand it any longer~~~'

Page 4.

Page 5.

Page 6.


Ok, after translating the 5 pages ... left with only 2 pages. Hmm, then i went to watch Azumanga Daioh Eps online LOL. SO FREAKING FUNNY! LOL. Tomo-chan's da hyper wacky one. Hmm Yomi's seiyuu is Rie Tanaka ... reminds me of Tomoe from Mai Otome again ... argh! LoL. I watched till Ep7 and i can't laugh till i can't take it anymore ... my tummy's gonna burst lol.

After that, i went to watch Campus Superstar ... ahhhh! Zhiyang! I love your voice! He's really cute haha ... i like his eye lashes ... heh. LoL. Happy that my faves in male and female are the tops respectively ... Zhiyang and Theresa. Woot!

Hmmm, after that, i was reading manga ... My Fair Lady #3 ... read a chapter only but lol made laugh till my tummy ache again lol. Sunako is sucha freaking funny person lol. 'Kyyaaah! My eyes are burning!!!' LOL.

Today is a funny day, from afternoon laugh till night haha. Then i went to read HQ's blog and one post she was complaining that a middle aged man approached her again lol! ... Poor thing. Traumatized by such people at such a young age haha. Male is call, 师奶杀手 [Auntie Killer], Female is call 师男杀手 [Uncle Killer] LOL. Ah will she kill me if she sees this? Just joking ah uh, i mean you're so pretty that even middle aged men couldn't resist your charms ... lol ... hope that the Hello Panda is BIG enough to cover up for this XD.

Ahhh~ I'm in such a 'jokey' mood tonight, i feel like kicking something haha. My face won't stop grinning lol. God, i must had looked silly grinning in front of lappy. Oh, i call my laptop, 'Lappy' ... is it an original name? LoL dunno. At least my laptop has a name. I love my laptop.

Hmmm, i feel like writing an original story. I have been saying this for quite a long time le ... but never got my attention in front of lappy for more than 30 mins ... I rest for 15 mins when i watched an Ep of anime. Well, that is unless it's so exciting or wat. LoL. But the more exciting it is, the more i will drag ... cos it builds up the pleasure so high then i let go, ahhhh, bliss ahaha.

Ok, I go edit the last two pages le. Oh, i bought another big can of Hello Panda again lol, i love Hello Panda too ... *Munching one* My bro so lucky, i was munching on the can for more than 5 mins then when he took two out, the two had no chocolate inside!!! LOL. Then he was mumbling, ehhhh cheapskate sia! LoL.

Some people have all the luck.

[Signing off @ 10:45 PM]

PS: My bro's crazy too ... he just told me, 'Hey, i look fantastic tonight. Too nice looking.' I stared at him as if he grew two heads, then i threw my head behind and laughed out so loud hahahaha. Our family's crazy tonight ... so pardon us.


  1. So Natsuki is horny also! lol Very nice! ^^

    Thanks for translate I was surffing the net to find this doujin in english untile I fond this incradable site!! ^0^

  2. Yo,animationgurl here!!Lol,Horny button...haaa...a nickname for the French Horn players(like me)!!There's only me and my senior who play French Horn and we call each other 'Horny Senior' and 'Horny Junior'.Haha.Lols,Shizuru's 1 year older than Natsuki right??Than both of them will be the 'Horny duo'!!>.<

  3. So I'm kinda wondering, what did Natsuki realize and what did Shizuru trick her into?

  4. ..wow..thank you for this...i have mangas but i don't know how to read it cause it's all written in japanese,..hahaha...anyway...this is very interesting so then i'll always visit your site... more power to you...tc..

  5. i love hello panda
    im so addicted to it!!!
    Im so glad ur thinkn of not being in hiatus.. ur so funny and smart!!

  6. nice mangda not a bad at all geez shizuru is suck a seductress woman and always molest on natsuki from time to time she always want to see natsuki angry.Just like what shizuru said that if she see natsuki that angry shizuru says that natsuki is cute when she see that kind of expression of natsuki's face.