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Monday, March 20, 2006

4/16 3B14 2006 Outing - This Is The 300th Post!

[Posted @ 9:46 PM]
Supposed to be 7/16 de but ... one went to Japan [AHHHH I WANNA GO TOO!], one went for driving test [My turn will come sooner or later] and other had job interview [Sigh sooner or later but i wanna study first] So 4 of us ... actually also not bad la, four of us still can joke. Ok, maybe i can't joke but ... i think i talked alot le ba.

Met at Cineleisure at 1pm ... i think ZY arrived the earliest ... or me, cos when i went in i didn't see anyone so i went to withdraw cash. Anyways it doesn't really matter haha. ZY went into her 'Hey Wang Li Hom is looking at me le!' again lol. I ignored her =P. ZY then proposed that we either watch 'The Shaggy Dog' or 'Yours Mine & Ours'. In the end we watched 'The Shaggy Dog' cos JX had to go for her part time job later. And 'The Shaggy Dog' had the early time slot so we bought our tickets and went to Burger King to have lunch =).

Ok fine. I admit, i like BK's burgers lol. I seldom eat McDonald's and KFC ... unless got coupons lol. Frankly speaking, i'll eat in KFC if they have coupons slotted in my newspaper often. McDonald's coupons are not worth it ... too expensive. BK and KFC's are still ok ... especially KFC cos got cheese fries =). I love cheese fries hehehe. So HQ and i had this 'English Chicken Sandwich Meal', ZY had 'Spicy Chicken Sausage Meal' and JX had 'Single Mushroom Swiss Meal' =) Nice la, the burger i ate, got tomatos and bacon inside, and without them, it would juz be like Chicken Sandwich le hahaha. Chatted over lunch, gossiping and ... i learnt that life is so fucking unfair. Dammit. I'm still grumbling over it lol.

Anyways, after BK, went up ... but we still had time to kill so went to the arcade and played the table hockey. Damn table hockey, cheat HQ's money lol, the time was ticking but no ... uh what do u call tat ... plates? Yeah no plates came out ... damn i think we only played less than 12 plates whereas the last time we played was like lol so many till we kept jamming them into the other party's place. I remembered ZY and i played then we got 15:7? Hahaha. So fun but now we got like 4:7 shessh. Maybe it's the change of partners la XP.

After that quick game, went to the movie, already started le ... but didn't miss out any major stuff la. Juz in front abit only. Quite funny la ... a nice watch, heart warming but not exceptionally nice. I still think reading Fruits Basket totally rocked lol. I flipped through Fruits Basket #17 juz now ... manz, so many unexpected developments!!! Ahhhhhhh lol. Ok, anyways, after the movie, we went to Heeren, did a little window shopping and took a few photos. LoL, Xiao Wu so bad, asked me wanna go in to a shop to see see or not and before i could answer, she said 'Go la go la~' and walked in the shop le haha. The rest also ºÃ²»µ½ÄÄÀïÈ¥ [Hao bu dao na li qu] haha, they were looking at some bags and belts then they aimed/hinted at me and said ... heyy, i want this le~ haha. No comments but -.-|||| [Sweatdrop] haha. If i strike 4D maybe will consider buying for all ba haha. [Change subject].

Heh. After window shopping at Heeren, JX left cos of her part time job. Then the 3 of us went to Takashimaya, shopped there for a while ... then lastly to Kinokuniya! Whee, i saw my beloved Mangas~~~~ I could drown in there for years lol. So many new VCDs and Imported mangas ... but sigh i could only see, touch but not read. After that, went home ... i think around ... 6 PM le ba. Fun day =). Wish more of us were there, then more fun haha.

Oh not to forget, the memories i got today.

Little Gift I Got From HQ.Pieces Of Jigshaw Inside.The Movie Ticket.

I'll do the Cameron Highlands Day 2 post tomorrow ba ... i wanna go play 'House of the Dead 2' cya lol.

[Signing off @ 10:30 PM]

PS: wheee!~

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