Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 2

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Whee, so excited, so i'm sharing my excitement by posting Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 2, are you excited?! lol.

Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 2.

I'll probably post up the concert pics i take tonight tomorrow ba, cos by the time i reach home, it'll be probably midnight or something lol. It's a THREE hour concert ... 7 PM - 10 PM and no doubt there'll be a wave of people there XD.

Ok, I'm gonna eat something before i leave. Cya.

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PS: Jumping up and down with gee!

YanZi Performing @ NTUC May Day Concert 2006

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Woohoo, can't wait to see YanZi again! Going there to probably meet the YanZi Unlimited people at 2 PM ... XD. Rain or shine, i'll be there.

Taken from NTUC Website

Held at the Padang and open to and free for everyone, the concert is expected to entertain more than 20,000 people, including workers, youths and families, from all walks of life and ages. It will be an exhilarating evening for all as we celebrate our local talents, whom we wish will inspire hope for a brighter future for many more among the audience. A delayed television broadcast of the concert on MediaCorp TV Channel 8 on May Day afternoon (1.30 pm) will beam joyous moments of the concert to the television sets of many workers and Singaporeans.

May Day Concert 2006

Date: Sunday, 30 April 2006
Venue: Padang
Time: 7 pm to 10 pm

Featuring all-Singaporean and multi-racial stars like Stefanie Sun, A-Do, Jacintha Abisheganaden , Hetty Sarlene, Muralikrishnan, Khairul Anuar (Anugerah Champion), Shabir (Vasantham Star Champion) and Tan Wei Lian (Project Superstar Champion), the May Day Concert 2006, promises to be a star-studded, multi-cultural and fun-filled three-hour extravaganza.

NTUC May Day Concert 2006 1.

Oh, it's on today's Straits Time LIFE! section too XD.

NTUC May Day Concert 2006 2.

LoL, YanZi's indeed an International Superstar, audience can SMS song requests at the start of the concert for YanZi to perform ... SO COOL!!! Others don't have LOL. I'm so gonna request 'Wo Bu Nan Guo', my fave track of all time XD. Maybe 'Green Light' too ... cos it's catchy kyaahhhh~ Can't wait for tomorrow =].

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Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 1

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Because I feel like doing something good today cos it's my cousin's one year old birthday =]. I tried to post just now but suddenly there was a black out and i was 'happy' enough to repost it again lol.

Anyways, here's a Side Story from Tours Mai HiME Volume 3 Doujinshi. Probably would be doing another one more later but i only got two translated yeah, so i can't translate anymore.

Tours Mai Hime Volume 3 Doujinshi Side Story 1.

Sorry, i know it's abit messy but the space is this small lol, i don't know what to do, so just bear with it ba =]. If you don't understand, basically, Shizuru has a motive in helping Natsuki XD and Shizuru demands her reward in forms of 'Eating' Natsuki out lol. [Wiggle Eyebrows Heh] I think this is the meaning ba, then Natsuki going ... mou, can't we kiss sometimes instead of 'eating' me out? LoL. Cute~~~

Anyways, gotta go cya!

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PS: Back from aunt's house, tried to post just now but couldn't and i HAD to go cos it was going to rain lol. I managed to post it on first but not here so i'll just post it now =].

Oh yeah, i added a search function in this blog, so yeah, if you're lazy or what, use the search function ... =]

Strawberry Panic! Ep3

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Read something funny today lol =], anyways here’s Strawberry Panic! Ep3.

Tamao, Nagisa, Chihaya and Noriko.We Look Like Newly Weds? XD.My Cute Nagisa Might Be Stolen Away.

The Ep started with Nagisa wondering if there are any secret compartments in the Girls’ School since the buildings looks so historical. Tamao’s bringing Nagisa to the Ichigo-sha on Saturday morning for some exploration along with the girls from the opposite room. The girls from the opposite room were classmates of Tamao and Nagisa and before Nagisa could introduce herself, one of the girls, Takemuya Chihaya interrupted that she knew who Nagisa was since she created such a big hoo-ha with Shizuma lol. The other girl going with them was Mizushima Noriko. An introduction of the rooming of students, the integration of the talking room, cafeteria and others between the lower and upper class students on the second floor of the Ichigo-sha. [Side note: Why is it called the Ichigo-sha? It’s because it’s shaped like a strawberry duh lol. Strawberry = Ichigo in Japanese]

While walking to an interesting room as promised by Chihaya, Nagisa found out that Chihaya and Noriko were roomed together since they were in kindergarden, so it’s twelve years together. Nagisa then commented that they seem like a married couple lol. Giggling, Chihaya replied that then Nagisa and Tamao were newly weds then LOL. Tamao got excited over it lol. At the unexpected moment, Shizuma stepped in and asked who and who were newly weds lol. Surprised upon Shizuma’s appearance, she asked why Shizuma’s here. Shizuma merely replied that anywhere her cute Nagisa lay her foot on, she’ll be there. Using this chance, Shizuma advanced, tipped Nagisa’s chin and did her paralyzing trick again lol. Inching closer and closer, Shizuma expressed her fears of her cute Nagisa being stolen away. Sideways, Tamao mumbled that she should be the one feeling that way instead lol. Distracted by Tamao’s mumbling, Shizuma stopped for a while and there’s an awkward silence but not for long as Shizuma noticed something, grabbed Nagisa’s wrist and took off.

Seems like Shizuma’s running away from the Student Council again as the members were looking for her. Shizuma simply thanked them and walked away. [WHAT?!] Later, Nagisa and the rest played hide and seek in the attic lol, Nagisa easily found the rest, reckon she’s good at something afterall XD. Narrated by St Lulim’s Student Council Preisdent, Minamoto Chikaru, the three Student Council Presidents from St Miator, St Lulim and St Spica were having a last preparation meeting in the Ichigo-sha but Shizuma’s no where to be found. ‘As expected’, said by Chikaru. Rokujou-kaichou couldn’t wait for Shizumu to arrive and decided to start the meeting without her. ‘As expected’, said Chikaru again. St Spica’s Student Council President, Toumori Shion refused to start the meeting without Etoile. ‘This is also expected’, said Chikaru, Chikaru’s having fun looking at the presidents from both schools argue while she just sat there and smiled lol. Chikaru felt that it’s boring, since everything was what she expected. Suddenly, Nagisa barged in and announced her arrival while the three Student Council Presidents were inside lol.

Ah Ah, Everything's Expected. It's Boring.Chiyo's Love At First Sight?We're Alone Nagisa-chan~.

Seems like Nagisa went in the wrong room lol. Meanwhile, St Spica Student Council President, Shion-kaichou pissed off, left, saying this meeting’s wasting her time. In the room, Nagisa apologized for barging in and thought it was her fault for messing up the meeting. Rokujou-kaichou said it was not Nagisa’s fault and reminded Nagisa to at least knock the door and left the room. Chikaru then introduced herself to Nagisa and told Nagisa that it’s because that Shizuma did not attend the meeting and had been neglecting her duties as Etoile that lead to the argument. Without Etoile, events in the three schools could not be executed properly. Chikaru also said that Rokujou-kaichou and Shion-kaichou were always in loggerheads with each other and as Etoile, Shizuma played a significant role, furthermore, Shizuma’s from St Miator and not attending the meeting was like adding fuel to St Spica’s fire. After listening to Chikaru’s explanations, Nagisa asked why St Lulim’s not involved too, Chikaru giggled and replied that St Lulim practiced neutrality and freedom LOL. I think she just wants to sit and watch the two battle it out XD.

Anyways, night time, Tamao and Nagisa were laying in bed separately of course lol and Nagisa couldn’t help but wonder why Shizuma’s not carrying out her duties as the Etoile since she’s the most loved and respected person of the three schools. The next day, there was a notice that there’s a welcoming ceremony for the first graders in Ichigo-sha. Nagisa thought she would be welcomed too since she transferred in not too long ago too lol but too bad, it’s only for first graders. As they were walking off, one of the first graders, Tsukidate Chiyo tripped and fell but luckily Nagisa caught her. [Remember, she’s the first grader who fell in the library when Shizuma was JUST 3CM away from kissing Nagisa.] We will see more of her later, probably some interaction with Nagisa too. As the bunch of first graders walked away, they were anticipated on meeting Etoile-sama for the welcoming ceremony. Nagisa overheard them and told the rest she would ask Shizuma to attend the ceremony as she couldn’t bear to see disappointment on the first graders and ran off.

Nagisa told Chikaru about her plans and assured Chikaru that she will find Shizuma. Chikaru smiled and said she believed in Nagisa and went to prepare for the welcoming ceremony then. Nagisa, Tamao, Chihaya and Noriko went around Ichigo-sha looking for Shizuma. No sweets for those who guessed who found Shizuma in the end lol. Nagisa found Shizuma leaning against a tree, the tree where we first saw Shizuma with and forcefully grabbed Shizuma’s wrist to go with her. Shizuma thought Nagisa had came to fetch her because of Rokujou-kaichou, Nagisa replied no and said that she’s here because Shizuma’s Etoile so as Etoile, she shouldn’t disappoint the first graders by not attending the welcoming ceremony. Nagisa was so absorbed in her words that she almost forgot that she’ll be paralyzed if Shizuma stared at her and lets go of her hold on Shizuma’s wrist.

Shizuma-sama ...*Melts*Welcoming Ceremony.Now You're My Petite Soeur ... Eh Sorry, Wrong Story LoL.

Seeing her chance, Shizuma wrapped her arms around Nagisa and hugged her. Shizuma then asked why Nagisa had come alone and moreover they’re alone in this forest lol. Nagisa almost succumbed to Shizuma’s suggestive actions but remembered she’s there to get Shizuma back and begged Shizuma to go with her before her legs gave away lol. Shizuma sensing that that’s something special about Nagisa, replied that she will go with her to the welcoming ceremony. At the welcoming ceremony, Shizuma walked in with Nagisa like she’s royalty. Rokujou-kaichou even sarcastically said what breeze had brought Shizuma here lol, Shizuma simply replied that because this was one of Etoile’s duties.

After the welcoming ceremony, Nagisa got a treat from Shizuma in being welcomed to St Miator too =]. Rokujou-kaichou wondered what powers Nagisa possessed to move Shizuma to attend. Chikaru was like whee, more interesting stuff to watch lol, while Shion did a ‘Hmph’ and left quietly. In the last scene, a student from St Miator walked in the single bed room Nagisa had gone in before she rushed out to fetch Shizuma. But we don’t know who is it, Shizuma or Rokujou, she even locked the door ... who lived in the room before? I got a hunch it’s Shizuma’s lover or someone important lol XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Interesting, I'm still thinking about the lover thingy lol.]
Characters: 7/10 [More Chikaru!~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Whee, next Ep’s about Amane and Hikari, I like the love triangle between Amane, Hikari and Yaya more lol. Yaya might be the black horse, who knows, the white prince might become the black prince XD.

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School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3

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School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3~. Sorry for the long wait.

Pervert Cosplaying ‘Eri’! LOL.Look. A Rainbow.Cool Karasuma.

Ok, continuing from Ep2, the ‘Eri’ introducing himself as a humble butler, Nakamura to Asou and Suga. As Asou pointed his gun at Nakamura, he reacted and instantly appeared behind Asou and prepared to pull his trigger. But he was interrupted by a sniper shot by Itoko-sensei. Itoko-sensei managed to keep Nakamura down and he probably decided to lie back for the moment. Somewhere, Tanaka and Nagayama were defending the ‘Café’ faction and Tanaka asked Nagayama out for a date if they survived. But sadly, they were shot by Karasuma. [Ohhh I love the blood splating against the window as they were shot XD] Meanwhile, Mikoto stepped into the ‘Play’ faction classroom and found that the members of the ‘Play’ faction were taken down. As Mikoto wondered who they had fought just now, Yuki from the ‘Band’ faction began cornering Mikoto and was about to take a shot but was saved by Hanai. Yuki saw Hanai and was reminded of the time that Hanai gave her a ride home when her spectacles broke. Along the way, Yuki was puzzled on why Hanai’s so helpful to people around even though he’s already a high schooler. As Hanai pedaled up the hill, he stopped and showed Yuki a view of a rainbow through a fragment of her spectacles.

Back to the scene, Yuki told Hanai to shoot her since her defeat was inevitable, but Hanai refused. As Yuki prepared to launch her shot with her catapult, Mikoto shot her. Hanai grieved for Yuki and Mikoto reminded him that they’re in a war lol. Running back to their base, Mikoto informed Asou and Suga that the ‘Band’ faction were about to get their flag. Retreating back to base, Asou and Suga were too late and taken down by Karasuma. Meanwhile, back in the ‘Play’ faction base, the last defenders were Tenma and Eri. When Eri saw a shadow outside the classroom, she went out and checked but was taken down by Karasuma. Tenma hearing the gunshot, ran out of the classroom only to see Eri’s lifeless body and Karasuma standing in front of the moonlight looking cool lol. Karasuma began to ramble that the ‘Band’ faction probably won’t win while Tenma kept asking why Karasuma’s here.

Elsewhere, Hanai was taking out Fuyuki and Mikoto handled Sagano and Ichijou, they proved to be no match for the last survivors of the ‘Café’ faction. Mikoto heard footsteps behind her and assumed it to be Hanai but boy, was she wrong, it was Harima! Mikoto pulled the trigger of her gun but was out of bullets, as Mikoto rushed forward to gain purchase of a gun, Harima kicked it away. Just then, Hanai ran towards them and like any evil boss, Harima shot Mikoto right in front of Hanai’s eyes earning a sweet ‘MIKO-CHAN’ from Hanai LOL. Back to Tenma and Karasuma, touched by how much the band had practiced, Tenma pointed the gun to her head. Karasuma stopped her, placed the gun to his chest and shot himself. Cradling Karasuma against her, Tenma lets out a blood chilling scream, followed by the sound of a gunshot. Tenma shot herself.

Evil Grinning Harima.Make A Great Performance Ne Karasuma?Bring It On.

The only survivors were now Harima and Hanai, they squared off at the rooftop. In the mist of their battle, Hanai asked Harima if he loved Yakumo from the bottom of his heart lol. Harima taunted Hanai by refusing to answer his question, so the battle continued with the count to 10, turn and shoot kinda duel, like those cowboys back in the old days. The duel was won by Hanai because Harima didn’t have the will to fight Hanai since he didn’t like Yakumo at the first place. Harima didn’t explicitly said he didn’t like Yakumo but hinted that he had someone else he loved but won’t say who lol. Thus, the end of the survival game movie, directed by Takano Akira LOL with Hanai carrying Harima in bridal style against the moon.

The next day, Kouriyama-sensei lectured 2-C for the night before lol and yelled at them that they could do BOTH the play and the café anyways lol. 2-C was then easily let off on account of Itoko-sensei. Back in class, Suga was telling some guys that he saw an old dude with a moustache cosplaying dressing up as Eri lol but noone seems to believe as Eri was defending the ‘Play’ faction flag the whole time. Since they could do both the play and café, some worried that they might have no time to finish up, Hanai, in his good old spirits again, assured that everything would be in good hands. This was supported by Mai and Yuki, oh the band will be also performing lol. Pissed when Tenma said that Hanai was as reliable as always, Harima whispered, ‘Miko-chan’ in the middle of discussion LOL. This caused the guys in class to assume that Mikoto and Hanai were an item and teased them lol, making both of them blushing and denying everything.

LoL Bridal Style.WHAT?!LOL!

After school, Tenma walked home with Karasuma and encouraging him to express his feelings the Tenma way lol and having fun with everyone =]. Meanwhile, back in Eri’s mansion, Eri questioned her butler, Nakamura if he had joined in the survival game lol. Nakamura acted stupid while Eri couldn’t be bothered and asked for her uniform back LOL.

Oh, I love side stories lol, this is funny, it’s about Eri’s butler, Nakamura. Nakamura finally admitted to being the pervert cosplaying ‘Eri’ in the survival game lol and apologized to Eri and Itoko-sensei. He was worried about Eri and thus joined in the game, but his ex-solider instincts kicked in and he went too far. Then Nakamura recalled a time when he was in a mission in South American, rescued a young girl and even encouraged her to be like her mother who was a maid. That girl was adopted by him and was working in Eri’s mansion as well. A door knock was heard and a maid walked in with more tea. It was the girl Nakamura had saved and apparently, she was not a girl but a man LOL!!! Itoko-sensei was giving me this impression of ‘Get the hell outta my sight you cosplaying perverts!!!’ LOL.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Great way to end lol.]
Characters: 7/10 [Cosplaying perverts!~]
Overall: 7/10

Sure took me a while, because I was distracted by many things lol, my bros watching ‘King Kong’ so I tagged along. After that, I watched Holland V repeat then it’s slacking time, so I typed a while before I went for dinner. Then it’s TV time till now, I finally finished XD.

I better buck up, time to blog Strawberry Panic! Ep3, I just downloaded Ep4 [Mandarin again] lol, holy crap, Amane-sama~~~ wait for me~~~~ Oh, Strawberry Panic!, Ouran High Host Club, Girls’ High OPs are out =], they’re all very nice. I watched Girls’ High Ep3 last night lol, all I can say was, ‘God damn hilarious’ lol, last part was unexpected, a moving vibrator in the end lol. Oh Simoun Ep2 sub’s out ... finally. Maybe I should switch to Mandarin versions or not lol.

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Tours Mai Hime Volume 4 Doujinshi Page 13,14

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Because i feel loved.



I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I do not scan doujinshis, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Tokyo Toshokan, a torrent listing place so, please do not ask me where i purchase or scan the doujinshi.

I do not draw doujinshis, i'm not that artistic =). So i don't claim credit for doujinshi images/pages in this post. I would had clearly stated the author of the doujinshi so go search for him/her/them.

The reason why i had added my blog URL in the pages is cos ... well, i translated the darn thing from Mandarin to English afterall!

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 13. Page 14.

I wanna sleep on Natsuki's butt too XD [Pouts]

I tried to post yesterday when i was watching 'House of Wax' with my bros but couldn't so i decided to post today instead. Heh. Cya.

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It's raining.

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Sigh. Saturday. I missed today's Ep of Pretty Cure lol. I was sleeping very soundly, maybe because i didn't sleep much yesterday, i woke up at 7 AM you see. Feeling really bored and my tummy hurts, it's tough being a woman.

The weather ain't helping too, sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy, before you know it, we got sick. Even YanZi got sick, ahhh, hope she gets well soon, next week she'll be at the Padang for that concert and of course I'm going la, it's free entrance right? I'll probably be going there at 7 AM lol.

Going to my aunt's house later, it's her grandchild's birthday, so, it's my nephew/niece's birthday? LoL, sorry not really close with my dad's side family members. I don't even talk to my cousins over my dad's side. They're either married and 15 years older than me or 15 years younger than me. I predict in 10 years i could be a grandaunt already! -.-|||

I think i better switch off lappy, in case thunder strikes and ... no, i don't even wanna go there.

Anyways, my love to all, here's a damn hot hug of Amane and Hikari from Strawberry Panic! Novel lol.

Amane x Hikari

Dynasty Scans is doing a good job on translating ... and their latest released chapter is 5, so i think catching up on Chapter 7 is no problem =]

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Tours Mai Hime Volume 4 Doujinshi Page 11,12

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'In the end, i don't feel what you feel for me, but i'm really happy that you like me. I like you.'



I do however refer to the RAW [Japanese] version sometimes when translating to kind of double check and make it more 'Real' cos i like it lol.

I do not scan doujinshis, so i don't claim credit for it, i got the scans from Tokyo Toshokan, a torrent listing place so, please do not ask me where i purchase or scan the doujinshi.

I do not draw doujinshis, i'm not that artistic =). So i don't claim credit for doujinshi images/pages in this post. I would had clearly stated the author of the doujinshi so go search for him/her/them.

The reason why i had added my blog URL in the pages is cos ... well, i translated the darn thing from Mandarin to English afterall!

Click on the pictures and out pops a window with a bigger, clearer dimension.

Please do not hotlink on forums, just paste my blog url and direct them to the Manga Page section, thanks.

Page 11. Page 12.

I like how Tours had inserted in the dialogue between Natsuki and Shizuru from the Mai HiME anime Ep25 in here. It's really nice =], Natsuki's beginning to accept that she might be able to love someone afterall.

Oh yeah, Photobucket upgraded to 1GB storage space and 10GB of bandwidth for Free Users!! YAY! But that doesn't mean you can hotlink ok? LoL. But it's good news, lol i was like wondering, it's 21st already, why isn't Photobucket showing 'BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED' on my old images? LOL.

Ah, saw this on the May edition of Simply Her, Maxtor OneTouch™ III Turbo Edition - 1TB Drive.
HOLY FREAKING CRAP!!!! 1TB=1000GB. You know how many anime titles you can save inside if each title was 26 Eps? Ok, let's assume that most anime titles were 26 Eps long, in AVI format, around 200MB in size ... so it'll take around 5.2GB. So 1000GB/5.2GB=192.3 ~ 191. Kaoz, that's almost 191 anime titles. ONE HUNDRED AND NINTY ONE! Hm, but if i add in my YanZi clips, scanlations and stuff, maybe 170 anime titles ba. But that's already alot alot alot. And it's a whooping $1,499 [Singapore Dollars]. But there's a 600GB drive, also quite expensive, $899 [Singapore Dollars]. If you are interested, here's the link to Maxtor's website.

But i wanna buy a new PC le~ lol, you know in my PC, there were ANTS! I was like wondering why were there so many ants around my desk then i began banging around my desk and suddenly i saw AN ARMY OF ANTS creeping out of my PC's CD-ROM drive!!!! I was screaming bloody murder then and there lol. I was like turning the CD-ROM drive inside out to kill all of them. I wonder how long this Compaq Presario PC had been with me ... hmm it's still using Window ME, so i think maybe around 4-5 years? Not sure. I think the ant scare means that it's time to buy a new PC.

Hmm, so now the question is, to buy or not to buy? If i should buy PC, i can't buy hard drive. If i should buy hard drive, i can't buy PC. ARGH!

Oh, i bought 3 mangas this afternoon, darn lil bro waited at the opposite bus stop and i waited like a moron for 30mins. Anyways, bought Fushigi Yuugi #15, Fushigi Yuugi - Genbu Kaiden #5 and My Fair Lady #5 yay.

[Signing off @ 9:00 PM]

PS: Save me money!

Strawberry Panic! Ep2

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Strawberry Panic! Ep2, couldn’t sleep, so I woke up early to blog.

=O.Marimite Parody!Tamao Reading A Poem.

The Ep started with Tamao reading out the a poem she created about unrequited love. Scene changed to Tamao waking Nagisa up and scaring Nagisa out of her wits again lol. It’s early in the morning and Tamao already getting frisky as she offered to help Nagisa put on her new uniform lol. I could almost visualize Tamao going ‘Ohohohoho~’ LoL. Tamao’s really mothering Nagisa like a maid of a princess, putting on Nagisa’s uniform, praising and combing her hair.

As a result of Tamao’s pampering, they were late for breakfast and were running down the stairs when Nagisa couldn’t stop in time and bumped into Shizuma who was really minding her own business lol accompanied by Rokujou-kaichou and others. Then and there, Shizuma asked Nagisa for her name, called her Nagisa-chan and did a Marimite parody! LOL Oh, the usual, ‘Your necktie is crooked.’ Anyways, I think Shizuma was just trying to get an excuse to inch forward towards Nagisa and kiss her, which she almost did until the darn clock chimed again. Chuckling, Shizuma watched Tamao pulling the stunned Nagisa away lol. After the rest left, Rokujou-kaichou lectured Shizuma on self-control.

Upon entering their classes, Nagisa and Tamao were swarmed by squealing fan girls classmates who were dying to know if Nagisa had kissed Shizuma. That time, Nagisa realized how famous Shizuma was in school. After class, Nagisa and Tamao were having dessert and Tamao invited Nagisa to support her present her new poem for the Literature Club. Meanwhile, Shizuma had sneaked out of the Student Council’s watchful eyes when it’s time for the lunch meeting between the 3 schools. [That explains why Rokujou and some other students was accompanying Shizuma to class] Nagisa’s in the Literature Club listening to Tamao presenting her new poem. Walking among the forest, Nagisa tried to compose of poem of her own but, lol couldn’t. Suddenly, she heard someone whimpering ‘Ah, Etoile-sama’ LOL and went to check it out.

Shizuma’s Such A Player.XO..Just 3cm More!~

Only to see Shizuma and an unknown girl entwining their hands together and look pretty chummy to the point of an almost kiss. Shizuma’s such a player lol. Surprised, Nagisa accidentally stepped on a twig and alerted Shizuma. Not believing what she saw, Nagisa ran off and reached the library. The Student Council were looking everywhere for Shizuma and overheard some students saying that Shizuma’s heading for the library. Fufufu, it’s always the quiet, gloomy library lol.

In the library, Nagisa saw a couple of students looking very chummy together. Blushing, Nagisa walked further back into the library and stopped when she saw the beautiful window reflection in the library. All of a sudden, Shizuma appeared behind Nagisa and began her attack again XD. Starting from paralyzing her victim, caressing her cheek, touching their cheeks together, holding her close and finally kissing! Nope, almost, just maybe 3cm away!~ LoL, Someone fell and Nagisa broke free from Shizuma’s grasp and went to help the fallen girl. Tamao then appeared looking for Nagisa, as they were talking, Nagisa turned back and Shizuma was gone. Seems like Rokujou-kaichou knew Shizuma was in the library and had told Tamao to go look for Nagisa in the library. [Probably to stop Shizuma’s attacks on Nagisa.] Shizuma overheard the conversation. That night, Rokujou was lecturing Shizuma about her absence from the lunch meeting but Shizuma seems to ignore her warnings.

Evilly Delicious Shizuma.'No Biting Of Nails Ok?Angsty Shizuma.

In the dorm, Tamao painting Nagisa’s nails and saying that those that Shizuma likes, noone would be able to resist for longer than a month lol and Tamao assured that she’ll protect Nagisa. In Nagisa’s mind, she was thinking that when she’s in front of Shizuma, she can’t seem to move and do anything. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s anguishing over the night or the past?

I’m suspecting that Shizuma used to have someone she really loved but that person might had transferred to another school or dead or didn’t reciprocate Shizuma’s love which is really hard to believe lol. Anyways, that explains why she’s playing around with the girls in school to fill her broken/lonely heart maybe?

Art: 6/10
Story: 7/10 [Sweet Shizuma Angst.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Shizuma~]
Overall: 6.5/10 [...]

Phew. I love Fridays usually, later going to Northpoint with lil bro to buy manga and photo albums. Ah, Ouran High Host Club Ep3 and School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3 are out yay. Stay tune for some you-know-what tonight. =]

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Strawberry Panic! Ep1

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Strawberry Panic! Ep1~ Let the yuri begin =] Noone seems to really care about the story except there’s a lot of yurish scenes here and there and rambling about no kissing scenes. Shessh, 好戏还在后头嘛, good stuff are always at the back lol. Anyways, I do care about the story and I bet there’s a dark past about Shizuma, so I’m doing a good summary so bare with me ok? =)

Oh before that, characters introduction! Basically there are three yuri girls’ schools on Astraea Hill, St Miator Girls’ School, St Lulim Girls’ School and St Spica Girls’ School. So I’ll be separating the characters into the ‘Schools’, the ‘Onee-samas’, the ‘Main Characters’, the ‘Best Friends’, the ‘Kawaii Kouhais’ and others respectively.

St Miator Girls’ SchoolSt Lulim Girls’ SchoolSt Spica Girls’ School
Hanazono Shizuma.Minamoto Chikaru.Ootori Amane.
Hanazono Shizuma - 6th Grade, Snow Class, Number One Star Idol, Etoile.Minamoto Chikaru - 5th Grade, A Class, Student Council President of St Lulim.Ootori Amane - 5th Grade, Trois Class, The ‘Prince’ of St Spica. *Trois means Three in French.
Aoi Nagisa.Hyuuga Kizuna.Konohana Hikari.
Aoi Nagisa - 4th Grade, Moon Class, Klutzy and expressive.Hyuuga Kizuna - 2nd Grade, B Class, Active and cheerful individual.Konohana Hikari - 3rd Grade, Un Class, Loves beautiful things. *Un means One in French.
Suzumi Tamao.Natsume Remon.Nanto Yaya.
Suzumi Tamao - 4th Grade, Moon Class, Nagisa’s best friend and likes to see Nagisa’s bothered expression.Natsume Remon - 2nd Grade, B Class, Cheery but timid individual.Nanto Yaya - 3rd Grade, Un Class, A rich man’s daughter, likes to tease Hikari or just vying for her attention?
Tsukidade Chiyo.Byakudan Kagome.Okuwaka Tsubomi.
Tsukidade Chiyo - 1st Grade, Flower Class, Timid and shy individual, admires Nagisa very much.Byakudan Kagome - 1st Grade, C Class, Her best friend is her teddy bear, Ashiba.Okuwaka Tsubomi - 1st Grade, Trois Class, Energetic and headstrong individual.
Rokujou Miyuki.Toumori Shion.
Rokujou Miyuki - 5th Grade, Flower Class, St Miator Student Council President.Toumori Shion - 5th Grade, Deux Class, St Spica Student Council President. *Deux means Two in French.

Yeah, I guess that’s basically covered your understanding of the main characters in Strawberry Panic! and of course there’ll be more characters later =)

Strawberry Panic! OP 1.Strawberry Panic! OP 2.Strawberry Panic! OP 3.

I kinda like the OP, ‘Shoujo Meiro de Tsukamaete’ by Aki Misato, it’s fast paced, and oh so teasing hahaha, man and what’s with the animes recently having rose/sakura petals twirling around? Must be because it’s April haha, it’s driving me crazy in a good way =), I like. I like the way the OP portrays Shizuma as this untouchable, angsty and mesmerizing goddess =) muahaha.

Ouch.Kiss On Forehead.Fufufu Bondage Time Nagisa~

The anime started pretty differently from the manga, in the manga, the main character, Aoi Nagisa was already in her St Miator Girls’ School uniform and her first meeting with Hanazono Shizuma was more refine and fantasy-like, it’s like ‘Come to me, baby’ kinda feeling ahaha. In the anime, it’s more humourous ba, Nagisa’s more klutzy in the anime, and how in the world can anyone run into a bunch of bushes and fall into some forest? Nagisa did. Nagisa doesn’t seem to have a really good impression of Shizuruma at first, [Damn, I keep typing Shizuru instead of Shizuma.] with Shizuma pecking on her forehead on the first meeting.

After fainting from being kissed on the forehead only [Can she handle other places?] by Shizuma, Nagisa awoke to only find herself in St Miator Girls’ School infirmary and Suzumi Tamao staring lustly at her. Tamao’s really aggressive in the anime, I could almost hear the near coming cat fight between Shizuma and Tamao soon lol. Tamao tricked Nagisa into taking body measurements for the uniform when actually there’s a standard size LOL. When Nagisa questioned Tamao about it, Tamao replied without hesitating and flashing that precious notebook of hers of Nagisa’s full biological data lol.

After that, Tamao began introducing Nagisa the surroundings, the three girls’ school and stuff. Halfway, Tamao was asked to meet the director and unwillingly left Nagisa to walk back to the dorm lol. While walking to the dorm, Nagisa noticed Shizuma walking towards some forest like place and followed her. Like a Ninja, Shizuma magically disappeared, realizing that she lost Shizuma, Nagisa ran back to the dorm as she’s late for the 6 PM curfew Tamao had warned her about.

Syaoran: 'SAKURA SAKURA SAKURA!'Your Lips Looks So Sweet.Shizuma, Stop.

Nagisa’s been lectured in the room by the Sister for being late, but was saved by Rokujou Miyuki, the student council president of St Miator. Almost dinner time, Nagisa, Tamao and Rokujou-kaichou walked into the cafeteria where everyone from the three schools gathered to have dinner. Everyone around were pretty excited over the newly transferred student and a brief display of the other characters of Strawberry Panic! I’m really looking forward to the Hikari x Amane x Yaya love triangle lol and Yaya just so possessive with Hikari XD. Before entering the cafeteria, Rokujou-kaichou told Nagisa to greet Etoile, the most loved and respected student among the three schools. Walking into the cafeteria, Klutzy Nagisa lol mistaken one of the students as Etoile and before anyone could explain anything to her, Shizuma walked up behind Nagisa and whispered into Nagisa’s ear that they meet again.

Shocked, Nagisa began pointing at Shizuma that she’s the person from the morning and doing … that sort of thing to her XD. As Shizuma inched closer towards Nagisa, Nagisa got flustered and began to protest saying that they’re in front of the most incredible and powerful Etoile-sama. Amused, Shizuma used her Sharingan eyes to kinda paralyzed Nagisa’s movements and edged closer to kiss Nagisa but was interrupted by Rokujou-kaichou and the darn clock.

Scene changed to them starting dinner and the real Etoile, Shizuma began the prayer. After the prayer, Shizuma even give a little wink to the stunned Nagisa who had just realized that Shizuma’s Etoile, the most loved and respected among the three schools. Back in the dorm room, Tamao’s drying Nagisa’s hair with a hair dryer and commenting how soft and beautiful Nagisa’s hair was. Nagisa began wondering what will happen from then on with that unhappy stuff happening to her on the first day haha XD. - END -

Strawberry Panic! ED 1.Strawberry Panic! ED 2.Strawberry Panic! ED 3.

ED, ‘Himitsu Dolls’ by Mai Nakahara and Ai Shimizu, the relationship between the two seiyuu portrayed in the ED was really canon with that near kiss in the end haha. They are mimicking the OP where Nagisa and Shizuma shared an almost kiss. It’s quite special though, having seiyuu acting and singing in the ED but I can’t help but swoon at the nice manicured nails they had XD. Btw, the credits were blocking the view lol.

Art: 6/10
Story: 6/10 [Subtle sweetness.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Not much, except for Shizuma.]
Overall: 6.5/10 [Just a start right?]

XD, Strawberry Panic! Ep2 next~ I couldn’t control my hands and I went to download the Mandarin version of Ep3 lol, pretty easy to understand to my surprise =] I'll post Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 4 Page 11, 12 tomorrow.

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