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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Simoun Ep1

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Honestly, I have no idea what the hell it is all about when I watched Simoun for the first time. For the second time, I realized a little more about it and for the third, I plainly gave up lol. I referred to the manga Chapter 1 scanlation to get some clues on what the hell is going on, but I still don't get it. Ok I'm dumb, but I'm not giving it up, I love the animation, the OP and ED XD.

Simoun OP 1.Simoun OP 2.Simoun OP 3.

Love the OP, 'Utsukushi Kereba Sore de Ii' by Chiaki Ishikawa, the lead vocalist in famous J-pop band, See-Saw. Why is it so freaking addicting? I've been repeating it for like 10 times lol. The chorus is so pure, relaxing, calm, smooth and full of hope =).

Passionate Kissu.LoL Windows Screensaver!Beautiful!

Ok, basically Simoun, is a god sent from heaven flying machine and the only country to possess Simouns was The Imperial Nation and was believed that Simouns would never fall. But that was belief was destroyed when a flight of Simouns were destroyed by the enemy, Craftman Nation mass flying invasions. Thus a fight between the two countries issued.

In Ep1, it was narrated in the eyes of an enemy invading The Imperial Nation and stealing the technology. LoL, I can’t help but scream ‘Shimako!’, ‘Yakumo!’, ‘Aya!’, ‘Yukinari!’ and ‘Yukino!’ while Mamiko Noto was narrating lol. Argh. After the narration, we were brought to The Imperial Nation where the Simoun pliots were putting up a drill flight for the inspectors but later did they know, it’s for real. To activate the Simoun, the Simoun pliots aka Simula would have to kiss each other then this crystal green ball which would probably be their fuel and weapon on stimulating the Simoun. The main character, Nevril seems to be the best of the Simulas and everyone was like wowing over her. Nevril walked up to kiss her co-Simula, Amuria, after the kiss, Amuria doesn’t seem satisfied, yanked Nevril closer and kissed her again making Nevril blushed. No doubt these two were lovers XD. After the ‘ritual’, the Simouns took off.

Ok, seems like Nevril’s group was the best and called ‘Call Tempest’ so while they were putting a show for the inspectors, they noticed one of the other group, ‘Call Cup’ Simoun floating around and went to check. Seems like the enemy, Craftman Nation had launched a massive attack on The Imperial Nation and even the mighty Simouns had fallen. After seeing the Simoun from ‘Call Cup’ falling, the Simula morale in the ‘Call Tempest’ fell by a bit but they would not give up. The Simoun’s weapon is this ‘Remergion’ thing and they have levels/names for it, like ‘Falcon Remergion’, ‘Shark’s Remergion’, ‘Iron’s Remergion’ and the best was the ‘Jade Remergion’ and a miracle ‘Tempus Patienum’ would happen. So basically, the Crystal Green Ball will display some sort of pattern and the Simouns would paint the pattern on the sky with the light of the gem and destroy any enemies within their path.

Amuria's Dead Ah~~~.The Main Character, Aeru!Simoun ED.

But six Simouns could never defeat uh probably a few millions of the enemy’s aircrafts. Besides, the enemy’s many aircrafts were putting out the pattern the Simouns were painting on the sky, so if there’s no pattern, Remergion could not happen and the Simoun would be armless. One Simoun fell. Amuria got pissed and mumbled about being strong, stronger and stuff. Anyways, so Amuria and Nevril uh re-boosted their energies by kissing again in front of everyone, lol showoffs, to perform the ‘Jade Remergion’ but failed when Nevril was distracted. By playing with the ‘Jade Remergion’, they activated the ‘Tempus Patieum’ and everything goes kaboom lol as it went outta control. In the mist of it, the other Simouns managed to flee from the explosion but sadly, Nevril’s Simoun ain’t so lucky and her co-Simula, Amuria died.

From that incident, many Simula began to lose faith in Simoun and made the decision to be a male by going to the spring. As Nevril’s moping around in her room and won’t come out. A new Simula, kawaii young Rimone was introduced as one of the member of the ‘Call Tempest’ after three Simula was lost, oh there’s one more new Simula, the main character, Aeru. So a meeting was called when all the members [Except Nevril and Paraietta] of the ‘Call Tempest’ arrived, they were sent on a mission to take down Craftman Nation invasions but everyone was afraid all except, guess, yes, the main character Aeru. Aeru rushed out saying that she’ll fight and took off in one of the practice Simula machines. Meanwhile, Nevril plunged down some deep blackhole? LoL -END –

AHHHHHHHH! ED by Savage Genius!!! ‘Inori no Uta’, it’s classic! XD. With the Simoun kuru kuruing around haha, quite eh ok. I kinda like the idea of using lights to create this powerful attack and blasting enemies to kingdom come =). Manz, love the CG, animation and the background sceneries!

Art: 7.5/10
Story: 7/10 [Just an introduction.]
Characters: 7.5/10 [Rimone~~~~~~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Off to start on School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep2, then Strawberry Panic! Muahaha.

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  1. Panda: I seen abit of the anime. It seem decent so far. I am glad your blogging it, i am way too lazy to watch it on youtube, the loading bar is killing me.