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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep2

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=] School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep2, only the strongest will survive, let the survival game begin.

Rejected.LoL.Whoa Arika Rocked Here.

Before the OP slots in, a short fighting teaser between 3 guys and ‘Eri’. [Later we’ll know it’s not her really lol] Anyways, 2-C couldn’t seem to decide what to do for the school festival. Imadori suggested to put up a play and even wrote the script lol but the script sucks. Well, if you really want to know, ok, it’s a story about five rangers who fight to save the earth from space aliens lol and so the Red Ranger would be Imadori, Blue Ranger would be Mikoto, the rest were blank lol. So basically the plot was Blue Ranger’s in love with Red and there’ll be a kissing scene LOL. Rejected. Some girls began discussing about having a café where they could dress up as maids or nurses ... As Mai proposed to have a majority vote, lol broom head guy Yoshidayama suggested having a Sumo Swimsuit Wrestling Competition lol.

Results: Play, 16, Café, 16, Swimsuit Wrestling, 3 LOL. Meanwhile Harima’s gloomy that Tenma had misunderstood the relationship between him and Yakumo lol, similarly, Hanai’s feeling gloomy too. Ingenius Akira decided to probably spice up the whole thing by reviving Harima and Hanai lol. By telling Harima that she had prepared a script of Harima playing as the prince and Tenma as the princess, Harima slammed the table and yelled out that he gave 3 votes to the Play LOL. Next Akira went to Hanai saying that if 2-C’s going to do the Café, the Tea Ceremony club would provide full cooperation and not to mention Yakumo too. Hanai slammed the table and yelled out that he gave 5 votes to the Café LOL. So the verbal battle between Hanai and Harima issued till Akira suggested that they have a ‘Survival Game’ to settle it.

So that night, the Survival Game started between the Play Faction and the Café Faction. In the Café Faction, we have Hanai, Mikoto, Asou and other more, I don’t really remember their names lol. In the Play Faction, we have Harima, Eri, Tenma and other more lol. The rest were mostly action scenes, quite cool to see it animated, more thrilling than reading from the manga. So just look at the screenshots k?

Cafe Faction.LOL!'Eri' Da Bomb.
Attack!Hanai Looks Way Cool Here.Ichijou Sings Too!
Et Tu Brute?Let's Join The Survival Game.Attack!

Oh, in between 3 of the voters of the Sumo Swimsuit Wrestling Competition, Nara, Yoshidayama and Nishimoto tried to play a guerilla tactic to win lol but were taken down by ‘Eri’ again.

?!LOL 'Eri'!WTF?!

Meanwhile, the music band of 2-C, Karasuma, Megumi, Tugumi, Ichijou and Specs Guy [Argh sorry I don’t know his name! LoL] were practicing their performance for the school festival while the others were battling it out lol. Suddenly they got news that they will not be performing for the school festival on main stage so they decided to join in the Survival Game too to have a chance in performing in class lol. Scene changed to the Cafe Faction having a little problem with ‘Eri’ intruding their base. The Ep ended with Asou, Suga meeting up the fake ‘Eri’ [If you remember, he’s Eri’s Butler Nakamura LOL] and going WTF? LoL.

Art: 7.5/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Go Play Faction!]
Characters: 7.5/10 [LoL Akira rocked here.]
Overall: 7.5/10

Strawberry Panic! Ep1 tomorrow ... finallly, let the yuri begin.

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PS: I might post some doujinshi tomorrow ... hmhm

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