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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep3

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Read something funny today lol =], anyways here’s Strawberry Panic! Ep3.

Tamao, Nagisa, Chihaya and Noriko.We Look Like Newly Weds? XD.My Cute Nagisa Might Be Stolen Away.

The Ep started with Nagisa wondering if there are any secret compartments in the Girls’ School since the buildings looks so historical. Tamao’s bringing Nagisa to the Ichigo-sha on Saturday morning for some exploration along with the girls from the opposite room. The girls from the opposite room were classmates of Tamao and Nagisa and before Nagisa could introduce herself, one of the girls, Takemuya Chihaya interrupted that she knew who Nagisa was since she created such a big hoo-ha with Shizuma lol. The other girl going with them was Mizushima Noriko. An introduction of the rooming of students, the integration of the talking room, cafeteria and others between the lower and upper class students on the second floor of the Ichigo-sha. [Side note: Why is it called the Ichigo-sha? It’s because it’s shaped like a strawberry duh lol. Strawberry = Ichigo in Japanese]

While walking to an interesting room as promised by Chihaya, Nagisa found out that Chihaya and Noriko were roomed together since they were in kindergarden, so it’s twelve years together. Nagisa then commented that they seem like a married couple lol. Giggling, Chihaya replied that then Nagisa and Tamao were newly weds then LOL. Tamao got excited over it lol. At the unexpected moment, Shizuma stepped in and asked who and who were newly weds lol. Surprised upon Shizuma’s appearance, she asked why Shizuma’s here. Shizuma merely replied that anywhere her cute Nagisa lay her foot on, she’ll be there. Using this chance, Shizuma advanced, tipped Nagisa’s chin and did her paralyzing trick again lol. Inching closer and closer, Shizuma expressed her fears of her cute Nagisa being stolen away. Sideways, Tamao mumbled that she should be the one feeling that way instead lol. Distracted by Tamao’s mumbling, Shizuma stopped for a while and there’s an awkward silence but not for long as Shizuma noticed something, grabbed Nagisa’s wrist and took off.

Seems like Shizuma’s running away from the Student Council again as the members were looking for her. Shizuma simply thanked them and walked away. [WHAT?!] Later, Nagisa and the rest played hide and seek in the attic lol, Nagisa easily found the rest, reckon she’s good at something afterall XD. Narrated by St Lulim’s Student Council Preisdent, Minamoto Chikaru, the three Student Council Presidents from St Miator, St Lulim and St Spica were having a last preparation meeting in the Ichigo-sha but Shizuma’s no where to be found. ‘As expected’, said by Chikaru. Rokujou-kaichou couldn’t wait for Shizumu to arrive and decided to start the meeting without her. ‘As expected’, said Chikaru again. St Spica’s Student Council President, Toumori Shion refused to start the meeting without Etoile. ‘This is also expected’, said Chikaru, Chikaru’s having fun looking at the presidents from both schools argue while she just sat there and smiled lol. Chikaru felt that it’s boring, since everything was what she expected. Suddenly, Nagisa barged in and announced her arrival while the three Student Council Presidents were inside lol.

Ah Ah, Everything's Expected. It's Boring.Chiyo's Love At First Sight?We're Alone Nagisa-chan~.

Seems like Nagisa went in the wrong room lol. Meanwhile, St Spica Student Council President, Shion-kaichou pissed off, left, saying this meeting’s wasting her time. In the room, Nagisa apologized for barging in and thought it was her fault for messing up the meeting. Rokujou-kaichou said it was not Nagisa’s fault and reminded Nagisa to at least knock the door and left the room. Chikaru then introduced herself to Nagisa and told Nagisa that it’s because that Shizuma did not attend the meeting and had been neglecting her duties as Etoile that lead to the argument. Without Etoile, events in the three schools could not be executed properly. Chikaru also said that Rokujou-kaichou and Shion-kaichou were always in loggerheads with each other and as Etoile, Shizuma played a significant role, furthermore, Shizuma’s from St Miator and not attending the meeting was like adding fuel to St Spica’s fire. After listening to Chikaru’s explanations, Nagisa asked why St Lulim’s not involved too, Chikaru giggled and replied that St Lulim practiced neutrality and freedom LOL. I think she just wants to sit and watch the two battle it out XD.

Anyways, night time, Tamao and Nagisa were laying in bed separately of course lol and Nagisa couldn’t help but wonder why Shizuma’s not carrying out her duties as the Etoile since she’s the most loved and respected person of the three schools. The next day, there was a notice that there’s a welcoming ceremony for the first graders in Ichigo-sha. Nagisa thought she would be welcomed too since she transferred in not too long ago too lol but too bad, it’s only for first graders. As they were walking off, one of the first graders, Tsukidate Chiyo tripped and fell but luckily Nagisa caught her. [Remember, she’s the first grader who fell in the library when Shizuma was JUST 3CM away from kissing Nagisa.] We will see more of her later, probably some interaction with Nagisa too. As the bunch of first graders walked away, they were anticipated on meeting Etoile-sama for the welcoming ceremony. Nagisa overheard them and told the rest she would ask Shizuma to attend the ceremony as she couldn’t bear to see disappointment on the first graders and ran off.

Nagisa told Chikaru about her plans and assured Chikaru that she will find Shizuma. Chikaru smiled and said she believed in Nagisa and went to prepare for the welcoming ceremony then. Nagisa, Tamao, Chihaya and Noriko went around Ichigo-sha looking for Shizuma. No sweets for those who guessed who found Shizuma in the end lol. Nagisa found Shizuma leaning against a tree, the tree where we first saw Shizuma with and forcefully grabbed Shizuma’s wrist to go with her. Shizuma thought Nagisa had came to fetch her because of Rokujou-kaichou, Nagisa replied no and said that she’s here because Shizuma’s Etoile so as Etoile, she shouldn’t disappoint the first graders by not attending the welcoming ceremony. Nagisa was so absorbed in her words that she almost forgot that she’ll be paralyzed if Shizuma stared at her and lets go of her hold on Shizuma’s wrist.

Shizuma-sama ...*Melts*Welcoming Ceremony.Now You're My Petite Soeur ... Eh Sorry, Wrong Story LoL.

Seeing her chance, Shizuma wrapped her arms around Nagisa and hugged her. Shizuma then asked why Nagisa had come alone and moreover they’re alone in this forest lol. Nagisa almost succumbed to Shizuma’s suggestive actions but remembered she’s there to get Shizuma back and begged Shizuma to go with her before her legs gave away lol. Shizuma sensing that that’s something special about Nagisa, replied that she will go with her to the welcoming ceremony. At the welcoming ceremony, Shizuma walked in with Nagisa like she’s royalty. Rokujou-kaichou even sarcastically said what breeze had brought Shizuma here lol, Shizuma simply replied that because this was one of Etoile’s duties.

After the welcoming ceremony, Nagisa got a treat from Shizuma in being welcomed to St Miator too =]. Rokujou-kaichou wondered what powers Nagisa possessed to move Shizuma to attend. Chikaru was like whee, more interesting stuff to watch lol, while Shion did a ‘Hmph’ and left quietly. In the last scene, a student from St Miator walked in the single bed room Nagisa had gone in before she rushed out to fetch Shizuma. But we don’t know who is it, Shizuma or Rokujou, she even locked the door ... who lived in the room before? I got a hunch it’s Shizuma’s lover or someone important lol XD.

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Interesting, I'm still thinking about the lover thingy lol.]
Characters: 7/10 [More Chikaru!~]
Overall: 7.5/10

Whee, next Ep’s about Amane and Hikari, I like the love triangle between Amane, Hikari and Yaya more lol. Yaya might be the black horse, who knows, the white prince might become the black prince XD.

[Signing off @ 7:06 PM]

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