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Thursday, April 13, 2006

School Rumble ni Gakki Ep1

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Woot, School Rumble ni Gakki Ep1~ Skool Rombluu~

School Rumble ni Gakki 1.School Rumble ni Gakki OP 1.School Rumble ni Gakki OP 2.

The OP, 'Sentimental Generation' by Ami Takito is nice =), I like, 'Our Generation~' doom doom doom~ But before the OP slots in, there's a short Samurai Era epic with Harima as this as-cool-as-Kenshin-from-Samurai-X Samurai saving the sisters', Tenma and Yakumo tea house from the evil debt collectors. As the day approached, one of the evil debt collector prepared to take Yakumo as payment, [Of course Tenma rushed in and volunteered herself LOL, but was rejected because beautiful women are worth the money LOL.] but was stopped by Hanai, the self-proclaimed one who said that he would save the tea house however he was thoroughly bashed up even before he could even finish his lines lol.

Harima the Samurai arrived to save the day and even took down this Ani-ki [Older brother] monster that was as huge as a hill. Tenma then asked Harima for his name, Harima replied 'Mamok', then Tenma went 'Huh?! Why is it not Yokoji?!' Karasuma at the corner said, 'Tsukamoto-san, it's because this is School Rumble.' Tenma: 'Eh?' - OP slots in - =)

Buuuwa!Yakumo!Take Care Of Yakumo You Heard?

Finally the Ep started with Harima riding on his bike, recollecting some brief crazy stunts love confessions, his life of a struggling Manga artist, Eri shaving his beard and hair off, some luv-luv misunderstandings that involved once again a certain Ojou-sama, him running away from Japan, meeting his Shisou [Master] that taught him the life and leaving a bone-pen for Harima to continue his struggle as a Manga artist back in School Rumble Season 1. Thus, Harima is back once again to try to conquer Tenma's heart!

In 2-C classroom, uh I forgot his name again lol, oh his name's Yoshidayama and he's some delinquent who’s been trying to get into Harima's good looks since forever. As Harima returned, Yoshidayama offered Harima his bananas and Harima gladly accepted it. As Harima was wondering where Tenma had gone to, Itoko Osakabe-sensei called Harima out and gave him a letter. Harima thought the letter was from the manga competition he had joined and that he had won an award LOL. Delighted, he rushed around looking for Tenma and decided to confess to her. Meanwhile, Tenma and Yakumo are having a sisterly heart to heart talk at the roof lol. Apparently, Yakumo had lied to Tenma that she's at Sarah's place while she was at Harima's [Or rather Osakabe-sensei's] house helping him with his manga. As Tenma's lecturing her sister, Yakumo apologized and Harima who was eavesdropping couldn't take it any longer, rushed out wanting to clear the misunderstanding.

As Harima walked forward, he was taking the bananas Yoshidayama gave him earlier lol and Tenma was like 'Whoa bananas!', grabbed and ate them then told Harima that giving her bananas would not get him in lol, probably meant that she would not be bribed ba. Harima's explanations seems to get worse as Tenma apparently had not knew that Yakumo was at his place and thought that they're out riding Harima's bike or at a restaurant lol. Harima tried his best to make Tenma believe that they didn't do anything and all was a misunderstanding. Tenma believe them a while later and said she was angry because Yakumo had hid the truth from her and they're sisters after all. Suddenly, Tenma changed into this 'Old Man' kinda character and said some lines as if she's encouraging and congratulating a couple LOL. Harima even replied 'Yes! I will definitely bring happiness to your sister!' LOL. In the end, Harima reached home only to realized that the letter he got was not an award from the Manga competition but Osakabe-sensei's who had used Harima's name to enter a contest LOL.

Karasuma.Turtle's Safe.Yes, I'm Biased, It's Yakumo Again~.

Tenma, after thinking she had solved Yakumo's problems lol, walked into the room to see Karasuma striking a cool pose with his guitar, preparing for the up coming school festival. Then Tenma was like daydreaming how it would like to be if she were to perform with Karasuma on stage with thousands of fans screaming for them. After the performance, a music producer wanted them to sign a contract with Karasuma, Tenma was like so happy until the music producer said, 'Ah, you are not needed.' LOL.

Snapped back to reality, Tenma was getting depressed. Karasuma stood in front of Tenma and tried to cheer her up and placed a turtle on her head and said 'A Turtle's ji' LOL! What the hell's 'Ji'?! Tenma thought for quite a long time and took a lot of blows when she got the wrong answers lol. As she was about to give up and said that it's a 'curse', ah, a curse? If it's a curse then it must be 'Sleeping Beauty'! Tenma then reached to a conclusion that Karasuma's telling her to be 'Sleeping Beauty' in the festival and got hyped up. Back in school, when Tenma showed the turtle to Eri and Mikoto and asked what they saw, plainly, they replied 'Turtle'. But the ever deductive Akira said, 'Sleeping Beauty.' LOL. How she does it, I don't know.

The next day, Tenma told Yakumo to send her bento [Lunch box] to her class at lunch time. As for why, Tenma apparently had given instructions of how to prepare that bento and replied 'Don't ask why, just do it.' LoL. During lunch time, Hanai’s all pumped up that he would be able to ask Yakumo play with him 'Sleeping Beauty' for the festival. Seems like Hanai had no idea of the Harima x Yakumo rumoured relationship lol and was in good mood until he finally overheard someone whispering that Yakumo was going out with Harima. The final blow came when he heard someone asking Yakumo if she really stayed overnight at Harima’s place LoL.


Hanai rushed back to 2-C and lunged forward for Harima lol, but was too seriously injured to punch Harima hard lol. Yakumo walked in with the bento for Tenma, Tenma then pushed Yakumo towards Harima and told her to give the bento to Harima. Harima stupidly accepted it, Tenma opened the bento and lol a love shaped picture was printed on the rice in the bento. Hanai too saw the bento and began to cry 'Lies, lies, lies!!!!' and went into gloomy mode lol. Harima was in sweating damn hard mode and was given the final blow when Tenma commented how lucky Harima was and did her trademark 'Bang bang' sign lol. Suddenly, the dudes from 2-D came and issued a challenge to everyone in 2-C lol - Inserts ED -

ED – 'Kono Namida ga Arukara Tsugi no Ippo to Naru' by Ami Tokito again, quite a mild ending, nothing much. The OP and ED mood were all different from School Rumble Season 1, the OP 'Scramble' from Season 1 is more rock and probably more catchy because of the 'Kurukumawaru~' chorus but this OP here ain’t so bad la. The ED 'Onna No Ko Otoko No Ko' from Season 1 is also rather catchy and the lyrics is funny =).

Before Ep1 ends, boys from 2-C with exception of Harima and Hanai were having a masquerade party LoL meeting in discussion of data of the 'overlooked' girls in 2-C, they're Sagano Megumi, Yuki Tugumi, Otuka Mai, Tsukamoto Tenma, [SKIP! LOL] Mihara Kozue and lastly Osakabe Itoko-sensei. Suddenly their laptops were invaded by virus and all their data was gone. As they're in despair, a surviving data file was found, when clicked, it appeared to be a picture of Harima’s naked butt LOL! Culprit of the virus attack? None other than Osakabe-sensei =).

Ep2's about the survival game between 2-C on deciding what they're going to do for the school festival lol. Matamitene~!

Art: 7.5/10
Story: 7/10 [Funny but Ep2 would be even more hilarious LOL]
Characters: 7/10 [Need more Yakumo!]
Overall: 7/10

Hm, cya tomorrow for Gakuen Heaven Ep1 and Girls' High Ep1 First Impression =) Oh btw, i finally watched Strawberry Panic! Ep1 LOL, so yurish! So bold, so aggressive, so shiok =). Shizuma-sama rocks.

[Signing off @ 10:01 PM]

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