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Friday, April 21, 2006

Strawberry Panic! Ep2

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Strawberry Panic! Ep2, couldn’t sleep, so I woke up early to blog.

=O.Marimite Parody!Tamao Reading A Poem.

The Ep started with Tamao reading out the a poem she created about unrequited love. Scene changed to Tamao waking Nagisa up and scaring Nagisa out of her wits again lol. It’s early in the morning and Tamao already getting frisky as she offered to help Nagisa put on her new uniform lol. I could almost visualize Tamao going ‘Ohohohoho~’ LoL. Tamao’s really mothering Nagisa like a maid of a princess, putting on Nagisa’s uniform, praising and combing her hair.

As a result of Tamao’s pampering, they were late for breakfast and were running down the stairs when Nagisa couldn’t stop in time and bumped into Shizuma who was really minding her own business lol accompanied by Rokujou-kaichou and others. Then and there, Shizuma asked Nagisa for her name, called her Nagisa-chan and did a Marimite parody! LOL Oh, the usual, ‘Your necktie is crooked.’ Anyways, I think Shizuma was just trying to get an excuse to inch forward towards Nagisa and kiss her, which she almost did until the darn clock chimed again. Chuckling, Shizuma watched Tamao pulling the stunned Nagisa away lol. After the rest left, Rokujou-kaichou lectured Shizuma on self-control.

Upon entering their classes, Nagisa and Tamao were swarmed by squealing fan girls classmates who were dying to know if Nagisa had kissed Shizuma. That time, Nagisa realized how famous Shizuma was in school. After class, Nagisa and Tamao were having dessert and Tamao invited Nagisa to support her present her new poem for the Literature Club. Meanwhile, Shizuma had sneaked out of the Student Council’s watchful eyes when it’s time for the lunch meeting between the 3 schools. [That explains why Rokujou and some other students was accompanying Shizuma to class] Nagisa’s in the Literature Club listening to Tamao presenting her new poem. Walking among the forest, Nagisa tried to compose of poem of her own but, lol couldn’t. Suddenly, she heard someone whimpering ‘Ah, Etoile-sama’ LOL and went to check it out.

Shizuma’s Such A Player.XO..Just 3cm More!~

Only to see Shizuma and an unknown girl entwining their hands together and look pretty chummy to the point of an almost kiss. Shizuma’s such a player lol. Surprised, Nagisa accidentally stepped on a twig and alerted Shizuma. Not believing what she saw, Nagisa ran off and reached the library. The Student Council were looking everywhere for Shizuma and overheard some students saying that Shizuma’s heading for the library. Fufufu, it’s always the quiet, gloomy library lol.

In the library, Nagisa saw a couple of students looking very chummy together. Blushing, Nagisa walked further back into the library and stopped when she saw the beautiful window reflection in the library. All of a sudden, Shizuma appeared behind Nagisa and began her attack again XD. Starting from paralyzing her victim, caressing her cheek, touching their cheeks together, holding her close and finally kissing! Nope, almost, just maybe 3cm away!~ LoL, Someone fell and Nagisa broke free from Shizuma’s grasp and went to help the fallen girl. Tamao then appeared looking for Nagisa, as they were talking, Nagisa turned back and Shizuma was gone. Seems like Rokujou-kaichou knew Shizuma was in the library and had told Tamao to go look for Nagisa in the library. [Probably to stop Shizuma’s attacks on Nagisa.] Shizuma overheard the conversation. That night, Rokujou was lecturing Shizuma about her absence from the lunch meeting but Shizuma seems to ignore her warnings.

Evilly Delicious Shizuma.'No Biting Of Nails Ok?Angsty Shizuma.

In the dorm, Tamao painting Nagisa’s nails and saying that those that Shizuma likes, noone would be able to resist for longer than a month lol and Tamao assured that she’ll protect Nagisa. In Nagisa’s mind, she was thinking that when she’s in front of Shizuma, she can’t seem to move and do anything. Meanwhile, Shizuma’s anguishing over the night or the past?

I’m suspecting that Shizuma used to have someone she really loved but that person might had transferred to another school or dead or didn’t reciprocate Shizuma’s love which is really hard to believe lol. Anyways, that explains why she’s playing around with the girls in school to fill her broken/lonely heart maybe?

Art: 6/10
Story: 7/10 [Sweet Shizuma Angst.]
Characters: 6.5/10 [Shizuma~]
Overall: 6.5/10 [...]

Phew. I love Fridays usually, later going to Northpoint with lil bro to buy manga and photo albums. Ah, Ouran High Host Club Ep3 and School Rumble Ni Gakki Ep3 are out yay. Stay tune for some you-know-what tonight. =]

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