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Friday, April 14, 2006

Girls High Ep1 [First Impression]

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Here's my Girls' High [Joshikousei] Ep1 first impression =) Enjoy.

Eriko Takahashi.Eriko Takahashi
Yuma Suzuki.Yuma Suzuki
Ayano Sato.Ayano Sato
Akari Koda.Akari Koda
Kyouko Himeji.Kyouko Himeji
Ikue Ogawa.Ikue Ogawa

The starting began pretty funny with Eriko, the main character of Girls High, looking very serious with the calligraphy brush. After she had finished writing, she changed the poster on her wall saying 'Middle School Girl' to what she had just wrote, 'High School Girl' LoL. After pasting it properly, she opened her window and scream 'I'm going to be a High School Girl soon!' LOL. [I didn’t even do those when I’m in the Upper Secondary XP] Her brother in the kitchen was like 'Mum~, Nee-chan [Older sister] is screaming again.' Mum went like 'Just ignore her.' LOL. - Inserts OP -

Girls High OP 1.Girls High OP 2.Girls High OP 3.

The OP, 'Kirameku' by yozuca is quite catchy if you listen to it a few times that is.

Whoa We're On Camera.Heh Short Skirts Everyone!Gaaa! Incoming!

Ep started with an introduction of the 3 main characters' names, Eriko, Yuma and Ayano as they meet up to preview their high school, Yamasaki Girls' Academy Fuji before the entrance ceremony which would be the next day. When Eriko arrived, she then said it's not a preview but an expedition, meaning they're going in campus with the high school uniforms they’ve bought along with them lol. STO-PU! Holy crap, what's up with the 3 panty shots in 12 seconds?! LOL 1 shot, 4 seconds sia. Anyways back on track, as they were changing in the bathroom, Yuma then commented that Eriko's skirt's too long and offered to shorten it by cutting it with a scissors. As you have guessed, lol Yuma screwed it up by cutting too short till you can see da panties. Pissed, Eriko shorten both Yuma and Ayano’s skirts too lol.

A while later, Eriko and Ayano were like praising how pretty and clean high school girls were compared to smelly boys lol were brought back to hell when Yuma said when girls are not around boys ... some high school girls walked past them talking some dirty stuff haha. Eriko tried to divert the attention by saying that there are exceptions until Yuma showed them a sports club room where unmentionable girls stuff *coughdirtysanitarypads* were there haha and not to mention the locker. Their image of a beautiful, dreamy high school girl life had been dashed! LoL. Disappointed, Eriko rushed out of the room, fell down a flight of stairs and straight onto, yes onto, a girl's [Akari] face.

A name introduction of the next 3 main characters of Girls High, Akari, Kyouko and Ikue, seems like those three had mistaken Eriko, Yuma and Ayano to be senpai [Seniors] because they had their high school uniform on with the 'tattered' and customized mini-skirts lol. Akari, Kyouko and Ikue were the same year as Eriko and company and apparently they had the same idea as Eriko to want to come to high school to take a look and stuff. Eriko not only didn't clear up the misunderstandings by telling Akari and company they ain't senpai, Eriko even blurted out some crazy stuff about some privileges a high school girl would get lol. As they're walking back home, Yuma's lecturing Eriko about deceiving the girls and said that well, there's six classes in the year and their luck can't be that bad to be the same class right lol. Ayano said ah, if you say that, the chance of them in the same class might come true LOL and they laughed lol.


The next day, LOL, they're all in the same class [Year 1 Bamboo] and not only that, they were each partnered against each other during entrance ceremony LOL. One week later, during lunch time, the Eriko, Yuma and Ayano were still outcast by the other students, reason was that they’re outsiders [Students who enrolled in from other middle schools] and the rest were together when they were in middle school. A while later, Akari’s friends, Kyouko and Ikue thought they should stop outcasting Eriko and company as they were in the wrong too. Akari couldn't live with that and swore to have her revenge on Eriko lol. Pissed, Eriko couldn't take it any longer and both Akari and Eriko were about to punch each other however their punches were aiming straight for homeroom teacher, Odagiri-sensei LOL. As punishment, Akari and Eriko were told to clean up a room but they had better ideas and began to start making crude jokes to make each other laugh LOL. The one who laughed would be the loser aha.

As they were doing their thing, the security guard walked past the room and locked the room. A while later, Akari and Eriko seemed to be impressed with each other’s crude jokes skills lol and decided to resume their 'battle' after a break. To their dismay, the room's locked lol, Akari went for the window but they were a few stories high and would die before they got out lol. They began to squabble again. Scene changed to Eriko's mum calling Yuma that Eriko had not came home yet. Yuma and Ayano went around looking for Eriko and found out that Kyouko and Ikue were looking for Akari too and presumed that they might be still in school. Back to Akari and Eriko, they were still stuck in the room and thought they might get out by climbing up this roof exit. Akari said that she should climb on top of Eriko to get them both out, to her surprise, Eriko agreed and apologized for deceiving her. Akari confessed that she’s happy that Eriko's in the same class as her, because there's others like her who do stupid things like coming to school before entrance ceremony day to explore lol, besides they even like the same TV programme! LOL.

So both of them cleared their misunderstandings, meanwhile Yuma, Ayano, Kyouko and Ikue were in school looking for them. Back in the room, Akari was on top of Eriko towards the roof exit but Eriko's probably too energetic and caused Akari to bang her head against the roof lol. And they fell on each other. Just then, Yuma, Ayano, Kyouko and Ikue opened the room's door and saw Akari and Eriko in an inappropriate position *cough69cough* lol. [Innocent readers, do not google for the meaning! LOL] Kyouko even commented, 'So they swing THAT way ...' LOL LOL! So the six of them became good friends and went out together to have their dinner and it’s on Akari lol. - Inserts ED -

They Swing THAT Way.Rivals? Friends? Both?End.

ED – 'Incl' by meg rock had the six characters putting up eye liner, makeup, para para DDR, pretending to do skipping, doing Egyptian dance, pretending to be playing the guitar, doing weird hand poses and hand signs, haha, quite amusing and nice =).

Scene changed to the ramen shop the six of them were in, lol Akari and Eriko were in loggerheads with each other again on which team would win in the TV programme they were watching. Seems like both of them are those kinda rival-good-friends type =). - END -

Overall a really nice watch, lol, I've never been in a girls' school before, I'm too stupid la lol, girls' school in Singapore are usually very good schools ha, of course with some exceptions lor. So lol, it's really funny to watch girls in their worst behaviours without the guys around to pretend to be good =). Oooh, next Ep's about physical examination =) =).

Art: 7/10
Story: 7.5/10 [Need more =)]
Characters: 7/10 [LoL Akari rocks!]
Overall: 7/10

Sorry, I'm not blogging Gakuen Heaven because when I watched Ep1. Seems like good art alone is not enough, it just didn't click and I've no motivation to blog about it lol. Must have 'feeling' de hahaha. Off to start on Gokujou Seitokai Ep17.

Oh, look out for Tours Mai HiME Doujinshi Volume 4 Page 9 and 10 tonight, my Easter Day present =).

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