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Saturday, April 8, 2006

Koda Kumi - BEST ~Second Session~

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Koda Kumi - BEST ~Second Session~.


1. Introduction to the second session
2. D.D.D. feat.SOULHEAD
3. you
4. Candy feat.Mr.Blistah
5. Shake It Up
6. feel
8. Love goes like ...
9. No Regret
10. Birthday Eve
11. Lies
12. Imasugu Hoshii
13. KAMEN feat. Tatuya Ishii
14. Someday
15. A Whole New World [Koda Kumi & Peabo Bryson]

Slacked around home ... play with parrots ... listening to Koda Kumi tracks =) it's pretty good, her voice is quite nice and the advertisements on TV caught my attention so yeah not bad la ... lol. Haven't watched any of her MTVs yet ... but it must be pretty ... sleazy to earn a M-18 from MDA, ha, i'm of legal age le muahaha. No interest to watch also ... but really her voice is quite powerful =) can try listening to the music sometimes rather than looking at the b-o-d-y. It's scientifically proven that most women get attracted to 'voice' rather than appearance ... =). So when i say 'good', it's good =).

Anyways my recommended tracks from her latest album, 'Koda Kumi - BEST ~Second Session~' are 'Shake It Up', 'No Regret', 'Birthday Eve' and 'Someday'. These are the tracks that made me groove to them haha. Ah, she even sung an English song, 'A Whole New World' the theme song for Disney's Aladdin. Well, keep working on the English =).

-Ok, don't scroll below cos it had nothing to do with Koda Kumi. But if you're bored. Read on lol.

Watched Tab TV just now ... haha about 'Teenage Sex' ... yeah it's true, now then they know meh haha. It's pretty serious ... well for me, i don't believe in pre-martial sex. I might read smutty shoujo mangas all day long, but, doesn't mean i agree with it, in real life, it's bad. Women do get pregnant, face it men, with condom or without, there's a freaking chance women GET pregnant. Well unless she 'tied it up' or he 'tied it up' aha. I'm talking about perfectly normal healthy people here.

Then my bros ... well Chuz and i la, Fish kept rather quiet hahaha, talked quite abit on the topic and stuff. He kept saying the 3 letter word and said what he won't have sex and stuff throughout the whole programme till i'm pretty pissed. Haha. I mean if he really does get a girl pregnant, i'll kill him before my parents even get their paws on him. Then i'll adopt the child as my god-child and told him/her that i killed his/her father, so plz hate me. It's sad to let a child know you're an unwant pregnancy ... kinda like screaming, 'HEY you're an UNWANTED baby!' in the face. So i would rather the child hate me rather than face that fact. Haha. stupid right.

I'm a pretty open person. LoL, people who know me in person, plz do not be shocked what i'm going to type below. Hahahaha. Well i read taboo stuff ... incest, homosexual, pedophile, pre-martial sex, S&M and etc. I can't remember what i read lol. I can't say i agree to everything, i mean, it's the choices they make right. Internet is a cool thing =), gain alot of knowledge and learn to protect yourself from risks. So during Tab TV, there's this story about a gay guy who contacted AIDS. So innocent Chuz asked me, 'Huh how do two guys have sex?' Then he went on saying some really ... weird stuff ahaha. I went '...' I know the answer, i read shounen-ai and yaoi afterall!!! LOL.

So, I told him, and his eyes went O_O! LoL, i could almost see the !? sigh forming on the top of his head hahaha. Then he kept saying he doesn't believe me and told me to show him the proof haha and a while later he dropped the subject le hahaha. It's weird for a sister to talk to a brother about such stuff huh? I wonder do elder sisters tell their younger brothers about the birds and bees? Haha.

[Signing off @ 11:59 PM]

PS: I know those stuff doesn't mean i'm experienced in it ok lol, i just read/listen/watch alot. Yeah, really.

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